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Fic: Good Intentions, 1/4 (S,R, everyone)

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    GOOD INTENTIONS by Katta SUMMARY: Rogue and Scott head off for a training excercise, but things don t work out well. DISTRIBUTION: Kielle can obviously have
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      GOOD INTENTIONS by Katta

      SUMMARY: Rogue and Scott head off for a training excercise, but
      don't work out well.
      DISTRIBUTION: Kielle can obviously have it. Everyone else must ask
      DISCLAIMER: Good guys are not mine, bad guys are.
      FEEDBACK: please!
      OTHER RECOMMENDED WEBSITE: One that repeatedly shows that good
      intentions can be completely devastating if you don't ask people
      before you decide what's best for them: http:/
      DEDICATION: To Jill and Rhiannon, my fellow musketettes, betareaders
      and helpers. Without them, this fic would have looked completely
      NOTE: This does not fit into any canon, including my own. Any
      with real people is probably coincidental (I don't know what Stan
      had in mind). Any likeness with fictional characters, from, oh I
      know, a very good Christian Slater movie, is intentional. The only
      animals harmed in the making of this fic were fictional and therefore
      don't count. There is serious harming of x-men canon characters
      this fic. Angst warning, in other words.
      "Ouuuhhh!" Bobby lay down on the couch, relaxing all his
      muscles. "You know, before this I thought Ororo was a *nice*
      Rogue looked with sympathy at her friend. He looked far beyond
      and she couldn't help wondering what he had been doing the past
      "Does everyone have to go through that program?" she asked,
      a little
      worried. After all, summer holidays was supposed to be just that, not
      some sort of military camp.
      "No, just if you plan on being an X-man. Which I do." He
      rolled over
      on his stomach. "Rogue, can you be an angel and rub my
      She did as she was asked, letting her gloved hands work
      while she thought. Only if you planned on being an X-man… well,
      not? She couldn't think of anything she would like to do more,
      with things being the way they were. Even Logan had returned and
      joined the team, in spite of all his previous cynicism. She wondered
      to herself if he had gone through those exercises too.
      Bobby glanced up at her thoughtful face. "No way. You're not
      thinking of doing it, are you?"
      "Why not?" she asked, a little offended at his tone. "I
      could do it
      as well as you."
      "Yeah, but it's not worth it." At her raised eyebrow, he
      "Okay, it is worth it, but only just. Don't sign up for
      before you have thought it through, you hear me? You don't know
      will be couching you. Ororo was mean, but they say she's just a
      breeze compared to…"
      Rogue stared at the bulletin board. Yup, that was her name, and next
      to that his. She looked at Bobby, standing beside her. "I got
      "Don't say I didn't warn you." He grinned at her.
      "You know, you
      still have a chance to back off."
      "Why would I?" she asked, irritated. "I can deal with
      Scott. He can't
      be that bad… can he?" Her voice was a little uncertain
      Bobby's grimace.
      "Don't tell me my Rogue is afraid of our fearless
      bug-eye," Logan
      said behind her. Turning around, she saw a frown on his face, but
      a barely noticeable shadow of a smile.
      "I'm not!"
      "Good." He put a hand on her shoulder. "I want you to
      show that
      little dick what a fighter you are. And if he tries to bully you,
      absorb him."
      "Logan!" Rogue didn't like thinking about her powers,
      but Logan
      joking about them made them seem a little less frightening, not like
      something too horrible to speak of.
      "Well, not too much," he said. "I want to be the one
      finishing him
      Rogue looked out the window of the car on the road passing by,
      not to think too much of what lay ahead. Bobby had been exaggerating,
      of course. He always was. No matter how much he cared for her, he
      could never resist teasing her a little. Or maybe that was the cause.
      Anyway, there was no way all that stuff he had told her could be
      *true*. Ororo would never…
      "Are you hungry?"
      Rogue looked up at Scott and nodded a little timidly. Nothing she
      told herself could get her heart to leave that uncomfortable spot in
      her mouth.
      "Me too. This looks like a good place."
