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FF: Goody Two Shoes [3/4] NC-17 Logan/Rogue

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  • Anita Lorenz
    Goody Two Shoes By Nancy Lorenz E-mail: tosh@opera.iinet.net.au Rating: NC-17 (Uh Rude stuff man - very rude). Archive: If you have the first parts, go for it.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2000
      Goody Two Shoes
      By Nancy Lorenz

      E-mail: tosh@...
      Rating: NC-17 (Uh Rude stuff man - very rude).
      Archive: If you have the first parts, go for it.  List archives.  Otherwise - please ask.
      Classification: Rogue POV  Romance [Logan/Rogue]
      Series: This Song - The 'Dancing' Continuity.
      Spoilers: The Movie
      Synopsis:  Rogue goes off the rails as the pressure is on with Logan.
      Disclaimer: All characters copyright Marvel and Fox.
      Feedback: Kiss me, I'm Australian.  That translates to - yes please!
      Authors Note:   I don't actually condone underage drinking and bad behaviour.  And neither
      does Logan.   Really - we don't.  Wait till you're 21 (or 18 in some parts) and always wear
      a condom.  Even if you're not having sex.  I mean it.   This is NOT beta-read.
      Dedication:  I dedicate this to three people the most:  Donna, Diebiwan and Mistiec.  They
      all helped me whilst I wrote it and even helped me come up with some plot devices.  THANK YOU!!

      Fun and common sense rarely go hand in hand.   It's the breaching of common sense that makes fun so fun - it's a rule.   It's also a rule that landed Jubilee, Kitty and myself a little session with Professor Xavier the that afternoon.   Not before getting us woken up *extra* early by letting Scott take the Blackbird for an early flight to get the dust out of the engines.  Nothing like the sound of supersonic jets at 6am in the morning.

      I was okay, thankfully, God bless Logan's heart.  I felt groggy, tired, but not as bad as I'd expected.  I didn't even need to puke.  After a couple of headache tablets and a very stiff coffee I was fightin' fit.  We played happy couple in the morning, which had become my new favourite joy.   He slipped into the routine so easily, it seemed he adored every second as much as I did.

      After he brushed his teeth, I grabbed his comb and had a go at styling his hair.  He looked in the mirror, shirt still off, watching my gloved hands work away at the dark locks.

      "What're you doing?"

      I grinned, letting my gloves get messed up by the grand-pa hair grease he liked to put in to give it the funky little spikes.  Instead of parting down the middle though, I brushed it all up - right to a mohawk.   He blinked wide after he realised what I'd done and growled, spinning around to catch me.   Of course I'd screamed and raced through into his room by this time, leaping onto his bed.

      "You cheeky little vixen!" he growled, crouching and chasing me, poised, muscles on his chest flowing.

      "Oohoohoo!" I giggled, "Who's all angry I mussed his pretty hair?!"

      He didn't bother responding, he just rushed me, tackling me and hefting me over his shoulder.

      "I wonder what wonderfully embarrasin' thing I could do to you, hmm?"

      "Sugah, if you can come up with something more embarrassin' than me walkin' through the rec room in a bra, I'll tie myself to that bed and let ya call me 'darlin'."

      He sniggered, "I've thought of something."

      I blew some hair out of my face and frowned, enjoying his hand groping my ass, "No way!"

      "Yeah, I have."

      "Whut is it then?"

      "You gotta do it," he said.

      I planted my hands on HIS butt and squeezed a bit.  He didn't move.  Darn - it wasn't going to distract him.  "What if Ah don't?"

      "You let me raid Jean's latex glove supply."

      I sniggered back at him, squeezing his butt with some finality as I said, "Deal!"

      He grunted in approval and squeezed back.

      "So - what do I have to do?"


      I left my bedroom that morning with two HIGH school-girl pony-tails, a little skirt that Jubilee helped accessorize with some ripped tights over not-ripped opaque tights, a pair of my heavy boots and a punky sweater.   It was the only outfit I could muster that didn't make the hair-do look paedophelic.  Good one Logan, I thought, that's really giving our relationship a GREAT image.  When I went through for breakfast that morning, Storm spotted me and looked a little worried, more for my fashion sense than anything I think.   I stepped over to her, avoiding Logan like the plague as he just smirked at me and winked from across the room like the dirty old lecher I knew he was.   I sank down into a chair next to hers, and she cocked a dark brow at me.

