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FIC: Frost [1/2] {PG, Bobby/Rogue, a bit of Logan/Rogue}

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  • Samantha McCullah
    TITLE: Frost [1/2] SERIES: Cold Comfort Part Two {sequel to Frozen} AUTHOR: Samantha McCullah EMAIL: kali_neba@hotmail.com DISTRIBUTION: My site, Kielle s
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2000
      TITLE: Frost [1/2]
      SERIES: Cold Comfort Part Two {sequel to Frozen}
      AUTHOR: Samantha McCullah
      EMAIL: kali_neba@...
      DISTRIBUTION: My site, Kielle's archive, List archive. Anyone else,
      ask and you'll get it.
      RATING/CONTENT: PG, Bobby/Rogue, a tiny bit of Logan/Rogue (just a
      little), and a bit of angst on the side. Lyrics are from 'Ice' by
      Sarah McLachlan
      SUMMARY: An old friend returns nearly ruining everything
      DISCLAIMER: Not mine. Marvel owns the lot of 'em.
      NOTE: You can find the 'Frozen' here:

      The ice is thin come on dive in
      Underneath my lucid skin
      The cold is lost, forgotten
      Hours pass days pass time stands still

      He made no attempt to follow her scent, to reveal to her that he had
      returned. He just ducked inside the mansion as quickly as possible.
      No sense in getting any of the kids' hopes up if Baldy told him to
      leave and stay away.

      Logan chuckled bitterly under his breath as he raised his hand to
      knock on the door, but before he could complete his intended action,
      the Professor's calm voice rang out.

      "Welcome back, Logan," the man stated as the door was pulled open.
      The Professor smiled benevolently at Logan from behind his desk. Jean
      Grey stood next the desk, gathering up several papers into her arms.

      "I didn't mean t'interupt," he stated as he entered the room.

      "You didn't," she stated, smiling slightly at him as she passed him,
      heading towards the door.

      "We had just finished," Xavier commented. Logan nodded, turning
      slightly to address Jean.

      "Good t'see ya again, Jeannie," he stated as the woman walked out the
      door. She poked her head back in the room.

      "Same to you, Logan. And I'm assuming Scott's bike is parked safely
      in the garage," she stated, still smiling. Logan didn't reply, but
      his grin widened slightly. Jean shook her head before retreating into
      the hallway, pulling the door closed behind her.

      "Did you find what you were looking for at Alkali Lake?" Xavier
      asked, indicating a chair for the man to sit in.

      "Nah, place was deserted," Logan replied, sitting down in the offered
      chair, crossing his ankles, and calmly watching Xavier. He knew the
      line of questioning that was coming; he'd been expecting it ever
      since he'd decided to return to the school. "I just wasn't ready
      t'come back," he stated before Xavier could ask.

      "And now? Should we prepare a permanent space on the team for you?" A
      small smile played on the Professor's face as if he already knew the

      "I'm not making promises," Logan replied, "But I'll be around for
      awhile." Xavier inclined his head in agreement.

      "Have you seen the children yet?" he asked, wheeling out from behind
      the desk.

      "Not yet. Didn't want to get Marie's hopes up if ya were just gonna
      kick me out."

      "I could summon her, if you wish," Xavier offered.

      "Nah, I'll find her on my own." Logan rose to his feet, turning his
      back on the Professor.

      "And Logan?" He turned back to Xavier. "It is good to have you back.
      You were sorely missed by the student body." Xavier smiled
      slightly. "And by a certain member of the faculty. Although she would
      never admit it." Logan smirked at that, turning back for the door.


      "We called 'no powers', Drake," Jubilee exclaimed, stepping into the
      foyer, her hands cradled around the now frozen Frisbee.

      "It wasn't my fault," Bobby argued. "Kitty phased, and it was heading
      for my head!"

      "You could have just caught it!" Jubilee snapped.

      "That would have been the logical thing to do, yes," he nodded in
      response. Jubilee rolled her eyes and stomped off for the
      kitchen. "But not half as funny," he commented to Rogue.