      Yeah, it did. One of those little by the road joints, but cosy
      somehow. Going inside, she found that it was just as nice as the
      outside. With one exception. According to the perpetual rules of
      life's bitchiness, there were a few loudmouths hanging around by
      counter. No matter, that could be ignored. Or at least she could.
      Hearing the comments about Scott, she glanced at his direction, and
      even though his face didn't show that he had heard, she knew that
      "You should have taken the glasses," she said in a low voice.
      "Too late now," he said calmly. "Come on, there's a
      When they had ordered their food and started to dig in on it, Rogue
      began to enjoy herself. Maybe Scott *was* rough on the training, but
      they weren't training yet, and so far he had been kind of nice.
      than she ever had seen him, actually, less of a leader and more of a
      person. He seemed to want her to relax a little, because he kept up
      the small talk and her heart began to get back in place. No need to
      worry about tomorrow.
      "I think I'm going to get a cup of coffee," he said.
      "Do you want
      "No thanks."
      She watched him leave for the counter and felt pleasantly full. The
      food had been really good and there had been plenty of it.
      "What's with the eyewear, freak?"
      One of the loudmouths was blocking Scott's way. Rogue bit her
      She didn't want any trouble.
      Scott remained calm. "Will you please let me through?"
      "I don't think so, freak." The man was getting agitated.
      "I don't
      want your kind coming in here and spoil the fun for decent
      "Oh, I see, you prefer to do that yourself?"
      Rogue snickered a little at that remark, but it wasn't a very
      one. Not if you wanted to stay out of trouble. The man's face
      "That's it, I'm gonna show you, mutie!"
      His punch wasn't very impressive. Scott's, on the other
      hand, was. It
      only took one blow to make the guy fall. Unfortunately, he fell right
      on Rogue. Skin touched bare skin and Rogue started to screm as she
      the guy choking in her lap. Everyone stared at her, and she panicked
      seeing the man's friends come closer. She hadn't wanted to
      absorb him,
      but how could she explain that? She was relieved when Scott pulled
      man away from her, and gratefully accepted the support his arm
      "I suggest you leave." The owner spoke firmly, but she
      didn't mind
      being asked to leave, that was all she wanted right now. Get away
      the people around, from those awful men and their hateful eyes. If
      only she could get away from the man in her head. Outside she
      leaning towards the wall.
      "I think I'm going to throw up," she said.
      Scott nodded. "Okay." He felt a little helpless watching
      her. As her
      teacher, he was supposed to protect her, not get her into situations
      like these. "Rogue, I'm so sorry," he said when she
      straightened up
      "It's not your fault." She wiped her mouth. "I want
      to leave."
      Inside, a woman was making a phone call, speaking with a low voice.
      She was well-dressed in clothing that screamed professional. "One
      them almost killed a man just by touching him. I don't know what
      mutation of the other one was, but he was wearing some funny thing
      over his eyes. Apart from that they both looked perfectly normal. Do
      you think they would be suitable?"
      The answer pleased her. "They will be perfect."
      By the side of the road there was a car with its hood open, and a
      waving his arms for help. Scott pulled over the car and got out.
      "Trouble?" he asked.
      The man's glance touched Scott's face for only a second
      before he
      looked away. "Uhm… Yeah. The car just stopped and I don't
      know why.
      Gas and battery are both okay. I'm afraid I don't know too
      much about
      "I do," Scott said with a smile. It was hard being nice to
      people who
      treated you like a leper, but easier than dealing with bullies. He
      bent down over the hood and looked at the engine. There wasn't
      anything obvious wrong with it.
      He felt a small sting on his neck, and before he realised what had
      happened, he drifted off into nowhere.
      Rogue saw Scott slump over the stranger's car and rushed out,
      his name. As the other man turned around she took a few steps
      backwards, frightened. But the man seemed just as shocked as she was.
      "I dont know what happened to him. You think he had a stroke or
      A stroke? Scott? It didn't seem likely. Worried, Rogue walked up
      the car, eyes fixated at her unconscious teacher. "Scott?"
      A sound made her turn around. The stranger was putting on gloves.
      would he do that? Suddenly she realised that getting out of the car
      had been a decidedly *bad* idea. She didn't have time to act on
      thought. A needle flashed, and after that, Rogue knew of nothing.
