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FF: The Splintering Touch (5/7)

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  • Melissa Flores
    TITLE: The Splintering Touch AUTHOR : Melissa Flores EMAIL: mistiec_flores@yahoo.com GENRE: X-Men: The Movie, Wolverine/Rogue, ensemble RATING: R for violence
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      TITLE: The Splintering Touch
      AUTHOR : Melissa Flores
      EMAIL: mistiec_flores@...
      GENRE: X-Men: The Movie, Wolverine/Rogue, ensemble
      RATING: R for violence and language, and sensuality
      SUMMARY: While Rogue attempts to bring her desperation under control,
      the X-men launch a rescue mission to find their missing colleague,
      unaware that another group is looking for her as well, with very
      different intentions in mind.


      Her hand slid across the wood of the door, and Jean smiled gently at
      it, shaking her head as she pressed forward, opening it with a crack.

      Inside the darkened room, she discovered the man she was married to
      slumped over the keyboard, his mouth open, snoring lightly.

      A wave of tenderness spread over her, and she stilled, hesitant to wake
      him. He hadn't slept well in days, and to disturb the still figure
      seemed wrong somehow. But Storm's message sang well in her head, and
      she stepped forward, gently sitting on the chair beside him and shaking
      his form.


      He mumbled slightly, stretching before, stirring, reaching up to rub at
      his eyes and then stopping when his fingers met the hardness of the

      She smiled at him, her face tired, but still more awake that he

      "How long was I out," he slurred, stretching to try and make the
      circulation in his body flow faster.

      "I'm not sure," she responded, leaning across the monitor. "Did you and
      Bobby find anything?"

      "Umm... yeah." He craned his neck, and then sat up straight, turning
      toward the monitor moving the mouse so the screen would like back up.
      "We found a trail of similar appearances, going up and down the
      Midwest. Last place was in Seattle." He blinked, and then said heavily.
      "But that was a week ago. Nothing since. It's like she disappeared."

      Jean frowned, her eyebrows furrowing. "Storm said they went to that bar
      where the Dakota guy lived. She didn't give me any details about the
      incident but apparently Rogue has someone following her."

      "What?" Scott's head swiveled, turning towards her. "The Feds?"

      "I don't know. He said he wasn't with any agency. Just a man in search
      of destiny."

      Scott blew his breath out, leaning against the chair. "So we've got
      someone else looking for Rogue, that isn't us... and isn't the
      government. Another mutant?"

      "He denied being one."

      "You got a name?" The pair turned to see Bobby in the doorway, his eyes
      dark with concern.


      He nodded, sliding into the chair that Scott quickly vacated. "Anything
      else I can go on?"

      Jean reached up, sliding a bang behind her ear before responding.
      "Violet eyes."


      Scott stood behind the young mutant as he began to search the web.

      "There's a problem," Scott said after a moment. Jean shot him a
      questioning look. "If he was there before our group was... then he has
      a head start. And if there hasn't been an incident since last week,

      "He might have Rogue," Jean breathed, realization coming to her
      immediately. "Dammit."


      //I'm here, Jean.//

      //Did you get any of that?//

      //Every word. Make sure Bobby finds that man. Tell Kitty, Jubilee,
      Hank, and Kyle to stand by to suit up. Scott needs to get the jet
      ready. I'll contact Storm.//

      //We're going -//

      //Rogue in ANYONE's hands is a very dangerous thing, Jean. She could be
      in a very big trouble, and we're running out of time.//

      Jean swallowed, and turned back to the two men, who were watching her
      curiously, a look of nervous agitation on both of their faces.

      "Scott, get the jet ready. Bobby, FIND HIM." And with that, she stood,
      walking to the door, looking back, a swell of anxiety rising in her
      stomach up to her throat, before she swallowed it down. "Rogue's in


      It had taken her two days to discover that the man she had become
      entwined with, emotionally, that is, was human.

      He was not a God. He was a man.

