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New Fic : T for Trouble? Part two

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  • Dani Kerins
    Ok here is the next part. Hope you like it! :) To all the people who sent me such nice feedback than you so much you guys are brill!!! A/N: Changed the rating
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2000

      Ok here is the next part. Hope you like it! :) To all the people who sent me such nice feedback than you so much you guys are brill!!!

      A/N: Changed the rating to R because there is some violence in here.

      Title: T for trouble?

      Author: Danielle Kerins.



      Category: X-men/bit of everything-humour-angst-romance-drama.

      Rating: R

      'Ship: we'll see...

      Disclaimer: All belongs to Bryan Singer, Stan Lee, Marvel Comics, 20th Century Fox and all those other lucky peeps. T belongs to me in a sense. This is based on someone I know and is a tribute to them for being a great, brill friend. I have full permission to use her.

      Archive: My site, Kielle's site and anyone else who wants it, please take it. :)

      Summary: What happens when a new kick-ass mutant joins the X-men. Trouble ensues…

      Feedback: Please Please Please.

      Dedication: To the best friend a girl could have... 'cos you know...whatever :)



      "Did you see the way she handled that guy??"

      "It was like Bam, Crack"

      "Yeah did you hear that sound?"

      "That had to have hurt!"

      "She was so cool"

      "Yeah she was like Buffy"

      "No way she was way cooler than Buffy"

      "She could kick Buffy's ass!"

      They all laughed. Bobby leaned back in his seat as the mini bus headed back to the mansion. He hadn't said much during the trip. He was more preoccupied with the girl they were all talking about.

      'Who is she?' He wondered.

      "Hey man, you okay?"

      "Hey John, yeah I’m fine."

      "You've been kind of quiet"

      "I'm okay."

      "Was it just me or was that girl hot?"

      Bobby grinned. "Oh yeah, she was."

      "Whoo, say I wonder who she is?."


      "Well we know she's a mutant, maybe the Professor will try to find her?"

      "Maybe" Bobby sighed. "Maybe."


      "And she was definitely a mutant?"


      "Yeah the purple glow in her eyes kind of gave it away"

      "Thank you Logan"

      "No problem."

      Scott leaned against the professor’s desk. "Should we find her?"

      "I'd like to but I don't know if she wants to be found."

      "How about we try Cerebro?" Dr.Jean Grey suggested. "That way we can find out where she's living, What kind of life she has?."

      "That's a good idea." Scott agreed. "I don't know about the rest of you, but the crowd she was with didn't look too friendly."

      "For once I agree with Cyclops."

      "Thanks Logan."

      "You're welcome, Fearless leader."

      Jean grinned. "You done?"

      "Yes" They said together.

      "Okay, so how about it Professor? You want to add another to our ranks?"

      "Let's go." He wheeled himself around the desk and out the door towards the elevator. Scott followed him.

      "Hey" Scott turned. Jean caught up with him and smiled. "You okay?"

      "Yeah, just wondering about this new girl."

      "Yeah me too and..Other stuff."

      "Like are we ever going to get some time alone?"

      "That's pretty much it." Scott smiled at his wife.

      "We will eventually." Jean returned the smile and leaned in for a kiss.

      "Aww Shucks, ain't you two just the sweetest." Logan said sarcastically as he brushed past them.

      "As a matter of fact they are."Storm said following him.

      "Storm, baby I thought you were on my side now?" Logan said in a mock hurt tone.

      "Well, whatever gave you that idea?" She said coyly and headed into the elevator ahead of him. Scott and Jean grinned at the professor as they entered behind Logan. The soft whoosh of the elevator started taking them down into the sublevels of the mansion.

      "Hey" Logan broke the silence. "I'm having a thought"

      "Don't hurt yourself" Scott murmured. Jean shot him a reproachful look.

      "What is it Logan?"

      "Well say Chuck finds this kid, what then?"

      "What do you mean?" Storm asked.

      "Well do you really think she gonna like us barging in and asking questions?"

      "We're just going to try and help her. Show her another way of life."

      "What makes you think she wants our way?" Logan asked.

      He didn't get an answer.


      The fire in the large trash can burned brightly but offered no warmth to those who had gathered around it.

      "Yo T"

      "Hey Mike"

      "I heard you did some damage to that evil b*****d"

      "Nothing too bad."

      "Enough to make them want to retaliate."


      "Yeah, thanks a lot T, you really know how to make yourself welcome"

      "Oh come on mikey!"

      "No T, why the hell did you have to come here and make trouble. Go back to where you come from!"

      A solitary tear rolled down T's unblemished cheek."

      "I would if I knew I was welcome there."She said quietly wiping her cheek.