      "That outfit is - "

      "Horrific," I said abruptly, shoving scrambled eggs in my mouth.  Storm smirked.

      "I was going to say interesting but horrific seems appropriate enough."

      "God, Storm," I sighed, cradling my head in a hand as I ate, "Why do I let myself get into this shit?"

      Storm waved a fork at me.

      "Wanna explain what's going on then?"

      "This," I waved a hand at my hair, "Is a dare from Logan."


      I rolled my eyes, "I was combing his hair this morning and I did it up like a mohawk."

      "KMmph!" Storm shot a hand to her mouth, her white hair cascading over her face as she coughed around giggles, "Oh - excuse me. Did you say a mohawk?"

      I nodded.

      "Uv course, he wanted to embarrass me back, just as a joke but I had to go hurt his male pride by sayin' he couldn't think of something."

      Storm nodded with sudden understanding, "Aaah, and he did."

      I tilted my head so my pony-tails swished, "Oh yeah."

      "What's he getting out of this then?"

      I glowered at my eggs, "You so don't wanna know."

      I heard a clatter, and looking up I saw Jean's jaw hanging as she saw my hair.   After piling some dishes onto the tray, she sauntered on over, an incredibly worried look on her face.


      I smiled as sweetly as I could, "Mornin' Jeannie."

      She flinched as the affectionate term fell from my mouth, and smiled with some uncertainty.  "You feeling okay?"

      I shrugged, "Sure, why shouldn't I be?"

      "A box of beer and three bottles of liquor suddenly disappeared last night," she said, "And you know we know who took them."

      Yeah, I knew, and damn did I feel like a real idiot.  I couldn't figure out why I was doin' half the shit I was.  It was getting ridiculous really.   I pouted, flicking my pony-tails again.  Damn attitude!!

      "So you don't like my hair?"

      Storm snorted and sniggered, nearly dropping her fork.

      "It's - interesting."

      "That's what I thought," said Storm.

      "The beer..."

      I sighed, "Look, Kitty and Jubes and me - a few of the girls have been mouthin' off at us.  Them for stickin' up for me, and me for- well - "

      "Starting a relationship with Logan," said Jean darkly whilst opening a carton of chocolate milk.

      "You say it like it's a bad thing."

      Jean sighed, "Listen Rogue, I'm happy for you guys, I am, but the age thing-"

      "I'm going to be eighteen in three months," I said, trying so hard not to whine.

      She nodded, "Yes, three months that you could have waited-"

      I felt tears pricking my eyes, and I put down my fork, leaning forward and meeting her usually kind brown eyes, "Tell me, Jean - what's he gonna do, really, that'll endanger me so badly?"

      Storm's face softened at my tone, and she looked to Jean.  "She has a point."

      Jean looked down at her plate, running a thumb over her forefinger as she thought.  She looked up at me again.

      "It's not just physical damage that determines the age of consent, Rogue, it's mental damage as well."

      I closed my eyes, tears getting very hot, "I have the memories of three people crammed in my fucking head."

      Jean bit her lip as I opened my eyes again, staring at her hard.

      "I - I do half of the things I do jus' to feel something close to normal, ya know?  And Logan - he makes me feel normal."

      The telekinetic sighed, "But his age-"

      Storm tilted her head, pushing some bacon around on her plate idly, "He can only remember fifteen years of his life."

      God, I could have kissed the woman.

      "That and he's probably also too old for my dead grandmother."

      I jumped up and planted a kiss on the woman's head.  Damn - her shampoo smelled nice - I wondered what brand she used.  Jean just sank her head in folded arms, groaning softly.

      "Is it just me or has the whole school gone mad?"

      Storm clucked, "It was sane?"

      The sound of a chair pulling back broke the conversation, and Scott sat down, breaking open a bottle of juice.

      "Hi Rogue - new hairdo?"

      I nodded.

      "It's interesting."

      Sitting back down, I smiled brightly to Jean.

      "So how's things with Bobby?"

      I blinked at Scott, the smile disappearing.  "What?"