      And it had become a game. She could see it, he enjoyed the chase,
      knowing that practically every part of her body, with exception to her
      mind, was virgin to touch, to invasion. Every time his fingers brushed
      hers, her shoulders, her neck, he knew what he did to her.

      He knew the lust. He knew the desire.

      He wanted something from her. He wanted her to give in, to agree that
      her destiny was with him, would always be with him.

      She would have by now, if she hadn't known what that had meant, if deep
      down in recesses of her heart, she wasn�t prepared to let Logan go. To
      let Storm go. To let any of them go.

      It was odd, really. She had left them, had sworn that in order to save
      them from herself, she had to stay as far away from them as she could.
      It had never occurred to her that they would just let her leave.

      But she sensed them, in her mind, in Logan's presence.

      But he was fading.

      And this time, she didn't fight it.

      Perhaps that was the most frightening thing of all.

      She sat on her bed, the short slip sliding across her skin, across her
      thigh, making her remember that she wore nothing else.

      No layers, nothing between her fingers and the silk of her bed but air.

      Air. She closed her eyes, smiling softly, a smile that was neither
      happy nor sad, but simply there, as she leaned back, feeling the way
      the pillow gently cushioned her bare shoulders, the straps slipping
      down them.

      Amazing how odd illusion was. How appearance changed everything. He
      appeared so dark, so majestic, and yet although she knew he could touch
      her, she knew he could kiss her and hold her, there was a part of her
      that was disgusted by the thought, even though everything in her
      screamed that this was what she was waiting for.

      It was Logan, she knew. And every day now she was more confused if it
      was Logan that was putting up such a fight or herself entwined with

      The fear was still there, in her heart, but it was no longer
      paralyzing, because Rogue had realized his game, and had started
      playing back.

      Seduction was an odd thing. One look, one touch, the knowledge, the

      She knew now how he could touch her. She had discovered it when he, so
      deep in his meditations had not noticed his "destiny" begin to explore,
      come up behind him, and place her hands on his bare back.

      She had felt the life pull begin almost immediately, and apparently so
      had he because there was a curse and a chant and suddenly the life pull
      stopped, almost sucking what little she took from him back into her.

      He had turned, his eyes wide, and insecurity in those violet eyes that
      she had never seen before. In a flash it was gone, replaced with the
      easy smile as he leaned forward, pressed a kiss to the collar of her
      neck, before she pulled away, still trembling from the episode, had
      stumbled back, fallen into a chair.

      He had taken her hand and just smiled, acting as if nothing had

      But the little she had received had been enough. She had been given a
      small window in Augustus' mind and she knew now that he was right.

      They were entwined. And her touch was evidence of that.

      Magic. After all these years, the one thing that could save a person
      from her touch was magic.

      And he was a master of that.

      But there were no books, nothing but the incantations of mind. They
      only worked for him, personalized for years, it seemed, all for her.

      He had been watching her for years, and the obsession and the desire
      had given way to something more. In his quest for power, he had found a
      soul who like his, was looking for a way to belong, for an intimate

      He had the peace in his heart. The knowledge, and giving into him would
      mean she had power too.

      Given in.

      The game would be lost. Rogue would lose.

      She would lose and she would become a part of him. Even she wasn't
      quite sure exactly what would be done the moment she said yes to him,
      accepted his advances as if accepting a lover.

      He wasn't asking for love. Her love would always be Logan's. Somehow
      even he knew he could not protect that.

      He was asking for her mind.

      And losing her mind, what she had worked so hard to keep, what she was
      on the verge of losing again and again... the thought was horrifying...

      And so tempting. For peace... for power... for unity.

      God, Logan...

      Marie... she sucked in her breath, closing her eyes, hearing the voice
      calling to her. Marie... remember who you are, remember what makes you

      Had she ever been truly happy?

      Yes... when you were in my arms, Marie.