      When Rogue woke up she found herself tied to a bed. Looking around,
      she saw that she lay in something that looked like a perfectly normal
      hospital room, only in a perfectly normal hospital room, nobody would
      have tied her up. She recalled rumours she had heard about
      groups, and more than rumours, Logan's shattered memories came up
      the top of her head. Her mouth turned dry from fear.
      The door opened and a woman in doctor's clothing came in.
      "Oh, good, you're awake," she said in an amiable voice.
      "Who are you?" Rogue asked, panicking. "Where's
      "The young man who was with you? I'm afraid I can't tell
      you that,
      but I assure you that he is fine." She moved closer to Rogue.
      your name?"
      Rogue didn't answer and the woman smiled. "Alright then, you
      have to tell me. I'm doctor Chandler. None of us is here to harm
      Rogue found that very hard to believe. "Then why tie me up?"
      "Because this isn't optional either." Dr. Chandler's
      voice was calm
      and friendly, but in spite of this, Rogue started to feel scared.
      "Your mutation is very dangerous, you understand that, don't
      you?" She
      didn't wait for a reply. "It is most essential that we find a
      cure as
      soon as possible."
      "A cure?" If this hadn't been such a serious situation,
      Rogue would
      have laughed. "There's no cure for mutation! It's in my
      "True. There are people working on the genetic aspects.
      We're not it,
      though. Our field of study is more concrete, including surgical
      The world swirled around Rogue's head. All that sweet talking
      couldn't hide the fact that she was a guineapig to them.
      Dr. Chandler seemed disappointed at her reaction. "Please
      that our intentions are good," she said, bringing out a needle.
      I'm going to take a blood sample from you. It's not
      dangerous, but
      some people don't like the sight of their own blood, so maybe you
      should look away."
      Rogue's school nurse had said the same thing, in the same kind
      sweet voice.
      "There. Now we'll run some tests on your blood and
      you'll get the
      results once we're done."
      A man entered the room, carrying a small cage in one hand.
      "Heather? I brought the mouse."
      "Oh, good!" Dr. Chandler turned to Rogue. "This is
      doctor Sawyer, one
      of my colleagues."
      "Hi," Dr. Sawyer said, nodding in Rogue's direction.
      Then he turned
      back to Dr. Chandler. "Heather, I have some work to do, do you
      mind if
      I don't stay?"
      "Of course not, Ronnie. Get going." Dr. Chandler playfully
      his behind as he left, and he blushed a little. After he had left,
      put on rubber gloves before taking the mouse out of its cage and
      rolling up Rogue's sleeve.
      "Let's see if this works with animals as well," she
      said, letting the
      mouse down on Rogue's arm. It moved around for a second or two
      stiffening. Rogue closed her eyes, not wanting to see the little
      animal get hurt but incapable of doing anything about it.
      Dr. Chandler took the mouse away, listening to its heart through a
      stetoscope. "You killed it," she said calmly. She looked at
      "Did you intend to kill it or did it just happen?"
      Rogue watched the limp body of the mouse. She had always considered
      mice definitely icky. Yet its body looked so weak and pathetic tears
      filled her eyes.
      Dr. Chandler took a tape recorder from her pocket and spoke into it.
      "Subject number two killed a mouse by touch, apparently without
      wishing for it to happen. Both subjects have dangerous mutations, and
      neither seems able to prevent a lethal outcome." She turned off
      tape recorder and turned to Rogue. "Don't worry. We'll
      take care of
      Rogue lay back on the bed, crying. Her mind went to Scott. Dr.
      Chandler had been speaking of two subjects. What were they doing to
      When Scott woke up and couldn't open his eyes, his pulse
      exceeded all
      speed limits in no time. For a moment he thought he was back in his
      old nightmare. Moving around, he couldn't help but notice that
      hands and feet were tied up, too, meaning this was a *new* nightmare.
      That didn't make him feel any better. He tried to keep his
      clear, to figure out what had happened. The man in the car. Damn, he
      should have known better than to approach strangers. When you're
      mutant, that's equivalent to wearing a "kick me" sign.
