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FF:[1/?] Goody Two Shoes. [NC-17] Logan/Rogue

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  • Anita Lorenz
    Goody Two Shoes By Nancy Lorenz E-mail: tosh@opera.iinet.net.au Rating: NC-17 (Uh Rude stuff man - very rude). Archive: If you have the first parts, go for it.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2000
      Goody Two Shoes
      By Nancy Lorenz

      E-mail: tosh@...
      Rating: NC-17 (Uh Rude stuff man - very rude).
      Archive: If you have the first parts, go for it.  List archives.  Otherwise - please ask.
      Classification: Rogue POV  Romance [Logan/Rogue]
      Series: This Song - The 'Dancing' Continuity.
      Spoilers: The Movie
      Synopsis:  Rogue goes off the rails as the pressure is on with Logan.
      Disclaimer: All characters copyright Marvel and Fox.
      Feedback: Kiss me, I'm Australian.  That translates to - yes please!
      Authors Note:   I don't actually condone underage drinking and bad behaviour.  And neither
      does Logan.   Really - we don't.  Wait till you're 21 (or 18 in some parts) and always wear
      a condom.  Even if you're not having sex.  I mean it.
      Dedication:  I dedicate this to three people the most:  Donna, Diebiwan and Mistiec.  They
      all helped me whilst I wrote it and even helped me come up with some plot devices.  THANK YOU!!

      Goody Two Shoes
      Adam Ant

      With the heatbreak open
      So much you can't hide
      Put on a little makeup makeup
      Make sure they get your good side good side

      If the words unspoken
      Get stuck in your throat
      Send a treasure token token
      Write it on a pound note pound note

      Goody two, goody two, goody goody two shoes
      Goody two, goody two, goody goody two shoes
      Don't drink don't smoke - what do you do?
      Don't drink don't smoke - what do you do?
      Subtle innuendos follow
      There must be something inside he's hiding

      We don't follow fashion
      That would be a joke
      You know we're going to set them set them
      So everyone can take note take note

      When they saw you kneeling
      Crying words that you mean
      Opening their eyeballs eyeballs
      Pretending that you're Al Green Al Green


      No one's gonna tell me
      What's wrong or what's right
      Or tell me who to eat with sleep with
      Or that I've won the big fight big fight

      Look out or they'll tell you
      You're a "Superstar"
      Two weeks and you're an all time legend
      I think the games have gone much too far

      If the words unspoken
      Get stuck in your throat
      Send a treasure token token
      Write it on a pound note pound note

      Don't drink don't smoke - what do you do?
      Don't drink...

      I know they're talkin'.   It's day five of the Wolverine/Rogue relationship, and already gums are wagglin'.   I remember walkin' out of Logan's room that first morning, smiling at the sleepy grunt of a mornin' he'd given me, still feeling the warmth and firmness of his lips on my hair.   He was sleepy - real sleepy.   I think I kept him up a little later than usual.  Anyways.  I loped to my bedroom down the hall that I shared with Jubes and Kitty.

      Now, I was there, tryin' so hard to creep in and not wake them up.  I opened the door so damned quietly.  They had set an pile of empty soda cans in front of the door - they crashed and made the most awful noise as the door tipped them over.  The girls woke up immediately of course and both smirked at me as they dug their way out of their quilts to look at me.

      "Rogie's got a boyyyfriend!" sung Jubilee, Kitty soon joining in.

      Oh man, I coulda died of embarrassment.  I just walked in, back straight and tryin' to look all dignified despite my ruffled cloths and messy hair, and went into the shower.  Damn I needed one.

      By the time I got out the girls had disappeared.  Musta gotten dressed and ran out to tell the masses.   I didn't care.   I just felt that little thrill of knowing someone loved me.  I put on some nicer clothes - the lower cut stuff, and made a good effort not to race to the dining hall to meet Logan there.

      Damn he's beautiful.   He doesn't think he is, but he is.  As I turned the corner, I saw his hair spikin' up in that adorable way.  A lot of tough guys try to have that look - they jus' look stupid.  No, Logan just looks adorable, like I said.  He was sittin' there near the end of a long table, concentrating on his meal of eggs and a couple of sausages, with a couple of shirts and a pair of slacks on.  I tilted my head, leanin' in the doorway, a dreamy smile slidin' on my face.

      Remy slid on past, castin' me a knowing smirk.  He was a new guy, few years older than me 'r'somethin',  I think he was a little keen on me but obviously he knew what was going on after last night.   He walked backwards a moment, still looking at me as he headed for food trays.