      In his arms... If she could absorb Augustus, take his mind and his
      knowledge, would she achieve the blocking of touch? The spell he used
      could be used in her mind, and would she be able to touch Logan, if
      somehow... she could win?

      She sighed raggedly, closing her eyes, feeling exhaustion coming over

      Her mind was heavy, foggy, and sleep came quickly, as she moaned
      softly, her mind beckoning to the one man she loved, the one remnant of
      her past she fought so hard to keep.

      Losing to Augustus would mean losing Logan. . .



      Something was changing.

      And he wasn't sure if he liked it.

      Gambit had always identified himself with what he was, what he loved.
      He knew, he had loved Rogue.

      No one had believed it, but then again, no one had really known him. It
      had been an acceptance in his heart, the moment he saw the soft eyed
      young woman, that she was the one person who was possibly as conflicted
      as he was, that together, they could have somehow put an end to the
      myriad of confusion.

      He had known of the existence of Logan, but she rarely spoke of him,
      only wore the dog tags out of habit, or so he thought.

      Once he had accepted that he loved Rogue, there was nothing else to do,
      other than pursue her. In the process he had become friends with her
      friends, found them to become real friends of his own, found that he
      belonged with the tightly wound X-men, because of who he was.

      He was valuable, and they respected the Cajun thief, despite his past.
      Only one never seemed to be able to forgive him for it, to see past it,
      and he had always thought that it was because Storm never understood
      what life was like outside the shelter of the school.

      How wrong he was.

      It had taken this trip to see a different side of her, a wilder side
      that had always intrigued him in battle, a side that she fought to
      contain when she was out of uniform, that was leaking out now despite
      of herself.

      It made him think he didn't know her at all.

      And it made him want to get to know her... all of her.

      He swallowed, turning his gaze away from the storm goddess as she
      turned in her sleep, sighing gently, her white hair spilling behind her
      in long waves.

      She was a friend. A good friend, and she was beautiful, no one could
      argue that. She was also the next best thing to a nun. Never got
      involved with anyone and as unattainable as Rogue was, this one had
      always seemed ten times worse. An Ice Queen in every way.

      Then why did he get the feeling that her eyes melted slightly every
      time they locked with his? Why did her hands slide almost lovingly
      across his stomach when she rode behind him in the motorcycle, and why
      did her face bury into the back of his coat, almost shuddering?

      God, he was imagining things now.


      He growled, a trait he had adopted from Logan, lying on his back as he
      looked toward the beast like man, who was on his haunches, staring into
      the fire.

      Rogue's lover was an oddly complex man, and deceptively simple minded.
      Unlike the caged confusion that Remy seemed to fear when it came to
      matters of the heart, Logan seemed to have made up his mind pretty

      Logan�s love for Rogue was futile to fight; he knew that now.

      He had known it the moment Logan had run to the back of the plane,
      taken Rogue into his arms, and told her he loved her.

      He had seen the look in her eyes, the way they seemed to shine like he
      had never seen before, brilliant orbs of pure bliss, and love.

      It hadn't mattered then that he had no chance.

      It mattered like hell now. His eyes drifted to Storm's immobile body,
      and he leaned up, his voice a low whisper.

      "Hey. Logan."

      Logan didn't turn, but answered in a growl. "What, Frenchy."

      "When did you know? That you loved Rogue."

      Logan froze, and then turned slowly, his eyes flashing slightly. "You
      gettin' girly on me, Lefoo?"

      Remy felt a swell of irritation slide through him, and he answered,
      "LeBeau, beastie. And no. I just... I need to know."

      Logan's eyes bore into his, and then the man must have seen something
      in Remy's eyes, because he merely replied, "When she told me I was
      ripping her apart. Said I was only hurting her by trying to be with
      her. Realized I would never want that." He looked down, and Remy's
      eyebrow cocked when Logan chuckled grimly, pained emotion masked in his
      voice. "Guess I didn't do a great job of that. I hurt her anyway."