      I barely saw Storm shaking her head and mouthing no to Scott before glancing at her.   She smiled sweetly at me then dove down to concentrate on her breakfast.  Something was going on - something weird, something Storm obviously didn't want them to go ahead with.

      "Bobby's such a nice boy," Jean said as she sliced up an apple.

      "Really good soccer player," agreed Scott.

      I shook my head with disbelief, "You guys are worse than my parents!"

      "For all intents and purposes they are your parents," said Storm.

      Jean glanced up, "What are you - her wayward big sister?"

      I laughed, nudging Storm conspiratorially, "Hey - wanna teach me how to smoke like a french woman later?"

      "After I peirce your ears a third time," chuckled the Weather Goddess back at me.

      "This isn't funny," Jean said.

      She was right, this wasn't funny.  I really couldn't believe they were trying to get me interested in Bobby.  Did they honestly think it'd work I mean - Bobby!  Like - no no no.  Just tell me to go deep-throat my brother, man.   I snorted.

      "You've got that straight.  What makes you think I'm even remotely interested in -"

      I stopped, looking around to see if he was around, but Jean just jumped right in.

      "I just want you realise that you're till young, you've got so many options open to you right now."

      I stabbed a sausage that I'd been hankering for since I woke up, and pointed it at Jean.

      "Sugah, I know my options.   Right now, I got six foot something of muscled God over there at that table that is aaall mine.  And you're telling me to bed a fifteen year old boy?"

      "You're a seventeen year old girl," Scott said, "Doesn't sound so crazy to me."

      "Sounds crazy to me," Storm muttered.

      Jean glared at Storm.  Scott was leaning on his hand, gazing at me, looking pretty deep in thought.   He let out a posing sigh.

      "You know, until recently, you seemed pretty interested in Bobby."

      Oh God, just fucking well shoot me now.

      "As a friend," I said, "Bobby friend - don't you get it?!"

      "I don't remember you having such an attitude problem either," Jean muttered.

      Okay - I've always had a temper, but since Logan got in my head, I knew what it was like to let it fly.  Now, when you've been inhibited all your life, had parents that were a little on the conservative and a life mostly ordinary, suddenly having wild raging animal in your mind wakes you up to a lot of things.   It woke me up to one thing.

      I liked emoting.

      A lot.  So, when Jean and Scott suddenly began picking apart my changing behavioural patterns and insinuating one thing after another, I really started to get pissed.  I mean pissed with a double P to the I to the 's s e d'.

      "I've always had an attitude," I said evenly, "I'm a southern belle!"  With a grit of my teeth I added a growly, "Y'ALL!"

      Scott just looked at me.  "You were definitely quieter."

      "I was explaining it to someone earlier - I was still settling down then..."

      Jean pointed at him with a knife.  "She didn't growl either."

      "Certainly didn't drink alcohol or swear," Scott added.

      "Okay I've had enough of this."  I jumped to my feet, grabbing a sausage and storming from the room.

      Logan followed my afterwards, I could hear his hunkering steps behind me.   By the time I actually stopped ragin' along like a banshee I was outside, ripping up grass and throwing it around with uptight little sobs.   Next thing I knew a heavy arm was about me, squeezing me tightly.

      "I'm sorry about the hair..."

      I glanced to him, a laughing sob falling from me, "I like the hair."

      I felt his hand run through it and he nodded, "Yeah it's cute."

      I leant to him, gripping his shirt.

      "Logan - they were tryin' to get me interested in Bobby."

      He nodded, his voice suddenly rough.

      "Yeah, I heard."

      "I don't wan' him - I want you."

      "Ya got me Kid," he said tenderly, squeezing me.

      I frowned, gazing at the lush scenery, listening to his breath underneath me.

      "I'm scared Logan."

      He shifted a bit as he looked down to me, tilting my head up with a surprisingly gloved hand.  What was he doing with those on?

      "What of?"

      I shrugged, playing with his collar.

      "I'm scared you'll think this is all a bad idea cause of all the trouble I'm makin' for ya.  Or even that you agree with them - that I'm better off without ya."

      His brow crinkled and his lips pouted forward, his face tensing in that rough sensual look that I thrilled in being the only one to receive.   He caressed my face a bit and sighed.

