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T for Trouble? Last part

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  • Dani Kerins
    Ok after beating my computer to a pulp and then putting it back together I am ready to post the last part. Word of advice never get so caught up in your
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      Ok after beating my computer to a pulp and then putting it back together I am ready to post the last part. Word of advice never get so caught up in your writing that you forget to save it, because your computer will crash just to spite you and you will lose ten pages AHHH!! But anyway thanks for all your feedback. Hope you like this part! Hugz Danielle


      Title: T for trouble?

      Author: Danielle Kerins.



      Category: X-men/bit of everything-humour-angst-romance-drama.

      Rating: M

      'Ship: we'll see...

      Disclaimer: All belongs to Bryan Singer, Stan Lee, Marvel Comics, 20th Century Fox and all those other lucky peeps. T belongs to me in a sense. This is based on someone I know and is a tribute to them for being a great, brill friend. I have full permission to use her.

      Archive: My site, Kielle's site and anyone else who wants it, please take it. :)

      Summary: What happens when a new kick-ass mutant joins the X-men. Trouble ensues. BTW the conversation between Bobby and John are basically what goes on in a typical conversation between me and a friend of mine. Yes we know we're weird and we are considering professional help :)

      Feedback: Please Please Please.

      Dedication: To the best friend a girl could have... 'cos you know...whatever :)



      Rogue opened the door with a flourish.

      "Well here's your room"

      "Wow, it's so pretty."

      "I know when I first came here I thought I was in a palace."

      "I love it."

      T ran her hands over the clean pristine bed spread and flopped down laughing. Rogue smiled.

      "If you think the room is nice, check out your view," She said nodding to the window. T jumped up and stuck her head out the open window. She gasped.

      "Oh my god." The sun was high in the sky, mid afternoon. It's light flooded the gardens and everything sparkled.

      "Hey, what's wrong?" T wiped a tear from her eye.

      "It’s nothing just..."

      "It's been a long time since you felt lucky and safe and you feel like you finally fit in."

      "That's about it." Rogue smiled and threw an arm around her new friend’s shoulders.

      "Well don't worry, you'll always feel at home here." T smiled and noticed that the smile had left Rogue's face and that she was now staring at her cheek.

      "What?" T said as she put a hand up to her face. She winced in pain as she touched the bruise on her cheek.

      "Oh that."

      "What happened?"

      "Fight, got into a little trouble."

      "Right say no more. I want to introduce to the rest of the gang. You know I have some concealer and foundation that would cover that right up."


      "No problem. Come on lets go."


      "Do you think she'll be okay?" Jean Grey-Summers sat down on the bed beside her husband. Scott looked up from tying his trainers.

      "I won't lie to you Honey. It's going to be hard for her, just like it was for us. But she's got rogue and everyone else she'll be fine." He said reassuringly.

      "Yeah you're right."

      "Hey"Scott said.


      "Remember that dinner we never got to have?"


      "Well tomorrow we're having it and it's gonna be great." She smiled at him and leaned in to him. They kissed softly. The kiss deepened momentarily.

      "I have to go" Scott whispered. Jean groaned and nuzzled into his neck.

      "Okay" She said pouting.

      "Don't" Scott pleaded. "I have to go". But as he said this he fell back onto the bed with his wife.

      "Well I guess I can be a little late." Jean answered him with a kiss.


      Bobby leaned back in his chair and put his legs up on the table. He was totally engrossed in the comic book he had stolen from John's collection.

      "EWW Bobby, get your feet off the table!!" Kitty said as she smacked him and shoved his feet from the tabletop.


      "God, you do realise you are on a cafeteria. A place of food."

      "I said I was sorry, besides it's not like it would make any difference to the sanitary conditions of this place...." He broke off as he saw Rogue approach the table.

      "Helloooo Bobby" Kitty said waving her hand in front of his face. Bobby ignored her. His attention was on the girl standing beside Rogue.

      "Hey guys, I'd like y'all to meet somebody. This is.."

      "Oh My God!! It's you!!" The girl standing beside Rogue took a step back.

