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New fic: John doe. It's weird , weird I tell you!!

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  • Dani Kerins
    Do not ask me where this came from. This is so strange. I apologise for my freaky brain. Title: John Doe. Author: Danielle Kerins. E-mail: kaniele@eircom.net
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2000

      Do not ask me where this came from. This is so strange. I apologise for my freaky brain.

      Title: John Doe.

      Author: Danielle Kerins.

      E-mail: kaniele@...

      Category: X-men

      Rating: R Definitely R. For violence and extremely dark thoughts!!!!!

      Disclaimer: All belongs to Bryan Singer, Stan Lee, Marvel Comics and Fox. T and JD (hey that

      rhymes!) belong to me. Don't sue I'm just playing.

      Summary: A lot of people asked why T was sent on a mission when Logan could smell Mystique. Well there was another mutant there and here's an explanation and a teaser into a possible series :)

      This is done in a first person POV and this is basically all the thoughts of a seriously disturbed person. I am talking about JD not me!!!!!!

      T for trouble? is pretty much required reading if this is to make any sense. If it doesn't make sense anyway forgive me I just woke up!

      Archive: My site Haven of Hirani, Kielle's site, Anita's site if she wants it, Archive site and anyone who wants it. Mail me.

      Feedback: Please, Please, Please!!

      Dedication: To all the people who encouraged me to continue with this writing lark! Y'all rock!

      Doo de doo de doo okay on with the fic.


      The blue creature, the one they call mystique has gone. She's angry with me. She says I have failed her. I don't care. She will die soon enough. I creep around the lab for hours. I want to get out. I feel the ecstasy run through me as I change. A bird. I can do anything when I'm a bird. I can fly, soar high above the peaks and it's then I feel alive. I fly for hours never tiring. Across, valleys, mountains, rivers and lakes. I could fly forever.

      Finally, I reach my destination. The majestic building comes into view. Nothing can stop me. I soar into the grounds and drop onto a tree. I hear voices. Happy voices. Four people sit on the steps laughing. A young boy and girl. The girl has a white streak in her hair. I remember hearing about her. They are inconsequential. I see the two I have come for. A man. A man I have tried to kill so many times. The closet I had ever come to seeing through his death was in a forest; he lay before me, panting, I watched as his injuries healed. I had to kill him there and then. But I didn't get the chance. I felt the red-hot light burn into my skin. I screamed in pain as I turned to face my attacker. A young man, I felt him strike me again. Next time I will kill him first.

      The other is the one I really want. She is the most dangerous to me. I never saw her coming. The others I can deal with. But her, as long as she is alive the man will stay alive. She can sense me. He cannot. It is impossible for him. For I am nothing. I am not there. You can see me, but you cannot feel me, smell me. I am not human, I am not mutant. I am more.

      My attention returns to the girl. She sits with the young boy as she laughs at the man with all the hair. They disgust me. They will not live. I take off, fly around the building. Spotting an open window, I enter. I change. As I walk down the stairs, I laugh at their stupidity. They can't keep me out, they never could. I open the door and walk out into the sun. I feel it's light warm my head. I can see the red in my hair as it flows around my shoulders. I call the young girl. She nods and gets up to leave.

      I walk ahead of her. As I reach the hall I run. I find the room I am looking for. I enter. The occupant doesn't have a chance. He is out cold, lying on the floor helpless. I stop for a moment. Can he contact people when he is unconscious? I want no interruptions. I laugh. Of course he can't. I pull his body behind the desk and once again I morph. As I sit down I run a hand over my head. Bald, it's a new look.

      She enters; I smile and gesture to the seat. She sits and looks at me expectantly. I stand. I see her fear. She is confused. That can't happen she says. As she gets up she edges towards the door. She notices the body behind me and turns to run. I grab her and push her into the closed door. Her head connects with a resounding crack. I pull her towards me. She is facing me now. I smile at her. Her fear is apparent. I love doing it this way. People are always more afraid of being hurt by the person they trust the most than anyone they fear as an enemy. I close my hand around her throat. Her eyes flash purple. She opens her mouth in an empty scream. I laugh even harder. I have waited for this moment. I will relish it. This girl will die and I will be the one to do it.

      I am going to enjoy this I think before blackness hits.

      The end.

      So what should happen? Should T die? Should she be rescued? Should JD die? Tell me. I'd like to know.

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