      "Who knows you best?"

      I smiled through tears, "You."

      He nodded.  "You need to be treated like a normal human bein' dammit.  And you know I'm not treatin' you like a charity case - you're my girl."

      I nodded, squeezing him to me.

      He gave a tilt of his head and continued.  "Scott and Jeannie will get used it.  Don't worry about it."

      "I have to go visit the Professor this afternoon," I said, fear catching my voice, "What if - what if he."

      He pressed a gloved finger over my lips and shook his head.

      "Don't fret over it till you have to."

      I sighed wearily.  Damn this was killing me.  Not him, not the relationship, just everyone around me bar Storm and the X-Grrls.  Logan leant to me, rubbin' my back, letting me lean on him carefully.  Always carefully.  God.  As if my life wasn't miserable enough as it was, my tutors had to ruin it even more.  I looked to the hot thing in my hands, and giggled.


      Logan looked to me from the achingly pretty scenery around us, and I waggled the kidnapped breakfast sausage in his face.

      "Ye hungry?"

      A grin broke on his face and he fell into a hearty chuckle, grabbing the sausage from me and taking a long look at it.

      "What the hell are you doing with this?"

      "Ah don't know!"

      The giggle died as he watched the sausage roll about his fist.

      "I was a real jerk last night huh?"

      I didn't say anything, just met his regretful gaze.  With a 'yech' he threw the sausage across the lawn with disgust.

      "I wasn't gonna say anything at the time."

      He looked up at me darkly.  "I'm sorry."

      I sniggered, "That's okay.  It was worth it to see you muse so seriously over a breakfast sausage."

      He growled, pulling me over on top of him as he rolled onto his back onto the grass.

      "C'mere," he grunted, and once settled, he pulled my hair from the ponytails carefully.   I hissed once as he accidentally tugged, and as my hair cascaded round my shoulders, his face softened.

      "That was my breakast you tossed across the garden, ya know."

      "There are plenty of sausages in the mansion."

      I snorted, "This conversation is getting a little lewd for a sweet girl like me I think."

      He sighed, "Don't tease."

      "It's what Ah do best!"

      The smiles and light giggles calmed, and we wound up just starin' at each other all soft and tender like.  I knew what he was doing - it's what I was doing.  Starin' at those lips, those features and just - wishin'.   Even though I regularly told myself not to, sometimes I just couldn't help it.

      Mah Daddy used to say a lot when I was a kid, when I'd say "Ah wish Ah wish", that "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride."  Corny old phrase that, and when he said it sometimes I felt like I had a cowboy for a Papa.   I don't even know if he meant it, or if he knew what it meant, but it always let me down.  I always felt I wasn't allowed to dream.

      My Daddy was a wise man, I suppose, 'cause beggars sleep in alleyways and eat dog food.

      I think Logan noticed my down-turn in mood, either that or he was readin' my mind cause he rubbed the small of my back and frowned.

      "What's wrong, Marie?"

      I shook my head, smiling sadly, letting my legs tangle with his.

      "Jus' thinkin' of mah Daddy."

      He blushed now, "Oh Jesus, I didn't remind you of him-"

      I burst into laughter, shaking my head vigourously, "No you big lug!"

      He sighed.  "Thank Christ."

      "I was just thinking what he used to say."

      He cocked a brow.

      I tilted my head and looked to the sky sadly.  "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride."

      Gloved hands suddenly cradled my face and pulled my gaze downards.   His eyes were sharp but warm, his features stern.

      "You throw that bullshit philosophy away *right* now Marie."

      I narrowed my eyes defiantly.   Why the hell should I buy into that 'if you just believe' crap.  I let him know that with a jut of my jaw and a pout of my lips, my voice low.   "Wahy?"

      I don't know what amazed me more - his leaps in logic or the amazingly weird analogy that came from them.

      "Cause I seen some beggars with some pretty fucking amazing bicycles."

      I laughed, shaking my head.    My hands that sat at his collar were suddenly enclosed with his, and bringing them up he gripped them tightly.

      "One day," he said, "There won't be any gloves."

      His eyes were so earnest, his voice so tender.   He held all that hope.   It was something that had died in me long ago.  I leant forward, gazing into his eyes quietly, marvelling at him.