      "You goin' to stand there gawkin' at your man all day cheri or you make yourself useful uh?"

      Just as he finished his sentence he backed up into a rack containing a few plastic trays and a clatter echoed through the dining hall, causing Logan to glance up.  I about died at the look on his face - it was so damned cute.  His eyes were wide, alert, and his mouth was pouting downwards, bottom lip jutting out a bit.  I laughed, gazing at him warmly and heading on over.   He just battled a smile, tryin' to look gruff and tough-assed.   Damned it all I loved that act.  Maybe it was selfish of me, but I didn't want anyone to know my little secret, of the golden soul that lay beneath the rough exterior.  It was mine to enjoy, something Logan gave to me especially, like his chain and his smile.   I slid down next to him, folding my arms on the table and laying my head in them.

      "Hey sugar."

      He glanced down at me, chewing around a tiny smile.

      "Hey Kid," he said, "You flirtin' with the Frog?"

      He was teasin' me.  If he was seriously jealous Remy's balls would have been dangling from the rafters like a set of Christmas decorations.  I smiled, looking away coyly and stretching a little.

      "Maybe," I said. "What're you gonna do about it hmm?"

      He looked up then, tilting his head, rolling his tongue around in his mouth a little, "Hmm... I dunno.."

      That was when I felt it - his leg curling around my calf, his feet kickin' at mine.  Oh God, here we were playin' footsies.  I kicked back at him, fighting the huge grin on my face, the same grin that was battlin' to spread across his.   There we were, top halves wiggling and fidgeting as our legs kicked and wrestled underneath the table, hidden only by other chairs.

      One of the younger kids loped in, lookin' in our direction.   Logan looked back at him, a glare on his face.  Oh God - the kid nearly ran off crying and I kicked him with a giggle.

      "Logan," I said, "That poor kid's gonna need months of therapy!"

      "Shouldn't stare," he said gruffly.

      "Wah not?" I smirked, "We got a grown man here playin' footsies like a baby!"

      He frowned then, "That's against the rules is it?"

      "No," I said, dipping my head and smiling, stealing some of his scrambled eggs after grabbing a spare fork nearby, "Just really funny to watch."

      "Ey," He frowned, joviality still in his eyes, clashing forks with me, "I let you sleep over and you're stealin' a man's eggs!"

      I laughed now, "Oh but they look so good."

      He just growled and I took a final mouthful, "Fine, Ah wont have any then."

      "If you're hungry you should go grab a plate," he said.

      "I was goin' to," I said, "You just distracted me."

      I smiled then, meeting those eyes as they glanced up from the meal.  They were so warm, and I know he was lovin' the attention.  The corner of his mouth twitched up in a smile and he took another mouthful of food.

      "Go on - get some breakfast before I haul you over there myself."

      "Ooh!" I giggled, "That'd be fuun!"

      He just cringed now, covering half his face with his hand and letting out a soft laugh, "God, Marie, that mind of yours is indecent."

      I just grinned, "Ah know."

      I felt funny then, like someone was lookin' at me.   I glanced up and saw Jean and Scott waftin' into the room.  Scott's jaw clenched a little as he saw us, and Jean just had this concerned look on her face.  I could feel the hostility comin' from them, but it wasn't directed at me.   I frowned, curling my leg around Logan's suddenly and pouting down at the table.

      "What's wrong?"

      I looked up at Logan, who'd nudged me with his elbow.

      "Nuthin'," I said, shaking my head, "I better get some breakfast."

      "Good idea," he mumbled, watching me get up.

      An impulse took me, it was an odd one.  I slid my arm around his shoulders, pressing my lips to his head, cuddling him a little.

      "Ah love you," I said.

      Logan just blushed, and arm around my waist, and he patted my hip gruffly.  "Go on - the food trays are only across the room."

      I rolled my eyes and nudged him.  "Yeah yeah."

      So I went over, filling a dish with some wholesome nutritious fatty eggs and bacon and french-style toast, all the time feeling the whacko vibes pulsin' off Jean.  It was bothering me something fierce.   I heard giggles, and I didn't even have to turn to look to know it was Jubes and Kitty.  Bobby was trailing in behind them, looking a little pale, if not disappointed.   Collecting some cutlery I traipsed back to Logan.  He was there with his fork dug in his food, watching me as I came back.   I flashed him a smile again, cause I knew what it did to him now.   He knew I knew, cause he just let out a low growl that was softened with the twinklin' in his honey eyes.  As I sat down, he mumbled to me.