      Nobody would find them. That was a thought that kept pushing
      On a training excercise like this, it could take several days before
      he had the energy to call Jean. Sometimes he didn't call at all.
      always told him to, but she wouldn't be a bit surprised if she
      hear from him in the next ten days.
      A lot could happen in ten days.
      Scott lay for what seemed like hours, trying to stay calm and think
      of what to do. There was nothing he *could* do. If only he knew what
      was going on, maybe it wouldn't seem so bad. Then again, maybe it
      would feel worse.
      Finally, he heard a door open.
      "I'm sorry to have kept you waiting," a man's voice
      said. "My name is
      doctor Sawyer. I understand if our methods made you fear the worst,
      but you have no reason to worry."
      "I don't?" Scott's voice was sarcastic.
      "This is all a precaution," Dr. Sawyer said, sounding a bit
      "We are trying to find ways of performing corrective surgery on
      mutants. Unfortunately, we have not had much luck in finding
      subjects, so we make choices from a selection of mutants who are
      dangerous to themselves and others, but fairly normal-looking."
      "And you picked me." Scott didn't know how he managed to
      keep his
      voice calm. "How flattering."
      "It may seem radical to you," Dr. Sawyer said in an
      apologetic voice,
      "but I honestly believe you will find the life we can provide you
      a definite improvement to your previous one. And of course we
      keep you here once we've fixed you."
      Fixed? He didn't want to be fixed. He wasn't broken. Well,
      not too
      much, anyway.
      "I noticed that you had been injured in a most unfortunate
      way." A
      note of regret. "I can't even imagine what your life must be
      We'll make it a lot better for you. You'll see."
      Scott clinched his teeth in suppressed anger. At least the usual FOH
      bastards didn't try to give him a pity he had never asked for.
      so maybe he wouldn't mind being provided with an off-switch, but
      by some kidnappers who used him for experiments. And he certainly
      didn't want them to take his powers away altogether.
      "What did you do to… the girl?"
      "She's fine, I promise. We are considering skin transplants,
      do you
      think it will work?"
      "You're mad." And there wasn't a thing he could do
      about it.
      "Well, we thought it would be worth a try. I'll give you
      some time to
      yourself. Someone will bring you food in an hour or so."
      Again, the door opened and closed. Scott was alone.
      Dr. Dean, head of the team, searched his notes and scetches for
      flaws. He couldn't find any, and he felt most excited. So far the
      experiments had been small, just as expected, and he had certainly
      thought that they would come up with a real solution this quickly.
      Then again, he had always known that Dr. Finn was a brilliant woman.
      "Ronnie, come and look at this," he said to Dr. Sawyer, who
      immediately left his own work. "Betty has thought of an operation
      perform on the male subject. Isn't it ingenious?"
      Dr. Sawyer looked at the notes, frowning, and Dr. Dean felt he had
      explain it further.
      "She and Duke have construced a crystal that we will place right
      *there*. I want you to assist." He pointed with his pencil and
      Dr. Sawyer a questioning glance.
      "I understand. But Jason… it looks a bit risky."
      "Risky? No, no, not at all. The energy doesn't actually
      dangerous impact until it meets the eye. The procedure should be
      completely safe."
      "That's not what I meant. If we start messing around with
      his optic
      nerve, isn't there a danger of scarring it?"
      Dr. Dean looked thoughtful. "Possibly… But I do believe
      it's a risk
      worth taking."
      Dr. Sawyer opened his mouth, but before he had the chance to say
      anything, his boss continued: "So, how's the quiltmaking
      "Uhm… fine," Dr. Sawyer said. "Heather is making
      progress, I think."
      It was actually too early to tell whether the transplants were
      or not, but at least the girl's body didn't resist them.
      "She tested
      the removed skin, and it shows no more dramatic characteristics than
      the blood, which indicates that it's not the skin itself that
      the effects. Of course, this could also mean that the transplants
      be dominated by her mutation."
      "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it," Dr. Dean
      mirthfully. "No other problems with the girl?"
      "No, she's fine. Not entirely happy, perhaps, but that could
      be expected."