      "I can't understand how anyone would think you're corruptin' me, Logan.  You inspire me - every day."

      He smiled slightly, pulling my head down to the nape of his neck with a satisfied grunt.

      "Back atcha Kid."

      S'anyways, that was the morning.  The afternoon came, and so did the X-Grrls' little meeting with Captian Xavier as we'd taken to calling him.   We loved him dearly, don't get us wrong, we were just in a very fucked up state of mind that particular day.  We all lined in, Jubes and Kitty looking less well off than me.   The Professor wasn't there yet, and we just sat in the chairs, looking at each other guiltily.  Jubilee scratched at the old chair she sat at with a nail, watching the old laquer chip off as she did so.

      "You know I don't understand how you drink as much as we do and you still don't get as fucked as us the next day."

      "Mutant powers," Kitty said, staring at the ceiling, "She's kept Logan's healing powers."

      "Ah wish," I groaned, "Logan took care a' me, tha's all."

      Jubilee sniggered, "I'll bet he did."

      The door opened abruptly, and the Professor's chair could be heard whirring, Jean's steps behind him as she helped him with the door.

      "Good, you're on time," he said, wheeling over to his desk and looking incredibly cold and stern.   He looked to Jean and nodded, in response to which Jean just nodded wearily and left.  She cast me a quick gaze before leaving the room.  Weird woman.

      Professor Xavier's face didn't move an inch.  His eyes darted back and forth between us, but his other features were still.

      "You know, I can't help but be a little disappointed in you all."

      Oh crap.  I hated the disappointed speech.   More than the 'don't do this don't do that' speech.

      "We trust in the younger students not to access the liquor that we keep in unlocked cupboards and refridgerators.  And yet yesterday after a rather inappropriate display-"

      He eyed me at that one and I blushed beet red.

      "-you not only finished Logan's two week supply, but took the cook's supply of liquor as well."

      We all blushed, looking down at our feet, Kitty looking practically in tears.

      He cocked a brow.  "Is there anything and of you would like to say before I continue?"

      I lifted a hand timidly.   He took a long breath in through flaring nostrils and nodded.


      I shifted in my chair and blushed redder.  "I kinda thought of it Sir..."

      "No way," Jubilee sat up, pointing at me, "Don't you dare take the heat!  We went along with it!  All of us!"

      From the corner of my eye, I swear I saw Xavier smile.   By the time I looked at him he'd just closed his eyes wearily and nodded.

      "Yes yes," he said, "I have no doubt in your ability to break school rules, Jubilee.  I just want to know why you felt justified in breaking such a rule."  He leant forward, and as he spoke, real concern filtered through his voice, "Don't we have enough for you to do here?  Is there anything you'd like to do rather than what we provide you for?"

      We all blinked at him, faces screwed a little in incomprehension.  He read it all perfectly and continued.

      "I'm concerned about the reasons that inspired this chain of events," he said, "I know you're intelligent resourceful young women, perhaps we can discuss this on that level then rather than me reprimanding you like a school headmaster."

      I loved this man.  If there was anyone in this world I loved more than my Daddy in that particular way, it was Professor Xavier.  He was a dude, plain and simple.

      "Well," Kitty ground her toe and looked up to the man, "We kinda been left out a bit lately."

      "That's my fault too," I said, looking away sadly.

      "We stood up for her cause it's not fair, Sir," Jubilee said, looking to Xavier seriously, "They're raggin' on Logan, and treatin' Rogue like a freak and it's totally uncool."

      Professor Xavier's expression hardened a little and he nodded.  "Yes, yes I'll have to concur with you there."

      Guilt bombarded me and I glanced to the other girls a moment.

      "Look Professor - this is all mah fault.  They wouldn't even be in this social nightmare if it wasn't for me."

      "But we like Logan," Kitty said, "He's really nice and you two are so sweet together and you're always so happy with him - it's not fair!"   Kitty put a hand over her mouth suddenly, blushing and glancing to Xavier.  "Uhm... Sir."

      Xavier gave the slightest of smiles and nodded, "It's quite all right, Kitty. You've a valid set of points, ones I understand well.  What you must understand is this behaviour will not serve you, but impede you.  You know the dangers of alcohol-"

      "Ho boy do I ever," groaned Kitty suddenly, cradling her head.

