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FF: The Splintering Touch (07)

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  • Melissa Flores
    TITLE: The Splintering Touch AUTHOR : Melissa Flores EMAIL: mistiec_flores@yahoo.com GENRE: X-Men: The Movie, Wolverine/Rogue, ensemble RATING: R for violence
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2000
      TITLE: The Splintering Touch
      AUTHOR : Melissa Flores
      EMAIL: mistiec_flores@...
      GENRE: X-Men: The Movie, Wolverine/Rogue, ensemble
      RATING: R for violence and language, and sensuality
      SUMMARY: While Rogue attempts to bring her desperation under control,
      the X-men launch a rescue mission to find their missing colleague,
      unaware that another group is looking for her as well, with very
      different intentions in mind.
      DISTRIBUTION: Reality is Nothing But a Collective Hunch, List Archives.
      Anyone who has the rest of the Fatal Caress Series can post this one as
      SERIES: Story IV in the Fatal Caress Series:

      NOTES: Yeah, that's right. This is another fic from one of those pesky
      Angst Grrls. This is a direct sequel to �A Hazy Shade of Winter�,
      picking up where it left off. It will also be resolved in the last
      story of this series, �Slippery When Wet�. Also, this story is about
      the painful art of seduction. Rogue and Wolverine are both in it,
      though quite often not in the same scenes. But stick with me, and I�ll
      take you through the story, and I hope it�ll be worth it as we work to
      getting these two back together. I�ve also got some other pairings, in
      here, so be on the look out.
      WARNING: While I'm familiar with the comics, I never really got into
      them, so to be on the safe side, let's just say that I've departed
      completely from them.
      DEDICATION: To my Angst Grrls, always. Diebin for waiting up for me
      when I lost my internet connection and giving me nice soundless "meeps"
      and saying I tore her heart out. For my Nancy babe and Nickley, for
      being the most awesomest internet best buds a gal could have. For the
      rest of my Angst Grrls, Kate, Shana, Elizabeth, and the rest. You rock.
      Thanks for the beta and the support. Special thanks to Sarah, Mel,
      Kawy, Lori and Chris for the beta read.
      Rupert Everett as AUGUSTUS
      Matthew McConaughey as GAMBIT

      CHAPTERS :
      You can look but
      You can't touch
      I don't think I like you much
      Heaven knows what a girl can do
      Heaven knows what you've got to prove

      I think I'm paranoid
      And complicated
      I think I'm paranoid

      Bend me break me
      Anyway you need me
      All I want is you
      Bend me break me
      Breaking down is easy
      All I want is you

      I fall down just to give you a thrill
      Prop me up with another pill
      If I should fail
      If I should fold
      I nailed my faith to the sticking pole
      I think I'm paranoid
      I think I'm paranoid
      And complicated
      I think I'm paranoid
      I think I'm paranoid

      Steal me deal me anyway you heal me
      Maim me, tame me, you can never change me
      Love me, like me, come ahead and fight me
      Please me, tease me, go ahead and leave me

      Bend me break me
      Anyway you need me
      As long as I want you baby it's alright

      Bend me break me
      Anyway you need me
      As long as I want you baby it's alright

      Garbage - I think I�m Paranoid



      For a Saturday night, the bar was definitely not as packed as it should
      have been. Dakota grimaced, and then sighed, taking his baseball cap
      off to give his sweating forehead some air before winding through the
      pool tables.

      �Yo! Dakota!� He nodded to the group of men standing around the corner,
      beer bottles in their hands, and he gave the place a dissatisfied
      growl. It was the same here, every night. Never any different. Just the
      same two bit people in a two bit town where everyone knew everyone
      else�s business and no one gave a damn.

      Just once, he wanted something or someone or damn near anything to come
      in and sweep through this place and give it a blast of fresh air. It
      seemed dead to him. Hell not like he was ever goin� anywhere, but..
      still� a man liked a little variety.

      Sliding into the stool, he greeted his bar buddies the usual way.


      �Hey yourself, Dakky.� Jake, a young guy of thirty with a thinning
      hairline and a beer belly, slapped him on the shoulder, handing him a
      beer. �What do you think? Think it�ll be a good night tonight?�

      He shrugged, answered in a non-committed voice, �Is it ever?�

      �Oh, someone�s a little grouchy,� remarked Jim, Jake�s brother, who had
      an even further receded hairline and an even bigger beer belly. �What�s
      a matter? Martha not want to give the pickle a little tickle today?�

      �Shut up,� was his growl, raising the bottle to his lips and taking a
      slug of it, he narrowed his eyes around the murky establishment he had
      been frequenting since before he could drive.

      It was exactly the same. Nothing had changed.