      "You're gonna be the death of me, Marie."

      "And you're tickled pink at the prospect," I said, taking up a fork and wrapping my ankles around his.

      That was breakfast.  Breakfast was good.   Was the best God-damned breakfast I'd had forever.   Even better than the one on Christmas Day where I'd finally gotten that damned Ken Doll I always wanted, complete with hot pink corvette.   I was an easily pleased child.

      Fitness class loomed that day, and us young ladies had Jean teaching the class.   Oh man - what a damned nightmare.    We had running that day, running around the oval a few times and recording our times.   That wasn't the nightmare.  I mean, it's bad enough, me runnin' around in a tracksuit when all the other girls are skimpin' it in shorts and t-shirts.  I felt like I was stuck in an oven.   Nor was the nightmare the fact that the boys were having their fitness class across the oval from us, running past us.  Logan running this particular class in short shorts and a tight t-shirt wasn't helping me any (Damn he's got nice legs!).

      No, the nightmare was the girls and their mouths.   Jubes and Kitty were okay - they were mah girls.   They were all for me and Logan from what I could gather.   Havin' a good look at his bod too, I noticed.  We ran together around the track, much to Jean's annoyance.   We were supposed to be getting record times, but I was so tired after last night I couldn't do it.   Kitty and Jubes had obviously waited up for me, they were as strung out as I was.   Jubes huffed next to me, grinnin.

      "He's checking you out again."

      I rolled my eyes, "Wah bother?  I'm all rugged up!"

      "Your bits are wobbling," smirked Kitty, "That's why bother, sister!"

      "Ohw GAHD!" I moaned, and still running I looked to Logan.  Yep - still starin' at me.  With a frown I grabbed the hem of my sweater and lifted, bearing all to the boys.   Half of them tripped over, and Logan turned right around, shaking his head and half dying.   Jean gave me a good long look.

      I dunno what she was so miffed about - I only flashed a second!   Anyways, it was enough.  I finished my final lap and sat down, layin' in the sun.   Kitty and Jubes still had a lap to go (slow pokes) and I enjoyed a moment to myself.   It was such a pretty day too, sun bright, grass lush and sky blue - things nice daydreams are made of.

      Jubes and Kitt soon joined me, their breaths huffin' as I lay with my eyes closed.  I could hear Logan's voice barking across the oval, swearin' at the boys.  I just bathed in that sound, of him.  Even if he did sound real pissed.   I felt something wrong though.  It was slightly worryin', that I could sense things like that.   I cracked open an eye and looked to Kitty.  She was frowning, picking at her shoe, and Jubes was positively scowling.

      "What bug crawled up your shorts?"  I asked.

      Jubes glanced to me, shrugging, "Jus' those girls."

      I frowned, "Huh?"

      Kitt shook her head, "Oh - Christa and Luce."

      I glanced to the girls that were stretching and talking nearby, casting glances to the boys.

      "Oh come on, Kitt, they're just jealous."

      "What did they say?"

      They looked to me with these sad expressions, and shrugged.

      "They're bad-mouthing Logan," Jubes said suddenly, "I don't like it."

      My jaw grew hard set, and I tilted my head up, narrowing it at them, "Whut are they sayin'?"

      "Bad things," said Kitty, lifting her brows, "Like - he's a pervert and stuff."

      My jaw dropped, rage filling me, "Whaddaya MEAN a pervert?!"

      Jubes pressed her lips together, leaning to me, Kitty looking a bit regretful.

      "They were goin' on like he was all seducin' you and stuff.  Like he was some sort of paedophile!"

      I lifted my gloved hand, getting up.   She didn't have to SAY anything else.  Nope, nuhuh.   Christa was a girl who morphed a bit, was a bit telepathic, and a lot strong.  Luce was a speed freak.  She can go REAL fast.   Though during fitness tests she wasn't allowed to use her powers (which was a bit pointless really).  Despite the fact my powers were nothing in comparison, rage blasted through me.  All Logan's, I knew.  I never got over having him inside a' me, I know I never will, which is probably why I did what I did.

      Facin' up to Christa I narrowed my eyes.  She smiled sweetly.

      "Why, Rogue... hello."

      I smiled, and let my arm fly, pounding her in the guts.   She glared at me, falling on her ass, and I felt Luce's hands grabbing mine.   With a lurch I pulled her forward, sending her on her ass too, and I glared at them both.

      "Rogue!" Christa gasped, coughing, "What on -"

      "You got a problem with Logan," I growled, "You take it up with me, or HIM!"