      "And you are old enough to know that irresponsible behaviour will not improve your social status here but set it in decay.  All of us here, Jean, Scott, Hank, Ororo and myself - we wish to help you deal with any problems you might be facing.   Please feel free to talk to us at any time."

      Jubilee snorted, "It's Jean that's the problem."

      Xavier looked at her a long moment then sighed.  "Yes well, that's another problem for another time."

      We all nodded.

      "In the future, should you be caught drinking under the age of twenty-one, I will let Cyclops decide how to deal with you.   I doubt he will be less as understanding as I am."

      We nodded again, Kitty wiping at her tears and his face softened finally.

      "All right - you can go."

      I gathered my little skirt and my school-bag, getting up to walk out.

      "Uh - Rogue, would you mind staying back a moment, there are a few things I wish to discuss with you."

      All my insides crumpled and I nodded, sinking back into my chair as I watched my best friends retreat with sympathetic winces.   I turned to face the Professor, who wheeled about the desk to come closer to me, a soft frown on his face.

      "I'm a bit concerned about you behaviour in recent days."

      I gave very vocal sigh and put my face in my hands, "Oh God, I don't know whay I'm doin' what I'm doin' Professor, but it's not Logan's fault okay?"

      He just stared at me with those passive eyes.

      "He isn't completely innocent of your change in behaviour."

      "I been stressed," I said, "You can read minds - you know that.  When I'm stressed, I freak out!"

      "Yes," he said, "You're afraid, Rogue.  What are you afraid of?"

      "Ah'm afraid people will try to take Logan away from me."

      He nodded fractionally, his voice level.  "He loves you very much - nobody can change that."

      "Yeah, but they're all spoutin' reasons why I shouldn't be seein' him!" I said, my voice raising, "It upsets me."


      Why?!  What a stupid damned question.    "Cause what if they're right?!"

      He shook his head, "There is no right and wrong with this sort of thing."

      And then it flew out of my mouth, shaking me all over.

      "But what if he LISTENS to them?"

      Xavier just stared at me, tilting his head a little the other way, his brows relaxing.   I could feel my heart in my throat now.  Then he said it.

      "What are you really afraid of, Rogue?"

      I gave a sigh, tears spilling over my cheeks, "I'm - I'm terrified he'll leave me again."

      He brought his wheelchair closer, his strong old hands curling around mine.  As he did that, he looked hard at me, his eyes so damned powerful.

      "Logan is a man very sparing in his affections, and even more-so with his trust."

      I nodded.

      "Not only does he show those affections without hesitation to you, but he trusts you implicitly.   This is something that I would never take lightly."

      I nodded again, sniffling, and before I could stop it it fell out of my mouth.

      "But he won't let me play with his penis!"

      He blanched, patting my hand lightly, looking rather understanding as I burned redder than a pork-roast in a Sunday oven.

      "I'm sure that's something you can discuss with Ororo, if need be."

      "I'm sorry," I breathed, "I just - I've been going crazy lately."

      He smiled finally.  "I believe that ultimately, your relationship with Logan will do you good.   Just take your time, and remember he may be a little old fashioned at times - we're not sure how old he actually is."

      I nodded, realising that the man I laid with the night before could well have been older than the one in front of me.  Yeesh.  My thoughts slipped to laying again though and the Professor blushed.   I nearly smacked myself - I opted for a contrite smile.

      "And - no more alcohol, Rogue.  Besides being rather unhealthy in the amounts you consumed, the cook won't be making the chocolate rum-balls for desert tonight due to the negligent amounts of cooking rum we have."

      I slumped, "I'm sorry."

      "That's all right," he said, wheeling towards the door, "Just turn to us before the bottle in the future and I'll be pleased."

      "Thanks," I said, getting up and stepping over to the door, "Sometimes I wonder how you cope with so many troubled kids around."

      "That makes the two of us," Xavier said with a bemused grin and I giggled.

      "So, you don't mind if I act a bit strange?   You know it's not Logan - it's just me."

      He shrugged, "We all have coping mechanisms.  Some people have more amusing ones than others."

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