      Hell, this might as well have been the same bottle. It sure tasted like

      He spit the beer back into the bottle, and made a face. �Shit, Harry!�
      he called out to the bartender. �What is this, piss?�

      �It�s the best you're going to get, Dakky. So you may as well shut up
      and drink it. We�re not Hooters.�

      �But don�t we wish,� sniggered Jimmy, pulling out a deck of cards as
      his eyes roved over the crowd. �Not a good looker in the bunch.� He
      sighed wearily, leaning against the wooden bar stained with cigarette
      burns and knife etchings. �Guess it�ll be Samantha again.�

      �Why don�t you just suck it up and marry her, man? One day she�s going
      to end up pregnant and those five brothers of hers will whip your ass
      to kingdom come.�

      Dakota rolled his eyes and tuned out the conversation that they seemed
      to have every night, glaring at his bottle instead of listening.

      He was about to complain to Harry again when suddenly Jimmy and Jason
      stopped their yapping and gasped.

      Looking up, he found them staring at the door, their faces transfixed.

      Curious, he turned to see what had caused the commotion, and suddenly
      found his stomach drop, almost falling off the stool with it.


      �Who the hell IS that?!� whispered Jimmy.

      Exactly his question.

      The figure that stood in the doorway was incredible. She wore all
      black, slim fitting, revealing a figure that was�. Hell it was
      downright sinful. At least he thought it was. There was a black coat
      around her, and it seemed to swirl in the frigid wind in the open door,
      blowing off the hood, almost as if she had flown in.

      He sucked in his breath.

      Gadzooks. She was pretty. Her eyes were dark and so� damn� deep� and
      her young face was flawless, with these pouting lips and these cheeks�

      But that wasn�t the most amazing part.

      The most amazing part was her hair. It was long and brown, and wavy and
      tumbly� and her bangs, they were white. Shocking white.

      She didn�t notice anyone in the room, not looking or caring that anyone
      was staring. She merely let the door close behind her, not seeming to
      notice the sudden silence at all, and glided to the bar.

      That�s right. She didn�t walk. She glided.

      Sliding onto the stool about ten feet away from them, she leaned
      forward, summoning Harry with a quirk of her finger.

      The bartender sucked in his breath, and almost fell over his feet in
      his attempt to serve her.

      Jimmy whistled under his breath as she leaned up, and over the bar in
      an attempt to whisper into Harry�s ear.

      �What an ass.�

      �What?� Dakota tore his seconds from her form long enough to glare at
      him. �You can�t even SEE IT.�

      �I can see through it.�

      �Pssst� hey� did you get a load of her hair?� Jason whispered, coming
      around and cocking her head. �You think maybe she�s a mutant?�

      �A mutant! In these parts?�

      �Well come on! I mean, she don�t look like she�s from around here.�

      �Mutant or not, I wouldn�t mind getting me a piece of that.�

      �Oh will you guys shut the hell up?� Dakota growled, slamming his
      bottle down and glaring at them. �She �ain�t no mutant, and hell, even
      if she was, she wouldn�t give either of you balding idiots the time of

      Jimmy looked taken aback, but Jason just narrowed his eyebrow, slugging
      back another chug.

      �What, and she�ll look at you, Dakota?�

      �Hell, I�ve got more chance than either of you ass holes.�

      Jimmy was about to say something, but Jason clamped his hand on his
      shoulder, and just smiled. �Alright, Dakky. Prove it. Go talk to her.�

      His throat suddenly felt a bit tighter. �What?�

      �You heard me, Stud. You think you can have a shot at her? Go get her.�

      Jimmy smirked and Jason glared, and Dakota glared right back, taking
      his pissy beer and slugging it down, feeling his heart racing.

      Screw that. He was no damn coward.

      Getting up, he slammed the bottle down, and took a breath, turning to
      the direction of the woman with the white bangs.

      He heard laughter behind him, and reached behind him, showing his
      buddies his very straight middle finger.

      She didn�t look at him as he sat down next to her. Her short black
      gloves hadn�t been taken off, and they were misted over the coke that
      she had taken, her face hidden by the tumbles of her hair.

      �Ummm� hey.�

      She paused, and then straightened slightly, turning to look at him.

      He sucked his breath, running his hand nervously through his hair and

      Damn she was pretty.

      �Can I buy you a drink?�

      She regarded him for a minute, her face passive, stone almost, and her
      eyes this dark color that was so full of moisture he wasn�t sure what
      color her eyes were.

      �Ah have a drink,� she responded flatly, turning away.

      He was too busy pondering her accent to realize she had just blown him

      �Wow. Southern?�

      �How�d you guess?� was the dry remark.

      �Well you have an accent?�

      �Really?� She turned, raised a perfectly arched eyebrow and looked him
      up and down. �Seems to me you�ve got the accent.�

      He stared at her blankly, and then suddenly laughed nervously. �Oh
      cause of� my speech� and YOUR speech. I get it.�

      She kept the arch raised, and gazed at him for one long minute, before
      her face softened slightly and she leaned forward.