      With that I turned to walk off, but headed right into Jean.   She lifted a brow, crossing her arms.


      I tilted my head, "Jean."

      "Want to explain what's going on here?"

      I glanced to Logan across the field.  He was pointing and shouting to a few boys, but his eyes were set on me.  That warm protectiveness bolstered inside of me and I sighed.

      "These girls need to keep their mouths shut," I said.

      Jean looked to the girls and sighed.

      "That may be, Rogue, but violence isn't how we solve it.  Is it?"

      I shrugged, "Dunno.  Seems pretty effective to me."

      God!  I dunno what had gotten into me - maybe I did know but didn't want to think about it.  I was many things before my powers settled in to stay, but a rough-assed bitch wasn't one of them.  Obviously this was something that was changing.  I looked down to the scowling girls.

      "I want you to apologize, Rogue," said Jean, "And then I want you to wait for me in my office.  Obviously we need to talk."

      Oh fucking great.  I glanced to the girls.

      "Sorry," I said, mentally adding 'That I didn't have claws that would do some real damage'.   I curled past Jean, glancing to Logan once more.  He was standing there, arms crossed, casting a look at me whilst watching the boys.  I could tell he was annoyed, maybe even pissed at me.  I didn't have much time to ponder upon it - I had to get to the office.


      The office was neat, but full of papers and books.   I tapped my gloved hands on the varnished desk, sighing long.  I'd been waiting a while.   This sucked - this was so typical.  I kicked a leg, sighing again and looking up to the ceiling.   I missed Logan.   Well, I missed not being around him before, but now it was worse.  It was pathetic.  I hated it and loved it at the same time.   I just wanted to hang off his large burly frame and snuggle in his shirts, hands on all that wonderful chest and muscles.  Okay, I was floating off again on little sexual tangents.   I was doing that more and more lately.  Shit, I was in trouble.

      The door opened, Jean changed and clean, wafting of soap as she closed the door behind her and sat at her desk.

      "Sorry to keep you waiting," she said, pulling out a file and fluttering pages about. "Now - I didn't bring you here to talk down to you and tell you what you should and shouldn't do-"

      "That's good," I muttered, "I woulda walked out of here in a second if you tried."

      Jean just smiled thinly.

      "I want to have a proper talk with you, okay?"  She leant forward, her eyes meeting mine with a serious glint, "Woman to woman."

      "About Logan," I said.

      She gave a knowing smile and looked down to her papers, nodding.

      "Yeah, about Logan."

      "Do you think he's a pervert too?"

      The question caught her off guard.  She looked up, pulling on her glasses and sighed.

      "It's not really for me to judge, Rogue."

      "But you are judging," I said, "People judge, it's what they do.  Christa judged, I disagreed and I let her know about it."

      Jean pressed her lips together in a regretful smile.  "Rogue, you can't beat up on people just because they say things you don't like.  You know this, you're nearly an adult now.   The one person we both know that doesn't know this happens to be getting very close to you.   It concerns me how your behaviour-"

      My jaw dropped.  That... oh man anger was nothing compared to what I was feeling.

      "You think Logan is responsible for what happened in the feild?"

      Jean opened her mouth, closed it, and sighed, "I think he has a part in-"

      "Oh ho!  Oh man this is bullshit!"  I shook my head, standing up.   I spun about, then glared at her.  "You people didn't KNOW me before I was here!"

      "I saw your behaviour before this incident," said Jean, "You were a lot quieter and-"

      "You don't know me," I said, "And I'm not gonna sit and watch people bad-mouth Logan behind his back.  He's nearly killed himself for you fucking people and he deserves some respect, dammit!"

      "He does," Jean nodded, "But you don't gain it by slogging people in the guts."

      "Yeah well it makes me feel better," I scowled.

      Jean then narrowed her eyes, leaning forward, "Does it?"

      Fuck.  I hate this stuff.  Since this death-touch thing had come upon me, hiding and closing off had been a way of life and she suddenly blows it out of the water by seein' into my head and being all honest and open and shit.  Damn her.  I shrugged, looking to the door.

      "You done?"

      Jean sighed, leaning back in her chair.  "Yeah, yeah I'm done."

      I opened the door.

      "For now."

      I looked back at her, pressing my lips together tight.  "Seeya round then."

      I closed the door behind me, thumping down the hallway, heading for my room.  Fuck I needed a shower.   As I went down the wood-panelled corridor, Logan's room came closer.  I felt my gait swerving, as if pulled by a magnet, and I shook my head.  Nope, no, not going to go visit Logan.  He's probably incredibly pissed with - oh look I'm at his door and now I'm walking in. Oh HELL.