      "Logan." Remy swallowed, shrugging. "I... She's happiest when she is
      with you. Dat counts for something, no?"

      Logan didn't say anything for a long time. "You're the last person I'd
      expect to hear that from, Remy."

      Remy. Not Frenchy, or Cajun Freak, or Red-Eye. He found himself
      chuckling grimly, and then shrugged. "I'll always love her, Logan.
      She's my little Cherie but..." he found his gaze involuntarily landing
      on Storm's quiet form.

      "You've got the hots for Storm, don't you?" Logan asked frankly. Gambit
      gave a sheepish grin.

      "I think dere might be something dere."

      Logan didn't move, his gaze flickering over to Ororo, and he slowly
      shook his head. "She's got the body of a Goddess, alright."

      Gambit shrugged.

      "And a mind to match." Logan's gaze leveled with it. "You make sure you
      deserve her, Gambit. She's an amazing woman. She ain't no consolation

      And with that, Logan gave him one last glare, and rose, stomping on the
      cigar, putting it out and sliding into his bedroll. "Go to bed. I'm not
      going to spend ten minutes waking up your sorry ass like I did

      Gambit rolled his eyes and tossed him the finger, but the meaningless
      gesture was lost on Logan, who merely rolled over and started snoring
      almost immediately.

      Gambit pursed his lips, and slipped out of his roll, found himself
      settling beside Storm's sleeping form.

      His throat was full, his heart conflicted as he looked down at his
      friend, one hand stealing down to trace his palm down her face.

      She stirred in her sleep, mumbling something before bringing up a hand
      to swat it away, catching his fingers and wrapping her hand around

      She never did let go, and Gambit found himself smiling.

      "I'm confused, Goddess," he whispered, his eyes bright as he stared at
      her. "For the first time in my life there's something I don't want to
      accept. Maybe you can help me, yes?"

      There wasn't an answer, but the ebony woman slid closer, her head
      moving to cradle itself on his palm.

      He felt something inside him tremor, and he didn't move for a long



      The word shivered through her, and she felt herself moan in response.
      It was a tortured sound, and when it came, she felt the word again,
      louder, more resilient... sweeter.


      Her eyes shot open, and suddenly she felt herself shift up, her heart
      beating so terribly when she saw who was sitting at the edge of the


      He was bare-chested, his hands as gentle as his face, as he smiled at
      her, a smile that she had never seen on him.

      Her chest constricted, and tears came to her eyes, her hands coming up
      to cover them. "Oh, God, Logan."

      "Shhh." He slid up, onto the bed, the springs shaking from his weight,
      and she shook her head fiercely, trying to move away.

      "Logan, you can't, I'll not wearing anyt- I'll hurt you."

      "No, Marie. It's okay." The voice was husky, and she felt her heart
      hammering when suddenly his broad hands were on her knees, sliding up
      to her thighs, the hands smooth and broad and possessive, his eyes
      never leaving hers. "You can't hurt me, Marie."

      Her throat was full, her chest heaving as she looked down at his hands
      in surprise. "But Logan, Ah-"

      "No... it's okay. You know what this is, don't you?" His eyes bore into
      hers, and the haze of it all finally seemed to register, as she
      swallowed and nodded.

      "It's a ... a dream, isn't it."

      "Yes, Marie. It's a dream." There was a low growl as she suddenly
      whimpered, and without another thought, she threw herself in his arms,
      tightening her hold around him, whimpering softly. His hands held her,
      stroking down her back, fingertips gently sliding across her hot skin,
      and she felt herself shudder as she buried her forehead into his neck,
      feeling the roughness of the stubble of the beard, breathing in his
      scent, shivering from the way she was touching him, holding him. The
      silk of her gown rustled softly as she pressed her chest against his,
      and for a moment all she could do was hold him as tightly to her as she

      "Oh, God, Logan I missed you."

