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  • Logan. Definitely. No competition. :) Janet CRSunrise@^$1 wrote: > > Hiya everyone > > Here's a question for ya: > > Of all the Mutants, which do you think is the best looking? It can be > > mutants from both sides of the tracks if you want to say it that way. > > I think it's a good run between Logan and Scott. They're just so good > > looking it's terrible. lol. However, if I had...
    Janet Lynn Ayles May 21, 2001
  • Greetings all, Just got this from the Internet Movie Database's News Release for today: Singer Reveals New Characters For Next X-Men Three exciting new characters will feature in the X-Men sequel. Writer-director Bryan Singer has revealed that Gambit, Beast and Jubilee will be introduced in X-Men 2. Filming is tentatively scheduled for early autumn, with the movie due for release...
    Janet Lynn Ayles Apr 5, 2001