      Logan stopped short outside the mansion and stared at Jean. Now,
      was something he had tended to do more than once, but not for the
      reason. She must have noticed him, because she stopped the fierce
      raking and turned to him, her face all flushing and sweaty.
      "What?" she snapped.
      "Uhm… Jeannie, when you rake a gravelled path, you usually
      do it to
      spread the gravel around, not to… destroy it…" It wasn't
      even her job
      to rake the paths, and she didn't seem to be very good at it.
      "Are you
      Jean tossed the rake aside and sighed. "Scott will be back soon,
      after ten days without a phone call," she said shortly. She
      very fond of the idea of discussing her lovelife with Logan of all
      Logan wasn't exactly thrilled, either. "Oh." On the
      other hand, he
      would have wanted some updates on how Rogue was doing, so this was
      kind of his problem too. "You're mad at him."
      "You could say that. I have to keep working so I don't kill
      him when
      he comes home."
      Her eyes wandered to the road outside. She began to feel more
      than angry, not for the first time. "They should have been back
      Scott woke up with a pounding headache that made him want to throw
      up. Something was different. Fighting back the nausea he suddenly
      realised that nothing covered his eyes. The ties around his wrists
      ankles were still there, and some kind of bandage around his head,
      not the blindfold. He took a deep breath and opened his eyes.
      No beams came out, and the blackness was so massive he wondered to
      himself if he had actually opened them. He tried blinking a few
      No change. Were they keeping him under earth, or what was wrong?
      When the door opened without making the room any lighter, the truth
      finally dawned on him, and the panic it caused was so strong he could
      no longer stop himself from vomiting. *Please, God,* he thought, *not
      this! Anything but this, God, you know I can't take it!*
      Someone was tilting his body so he wouldn't choke, and when his
      stomach settled he tried to see through the dark to know who it was.
      "Oh my God!" A shocked whisper. When the voice continued,
      recognized it as Dr. Sawyer's. "I'm so sorry. This
      wasn't supposed to
      "Then do something," Scott said silently. When he got no
      answer, he
      yelled: "DO SOMETHING!"
      Dr. Sawyer licked his lips. He wasn't sure there was anything
      *could* do. "I'll try," he promised. When he had cleaned
      up Scott's
      bed he hurried to the door, trying to find someone that could help.
      Dr. Dean just passed by and turned to his younger colleague with a
      "Ah, Ronnie! How's the subject doing?"
      "Not well. The operation wasn't entirely successful."
      The only thing
      that stopped him from saying *I told you so* was the gravity of the
      Dr. Dean looked worried. "The beams aren't blocked?"
      "Yes. They are. But so is his vision." He looked at Dr. Dean
      for a suggestion on what to do, how to undo this failed experiment.
      "Ah. Pity. Well, the important thing is that the mutation is
      isn't it?"
      Dr. Sawyer stared at him.
      Isn't it?
      Rogue hated lying alone in the hospital room, but she hated the
      the door opened even more. Sometimes it meant food, but most of the
      time it meant people taking little bits and pieces away from her, or
      letting mice run over her body. Last time they had let a mouse stand
      on the new sore skin, the foreign skin, it had lived for almost a
      minute, but it had died nevertheless.
      When Dr. Sawyer came in, she automatically checked what he carried.
      No mice, thankfully, and not any needles either, that she could see.
      Just folded-up doctor's clothes. She frowned. What were they up
      this time?
      "You look fine today," he said. His voice was cheerful. Too
      "A lot better than your friend next door."
      Next door! During all this time, she had never been able to find out
      where Scott was. Now she was told in a by-the-way manner, as if it
      wasn't even important. Which it probably wasn't, since she
      couldn't get to him.
      "I'll just check on your straps," he said, leaning down
      next to her
      face. She prayed for him to lean down a little longer, enough to
      her. It wouldn't help, but she would feel so much better fighting
      back. They were always wearing latex gloves when they were near her.
      Then she heard him whisper: "Lie still until I leave the
      Before she could figure out what to make of that, the strap around
      her right wrist was loosened. Dr. Sawyer wasn't checking the
      He was removing them.
      "Yup, looks fine." He moved towards the door and made a
      small motion
      towards the table where he had put the clothes. She watched him leave.