      �What�s your name, sugah?�


      �Dakota,� she repeated, shaking her head. �Figures. Dakota, can Ah give
      you some well meant advice?�


      �You see a woman in all black sittin� alone on purpose, it�s usually
      cause she don�t want company, you got it?�

      He grinned slightly. �Well ma�am with all due respect, you�re a
      stranger, and well� we don�t get many strangers here.�

      Her dark eyes lifted to the bar and it�s surroundings, and a rueful
      smile ventured onto her face. �Ah can imagine why.� She took a
      breath, and sighed, turning to him. �Dakota, that was a hint. Ah don�t
      want company. Now I realize those trucker types over there are givin�
      you a hard time, and at the moment Ah don�t really want to be reminded
      of truckers, so, Ah�m going to smile very widely,� this she did,
      flashing him a brilliant smile that made her entire face seem to
      sparkle, �And tell you very softly to go away, before Ah do somethin�
      that I�ll regret.�

      He felt his heart drop slightly, and then felt it skip a beat when the
      beautiful woman�s eyes fairly flashed.

      �Right, I can take a hint,� he muttered, sliding off the stool. He
      heard snorts behind him and sucked in his breath. �Can I at least get a
      hand shake or your name or something?�

      She paused, cocking her head, drawing in a frustrated breath. �Ah�m not
      in the mood for talkin�.�

      �Then what are you doing in a bar?�

      �Runnin�.� Was the soft answer. He barely heard her, and when he did,
      he thought he misheard her.

      The sting of the rejection flowed through him, and Dakota felt himself

      Bitch. He was just trying to be nice.

      �Right well. Miss�. It was nice to meet you. I hope you won�t be a

      He reached out a sweaty palm, and her eyes drifted down, looking at it.
      There was another group of snickers and he looked over the shoulders
      and glared at his companions.

      Looking back at her, the way the white bangs framed the pale face, it
      was almost as if he was looking at some sort of dark angel.

      �Are you a mutant?�

      Her eyes widened, and she suddenly coughed, a smile floating on her
      lips. �Excuse me?�

      He saw the surprise on her face at the question and suddenly coughed,
      feeling acutely embarrassed. �Stupid question, it�s just� one of my
      buddies thought that and� nevermind.�

      Her eyes narrowed, but she didn�t say anything.

      His face burned red, and he sneaked another glance at Harry and Jimmy
      and Jason, all laughing and pointing at him.

      Hell it seemed the whole damn bar was laughing at him.

      Hell he was never going to hear the end of this�

      He felt his gaze slide down to her moist, full lips, and felt a smile
      curl onto his face. He�d stolen a kiss before�

      Just a kiss and he�d let her go� the frail thing wouldn�t know what hit
      her� hell she might even like it�

      And those damn bastards down the bar could eat their words.

      �Come on, just a shake.� He continued to extend his palm, and finally
      the Southern stranger shrugged and nestled her palm gently in his,
      shaking it slightly before trying to pull away.

      He kept his grip firm, and with a whoop of victory he pulled, bringing
      her up and against his chest.

      His mouth descended quickly, and his lips were met with a gloved hand.

      With a sudden push, he was suddenly flung against the bar with such
      force he could feel the breath knocked out of him as the wood connected
      with his back, and his eyes widened.

      What the hell? She couldn�t have�

      And her eyes flashed, so dark and hell� dangerous�.


      �Ah told you to go away,� she whispered. �Ah�ve got a man with a very
      bad temper in mah head and I WARNED YOU.� And her hands pulled at her
      gloves, freeing one as the whole bar watched in terrified silence.

      With that amazing strength she had demonstrated when she had slid him
      into the bar, she grabbed him by the scruff of his shirt, pulling him
      down to her level.

      �Wanna touch, sugah?� And suddenly her fingers were on his face.

      He jerked, suddenly falling to the floor, his eyes wide as he felt the
      oddest sensations, so� weak� so�

      She let him fall, watching with a conflicted face.

      A gun cocking made her head suddenly turn, and Harry glared, his shot
      gun in her face. �Get out of my bar, freak.�

      The line just seemed to make her smile, and with a quickness that made
      the bartender jump, she pulled the gun away and bent the barrel in

      Hands running through her hair, she looked down at the man who was
      shaking on the floor.

      �He won�t die,� she drawled. �Just goin� to be weak for while.�

      �What did you do to HIM?!� cried someone.

      And she merely shook her head, her eyes suddenly moist as she pushed
      her away through the crowd.

      The doors were flung open, the winds filled the bar and seconds later,
      the woman in all black was no where to be found.

      It was as if she had disappeared, and the only evidence of her earlier
      presence was the ruined gun and the shaking man on the floor, both
      victims of her splintering touch.


      Melissa Flores aka Misty
      Reality is Nothing But a Collective Hunch -

      Founding member of PETS:
      People for the Ethical Treatment of Scott

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