      "Sorry" Jubilee said sheepishly. "But it's you."

      "Yeah" T said weakly. "It's me" She looked at Rogue for help. Rogue smiled.

      "As I was saying I’d like you to meet T."


      "Hey T"

      "T? T what? Oww!"

      "Shut up John, Welcome T."


      "Bobby! Don't be so rude. Say hello"

      "Hey" Bobby whispered.

      "Oooh Bobby's blushing. Ouch! Stop hitting me."

      "Well shut up."

      "Pass the butter."

      "God John, we have a new student and you're thinking of your stomach!"

      "What? I was trying to keep out of trouble!"

      "Don't mind him T, Please sit" Kitty pointed to the seat next to Bobby.

      'Oh god'

      T sat down and was immediately bombarded with questions.

      "So where you from?"

      "Who does your hair?"

      "What kind of powers do you have?"

      "I asked someone to pass the damn butter. Kitty hit me and I'll hit you back!"

      "Ignore him. What's the T stand for?" T felt like her head was going to explode. Rogue noticed ad rescued her.

      "Hey y'all, there is plenty of time for T to fill you in. let's give her a break ok?"

      Kitty glanced at her watch. "Whoops, it's time for class."

      "Class? it's Sunday"

      "Extra Home EC. Don't tell me you forgot."

      "I did." Rogue sighed and got to her fee.

      "Wait" John, said. "If you have extra Home EC than I have Chem. I hate extra classes." Rogue looked as T apologetically. "Sorry T."

      "It's okay"

      "Wait" Jubilee, said. "Bobby you have no classes right?"

      "Um yeah."

      "Great you can show T around."

      "Cool, Is that okay T?"

      "Yeah sure"

      "Okay, we'll see you at dinner."

      "Yeah and I want all the gossip T!"

      "Okay Bye" T glanced at the boy sitting beside her.

      'He's so cute.'

      Bobby swallowed hard. 'Oh god, How am I supposed to keep her company when I can't string two words together.'

      "Ok" he said out loud. "How about I show you the school?"

      "Great" They got up and left the cafeteria.

      As they went around the school Bobby found himself relaxing in T's company. They talked about themselves. Bobby found out where T grew up, what powers she had and most importantly what she liked to do on a Saturday night. The time flew by. Bobby gasped as he heard the clock in the main hall chime five.

      "Wow, it’s almost time for dinner."

      "Well I should get ready."

      "Okay, I'll see you in awhile?"

      "Sure" T smiled and climbed the stairs to her room. Bobby watched he leave before turning whistling softly to himself as he ran to find John.


      "Jesus, Sorry" Logan ran down the stairs and almost collided with Storm.

      "It's okay" Storm picked herself up.

      "Come on!"

      "Any idea what this is about?"

      "None. All I know is that when the professor asked me to come here, he was not happy."

      "Well we are going to find out." Logan stopped outside the Professor's door and threw it open. The professor sat behind his desk. A grave look adorned his features.

      "What's going on?"

      "Wait for Scott and Jean." Storm took a seat in one of the chairs beside the professor's desk and Logan sat over her on the armrest. Moments later they heard footsteps and turned to see Scott and Jean enter. Their clothes were in disarray and they were flushed in the face.

      "Good defence lesson?" storm asked.

      "I had a defence lesson??" Scott said a panicked look on his face.

      "Yes" Storm answered a twinkle in her eyes. "I had to take it."

      "Thanks for that" Scott muttered. Logan snorted.

      "If you don't mind there are more important things on the table."

      The group fell into silence as their attention focused on the Professor. He picked up the remote in silence and clicked on the television in silence. The headlines on the screen read "Hostage Situation".

      "Mystique and one of the brotherhood have taken over a hall where earlier today held a Anti-Mutant rally. The five organisers are still inside."


      "Who is the other mutant?"

      "Our friend John Doe." The Professor answered referring to the mutant they had encountered a few months ago. He had powers similar to Mystique's and was therefore very dangerous. Logan had given him the name JD for short.

