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Ficlet: Dare to dream

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  • Tsu
    Title: Dare to dream Author: Tsu Rating: PG I think, (R/L) , O Series: Stand alone Setting: 5 years after movie events. Summary: What is reality?
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2000
      Title: Dare to dream
      Author: Tsu
      Rating: PG I think, (R/L) , O
      Series: Stand alone
      Setting: 5 years after movie events.
      Summary: What is reality? Insert your own
      summary if you wish.
      Bit of a silly fic, Rogue's discussion with Storm after Wolverine is
      injured in battle.
      Archive: Yes, however if you could let me know where it would be nice.
      Disclaimer: The characters from X-Men belong to Marvel Comics and
      Twentieth Century Fox
      Pictures. This story is for entertainment purposes only and no copyright
      infringement is intended.
      Feedback: All feedback will be welcomed.


      "You know, sometimes I wonder ..." Marie said as she stared at the night

      Ororo broke her gaze from where they were lying and watching the night
      pass to look at the newest member of the team.

      "Sometimes I wonder if things were meant to happen this way ... the
      world with its troubles, life here at the mansion ... this bond that I
      share with Logan ..." Marie said, continuing to stare at the stars.

      "Some believe in destiny, other believe our lives are what we make them
      to be." Ororo replied softly, not wanting to break the tranquillity of
      their outdoor setting.

      The two of them continued to stare up at the heavens until finally Marie
      said. "I think Logan would fit into the latter ... I can't see him
      believing that he is not in control of his life."

      "Nor would he have in any other way." She allowed herself a faint smile,
      Ororo thought of their mutual friend.

      "So what do you think Ororo?" Marie turned to her friend and asked.

      Ororo paused before saying "Most of the time I believe that we have to
      be create our own destiny, especially since it is what we have been
      trying to do here with the professor. In the hope that one day we may
      all live in peace. Why do you ask?"

      "Last night, after coming back from the visit to the infirmary I held
      this crazy hope that perhaps this was all a dream, but it is not is
      it?" Marie trembled slightly, more from the chill than from the fear
      she felt in the infirmary.

      "Maybe if we dare to dream ..." Ororo left her sentence hanging. There
      was no need to finish it, they both knew the stakes. "It would be nice
      to know how this tale ends and for all our sakes I hope we get the
      ending we need. Thre are sometimes when I wonder if we are just
      characters in a novel. Written by beings we can't comprehend, for their
      enjoyment ... well, even if it were the case, we could never know of

      "If we are characters, I don't like the anguish that who ever it is, is
      putting us through. There is already too much pain as it is right now
      ..." Rogue sighed from frustration.

      "Perhaps it give them pain in a pleasurable way. Let's them know what
      is like to crave something and have it snatched away before their very
      eyes. "

      "Hmp! - and what thanks do we get for providing them with their
      emotional release? Have us going at each other like bunnies?"

      "I recall you had no problems with that the other night. The two of you
      were deliriously happy even when the two of you somehow managed break
      through our dividing wall. Unintentional as it might have seen." Ororo
      managed to smile at that thought. The look on the faces of her friends
      was priceless, after they had realised what that there was a third
      person in the room.

      "Oh ... I'm ... I" Marie tried to turn from her friend as her face
      began to glow then giggles started to erupt. Then suddenly she sank
      back into Ororo for support. "I hope he's all right."

      "I'm sorry ... perhaps that was not the time to bring that up." Ororo
      brought her hands up to comfort the young girl.

      "No, don't be ... he survived my touch twice, so this is probably a walk
      in the park for him. Besides you've the only one who has been able to
      cheer me up." Marie said trying her best to stay positive.


      "So, do you think they actually watch ...?" Marie asked coyly

      Ororo laughed before pausing to consider what Marie had said. "Probably
      ... since we're already acting out their fantasies for them."

      "I bet you they do ... and they will get all hot and bothered as well."

      Ororo shook her head and asked her, "Are you volunteering to march up to
      an omnipotent being and ask them that? If you do, tell me for I
      wouldn't miss that for the world if you did."

      "You know, I've heard rumours that such a thing has been done before."

      "What, giving them a piece of your mind? You do not by any chance refer
      to a tavern of some sort where great being get together to discuss what
      they should write next about our lives?" Ororo asked, surprised that
      Marie would have come across such a tale.

      "Yep, that one."

      "I doubt it really exist, but if it does it is probably not for mere
      mortals like us."



      They stayed silent for the next few minutes just enjoying each others
      company and perhaps hoping that things were taking a turn for the

      "It would be nice to know this ends though, as you said." Marie finally
      said, breaking the silence

      "It would." Ororo said. "Come, I think it's time we went back inside
      ... tomorrow will be a long day."

      The other woman nodded before joining her friend in walking back to the

      Fade to black ...


      So ... what do you think?

      Author's notes:

      1) This shot fic was partly inspired by Kielle's Subreality Café after I
      stumbled across it and found the concept rather intriguing to say the
      least ...

      2) Sometimes I wonder why we write and read fanfic - just thought I'd
      try my hand and see if I could make some small sense of a tiny part of


      "Who is this? This is me. Who am I? I am I. This object that is myself,
      that which forms what is me." - Ayanami Rei.
      "I've learned from observing that humans sometimes require
      a...pretext...for being intimate with one another." - Seven of Nine
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