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FIC: Frost [2/2] {PG, Bobby/Rogue, a bit of Logan/Rogue}

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  • Samantha McCullah
    TITLE: Frost [2/2] SERIES: Cold Comfort Part Two {sequel to Frozen} SUMMARY: An old friend returns nearly ruining everything DISCLAIMER: Not mine. Marvel owns
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      TITLE: Frost [2/2]
      SERIES: Cold Comfort Part Two {sequel to Frozen}
      SUMMARY: An old friend returns nearly ruining everything
      DISCLAIMER: Not mine. Marvel owns the lot of 'em.

      Ororo Munroe glanced down at her poor fern and sighed heavily.

      "Robert?" she called out, her voice echoing through her spacious
      attic apartment.

      "Yeah?" came the muffled reply from the far window. She walked over
      to it and pushed the window open. She leaned on the windowsill and
      glanced over at the teenager, sitting on small balcony. "How did you
      know I was out here?"

      "You froze my fern," she replied, a small smile on her lips. Bobby
      stiffened, glancing over at her, his eyes wide.

      "I didn't mean to," he apologized. "I was just...."

      "Angry?" Ororo asked, pulling herself out the window, somehow
      managing to look graceful while doing it. She walked over and sat on
      the ledge next to him.

      "Worried," he replied, placing his chin back on his folded
      arms. "Confused. Terrified. All of the above."

      "I think I understand," she replied. "My powers are affected by my
      moods as well." She glanced over at the boy who refused to look at
      anything but the space in front of him. "Would you like to talk about

      "I can't," he replied softly. "I don't know what to say."

      "Is it about Rogue?" Ororo asked. He blinked, looking over at her.

      "How did you...?" She smiled in response. "Am I that transparent?"

      "You two have been inseparable since we brought her back from
      Magneto," she stated. Bobby nodded silently, returning his gaze back
      out across the grounds. They sat in silence for several seconds.

      "Logan's back," Bobby finally stated. Ororo nodded in sudden

      "And you are worried she will choose him over you?"

      "I'm scared he'll leave again, and she'll go with him this time. I'll
      lose her," he whispered.

      "If she feels the same about you..." Ororo began.

      "I don't know if she does," Bobby replied. "She's never been anything
      but friendly."

      "While you are in love with her," Ororo commented. Bobby blinked in

      "I'm not in love with her," he stated. He glanced over at her and
      sighed at her knowing smile. "I'm not," he murmured.

      "Of course not," she said, her smile widening slightly.

      "I just don't want her to go."

      "Have you told her that?" Bobby glanced up, eyes wide with sudden

      "Of course not! I can't. She'd kill me or laugh in my face. And Kitty
      would never let me hear the end of it, and neither would Jubes or
      John or even Piotr." He sighed again. "And its not like she'd stay
      just for me. I know how much she missed him." He laughed bitterly. "I
      was the shoulder she cried on when she didn't hear from him."

      "Perhaps you should just tell her what you have been telling me,"
      Ororo offered.

      "Like I compare to Logan? You've seen him. I've got no chance." She
      sighed, glancing over at him.

      "That is her decision. If you don't say anything, she may just go
      with him, and you would honestly never know," she stated.

      "I can't." He dropped his head forward, until his forehead was
      resting on his crossed arms. "This is where the terrified part comes
      in." He straightened. "I mean, what if she does laugh at me. I can't
      face that."

      "Robert, I can tell you that Rogue is not the sort to laugh at
      someone," she appeased.

      "I know," he whispered. Before he could continue, they heard his name
      being called out.

      "Bobby!" Rogue's voice was clear as she exited the mansion.

      "Oh, God," Bobby whispered. "I can't." He shook his head. "She's
      gonna say goodbye, I know it." Ororo sighed as Rogue called out his
      name again.

      "He is up here!" Ororo called out.

      "Ms. Munroe!" Bobby protested as Rogue walked out until she caught
      sight of him.

      "Bobby Drake, what are you doing up there?" she asked, smiling up at

      "Um, just thinking," he replied. He could see her rolling her eyes.

      "Well, stop thinkin', Ah need to talk to ya!" she stated. Bobby
      nodded, turning to Ororo.

      "I'm sorry about your fern," he offered, rising to his feet.

      "It is not a problem, Robert," Ororo replied with a smile. He nodded
      in response, stepping to the window.

      "Thanks, Ms. Munroe," he said. She inclined her head in response.

      "Good luck, Robert," she replied, earning a smile in response.


      Bobby hurried downstairs, fighting every instinct to slow down and
      delay the goodbyes and, especially, the heartache. His feet refused
      to listen and he reached the foyer in record time to find Rogue
      leaning against the wall, watching him.

      He smiled shyly at her and watched as a slight blush crept onto her

      "Hey," she greeted.

      "Hey," he replied, stepping up to her. "So, uh, where's Logan?" he
      asked after clearing his throat.

      "Probably in his room," she replied.

      "His room?" he asked, his eyes meeting hers for the first time.

      "Yeah," she replied with a smile. "Probably unpacking the few things
      he owns."

      "So he's staying?" Bobby asked, trying to sound nonchalant. Rogue
      nodded in response. "Oh. Well, that's good."

      "'Good'? Drake, are actually happy Logan's stickin' around?" she

      "Well, yeah," he shrugged, his cheeks coloring slightly. "'Cause that
      means you're staying."

      "What do you mean?" she asked, capturing his gaze. He chuckled
      slightly before replying.

      "I thought he'd come to get you," he muttered.

      "'Get me'?" He nodded.

      "I thought he was gonna take you to wherever it is that he goes,
      probably a bar somewhere, and I thought you'd called me out here to
      say goodbye, and I was scared that you'd leave and I'd never see you
      again--" She stopped his rambling by whispering his name. "Yeah?" She
      stepped up to him and touched his cheek with a gloved hand. She rose
      up on her toes and kissed his lips quickly, absorbing the barest hint
      of his worry and fear.

      "Even if he'd asked," she whispered, "Ah wouldn't have gone." He
      blinked in response.


      "Yeah, really," she grinned.

      "Oh." He grinned in return. "So I spazzed for nothing?"

      "Yeah," she shrugged. "But it was kinda cute."

      "'Cute'? I can handle that," he wrapping his arm around her. "So, I
      believe we have a cafeteria date."

      "Ah guess we do," she stated, smiling slightly as he led them down
      the hallway.

      Silence reigned in the hallway as a shadow detached itself from the
      wall a fair distance down the hallway. Logan watched the two
      teenagers walk into the cafeteria. He nodded, a smile forming on his
      lips. Then he turned and headed in the opposite direction.


      Part Three of the series coming, hopefully, by Friday.

      Feedback is appreciated!

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