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Xmen Mutant Wars for Gameboy

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    Message 1 of 1564 , Jun 9, 2001
      <a href=http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1245115601 target=new>http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1245115601</a><br><br>Hi all<br><br>I'm selling my Xmen Gameboy game on ebay. Check it out :)<br><br>R.
    • isisdefox
      http://www.canoe.ca/JamMoviesXMen/xmen_081601-can.html Thursday August 16,
      Message 1564 of 1564 , Aug 17, 2001
        <a href=http://www.canoe.ca/JamMoviesXMen/xmen_081601-can.html target=new>http://www.canoe.ca/JamMoviesXMen/xmen_081601-can.html</a><br><br>Thursday August 16, 2001 <br>'Wolverine' reveals 'X-Men 2'
        details<br><br>By JAM! Movies<br><br>The upcoming sequel to "X-Men"
        will deal with <br>Wolverine's search for his origin
        and real <br>identity, according to reports from the
        <br>Brazilian media.<br><br>The Coming Attractions movie news
        website <br>reports Hugh Jackman, who played Wolverine in
        <br>the first film, is in South America promoting <br>his
        latest release, "Swordfish," but answered <br>questions
        about the "X-Men" sequel, which is <br>to begin
        shooting in March, 2002. <br><br>Jackman said he learned
        about the sequel's <br>focus on his character from one
        of the film's <br>producer, who had "drunk one too
        many and <br>was talkative" at a recent Hollywood
        party. <br><br>Wolverine's origin, including
        his<br>indestructible skeleton and razor-sharp <br>retractable claws,
        was hinted at in the first <br>film. At the
        conclusion of the film, he was <br>shown racing on a
        motorcycle toward Canada <br>in search of his real story.
        <br><br>When asked if there would be a third
        "X-Men,"<br>Jackman said he "would bet on it."
        <br><br>---------<br>Official X-Men
        Site<br><br><a href=http://www.x-men-the-movie.com/xmen-dvd/flash/frames-xmen.html target=new>http://www.x-men-the-movie.com/xmen-dvd/flash/frames-xmen.html</a>
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