      "You made her mad, Bobby," Rogue stated, trying to scold him, but she
      couldn't keep the grin off her face. "Although her expression when it
      hit the ground was priceless."

      "Yeah," he nodded proudly. "I think I made her swallow her gum."

      "That's what made her so mad," Rogue replied, grinning wider.

      "One of my many talents," Bobby said, wrapping an arm around her
      shoulders, carefully avoiding her bare skin. "So, would you care to
      join me in the cafeteria for today's mystery meat?" She wrapped her
      arm around his waist in response. They headed to the cafeteria, grins
      firmly in place until a shadow stepped into the hallway, causing both
      of their smiles to drain away.

      "Logan," Rogue stated in greeting, swallowing heavily.

      "Hey, kid," Logan replied. Bobby glanced from Rogue to Logan and back

      "Okay," he sighed. "Persona non grata. I get it." He pulled his arm
      from around her shoulders.

      "Bobby, Ah--" Rogue began turning to him.

      "Hey," he interrupted, holding his hands up to silence her. "I
      understand. You two need to catch up on things." He backed away,
      glancing at Logan quickly. "Find me if you need me," he stated, and
      when she nodded in return, he turned and walked in the opposite
      direction. Rogue studied Logan in silence until she was sure Bobby
      was far enough away.

      "You have bad timing," she muttered.

      "I interrupt somethin'?" Logan asked, watching her closely. Her eyes,
      flashing with a hint of anger, flew up to meet his.

      "What do you think?" she growled. He blinked in response, and she
      sighed, bringing a gloved hand up to pinch the bridge of her
      nose. "This is not how Ah pictured this."

      "You and the Popsicle a couple?" Logan asked, trying to keep the
      protectiveness out of his voice.

      "No," she replied. Her eyes narrowed. "Maybe," she corrected. "Why?"

      "I don't want t'see you hurt," he replied.

      "Too late," she whispered, refusing to look at him.

      "I'm sorry, Marie," he stated, stepping closer to her.

      "Good," she stated firmly, finally looking up at him. "You should
      be." She sighed, crossing her arms in front of her chest. "It's been
      a year. Ya don't call. Ya don't write."

      "I wrote," he muttered.

      "But not to me," she replied. He glanced at her. "Ah did mail duty
      once or twice, Logan. I saw the letters to Jean."

      "I didn't want to...." He growled, refusing to finish his sentence.

      "To what, Logan? Feed a crush?" she demanded. "And that's all it was,
      just a crush. Ah got over it. Ah didn't have much of a choice." She
      pursed her lips, watching him. "You were in my head, Logan. Ah know
      you didn't feel anything but protective towards me. Ah know you had a
      big thing for Dr. Grey."

      "Marie..." he began only to be cut off by glare she had to have
      picked up from him.

      "Do not call me that," she ordered. "My name is Rogue." He nodded

      "You done?" he muttered.

      "For now," she replied.

      "Good, 'cause I'm not." He stalked forward. "I wrote t'Jeannie
      because I couldn't write t'you. I let you down. I couldn't face
      that." It was his turn to sigh. "I wrote t'Jeannie because I left
      things unsaid t'her," he held up a hand as Rogue opened her mouth to
      reply. "And t'you, I know. It couldn't be helped." She nodded
      slightly. "Now, I'm sorry I didn't write. I told Jeannie to tell ya
      what I said in the letters."

      "She did," Rogue whispered.

      "I know that wasn't enough, but I had things to sort out before I
      came back," he stated. Silence descended over them.

      "You done?" Rogue finally asked.

      "For now," he replied with a small smile.

      "Good," she nodded. "We still friends?"

      "'Course, kid. Wouldn't have it any other way." He glanced down the
      hallway in the direction that Bobby had gone. "Is he treatin' ya

      "Bobby? Yeah, he does," Rogue replied, smiling slightly.

      "Good. I'd hate t'kill him so soon."

      end part one

      Feedback is appreciated!

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