      "We need to stop this. At the moment neither side is budging but we have to get in there before someone gets hurt or the swat team is sent it. If anything happens today it will greatly damage Human-mutant relations."

      "It's going to be hard to know which is a human and which is Mystique." Scott pointed out.

      "I know that's why I have an idea." The professor looked at Jean. "Oh you can't be serious!"

      "What?" Logan asked confused.

      "T" Storm answered.

      "No way" Scott said flatly. "There is no way I'm letting her into a combat situation."

      "I know it's a bad idea. But we can't let Mystique succeed. I know T is young but you said that she is a great fighter and she does have a power that is invaluable to this situation. She will have you to protect her and I will be there too."

      Scott's face looked like thunder."Fine" He said shortly. "But, the first sign of real danger and I'm hauling her out of there. Jean get T and meet us in the hanger." With that Scott stormed out. The other filed out behind him.

      "Th is a bad idea. As a doctor, I must protest. That girl has bruises on her the size of Russia. You should know better."

      "I know, I whole heartedly agree. But we can't let Mystique do anything that could dismantle the work we have done."

      "All right." Jean left the room in silence. The professor leaned back in his chair.

      'Bring her home safe, all of you come home safe.'



      "Hey, where's T?"

      " I dunno. Maybe she's with Bobby"

      "Ooh here he come now." Bobby slid into his seat. "What poison are they serving us tonight?"

      "Meatloaf. Do you know where T is?"

      "Nope, she left to get ready for dinner."

      "Hey y'all. Have you seen T? She's not in her room."

      "No none of us have. Come to think of it where are most of our teachers?"


      "You okay?" Jean asked. T shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

      "Honestly no." "Don't worry. We won't let anything happen to you. You are very brave."



      "Ok people, heads up." Scott stopped the car and everyone filed out. "We go through the back. Everyone know what to do?"

      "Yeah." Logan grabbed T's hand. "You stick close to me got it?" T nodded fearfully. T followed the group and watched as they infiltrated the back. She could hear the police that were out front. The place was quiet. T couldn't see anybody.

      She kept her senses alert. Logan looked at her.

      "You scared?"

      "No" Her eyes flashed purple. "Oh god."

      "Get down." She watched as a man dressed all in black attacked Logan. She heard the sound of metal connecting with bone. The vicious assault continued. T looked around in a panic. Not one of the others could be seen. Logan despite his strength was taking a beating.

      'I have to help him' She ran out from her hiding place and ran towards the man. Logan saw her and yelled.

      "Get back!" he shoved his claws through the man. He fell back and morphed into a bird. He flew off.

      "Get back" T turned in fear and felt her eyes glow. Her breath was knocked out as she felt a boot connect with her throat. She hit the ground choking. A woman, blue and menacing stood over her.

      "God damnit" Logan ran towards her but stopped as a flash of red hit Mystique in the back. She fell. Logan ran and grabbed her. Mystique managed to hit him in the face hard. He stumbled backwards. She escaped the way they came in. storm and Scott ran after her. Jean ran to the two lying on the ground. Logan got to his feet angrily. He grabbed T and pulled her to her feet. He shook her angrily.

      "I told you to stay back, Damnit you could have been killed. What the hell is the matter with you? T Huh what's that stand for? Trouble?"

      "Logan Stop it." Jean said sharply. He let t go and she ran tears running down her face. Logan looked at Jean.

      "She shouldn't have been here."

      "She was trying to help you." She brushed past him and ran after T.

      "Make sure the hostages are okay." She ordered. "We'll meet you at the car."

      Logan sighed and followed her orders.


      Jean ran outside and called out T’s name. She heard sobbing and followed it. T was sitting behind a tree.

      "Hey, you okay?"

      "I'm sorry. I almost got Logan killed."

      "I'm sorry he said what he did. He was just worried for you. You did nothing wrong. You hear me."

      "I almost got him and me killed." She sobbed.

