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The Godless Among Them Epilogue [Movieverse fic]

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    (continued directly from last post) * * * You re a strange child, Scott said quietly. This can t be coming as a surprise to you, Annie observed, putting
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      (continued directly from last post)

      * * *

      "You're a strange child," Scott said quietly.

      "This can't be coming as a surprise to you," Annie
      observed, putting her feet up on the coffee-table.
      They were watching the news, the morning after their
      return. "I was raised as a mentally-deficient
      lab-rat. I can't just come out of that a Normal

      "Good point. I'm impressed by how well you're coping,
      mind you." Scott absently stole a handful of
      fruit-loops from the box on Annie's lap. "I do wish
      you hadn't killed those guards."

      Annie looked rather ashamed of herself. "They shot
      Marie. I got.... upset."

      "Don't do it again."

      "I'll try."

      "Good." Scott leaned back on the couch and looked at
      her thoughtfully. "Annie, you know what they planned
      to do with you and Marie."

      She nodded, eyes glued to the screen. "Assessment,
      elimination, and dissective study."

      "And Marie told us this morning that you discovered
      the existence of several more bases like the one you
      escaped from."

      "Yup." Annie stuffed another handful of sugary loops
      into her mouth.

      "So what are you planning to do about it?" he asked
      patiently. "I think you should inform the

      Annie sighed, muting the television and giving him her
      full attention. "Nah. They'll go in, there'll be
      nothing there. You think they've gone undetected all
      this time by not having at least one good eye on the
      authorities?" Annie shook her head. "It'd be nice if
      you could really turn people like that in, but it
      doesn't work."

      Scott sighed and nodded. For someone who was often so
      very naive, Annie could sometimes be surprisingly
      cynical. "True. I hope you're not planning some sort
      of bloody rampage.... are you?"

      "Me?" She shook her head pensively. "I'm too young.
      My dad might be able to pull that off, but I'm too

      Scott blinked at her. "Too small?"

      "I'd get swarmed," she explained matter-of-factly.
      "No matter how strong they are, or how many powers
      they have, it's easy enough to swarm someone who's
      only five feet tall."

      Scott nodded slowly. "Ah... speaking of powers...
      I've counted at least three seperate mutant powers
      that you seem to have, all of them unrelated.
      That's... well... more or less impossible...."

      "Oh, I've only got one." She grinned at him
      mischieviously. "I'm a mutant xerox machine."

      Scott blinked. "What?" he asked blankly.

      "I duplicate other people's powers," she explained.
      "Sort of like Rogue, only better, 'cause they don't
      know I'm doing it and once I do it, I have the powers

      Scott stared at her. "What... *any* powers?"

      Annie grinned ruefully. "It sounds better than it is.
      It takes years to learn to use ANY mutant power
      properly. I can DO stuff, technically, but I don't
      have any real control with any but a couple of
      powers." She ticked them off on her fingers. "I've
      had the shapeshifting since I was little, and I'm
      still not too good at that.... and I can do the
      crystal thing, but I have to practice a lot... and the
      healing factor pretty much handles itself. "

      He relaxes a little. No supermutant to deal with,
      then. "And you never mentioned this?"

      "I wasn't sure I could trust you," she said pointedly.
      "It's a big bad world, Mr Summers, a girl can't be
      too careful."

      Scott chuckled softly. "I told you that, didn't I?"

      "Yes you did."

      "And it was good advice." He leaned back against the
      couch. "Annie... what *are* you going to do? I know
      you well enough to be sure you won't let this slide."

      "I have a plan. It's a simple plan, but I'm confident
      that it'll be successful." Annie kicked at the
      coffee-table contemplatively. "And it doesn't involve
      any fighting or spouting rhetoric or running around in
      tight black leather, which looks kinda *wrong* on me."

      Scott waited patiently. Annie liked to talk. She'd
      get to the point eventually. "What's the plan?"

      Annie shrugged, and jerked her head at the screen.
      "Trust in the fourth estate."


      Annie unmuted the television, where a serious-faced
      woman was talking from some place with a lot of trees
      and concrete buildings. "-this terrible tragedy," she
      said gravely. "Although there is no official word as
      yet, the senior officials of the Atticus Tremane
      Corporation are believed to be in police custody at
      this point, following the unearthing of more than five
      hundred bodies at this facility alone. So far, all
      the bodies have been those of children, ranging in age
      from early infancy to approximately ten or eleven
      years old."

