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FF "Later" PG [Wolverine, Jean]

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  • Elizabeth Wilde
    Author: Elizabeth Wilde Title: Later Distribution: Diebin s page, anyone else who already has my stuff, anybody who tells me where they re putting it :)
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      Author: Elizabeth Wilde
      Title: Later
      Distribution: Diebin's page, anyone else who already
      has my stuff, anybody who tells me where they're
      putting it :)
      Disclaimer: Marvel and Bryan Singer and other people
      who aren't me own this. I'm just borrowing the
      �Ship: none
      Rating: PG (or G--again, mild)
      Spoilers: through Wolvie and Jean's last conversation,
      which this is an expansion of.
      Feedback: Gods, yes! I need it! I�m at


      Jean smiled to herself. She had always believed that
      everyone looked more innocent when they slept.
      Watching Logan's light breathing and relaxed face, she
      knew it to be true, for even he seemed lighter, the
      scars and losses so clearly visible in his eyes hidden
      and forgotten. As the seconds ticked past, she could
      feel him returning to himself. His consciousness
      drifted close to the surface now.

      "That tickles."

      A smile slipped onto Jean's face immediately. How
      could she not smile at the playful note in his voice?
      "Welcome back. How are you feeling?" She already
      knew the answer, knew that even if he felt like he was
      about to die and was in intense pain, Logan would
      never let on.


      "That was a really brave thing you did."

      He took the compliment without acknowledging it. Jean
      knew he could care less about flattery. All he cared
      about was whether or not Rogue was okay. "Did it

      "Yeah, she's fine." Another smile found it's way to
      her lips. "She took on some of your more charming
      personality traits for awhile, but we lived through
      it." A very kind of way saying that Rogue spent a
      great deal of time cursing and ogling Jean. "You
      know, I think she's a little taken with you." Jean
      shook off a strange pang of something close to
      jealousy, an emotion certainly not appropriate or

      "You can tell her my heart belongs to someone else."

      Despite the sudden increase in her heartbeat, an
      annoying sign she knew Logan would notice, she began,
      "You and I-"

      "How's the professor?"

      Rejection scared Logan more than Magneto or any other
      physical threat ever could. He was used to physical
      pain. He knew how to handle it. Emotional scars were
      different. They weren't something his advanced
      healing ability could care for. Jean sighed, hoping
      for a chance to explain at another time. "He's fine."
      He kissed the back of her hand gently, the slight
      contact sending a shock through her body. Unable to
      react, knowing he didn't want to hear her
      explanations, Jean smiled softly, a bit sadly. "Do
      you need anything?"

      A slight head shake and then, "No. I'll go talk to
      the professor." With Jean's help, he removed the
      monitor's and bandages, standing a few minutes later,
      clothes in hand. "We'll talk later."

      "Right." She knew there was no chance of it
      happening. He would leave. Professor Xavier had told
      her already about the installation in Canada. Logan
      would leave immediately after talking to the
      professor, and Jean knew he wouldn't stop to say
      good-bye. "Later." Without another word, he turned
      and stalked from the room. As the doors slid shut,
      Jean whispered, "Bye, Logan," and tried to pretend
      there weren't tears standing in her eyes.

      THE END

      Feedback is loved! You all were wonderful about
      "Touch Me Fall," so I'd love to see the same reaction
      to this one :)

      Peace & Love,


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