      "No you didn't. You did very well. Granted you should have stayed where you were. But you were willing to sacrifice yourself to save another. That shows incredible bravery. I'm very proud of you."

      "So am I" A gruff voice was heard from behind them. Logan stood beside T. "The hostages are with the police. Look T, I'm sorry I lost my temper but I didn't want you to get hurt."

      T nodded. "It was pretty brave what you did. Thanks." T smiled slightly.

      "Now come on." Logan pulled her to her feet, more gently this time."The others are waiting for us. There was no sign of Mystique." He put his arm around her shoulders and led her to the car, limping himself Jean noted. She followed.


      The next day.

      "Well just drink a lot of fluid and you'll be fine." T nodded to jean, rubbing her bruised throat. "Now get some rest."

      "I will" She said hoarsely and left the room. She took the stairs to her room. The last 24 hours had been eventful to say the least. There was a long debrief with the professor. He was relieved to see that despite the injuries all was well. He apologised to T for sending her on the mission. It didn't matter. She understood how important it had been to him and the rest of the mutants. She had to spend the night in the infirmary. Logan had spent most of the night there as well and Rogue came and visited.

      T felt like this place was a real home to her. She was indebted to the Professor for his kindness. She would never forget it. As she entered her room she noticed the pile of magazines, chocolate and soda left on the bed. She read the card. "Get well soon! You're the coolest. Luv Kitty, Rogue and Jubilee. T smiled as she lay down and let sleep take her.


      A few hours later....

      Knock Knock.

      T woke up in a daze. She heard another knock on the door and Leapt up from the bed.

      "Coming" She said groggily. She opened the door.


      "Hey Bobby" She said desperately tying to smooth down in her hair.

      "Can I come in?"

      "Sure." He entered and went straight for the bed.

      "Oooh candy, can I have some?"

      "Sure" She laughed. She joined him. "Miss Grey told us what you did." he said quietly.

      "What almost got myself killed?"

      "No, how you saved Logan and stopped Mystique. We all think you're really brave." T blushed.

      "No I’m not."

      " No you are." bobby looked down.

      "You know when Rogue first came here I had this big crush on her."

      "Oh" T said disappointed.

      "Yeah, but I got over it, She likes John."

      "She does?"

      "Yeah, I know how could anyone like him?" He laughed.

      "Anyway, I gave her a rose."

      "You did?"

      "Yeah but you see That's not my favourite flower. Yeah, I know I have a favourite flower. But I always wanted to give my favourite flower to my favourite girl. The girl I like the most."

      He held out a beautifully crafted Orchid.

      "I like you" he whispered. T's eyes shone.

      "Thank you."

      "You're welcome." He bit his lip and looked up at her. He leaned forward and kissed her softly. T felt her insides scream with delight as the kiss flooded her senses.

      As it ended, bobby whispered "So what does T stand for?"

      "Tonia" She whispered back.

      "Guess what? That's my favourite name." She laughed and kissed him again.

      "Come on everybody, sing!! Come on, All you need is love, All you need is love, Now just the guys All you need is love."

      Bobby pulled away.

      "Oh god!"

      "What is that sound?"

      "Oh god" bobby ran to the window. "Oh god, he's done it again." T ran to the window and her eyes widened at the sight.

      "Oh my god what is he doing?"

      "He must've got into Logan's Liqueur stash."

      T started to laugh.

      "It’s not funny if Scott catches him!!"

      "John grab him, No it's okay just grab him around the waist."

      He heard John's reply.

      "No if you close your eyes you'll be fine. Well if you're afraid you might grab something you don't want you keep your eyes open and then close them when you have a grip. Sorry that came out wrong, I didn't mean that Kind of grip!! Okay stay there I'll be down."

      He grabbed T and kissed her. "Welcome to the house of madness. I'm coming John!!"

      T stared after him.

      Guys who danced naked in the gardens, brilliant friends, and cute guys.

      "I think I 'm going to like it here." She said as she grabbed a sheet off the bad and ran downstairs to join in the chase of the crazy Gambit.

      "I think I'm going to like it a lot!"

      The End.

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