      The unmistakable sound of a gunshot rang out.

      "Damn" She thought as she got to her feet.


      "What's taking him so long?"

      "Patience, Logan" Storm said in a soothing voice.


      "He is taking long," Scott said as he got up from his place on the stark floor and began to pace.

      "Damn, We agree twice in one day. Quick Jean run up stairs I think the sky might've turned green."

      They all laughed. Scott inclined his head in agreement. "Well you know...Professor."

      Professor X came out of the large circular room known as Cerebro. He face was stony.

      "What’s wrong?" Jean said, concern in her voice.

      "I found her, she's in trouble."

      He gave the group the address. It was a neighbourhood known to be very dangerous with a lot of gang problems.

      "We’re on it, come on let's go!" Scott shouted as he headed towards the Hanger.


      T huddled behind a small wall, hiding. She heard the shouts of the gangs as they fought and shots rang out almost every few seconds.

      "Oh god" She whispered. "I should be out there. Damn it you coward!" She tried to force her legs to move but she was frozen in fright.

      "Oh god" She said in a tearful voice. "Why did this have to happen? I want to go home."

      "You ain't goin' anywhere now sweetheart."

      T's heart pounded as she recognised the voice. Jimmy, leader of the opposition gang and the guy to whom she had given a broken jaw to just a few hours ago. She managed to stand and forced herself to sound bright.

      "Hey! Up already, wow and I thought you would still be at home crying into your mama's apron. You know because you got the crap kicked out of you by a girl."

      T crumpled to the ground, her cheek stinging. Her head filled with blinding white-hot pain as she received kick after kick from the man's heavy boots. She groaned in pain. He stood over her and laughed.

      "You know my father always said never hit a women. That is." He continued as he struck her again "Unless they deserved it."

      He hit her again in the face. T let out a strangled cry of pain.

      "No one hits me especially not some broad from England or sumthin'"

      Rage surged through T's veins and gave her power. She fought through the pain and leapt to her feet.

      "I'm Irish," She said through clenched teeth.

      "Why does everyone make that mistake?" She asked before taking her anger out on her attacker.

      As she returned a volley of punches she suddenly felt the strange feeling from behind her eyes. For a brief moment all she saw was purple.

      "What the hell?" Jimmy said as he stared at her. She walked towards him. As she did she noticed that his fearful glance had left her and was on something behind her. She turned and gasped in surprise as she saw a short but strong looking man with what looked like claws? coming out of his knuckles.

      ‘It couldn't be?’

      The man walked towards her with a menacing glare on his face.

      "I think you should get the hell out of here." He directed this to Jimmy who was still staring at the claws.

      He nodded dumbly and fled. T turned to the man. He looked at her and retracted his claws.

      "Hey" T nodded and noticed that three other people in leather costumes like the man with the claws had joined them.

      "Are you okay?" A dark beautiful woman with white hair asked a worried look on her face.

      "I.." T tried to answer before she fell into blackness.



      "Jean, I think she's waking up."

      T opened her eyes with great effort and found herself staring into red. She leaped off the bad knocking over a tray in the process.

      "Hey it's okay, I’m not going to hurt you."

      The red haze retracted into a man. His glasses were made of a ruby red glass of some sort.

      'That's what I saw.' She looked at him in embarrassment when she realised all she had on was a flimsy smock.

      "It’s okay, you want to come back onto the table?" He asked smiling. He had to be one of the most handsome men she had ever seen.

      'They don't make them like that back home' She thought wryly.

      She walked slowly towards him As she did she noticed a woman standing off to the side. She held a syringe. T jumped back again.

      "It’s okay" She smiled reassuringly. She walked up to the young girl.

      "My name is Jean and this is Scott can you tell me your name?"

      T looked at her blankly.

      "That's okay," She said. "Would you mind coming over to the bed? You took quite a beating." She said sadly. "I want to take the pain away. Will you let me do that?"

      T looked at the woman and the man who had come to stand beside her. They were genuine she could tell. She nodded.

      "Thank you." She gently lifted up her arm and stuck the syringe in. T winced as it pierced bruised skin. "There, that's better." The woman called Jean rubbed her arm gently before picking up the syringe and disposing it. Scott nudged her when she returned to the bed.

      " Listen, there is someone who would like to see you. No it's okay he’s not going to hurt you. We're here to help you. The man wants to talk to you, just ask you a few questions, nothing too traumatic. Will you come with me?"

      T nodded.

      "Good, Scott will you wait outside while we get some clothes for our guest?"

      "Sure" Scott smiled and left the room.



