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FIC: Violet (Spectrum 2) (PG, Logan/Jean, Angst)

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  • Eiluned
    My apologies if this comes through twice. My email server seems to have eaten the earlier copy. :) Eiluned Date Finished: 2 October 2000 Title: Violet
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      My apologies if this comes through twice. My email server seems to
      have eaten the earlier copy. :)


      Date Finished: 2 October 2000
      Title: Violet (Spectrum 2)
      Author: Eiluned (eiluned@...)
      Archive: My site only for now. Completed series will be sent to all
      archives. No other archiving or linking without permission, please.
      Disclaimer: All recognizable characters belong to Marvel. I just do
      twisted things with them.
      Rating: PG
      Categories: Angst, Drama, Romance
      Pairing: Logan/Jean
      Series: Logan loses his sanity and Jean has to guide him back.
      Episode: The dam breaks and Logan can't swim.
      Series warnings: Dark weirdness. WolvieTorture.
      Series notes: This story is set in the same universe as my unfinished
      Divine Comedy series. You don't have to have read that to understand
      this, though. Just know that Scott is dead, everyone has just
      recently come to terms with it and Logan and Jean are in a rather
      tenuous relationship. This is the second of nine parts in the
      Spectrum series, following Ultraviolet. All other parts can be found
      at my site: http://darkpine.net/Eiluned

      Big thanks to my beta Darry, tamer of wild commas and savage sentence

      / / is memories (italics)
      ' ' is thoughts
      * * is telepathy
      _ _ is emphasis (bold) (ah, the joys of ASCII)

      From "Ultraviolet":

      Jean wiped the tears away again and blew over the surface of her tea,
      taking a sip. "I've never felt anything like that before," she
      whispered. "I've never been so afraid. And that's what Logan

      Charles touched her arm, giving her comfort. "I think you should get
      some sleep. I'll speak with Logan. Perhaps he has had some new
      memories surface..."

      Rogue's piercing scream interrupted him mid-sentence. They looked at
      each other for a second. "Something's wrong with Logan," she said and
      ran out of the kitchen, her full mug shattering on the tile.


      "In my dream I was drowning my sorrows
      But my sorrows they learned to swim..."
      U2, 'Until The End of the World' (from 'Achtung Baby')

      Rogue's scream was still echoing through the cavernous halls of the
      mansion. Jean nearly collided with a student at a dead run and barely
      missed falling on her face. She could hear Professor Xavier calling
      out to her, but she couldn't stop. She could _feel_ Logan in her
      mind, and something was terribly wrong.

      She shouldered the door to the bedroom open and it slammed into the
      wall. Rogue had backed away from the bed, her hands covering her
      mouth. Storm was halfway out of her armchair. Logan was flat on his
      back on the bed, his body jerking violently. "Oh, my god, he's having
      a seizure," Jean said, more to herself than to Rogue or Storm.

      Ororo stepped toward the bed and started to touch Logan's shoulder.
      "Don't!" Jean shouted. "He might attack you."

      Storm stopped in her tracks, hands hovering over Logan. "What do we
      do?" she asked, her voice showing just how frightened she was.

      "Bring me the medical kit from the hall cupboard now," Jean ordered,
      and Storm ran out of the room

      Jean crawled up onto the bed and put her hand on Logan's chest,
      closing her eyes. "Jean! Won't he hurt you?" Rogue asked.

      Jean shook her head. She somehow knew that he wouldn't hurt her. She
      tried to slide into his mind to calm him down, but the maelstrom of
      memories and emotions nearly suffocated her. Jean jerked back,
      falling onto her hands, and just as suddenly as the convulsions had
      started, they stopped.

      Charles wheeled into the room with Ororo right behind him. "What
      happened?" he asked, immediately tasting the fear permeating the room.

      Jean didn't say anything; she just crawled back over Logan. He was as
      still as the dead and stared sightlessly at the ceiling. "Oh, my god.
      Logan," she whispered, feeling for a pulse in his neck, "Logan, can
      you hear me?"

      His pulse was thready and slow, but he was alive. "Do you need the
      kit, Jean?" Storm asked.

      Jean nodded and took the box, cracking it open immediately. She
      pulled out a tiny penlight and clicked it on, shining it across his
      eyes one at a time. "His pupils are responsive and his breathing
      sounds all right, but his pulse is a little too slow for my comfort"
      she murmured. "We need to get him down to the sick bay. I'll run
      some tests and try to find out what happened," she announced.

      "I'll contact someone to help you. I don't think that you'll be able
      to do everything," Charles said, closing his eyes.


      His eyes snapped open. "Jean, don't argue. You're too personally
      involved in this. We'll have a friend of mine examine him and then
      we'll see what happens. Agreed?" he said sharply.

      Stung, Jean just nodded.


