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Fic: Move On 1/? (Rogue, Logan, Bobby, Sequel to "Road Trippin'", Rated R)

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  • Kate Bolin's fanfic
    TITLE: Move On AUTHOR: Kate Bolin EMAIL: dymphna@dymphna.net WEBSITE: http://www.dymphna.net/fanfic/ SUMMARY: Logan returns to Xavier s School after ,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2000
      TITLE: Move On
      AUTHOR: Kate Bolin
      EMAIL: dymphna@...
      WEBSITE: http://www.dymphna.net/fanfic/
      SUMMARY: Logan returns to Xavier's School after , with serious
      implications for Rogue. Sequel to "Road Trippin'."
      RATING: R
      WARNINGS: Mild angst, some sexual content, violence later on, but
      nothing you haven't seen on prime-time television (but then again, I
      watch "OZ". I probably have bad judgement).
      ARCHIVING: List sites, Kielle's, otherwise ask.
      DISCLAIMER: The characters and universe herein are the property of
      20th Century Fox and the Marvel Entertainment Group. This piece of
      fan-written fiction means no infringement upon any legal holdings.
      AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is the sequel to that big "John Hughes movie for
      mutants" fic, "Road Trippin'", which, if you want, you can read at
      If you don't, here's the brief summary: Bobby and Rogue, who are
      best friends (and occasional quasi-lovers), go on the road to find
      Logan. Once they find him, they go back, 'cause Rogue and Logan both
      agree that they're not ready for a relationship.
      Got that? Smashing. Now onto other things. Just moved overseas, am
      supposed to be looking for a job, and I'm not exactly able to spend
      hours upon hours writing this. So it'll take me a little longer, but
      consider patience a virtue. Right? Right.

      On with the show.

      Move On

      Late May, 2011
      Bobby Drake, junior accountant and junior X-Man, made his way
      through the small crowd, muttering apologies and greetings as he
      pushed his way to the front. "Excuse me...sorry...hey, Sam, we'll
      talk later...sorry!"
      After a few more pushes, he finally got to the front, where a
      young woman in a black robe stood, recieving handshakes and careful
      hugs. "So this is what happens when I forget to visit for a
      month..." Bobby said cheerfully. "You go and graduate."
      Rogue looked at him, and grinned. "Bobby!" she said happily,
      coming over to hug him tightly. "You should've been around to
      distract me more often..."
      "Yeah, stupid me, had to go and make something of myself..."
      He hugged his best friend closely. "Congratulations, Rogue."
      "Thanks," she said happily. She stepped back, and looked
      over the crowd. "Wow..." she said under her breath. "There's so
      many people..."
      "Well, it's not every day one of the hard-luck cases does
      something big. You should've ended up in a van by the river...then
      no one would've been surprise--ow!" Bobby flinched at the punch on
      his shoulder. "All right, all right...since this is your graduation
      party and all, I'll stop teasing you..."
      "You're just stopping because you know I can beat you up."
      "That too." Bobby rubbed his arm and winced slightly.
      "Jeez, Rogue, you're gonna leave a bruise..."
      "So tell everyone you have a kinky new girlfriend."
      "Like they'd believe *that*..." Bobby shook his head,
      laughing. "So what're you gonna do with your degree?"
      "Well, gee, Bobby, since it's in education, I think I might
      teach...or is that a little too out of my range?" She grinned. "The
      Professor said it'd be a good idea to have a few more accredited
      teachers at the school...in case the school board starts complainin'
      about us...so starting on Monday, I'm takin' over the English
      classes..." She chuckled. "I think Scott actually cracked a smile
      when he found that out..."
      "Scott? Smiling? Egads, is it truly the end of the world?"
      "Hey, do you really want these kids going through the hell
      that is Mr. Summers' English class?"
      "Oh, and Ms. Rogue's English is gonna be much better?" Bobby
      shuddered in mock horror. "So glad I got out..."
      Rogue chuckled. "You better watch out though...the professor
      was askin' me if you'd be interested in takin' over the math
      Bobby's mouth opened in surprise, then he closed it.
      "I...um..." he finally mumbled. "Eep."
      Rogue grinned, then looked over the crowd again. "God,
      there's so many people here...where did they all come from?"
      "I dropped a few flyers in Central Park before I got here,
      but I don't think the winos have reached here yet...so hell if I
      Rogue shot Bobby a look, then returned looking at the crowd.
      "It just seems like yesterday I was first brought here... And now
      look at all these people..."
      Bobby put his hand on her shoulder. "It has been six years, Rogue."
      "Yeah, I know..." Rogue said absent-mindedly, reaching up to
      grasp at her neckline, holding on to the dogtags Bobby knew were
      under her robe.
      "Hey," Bobby said, trying to distract her. "Why don't we
      blow this popsicle stand and I'll buy you a drink? Or two?
      C'mon...I bet you've been congratulated by everyone here and I just
      know there's a rum and coke with your name on it..."
      Rogue turned to him and smiled. "You're buying? It must
      truly be an eventful day."
      "Yeah, yeah...let's go before I change my mind..."
      They wound their way through the crowd, Bobby tugging Rogue
      along by her black-gloved hand. They managed to get through most of
      the crowd, but, suddenly, Rogue stopped. Bobby jerked forward, but
      all he managed to do was pull off the single glove he was holding.
      "Rogue?" he asked, holding up the glove. Rogue stood stock still,
      her eyes wide. Bobby looked at the direction she was looking, then
      sighed slightly, dropping the glove to the ground in defeat.
      "I kick arse for the LORD!"
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