      "Bobby wait up!" Bobby ducked as he turned. John ran up to him with a confused look on his face.

      "What are you doing?"

      "Sorry thought I'd have to dodge another ball." he grinned. "So what's up?"

      "You’re not going to believe it!"


      "The girl. The girl from last night, she's here."


      "Yeah apparently the Professor found her through Cerebro and they got her last night."

      "Wow, how did you find out?"

      "Miss Grey and Miss Monroe should really learn to not talk in public."

      Bobby smiled. "So where is she?"

      "I think down in the infirmary. I'm not too sure. But she is here." He grinned.




      T tugged at the sleeve of her new sweater as she walked down a long hall flanked by Scott and Jean.

      This was all too strange. When she had first woken up she thought she was in a police station or a hospice. But this was unreal. Everything was spotless and pretty. All wooden and polished. They stopped outside a door. T almost fell over when she heard a voice break through her thoughts.

      'Come in'

      T looked at Jean in fear but the older woman smiled reassuringly.

      "It's okay" She opened the door and led T inside. An older man in a wheelchair with a kind smile on his face sat was sitting beside two chairs. Both held people she had already seen. The pretty woman and the hairy man with the claws. The old man came towards her and held out his hand.

      She took it and he shook it warmly.

      "Welcome, please sit." T looked at Scott. He nodded. She sat in the seat in which the hairy man had just vacated.

      "So" the old man continued,"I expect you are wondering just what is going on."

      She nodded. "My name is Professor Xavier. You are in my school in Westchester. You already know Scott and Jean and This" He pointed to the other woman "Is Ororo Monroe and this is Logan. We would like to help you. Can you tell me your name?"

      T took a deep breath. "T"



      "Is that your full name? Tee?"

      "It's all I'm telling ya"

      "Okay T, You know what you are don't you?"

      "You mean a mutant?" She said uncertainly.

      "Yes, you’ve had a rough life. Can you tell me about it?"

      T looked around. All the occupants looked sincere even the mad looking one, Logan. She decided she would tell her story.

      "Well" she started falteringly. "I was born in a town in Ireland. I lived there until I was fifteen, until..."

      "Until you became a mutant."


      "Tell me about your powers."

      "Well I was always interested in mutants, I found them fascinating so when there was a peaceful demonstration for the rights of mutants to be respected I went along."


      "But not everyone likes mutants. There was a group of mutant haters there that started to attack the demonstrators. I got hit. I became afraid and when I did, A man brushed by me and that's when my eyes went purple."

      "Why do they go purple?"

      "I can sense mutants from a long distance away, but when I am afraid or in pain my senses become clouded and to warn me of other mutants, my eyes glow purple. At least I think that's why they do that. I was afraid last night. I didn't sense your group, that why My eyes glowed. I think.."

      "It's a useful power to have especially in our line of work. What other powers do you have?"

      "I'm stronger than a lot of people, I'm more agile. That's why I took up Martial arts. It helps me there to kick the asses of all the other guys in the class." The Professor smiled.

      "What happened when your eyes first glowed at the demonstration?"

      "Oh right, sorry. Well a lot of people saw it happen and got scared. These people were well meaning. They liked the idea of mutants but when they actually came face to face with one, it was a different story."

      " A lot of people here know that well."

      "Anyway, My dad freaked. I lived with him, my mother is dead. He wanted nothing to do with me. The entire town found out that I was a mutant. I had to get away but Ireland became too small. I lived near the docks. I knew the guys and luckily they didn't judge me. They smuggled me into the states. I've been living rough ever since."

      "Well not anymore." The professor said.

      "What do you mean?"

      "I want you to stay here. This school is a safe haven for mutants. You'll be protected here. Will you stay?"

      "Yes" T, said her eyes shining.

      "Good, now listening to your story I have a feeling there is one mutant who will understand you best."

      The door opened and a pretty young woman with a white streak in her hair and a body that was almost completely covered.

      "Hey, nice hair" she ginned.

      "Back at ya" T smiled at the girl.

      "T this is rogue, Rogue T."

      "T, nice name, it's good to meet ya."

      "You too."

      "Rogue" the professor, said. "I’d like you to show T around, get her settled in. She'll be staying with us for a while."

      "Cool, well come on y'all. Everyone wants to meet you!"

      "Rogue" Jean, asked.


      "How does everyone know that T is here?"

      "John" They said simultaneously. Jean turned to Storm. "I always knew he was never cleaning the classroom after science." Storm grinned.

      "Okay, I'll show you to your room." Rogue grabbed T's hand and pulled her out of the office.

      "You're going to really like it here." Rogue grinned; "I hope so" T answered as the two headed up the stairs.



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