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Touch That Remote and Die

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  • Jaguarita J. H.
    Title: Touch That Remote and Die or Young Mutants In Love Author: Jaguarita E-mail: wild_jaguarita@yahoo.com or jaguarita@hotmail.com Rating: A really strong
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2000
      Title: Touch That Remote and Die
      or Young Mutants In Love
      Author: Jaguarita
      E-mail: wild_jaguarita@... or jaguarita@...
      Rating: A really strong PG13. The new kid has a mouth on her that would make
      Logan blush.
      Disclaimers: I own the attitude problem on the couch. Everything else
      belongs to he who is Lee. Stan Lee.
      Summary: Bobby meets the newest student at Mutant High who has a really
      trippy power and a fetish for the Cartoon Network's Toonamii.

      Bobby raced to the TV lounge ahead of the other kids who still persisted in
      watching afternoon cartoons instead of actually studying after classes. He
      reached the door first and dove over the back of the couch only to find the
      television already on, and something soft and warm sprawled out on the couch
      under him. And wearing clothes that might as well be painted on.

      "Anyone ever tell you that you've got really cold hands?" the girl snapped
      as she rolled him off of her and onto the floor with a thud.

      Bobby blinked and stared up into a pair of slightly glowing set of the
      greenest eyes he had ever seen. "Umm. All the time actually. Who are you?"

      "Imager," she muttered as her attention returned to the flashing images on
      the tv.

      "Imager? What kind of name is that?" John snickered as he sprawled into one
      of the old easy chairs.

      Her eyes turned to him slowly. "Considering some of the teachers around here
      are called 'Cyclops' and 'Storm', not to mention 'Wolverine' and 'Rogue',
      there isn't a damned thing wrong with Imager. Who the hell are you?"

      "St. John Alderyce," John said stiffly, his Australian accent thickening in

      "Then where the hell do you get off cracking on my name, you little git?"
      Imager snapped out in her sharp English accents. She sat up and shook out
      her hair, which was streaked with green the same shade as her eyes. The rest
      of it was an inky black mass. "That your real name or did you just pick the
      longest fucking thing you could find?"

      John opened his mouth to say something that no doubt would have been stupid
      had not Bobby saved his friend's sorry self. "So, what's your power,

      "You first, junior," she drawled as she snatched the remote control out of
      another student's reach. She just sent a raspberry in their direction when
      they started to protest.

      Bobby held a hand over the glass she'd left sitting on the end table and
      dropped several ice cubes into it. "I make ice. Lots of ice when I want to."

      "And the loud mouth over there?" Imager jerked her thumb at John.

      "He controls fire," Bobby said with a grin at the other boy. "He's as good
      with his powers as I am with mine."

      "You still haven't answered the question, 'Imager'," John muttered.

      Imager let a slow smile curl her lips as she started to fade away. Then with
      a blink she was gone. John snorted and reached for the remote. "Big deal,
      another teleporter. We've already got two of those around."

      A hand shaped part of the couch reached back and snagged John's wrist.

      "Touch that remote and die, flameboy," hissed Imager's voice. Then her eyes
      opened and the rest of her body, still the same color and texture as the
      couch, moved. Only her eyes remained the slightly glowing, almost neon green
      that was normal for her. "Especially when Toonamii is on."

      "Cool, she's a shapeshifter," Jubilee shouted. She flashed a taunting grin
      at John. "We don't have one of those!"

      "She ain't a shapeshifter," Wolverine rumbled from where he had been leaning
      soundlessly and unnoticed against the door jam.

      "Partial shapechanger," Imager confirmed. "I can blend into any background,
      but I can't make my body change its natural form."

      "Betcha Wolverine could still find you," Rogue said flashing a thousand watt
      grin at her friend and sometimes savior.

      Imager wrinkled up her nose and nodded. "How do you think I ended up here?
      The mutant-fairy start leaving us on the doorstep or something?"

      Wolverine growled at the smart assed comment. "Come on, Imager. Jean needs
      to run some more tests."

      "Bloody FUCK! Ain't she done yet? She already took enough Goddamned blood to
      start a bloodbank," Imager grumbled loudly as she stood up off the couch and
      let her coloring return to normal. But this time the clothes were different.
      "She couldn't bleeding wait until the damned cartoons were over? I'm going
      to miss that asshole Vegeta getting his ass kicked by that bitch-bot

      "Ummm," Bobby mumbled when she took a step over his legs.

      She scowled down. "What, snowman?"

      "Your clothes..." His voice trailed off as heat creeped up his neck.

      Imager crouched over him with his legs basically trapped between hers. She
      leaned forward to whisper in his ear before following Wolverine out of the
      room and down the hall. "I'm not wearing any."

      Bobby 'Iceman' Drake stared after her with a blank look on his face until
      Kitty smacked him on the back of the head.

      "I think I'm in love," he managed to mumble.

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