      "I missed you too," was his hoarse reply, his hands gently sliding up
      to cup her face, pull her away from him slightly, studying her. A small
      smile slid onto his lips as his eyes roved down her body, shaking his
      head. "Look at you," he growled softly. "They've turned you into a
      vixen, Marie."

      "Ah haven't changed, Logan." she whispered fiercely, her head shaking
      viciously. "You-"

      "You're so beautiful," he whispered, his voice choked. "My little

      She swallowed, and trembling, she leaned her head against his chest,
      sighing. "Logan, Ah don't know what to do... Ah don't know what to do-"

      "You want us to be together, don't you?" She swallowed, and looked up,
      nodding, her eyes stained with tears. His eyes were soft, dark, tender
      as his fingers thumbed her full lips, making her sigh raggedly, tilted
      her head against the caress. "Then give in, Marie."

      Her eyes shot open, and she pulled away in shock, but he gathered her
      close again, rocking her slowly. "Doesn't this feel good, Marie?
      Doesn't it feel right?"

      "Logan if I give in to Augustus, Ah'll be losing-"

      "You'll be gaining us," came the firm reply.

      She swallowed, closing her eyes, burying herself further in his warmth.
      God it DID feel good. To hold him like this, to be with Logan in the
      most intimate way. Could she? Could she possibly? Was it really a bad

      She swallowed, pulling back, looking at him straight in the eyes, her
      own orbs pleading with him to try and understand. "Logan, Ah'll risk
      losin' mah mind. Ah don't think I'm strong enough to-"

      His lips on her silenced her. There was a soft brush, a gentle
      insistence that made her tremble, moan as he continued to move his lips
      against hers. Hands slid around her waist, pulling her shaking body
      closer, and Marie found her pliant body more than willing to share the
      heated space. His tongue slid into her lips, as if seeking entry, and
      with a sigh, leaning her head and closing her eyes, her mouth opened.
      The first, tender brush of the moist tongue against her own, was so
      real, so soft and intimate and real, she felt tears suddenly swell
      over, and he only continued the assault, leaning his broad chest
      against hers. She pulled him on top of her, the bed resisting against
      the added weight, as he smiled down at her, moving against her mouth,
      and then lower down against her neck, long, wet kisses that sent a
      heated warmth from her legs to her stomach, making her arch against his
      body in pleasure.

      "Logan," she whispered.

      The soft caress of his hands were insistent, as his mouth moved further
      down, to the nestle of her collar bone, and further down still. Fingers
      slid to her shoulders, pulling the tiny straps with him, baring inch,
      by inch.

      "We can be together, Marie," he whispered. "We can feel like this..."

      Her mind raged against the assault as she felt the slip give way with a
      tenderness that seemed so foreign to her. Her body was hot, sweaty, and
      it wasn't long before she felt her breasts pushed up against his chest,
      raking against the hair that nestled there.

      It was too much... it was heated, feverish...

      "Logan," she whispered, knowing she would give in to him, knowing there
      was no other choice.

      She couldn't NOT feel like this, NOT have this with Logan...

      "MARIE!" A far away, familiar voice made her eyes open, and she found
      her head jerking to the side of the bed, where Logan stood, dressed in
      a familiar pair of blue jeans and jacket, a look of horror and anger on
      his face.

      LOGAN! But wasn't Logan-

      There was a roar, and suddenly she jumped when the man on top of her
      was pulled off with an anger and speed, slammed against the wall, claws
      against his throat as the dressed Logan glared, his face furious,
      angry, and very, very frightened.

      "Don't you listen to him, Marie!" he growled, keeping the man with his
      likeness against the wall as she watched from the bed, sheets up to her
      chest. "You keep fightin'! I'm comin' for you, Marie! Don't listen to a
      damn word he says!"

      "Logan," she whispered, still unsure, shaking her head as she gazed at
      the man who was held captive.

      Her eyes widened, and she felt a cry of surprise and anger burst from
      her lips when she realized the one thing that should have tipped her
      off, that her frazzled mind hadn't caught.