      He was on his bed, drying his hair, just in jeans.  Sweet Mother of God and all that was holy.   That chest I'd never get over.  He glanced back at me, brows risen, and he just got back to drying his hair after looking at me a second.

      "What the hell was that bullshit on the field about, Marie?"

      I sighed, closing my eyes.  Oh GREAT.

      "You don't wanna know," I groaned.

      He looked back at me and nodded, "Yes, I do."

      I sighed, shaking my head, sitting down next to him.  I collected my thoughts, twisting my fingers together.

      "They were talkin' about ya."

      He glanced up at me, brown eyes flashing.  "Oh yeah?"

      I felt the tears sting my eyes suddenly.  Shit - where was this coming from?

      "They were sayin' yer a pervert," I said, wiping at my watering eyes, "I wouldn't let 'em, Logan, I couldn't!  I couldn't help it!"

      He sighed now, a long knowing sigh, and draping the towel over his shoulder he pulled me in, wrapping his arms around me tightly.

      "Is it true?" he said.

      The question caught me off guard.  I looked up at him, laughing and crying at the same time.

      "Yeah but - I'm one too!"

      He smirked, pressing his lips on my hair.  "It doesn't matter, Marie, what a couple of girls think.  All that matters is that you're happy.  I was kinda worried before, that I was havin' a bad influence on ya-"

      "No," I shook my head thoroughly, sitting up and meeting his eyes, "No, Logan.  Forget ever thinking that crap okay?"

      He smiled, hands caressing the small of my back.  I sighed, looking down.

      "You think any of the X-Men think you're a bad influence on me?   Like Scott or Ororo or the Professor?"

      He tilted his head, running a hand up and down my back, "Scott would definitely think something that tight-assed.  Ororo - I don't think she cares either way.  As long as the X-Men are functioning she'd accept damn near anything, and the Professor.  Fuck, who knows what he's ever thinking."

      I nodded.  "I didn't think this would happen."

      I could feel his head leaning on the top of mine, his lips brushing my hair.

      "I knew it would," he said, "I just stopped caring."

      I sighed, breathing in his smell (and a little of mine too - shit I really needed that shower).  "I gotta go have a shower before I start prattling on about how much I love you again."

      And on a whim I got up and trotted into his bathroom.  He just watched me go with this amused look on his face.   More for my comfort that anybody elses, I washed myself for a long time, singing in my mediocre tones that only pleased me, dangling my hair down my back and enjoying all the skin I let myself expose.  When I left the bathroom I was smelling more like Logan than me, and I loved every second of it.   I leapt on the bed he sat on, reading a newspaper, and wrapped my arms about him.

      "I have to go get changed," I said, planting kisses on his head, "I guess I'll seeya later."

      He looked up from the paper, "When?"

      I smiled and shrugged "I'll surprise you."

      That I did.  See, I got back to my room, and Jubes and Kitty were there mopin'.   I frowned, giving a snort as I kicked the door closed behind me.

      "What's up with you two?"

      "We're now officially social rejects," scowled Kitty.

      "Oh shit," I said, throwing my sports bag onto my bed, "This is my fault isn't it?"

      "Not entirely," Kitty said, "The girls came up to us afterwards - kinda put us in a corner and we got a bit angry."

      Jubes smirked, "Kitty pushed a girl in and out of the walls just to freak them and I zapped a little booty."

      I let my head hang back and I groaned, "Oh man - Why?!"

      Kitty folded her legs as she snuggled under her comforter, "They went from sayin' that Logan's a dirty old paedophile to your his little dog."

      Now my jaw dropped.

      "Those insecure tight-assed little bitches!"

      Jubilee smirked at me and nodded, "Yeah, that's what I said."

      I sighed, dropping down on Jubes' bed.

      "Well what about Bobby?  Is he lettin' this happen?"

      "Of course," Kitty said, "He doesn't know about the dog thing though so his position on the matter may change."

      Good.  Even though I wasn't jumpin' his bones I was kinda hopin' he still wanted to be my friend.  God, everything was going to the shithouse.  I ran my fingers through my hair, breathing in long.

      "This is all fucked up."

      "It'll be okay," soothed Kitty, "It's just a new distraction for them.  Soon they'll have someone or something else to dis-"  She sniffed.  "My God - you reek of Logan!"

      I blushed, hiding my head in my arms, "I used his shampoo."