      Professor Xavier's friend arrived at the mansion within fifteen
      minutes. Jean had managed to get the IV line in Logan's arm without
      provoking an attack, but that had worried her more. He hadn't
      flinched when the needle pierced his skin; there had been no reaction
      at all.

      Jean looked up when the doors slid open and Charles rolled into the
      sick bay trailed by Storm and a woman Jean had never met before. She
      was about the same height as Storm, maybe five years older than Jean,
      with long, dark hair pulled into a loose braid and very fair skin.
      She wore a white lab coat over a pair of blue jeans and a sweater.
      "Jean, this is Dr. Autumn Millar. She's a internist. Autumn, this is
      Dr. Jean Grey," he said.

      Dr. Millar stepped forward and shook Jean's hand, smiling. "Nice to
      meet you. Charles has talked about you quite a bit," she said, her
      accent Scottish. "Where's your patient?" she glanced around the
      spartan grey room, "Oh, there he is."

      She stepped around Jean and walked to the bed, stopping beside Logan's
      head. "Can you tell me what happened?" she asked quietly.

      "We were all talking, and then he just gasped, and his eyes went
      wide," Storm told her. "He fell onto his back and started convulsing.
      Then, Jean... Dr. Grey came into the room and touched him and he

      Jean added, "He's been unresponsive since then. His pupils are
      reactive and his breathing is fine. His pulse was a little slow and
      irregular, but I stabilized it. I put an IV line in, but I was
      waiting for you to get here before giving him any drugs."

      Dr. Millar nodded thoughtfully. "No history of epilepsy?" she asked,
      cracking her knuckles.

      "Not as far as we know, Dr. Millar."

      She waved a hand at Jean. "Oh, call me Autumn. Dr. Millar is too
      damned formal."

      Autumn suddenly went stock still with her hands hovering over Logan's
      body. Jean moved beside the professor. "What's she doing?" she

      "Autumn is a mutant. She can diagnose illnesses through a form of
      telepathy, and many times can repair internal damage through
      telekinesis," he answered.

      "She wasn't at the school, was she?"

      "No. I only met her a few years ago. She had learned to control her
      powers on her own, and she concealed them from everyone around her.
      None of her colleagues know that she is a mutant. They just know that
      her skills at diagnosis are remarkable."

      After a few minutes of silence, Autumn came out of her trance and
      shook her head. Charles moved forward. "What did you see?" he asked.

      "A lot of metal. What the hell happened to this man?" she said, then
      shook her head. "I'm sure it's a long story. I couldn't find
      anything physically wrong with him. He's as healthy as a horse, but
      there does seem to be an excess of electrical activity in his brain,
      centered mostly in his memory. I don't think it's neurological,
      though. It might be a psychic problem, and if it's a psychic problem,
      there's nothing I can do."

      Charles nodded slowly, absorbing the information. "I can't help but
      think that he's had a memory burst."

      "What do you mean?"

      "Logan is missing most of his past. He only has memories from the
      past several years. It's quite possible that all of his past has
      suddenly flooded his conscious mind."

      Jean nodded slowly. It made sense. "I must have picked up on the
      beginnings of the burst," she said. "He's lost in his memories.
      Professor, do you think you can help him?"

      Charles regarded her very seriously. "I don't know if he will respond
      to me, Jean, but I'll try. I want you to stay very close by, in case
      something goes wrong."

      Jean lowered the bed so that Professor Xavier could reach Logan
      easily. Charles touched Logan's temples and closed his eyes. Jean
      pulled a chair over and unobtrusively slipped into the professor's
      stream of consciousness.




      *Logan. Logan, it's Professor Xavier. Can you understand me?*


      *Jean, I don't think I can hold on to his thoughts. They're moving
      too quickly.*

      *Break loose. Don't hurt yourself, Professor.*

      Charles broke the connection to Logan and opened his eyes. "He won't
      let me in."

      Autumn pushed away from the wall that she had been leaning against.
      "This isn't exactly my field of expertise, but may I make an
      observation? This man is very apprehensive. Every part of his body
      was just humming with tension. If he's lost in his own mind, he's
      going to be afraid and he's not going to let just anybody in. Who
      does he really trust here?"

      Jean looked at Dr. Millar. "I guess that would be me. I'm the
      closest to him."

      Autumn nodded. "And it helps that you're a telepath. Maybe you
      should try."

      "I agree with Autumn," Charles said. "You and Logan already have a
      psychic connection. It might ease some of his tension to feel your

      Jean leaned back in her chair, biting her bottom lip. The thought of
      swimming through the terrifying whirlpool of pain again made her
      throat clench, but she needed to help Logan. She was the only one who

      "I'll do whatever it takes to get Logan back."

      End Violet (Spectrum 2)

      Next: Indigo (Spectrum 3)

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