      As soon as he had left she sat up and swung her legs down. They
      tingled a little, since she had been lying down for so long, but they
      worked. She hurried to the table. Two doctor's coats in different
      sizes, two pair of trousers, one pair of latex gloves and most
      beautiful of all, a bunch of keys. She almost cried out in delight.
      Maybe it was a trap, but it was the only chance she had. With
      shivering hands, she put on the clothes. She wasn't too happy
      the latex gloves, but she understood that they were necessary if she
      didn't want to hurt Scott by mistake. If she ever got out of this
      place, she would never get near latex gloves again for the rest of
      She opened the door carefully, checking the corridors for people.
      Nobody there. Now, next door, but left or right? She chanced for
      and put a key in the lock. Wrong one. When the next one was wrong
      she forced herself to take a close look at the keys. Think logically.
      Which one could it be?
      Third key turned around easily in the lock. Bingo.
      Opening the door, she found Scott lying on a bed by the window, and
      she sighed with relief. It surprised her that his eyes were
      but what really shocked her was that he seemed to be crying. She had
      never seen him cry, and not really thought him capable of it.
      "Scott?" she asked, uncertainly.
      His eyes met hers. Only… they didn't. Rogue lost her breath.
      "Rogue?" Disbelief in his voice.
      Not trusting her voice she nodded, only to realise he couldn't
      it. "Yes," she said. "I'm getting you out of
      Scott felt his arms and legs be untied. He would have thought he was
      daydreaming if it hadn't been for the horrible darkness that
      surrounded him. This was real, Rogue was really setting him free.
      "How did you get here?" he asked.
      "One of the doctors let me go. I don't know why." Rogue
      was on the
      verge of crying. She had hoped that once she had released Scott, he
      would put on the fearless leader act and get them both out. She
      counted on him being in a worse condition than herself.
      She didn't have much choice but to keep up her courage.
      she handed him the clothes. "Put these on." For a moment she
      if she ought to help him, but decided not to. This was already the
      scariest moment of her life. Helping the leader of the X-men dress
      himself would most certainly push her over the edge. Fortunately, he
      managed to get it done by himself so quickly that it made her wonder
      if he always dressed without looking.
      "Okay, let's go," she said, moving for the door and
      holding his hand.
      Before she could turn the handle he pressed her hand, hard.
      "Wait," he whispered. "There's someone outside."
      Even in this state, his voice carried some of his usual authority,
      Rogue just stopped short and held her breath. Listening carefully,
      could hear footsteps and low voices. It didn't seem like anyone
      noticed her departure yet, but stepping out right in front of them
      would probably make them suspicious.
      "They're gone. Come on!"
      Somehow, with joined efforts, they managed to get through the
      corridors. Rogue found that in spite of what she had first feared,
      didn't have to get by on her own. Sure, she had to lead Scott
      the building and help him hide when necessary, but *he* was more
      than not the one to realize it was necessary. All the battle training
      he had gone through hadn't left him, and since his eyes had
      been his weakness as well as strength he had long since learned how
      listen. Unfortunately, luck and skill only lasted them so long.
      "Hey! What are you doing?"
      After that they had to count on running.
      Rounding a corner they ran into a doctor before any of them had time
      to stop. Damn. Rogue was getting ready to unglove herself when she
      that it was Dr. Sawyer.
      "You try to stop us I swear I'll kill you," she said.
      "I won't." The young man pointed across his own
      shoulder. "Last door
      to the left is an exit. Hurry on and I'll stall them."
      She looked at him, trying to figure out what was going through his
      head. "Why'd you change your mind so sudden?" she asked.
      His answer was low. "We were supposed to give you a better life.
      can maimed be better? We all had good intentions… but I guess
      true what they say about good intentions."
      Her hand automatically went to her bandaged arm. A lifetime without
      touch had been bad. This violation was definitely not better. She
      would have wanted to thank him for helping them, but she
      couldn't. He
      had been one of the people putting mice on her skin and needles in
      veins, and by the look on Scott's face, he wasn't exactly
      innocent to
      Scott's miseries either. So instead, she just turned and ran.