      "And soap, and deoderant," Jubilee said, "You used his shower didn't you?"

      I hid further.

      "Oh GOD!  You have it bad girlie!"

      I looked up at Jubilee next to me and grinned.

      "He's so wonderful, Jubilee-"

      "Yeah yeah yeah," she nodded, "We know, we know.   You can thank us for sacrificing our social lives for you later on."

      I hugged her then, yanking Kitty in and sighing as I squeezed them.

      "You girls are the best friends I've ever had!"

      "Gah!" Jubilee laughed, "Yeah um - I gotta breath!"

      "I love you Rogue!" said Kitty suddenly.

      "Aw heck, I love ya too," Jubes joined in.

      "I say we celebrate!" I said, pulling back from the hug.   The girls exchanged confused smiles.


      "We're rejects in Rejectdom!" I said proudly, getting up from the bed, "Beer for all of us!"

      Kitty choked, "BEER?!  Marie - we're underaged!"

      "By three and a half years," I said indignantly, "And God dammit, I've been cravin' it since my lunk of a man got into mah head!  A nice bitter brew!"

      "Ewww," Kitty screwed up her face, "That's gross."

      "I'll be right back!" I said, spinning around and running out the door.   I was halfway down the hall when I realised - we'd be so much better off if I had Kitty to help me.   I turn-tailed and came back.   Kitty was sitting on her bed looking really worried.

      "Come on you," I said, "I need help."

      She tilted her head and groaned long.

      "Oh no, Marie, I can't - I hate breaking the rules!"

      "No one will know," I said, "Especially if you come and help me out!"

      She groaned again and looked to Jubes.   Jubilee rolled her eyes, pulling down her hot pink shades and ruffling her hair deteriminately.

      "Well, if we're goin to have an illegal piss up, we may as well get as much beer as we can!"

      "YAAAY!" I jumped up and down happily, "We'll only need about twelve cans!"

      "Twelve?" bleated Kitty, "Divided by three is four - how am I supposed to get through four beers?"

      "Very easily after the first," said Jubilee sagely.

      I blinked, glaring at her.  She looked to both of us, laughing lightly and fiddling with her specs.

      "Or so I've heard."

      Great!  We had a veteran!   I got changed (I'd nearly forgotten to do that) and then pulled them along with me to the kitchen.  I'd seen Logan stash his beers there, and usually it was upon an honour system that we didn't grab any and get tankered.  We were breaking that honour, taking Logan's beer.   We, were stealing my new boyfriend's beer.  Hmm.... was this pushing the bounds of our love?   I laughed.   He didn't care, I was pretty sure he'd be rather amused by it all.   Ha, I was so damned certain at the time.

      Anyways so me and Jubes pile the beers into Kitty's arm.   She's the one who can run through walls after all.     Jubes and I kept an eye out and of course, we'd need a distraction whilst Kitty and Jubes stole to our room.    I grabbed a can of coke and pulled up my shirt.   If Logan was going to play the Shirtless Wonder about the grounds, I was gonna do my own brand of struttin'.

      So I walked out into the recreation room in my bra.   I didn't look at anybody, not Bobby gawking, not John falling over and nearly impaling himself on a pool cue, not Storm choking on her coffee and not one of the boys meeping "Mommy!" and running from the room.   I figured - no one can touch me, and they're not gonna come near me like this - where the hell is the harm?   And it served the purpose beautifully.

      I sank down onto the couch, cracked open my can of coke and flicked on the television.   I changed it to Wyle. E. Coyote - he was a hoot.  I was giggling and shoutin' at myself on the inside.  One part of me was feeling incredibly adventurous, and the other part was swearin' if my Momma saw me she'd be getting the local priest to exorcise me or something.  Yup, Momma, I'm goin' straight to hell apparently.

      That was when Logan strutted on by without HIS shirt on.   He did it all the damned time between work-outs when he was grabbin' a drink.  He kinda stopped midstep and double took.   His eyes grew wide as saucers and his mouth hung open.   Then he looked reaaaal angry.   Bobby quickly dropped his cue and ran from the room.   Logan raced over quickly, sinking next to me.  Despite the public location, having so much of my naked skin near his was extremely erotic.  So waaaarm.

      Okay, so he was pissed.   He glared at me.

      "Kid - what the fuck do you think you're doing?"

      I shrugged, "It's hot."

      "Um-" He closed his eyes tightly and nodded, "Yes - it is but-"

      "You don't have your shirt on."