      Scott stared.

      Annie leaned back in her seat, making a small,
      satisfied sound.

      "The fact that all these children have been mutants is
      an alarming one," the woman continued, "bringing such
      attempts at 'mutant control' as the Mutant
      Registration Act under suspicion. Evidence has
      already been located of extensive chemical testing on
      the dead children, often resulting in their deaths.
      It is believed that-" she paused, touching the small
      earpiece nestled in her ear. "It's just come to my
      attention that searchers have located a small group of
      living children hiding in the lower levels of the

      "Good," Annie said with a small, relieved smile.
      "They got there in time."

      Scott gave her a long, thoughtful look. "When you
      said you'd dumped all that information to a

      "I alerted the media," she confirmed. "All of them I
      could find online." She gave him a small, soft smile.
      "There's no way they'll be able to cover this up, Mr
      Summers. Everyone in the country is going to know
      that they tortured and killed thousands of little
      kids, just because they were mutants, and nobody's
      going to be able to ignore it, or say it didn't
      happen, or that children deserve to have those things
      happen to them, just because they're mutants."

      Scott took another look at the screen, and his throat
      constricted as he was confronted with a collection of
      paramedics, each carrying a tiny body-bag. They were
      children. Murdered children. It was obvious. It
      wasn't something that even he, already knowing what he
      did, could look away from. "Good plan," he said

      "I liked it."

      * * *

      "So... what are your plans?" Xavier asked quietly.

      "None of your business," Creed said bluntly, folding
      his arms across his massive chest.

      "I'm concerned about Annie," Xavier said, taking a
      calming breath. He would not summon the X-Men. Or
      the police. Not because the man didn't deserve it,
      but because Annie didn't. "What are your plans
      concerning her?"

      The massive villain shrugged, looking down at the
      floor. "Not sure yet. Thinkin' I'll stick around for
      a while, get to know the kid."

      Xavier blinked. "Do I... take that to mean that you
      plan to leave her here?"

      Creed snorted. "What am *I* gonna do with a brat?"

      "Well... I confess that I do believe we can take
      better care of her..." And he'd expected an argument
      on that point, too. "You are, of course, welcome
      to... see her," he added lamely. "Provided you don't
      interfere with her schoolwork...."

      "Won't," Creed muttered.

      "And don't lead her into evil ways," Xavier continued
      awkwardly. "No.... encouraging her to kill people,
      and so forth."


      Xavier sighed, looking down at his hands, folded in
      his lap. "This is very awkward, isn't it? Attempting
      to... converse... despite our ethical and moral

      Creed shrugged. "I don't care what yer ethical and
      moral stance is. She's my kid, and I get to see her
      if I want... but I don't know nothin' about lookin'
      after a kid, and you seem to..." He looked out the
      window at the students, and a keen observer would have
      noticed the slightest hint of an unhappy droop around
      his mouth. "You read my mind. You know."

      Xavier nodded. "We will take the very best care of
      her," he promised. "She will never be neglected or
      made unhappy."

      "Yeah." The man looked out the window again. "Kids
      seem happy. Good sign."

      Xavier nodded slowly. From being a bitterly angry and
      violent man, Creed was already shifting imperceptibly
      towards a calmer, more rational frame of mind. It was
      a start. And something Annie, at least, might be able
      to build on. "And... you plan to visit?"

      Creed nodded. "She'll know when."

      Xavier smiled a small, wintry smile... the best he
      could manage, under the circumstances. He still
      didn't like the man. "Storm has... a problem with the
      idea," he said carefully. "She is... intimidated by

      Creed shrugged and nodded. "She'll live."

      Xavier cocked an eyebrow. "We may still find
      ourselves in conflict," he said coolly. "And should
      that be so, you need not think that the X-Men will be
      easy to defeat."

      The big man nodded, grinning lazily. "Neither will
      I," he rumbled. "But f'r now.... call it a truce."

      "A truce is acceptable," Xavier agreed quietly. "For


      Well, that's it.... thanks to all who got this far,
      and I hope you enjoyed it. :) There's a sequel
      planned, too, so let me know if you'd like to see it!


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