      Dr Sawyer watched them leave and turned around, determined to buy
      them all the time he could. A few steps later, Dr. Chandler was in
      "Have you seen them?" she asked.
      "The subjects?" He shook his head. "I've searched
      this corridor.
      They're not here."
      She watched his face closely.
      "How did they manage to escape, Ronnie? You were the last one
      in, you
      must have some idea."
      "No." Damn, he wasn't a good liar.
      Two of the other doctors hurried up, and she spoke to them without
      turning her eyes from Dr. Sawyer. "Duke, Mac, look through this
      corridor." Her voice was mild as she continued: "You
      wouldn't lie to
      me, would you, Ronnie?"
      He knew that voice. His cover was blown, and he tried arguments.
      "Listen Heather, we were wrong. All those things we were doing
      made things worse."
      "What a lack of confidence!" she said. "Are you feeling
      "Depressed!? We blinded a man, Heather! We turned a girl into
      patchwork! Depressed doesn't even cover it. Jesus, Heather,
      of what I have done…"
      "Guilt isn't a very healthy emotion," she said. "It
      sounds to me like
      you're having a nervous breakdown. But don't worry, we're
      going to
      help you."
      "Exit," Rogue panted and pushed Scott through the same.
      Thank God it
      wasn't locked.
      She was surprised at how pleasant the place looked from the outside.
      Those gates weren't exactly a pleasant sight, though, high and
      as they were. Quickly, she drew Scott away around a corner.
      "I don't know how to get out of here," she said.
      "The gates are
      "What do the fences look like?" he asked.
      "No fences really, just a high hedge and some chicken wire."
      A look of satisfaction came upon his face. "Good. Any cars?"
      "A couple… I don't think any of these keys are car keys,
      "But they're attached to something?" He held out his
      hand, and she
      gave him the keys. "A piece of wire."
      "Perfect. Take me there."
      She pulled him with her to the nearest car, heart beating so fast it
      hurt. They were going to get caught, she just knew they were.
      are you going to do?"
      He didn't answer. Instead he rolled the coat around his hand and
      jammed his fist right through the backseat window. Stretching his arm
      forward he unlocked the driver's door.
      "Get inside and open for me," he said, moving over to the
      other side
      of the car. "I hope you can drive."
      "I can," she said, doing as he said. "But we still
      don't have any
      "We don't need any," he replied. When he had seated
      himself he locked
      his door and began to straighten out the wire that attached the keys.
      "Lock on your side," he said. "They're bound to have
      heard the window
      Rogue looked in the rear view mirror and saw people running towards
      them. Then she heard the beautiful sound of a motor starting. Her
      reached for the gas pedal.
      "Get up as fast a speed as you can," he ordered her. "Go
      around in
      circles if you have to. Then drive through the hedge. If you do it
      fast enough it's not going to hurt the car."
      As she made the car accelerate she actually began to feel strangely
      excited, and when they had pushed through the hedge she actually gave
      out a laugh. The laboratory people were getting into cars themselves,
      but she still started to feel like they could actually make it away
      from there. Her gaze fell on the makeshift skeleton key Scott had
      "I never knew you could pick a lock," she said. "What
      are you, some
      kind of MacGyver?"
      His face was stern and he didn't answer her attempt to joke,
      requested: "Drive as fast as you can and don't stop for
      anything. Try
      to lose them."
      Gee, as if that wasn't what she was trying to do. Some emotion
      could have been Logan's came up in her head and growled at him.
      they weren't being chased and if she didn't have to spend all
      energy driving, she probably would have slapped him. This was like a
      car chase on TV, except for real and much worse, because she knew
      those followers were capable of. At least there weren't any
      "Scott? What do we do if the police try to stop us?"
      "Keep driving, I guess," he said. "We're never going
      to be able to
      explain this."
      "Yeah." That made sense in a way, but she didn't like
      it. "But you
      know, a couple of mutants in a stolen car that get into trouble with
      the police… they just might try and kill us."
      Scott mumbled something.
      Rogue's eyes widened for a second, then she concentrated on the
      telling herself she must have misheard. This was Scott Summers, after
      all. Blinded and in a crappy condition, but still the fea
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