      "Marie," he hissed, eyes flying open suddenly, "I don't have tits!"

      I smirked, "Well honey I wouldn't call them tits but they're mighty fine to look at."

      He blushed red like a beet and sank his face in his hands, "Please... just please put your shirt on."

      I looked up to the ornate ceiling, pursed my lips in thought and shook my head thoroughly.

      "No, I don't think so.  It's still hot."

      "Oh God, it is getting that way," he groaned quietly, "You know I'm gonna get in trouble."

      "Wah?" I said, "You didn't hold a gun to my head."

      He sighed, "Marie, you're not fucking five years old.  I don't have to explain shit to you - just put your damned shirt on!"

      I sat up, a little indignantly.  "Oh come on!  It's mah home!  I live here!  And when I lived at home I walked through the house in my damned bra all the time!"

      Logan glared at me, "Your house wasn't fit to burst with hormonal teenaged boys!"

      "Ooooh," I grinned suddenly, nodding coolly, "So that's it.  You don't want guys scopin' my nugs, right?"

      He nearly choked.  I hadn't used language like that in my life EVER.  But hey - I put David in a coma.  I knew how young guys thought, which is precisely why I steered clear of Bobby and his ilk.  I pouted.

      "Oh look - you made me miss Wyle. E. gettin' hit with the boulder!"

      "It'll happen again," he said darkly.

      And very languidly, very relaxed, I lifted my jean-clad leg and laid it in his lap.   He started, lifting his arms carefully and glaring down at where my leg sat.  I wiggled my bare toes and grinned.

      "Obviously I don't give you enough credit."

      I grinned again. "Nowhere near what's due, sugah."

      Then he just looked at me, a lewd ravenous look that mentally ripped off my clothes and did all sorts of naughty inappropriate things to me.  I laughed.  It was precisely the wrong moment that Logan caved and smiled back at me.   We both heard the gasp, and we both turned to see Jean standing in the doorway.

      "What on earth?"

      Meep.  Literal, full on chubby MEEPness.  I glanced to Jean, a weak smile on my face.

      "Um - it's not what it looks like?"

      Logan nodded thoroughly, "I was getting a beer - I was just working out and um - " He grunted and nodded, getting up, "Yeah..."

      I retrieved my leg and smiled, waving my coke about, "I was grabbin' some toons!  Just - yeah - it's damn hot today isn't it?"

      Jean crossed her arms and just looked totally dumfounded, "I wouldn't say that it warranted that sort of exposure."

      "Well-"  Logan frowned, clearing his throat, "I get away with it."

      I looked up at him, my heart stopping.  Oh man, he was takin' the heat with me.  I tried not to melt on the couch, it was so damned hard.  Jean's featured hardened and she nodded.

      "Yes, something I'm sure will be rectified in the future."

      Logan rolled his eyes along with his head and lifted his hands, "Now Jeannie-"

      "No," she lifted her own hands back at him, "Now this is getting ridiculous.  I don't mind relationships in this school, but I'll be damned before they start intefering with the normal upbringing and behaviour of the children!"

      "It's normal," I frowned, "Wearing a bra is normal."

      "Yeah," nodded Logan unsteadily, "I'm sure their sisters wear bra's all the um - the time."

      Storm had risen from the corner where she'd been drinking coffee and reading, and went to calm Jean a bit.   She put her hands on the woman's shoulder and sighed.

      "Logan didn't know about this," she said, "Rogue just walked in here like this on her own."

      "Yeah!" I chimed in, "Completely of my own volition!"

      "But-"  Logan pointed a finger and stepped forward, "I completely support her in her right to - um - wear a bra."

      Jean let loose a flustered gasp, "Without a SHIRT?"

      "Well um," I tilted my head and smiled unsteadily, "I suppose that's our point of contention, isn't it?"

      Jean nodded thoroughly.  "Just slightly, yes!"

      Storm pursed her lips a moment, "I'd be careful, Jean."


      "Cause, if you ban the girls from wearing only their bra, you'll have to stop them from swimming in the pool in their bikini's too."

      Logan nodded, "Yep, got a point there Jeannie."

      "Oh will you stop calling me that!" Jean sighed, placing a hand over her face.

      Logan blanched and nodded, stepping back and fiddling with his hands a little, "Sure.  Sorry."

      That pissed me off.  I looked at Logan, at Storm, then at Jean.

      "No need to bite his head off," I said suddenly, "I'm the one baring too much, not him!"

      "Yes," Jean said levelly,  "Rogue - put your shirt on.  If I see you without it on again the reprise to that little talk I promised you will be coming a lot sooner than you expected."