      The Logan against the wall had violet eyes.



      Storm and Gambit scrambled to Logan's thrashing form, landing on each
      side, eyes wide with surprise and a bit of fear.

      "Logan!" Storm gently tried to prod him, but Gambit slid his arms
      around her and pulled her back. "Be careful. Last girl that tried to
      wake him up from a dream got impaled," he reminded her gently.

      She gave a shuddered gasp inward, and then looked down at Logan with
      wild eyes. "Look at him, Remy! We have to do something."

      Remy pursed his lips, and with out another word, buried his foot into
      Logan's side.

      There was a howl of pain, and he stumbled back, losing his footing and
      falling back, taking Storm down with him.

      There was a moment of uncomfortable silence, as Storm was suddenly
      chest to chest, eye to eye, and thigh to thigh with the thief, found
      herself staring intensely into his gaze.

      His hands were entangled with hers, and despite her rushing blood, she
      could feel his rapid heartbeat beneath hers.

      Good... God.

      A movement from Logan made them body jerk away, Storm scrambling off of
      Remy and turning back to the now awake Logan.

      "Logan, what's wrong?"

      Logan looked livid, furious. His sweaty body was heaving, and he barely
      glanced at Storm before he howled, the sound so painful and angry and
      Remy once again stepped between them.

      But Logan didn't even give him a second look, he went straight for the
      tree nearest him, burying his claws in them in punches, again, and
      again, until his fists were raw and bleeding.

      Storm crossed her arms, stopping Remy when he stepped forward, shaking
      her head almost imperceptibly.

      They both waited as Logan vented, the poor tree getting a good dose of
      hits, before the man turned, his eyes narrowed, his voice barely above
      a growl. "I saw her. I saw her. And that FUCKING BASTARD was using me
      to get to her."

      "What?" Remy's eyes were wide with concern.

      "He... he... he was on TOP of her... as ME. Kissing her and hugging
      her... and... her breast... with MY MARIE."

      Storm felt her heart skip a beat, shaking her head. "You had a vision,

      "A dream," he repeated, now down on his haunches, pawing the ground,
      the tendons standing out on his arms. "She's with that guy. That...
      Augustus... he wants to make her... to give in to him... and he can
      touch her. He can touch her. And he used that..." he took deep breaths,
      trying to calm down, the anger so palatable Storm could feel it
      infecting her, infecting Remy. "Used ME... to touch her... to try and
      be with her and CONVINCE her... And she's weakening. She has this
      damned idea that he put into her head that if she ... does whatever...
      she can be with me..." His eyes were moist, and the hot drops slid down
      his face, flying from his face when he looked pleadingly up at them.
      "We have to find her now."

      Remy's body was trembling, and by instinct Storm moved closer, a hand
      on his arm. Another palm covered hers, and Remy pulled her closer, his
      tense body using hers as comfort.

      She looked down at Logan, her other hand reached out, and when the
      older man grabbed it, she clenched it tightly, linking the trio.

      "We will." She swallowed, and released them both, turning. "But we need
      help. We need the X-men."

      Logan stiffened, and Remy's eyes narrowed, but she shook her head,
      warding off their arguments before they could mount them. "I mean it.
      They're not the enemy. They've been helping us. If they weren't with us
      they would have caught up to us a long time ago."

      Logan's voice was still hoarse with emotion, as he whispered,
      "Something tells me they already have."

      The whir of the jet didn't hit Storm until now, as she turned to see
      the machine lighting down on the ground.

      It wasn't on the ground for a second before Jean stepped out, followed
      by the younger X-men.

      Storm cocked her head, eyeing the uniforms that they all wore, arms
      crossed as the two men stood behind her, viewed the scene, and their
      colleagues, warily.

      But Jean paid them no attention, eyes only for Storm as she jogged up
      to her, and said breathlessly, �We found him.�


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