      I pulled up my shirt, sighing and getting it on.  Logan frowned, something within him bristling as he watched me clothe myself.

      "Fine!" he growled, "I'll go put my shirt on too then!"

      Jean shrugged, "Go on then."

      She strolled off and Logan ground his teeth.

      "After I get my beer," he said, nodding at me.  I nodded back at him, watching him go.  I stood there for a long moment, and looked to Storm who shrugged at me.

      "I don't see the fuss," she said, "I used to walk around with only a lap lap on in Africa."

      I sniggered.  Gee, a pretty mental picture if there ever was one.  I nodded then.

      "I bet you were popular."

      Storm smirked, turning and striding off, "You better believe it."

      I nodded and watched a few of the kids file in again after poking their heads around the corner of the walkway.  Logan was off to get beer... beer...   Uh oh.    I ran before the explosion hit ground-zero.     Down the hallway, through the corridors to my room.  Gee Xavier had a nice taste in tapestries.   The shit that runs through your mind when you're panicking - I dunno.

      I made it to my room and locked the door suddenly, turning around and splaying myself against it in relief.

      Kitty and Jubes glanced up from the bounty of beer between them on the carpet of the bedroom floor.

      "HEeeeey!" Jubes grinned, "It's our X-GRrrrl!"

      Kitty grinned and yanked a beer off the six-pack, throwing it to me.   Oh shit.

      "Guys," I said, "We gotta hide this - Logan is going for beer!"

      Jubes laughed, "So?  He likes beer - we like beer - we'll all get along!"

      "No no no, Jubilation," I said slowly so she could understand me.  It looked like he'd been through a first can already, "Logan's beer.   We like LOGAN'S beer.  And Logan likes HIS beer too!  And when he goes to the fridge for a nice cold can and there's none there, he will get mightily PISSED!"

      "Aww!" Jubes pouted with those big fat red lips of hers, "We can share!"

      I buried my head in my arms and whimpered, "What have I done?!"

      There was a rough knock at the door.  OH fuck.  Fuck fuck.   I grabbed the cans, shoving them under my bed, fighting to get a can off Jubilee.

      "MY BEER!" she roared.

      Oh fuck, why bother.   I got up, racing to the door, opening it just an inch.  Hazel eyes flashed back at me.

      "You got something of mine?"

      I sighed, curling under the pressure of his steady gaze.  I hated this I hated it - he looked really cold and I couldn't read his expression at all and I should have KNOWN not to get between a man and his liquor!!

      "Maybe," I breathed, glancing back to a frowning Jubilee.  The girl looked to the ceiling.

      "Hey LOGAN!" she called, "Wan' sum beeer?!"

      He just tilted his head at me.

      "You wanna tell me why you felt justified to go grab my reward for slugging my guts out in the gymnasium day after day?"

      "Uh, buh - I," I blushed wildly, "I um - we were - um - celebratin'."

      "Celebrating eh?" he nodded, "Celebrating what?"

      Oh God.  I burned up with embarrassment.  He probably thought I was celebrating hooking up with HIM.  I smiled a little.

      "The girls were teasin' us," I said, "I was jus' - celebratin' being friends with Jubes and Kitt."

      He seemed to sink a little at this, and nodded.  "Oh."

      I nodded back at him.

      "So that bullshit in the rec room - it was a distraction?"

      I nodded guiltily, "We weren't goin' to drink that much-"

      "You took all I had," He said darkly.

      "I'm sorry," I sighed, looking back at the girls, "I dunno what's come over me I just - "

      "Hey..." A hand snaked through the door and traced the collar of my top, "You don't have to explain to me okay?"

      I shrugged, "I just thought you probably think I'm a girly freak."

      He just smirked now, "You are a girly freak, and I love it."

      I cracked a smile, looking up at him.  He tugged at my shirt and notioned into the room.

      "Go get me a beer," he said, "And don't get caught, and if you DO get caught - I had no idea, it's got nothing to do with me."

      I grinned, turning around and grabbing a couple of cans from under my bed.   I handed him the cans and he smiled at me, winking and clicking his tongue.  "Seeya later Kid."

      I leant on the doorway, watching him lope down the corridor, a sigh falling from me.  I thought he would have been a lot madder than that.   God I was so damned lucky.

      "Ey come back in here girly!" Jubes' inebriated tones rang out, "We got some female bonding to get through!"

      I turned in the doorway and smirked, "Cool - anyone got any porn?"


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