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New fic: T for trouble?

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  • Dani Kerins
    Enjoy. Hope y all like it :) Title: T for trouble? Author: Danielle Kerins. E-mail: kaniele@eircom.net Category: X-men/bit of
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2000
      Enjoy. Hope y'all like it :)

      Title: T for trouble?

      Author: Danielle Kerins.



      Category: X-men/bit of everything-humour-angst-romance-drama.

      Rating: M

      'Ship: we'll see...

      Disclaimer: All belongs to Bryan Singer, Stan Lee, Marvel Comics, 20th Century Fox and all those other lucky peeps. T belongs to me in a sense. This is based on someone I know and is a tribute to them for being a great, brill friend. I have full permission to use her.

      Archive: My site, Kielle's site and anyone else who wants it, please take it. :)

      Summary: What happens when a new kick-ass mutant joins the X-men. Trouble ensues. BTW the conversation between Bobby and John are basically what goes on in a typical conversation between me and a friend of mine. Yes we know we're weird and we are considering professional help :)

      Feedback: Please Please Please.

      Dedication: To the best friend a girl could have... 'cos you know...whatever :)


      "Yo Bobby, wait up!"

      Robert Drake turned just in time to get smacked in the head with a football.

      "Whoops heads up!" St.John Allerdyce ran up to his friend and peered over him, a worried look on his face.

      "You okay man?"

      "I was" Bobby sighed and held out his hand.

      "Help me up" John grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet. He brushed off his pants and glanced around furtively hoping no one saw him fall.

      As he turned back to St.John he remembered what had just happened. Bringing a hand up, he rubbed his head and said, "What the hell was that for?"

      "Sorry, I thought that you'd have caught the ball."

      "I would've, if I'd had any warning!!"

      John shrugged. "Whatever, Hey you going out tonight with us?"

      "I dunno, the fact that Mr. summers is letting us out to the movies means that there's obviously nothing good on. Besides I have to finish that history essay for Ms. Monroe."

      John stopped turned to his friend and planted a hand squarely on his chest.

      "Mr. drake" He said in a stern voice. "You seem to be missing the whole point of this little 'field-trip'."

      He waggled his eyebrows at Bobby. "The point is to look at girls, stare at them and hopefully pick one up."

      Bobby smiled. "You're forgetting one little detail."

      John looked at him blankly. "What?"


      "What about him?"

      "Oh yeah, like we're going to be able to stare at girls let alone pick one up with him looking over our shoulders."

      "Ah, my friend you should know by now that your friend the wise St.John Allerdyce wouldn't let you down."

      "Huh?" Bobby stared at him with a confused look. John sighed and rolled his eyes. Throwing an arm around his friend’s shoulders he led him over to the bench near them and sat him down.

      He stood in front of Bobby and crossed his arms.

      "Miss Grey." He said simply.

      Bobby looked at him expectantly and when he realised that his friend was not going to volunteer any more information he said in frustration


      He gestured with his hands for John to continue. John looked at his friend in pity and sat down beside him.

      "Oh brain dead one, haven't you worked it out yet?"

      Bobby gave him a warning look.

      "Ok ok, as I was saying Miss. Grey is now also known as Mrs. Summers."

      "Yeah" Bobby nodded remembering the wedding over six months ago. Jean had looked hot in that dress.

      Realisation dawned on him.

      "Their anniversary."

      "Yes, finally he catches on."

      "But wait, if I'm right" He said doing the math in his head "They should have celebrated that last Saturday."

      "Yeah they should have but don't you remember what happened last Saturday..." Bobby cast his mind back seven days and would have laughed at the image that popped into his head if it hadn't been so disturbing.

      "Jeez John. Did ya have to remind me of that??"

      "Yeah I know I know" His friend said sympathetically shaking his head.

      "Believe me the sight of Gambit drunk and dancing around the flag pole naked is not one of my favourite images."

      "Poor Rogue, I hear she keeps taking showers after he carried her around with him."

      "Well Kitty hasn't slept in four days because of the trauma." The boys looked at each other and laughed before shaking their heads.

      "No it's not funny," They both said before bursting out laughing again.

      "Anyway," John wheezed wiping the tears form his eyes. "As I was saying, because of that whole 'Debacle' the resident lovebirds didn't get a chance to celebrate."

      "Yeah, I can really see how hearing Remy sing 'All you need is love' butt naked outside the kitchen window during their 'romantic dinner' really helped the mood."

      He dissolved into a fit of giggles once again.

      "I know" John agreed. "Okay" He composed himself. "You gonna let me finish??!!"

      "Go ahead." Bobby took a deep breath.

      "Okay, so they didn't get to celebrate their anniversary."

      "I bet Cyclops was pissed. I wonder what he did to Remy. You know he hasn't spoken in a week and it looks like he had a burn mark on his shoulder although it could be a sting. I mean it is summer and there are a lot of bugs around, especially at night." Bobby pondered and looked at John.

      His face was as red as Scott's visor.

      "Shut up" He fumed.

      "Sorry" John opened his mouth to continue but stopped giving a warning look to Bobby. Bobby widened his eyes innocently.

      "Ok for the last time, they didn't celebrate their anniversary."

      "Why do people celebrate six month anniversary's anyway, as if a year ain't enough."

      John launched on him and shook him.

      "Shut up shut up shut up!!" He stopped abruptly as he caught sight of a group of the younger students staring at the two from across the lawn.

      John smiled let go of Bobby's collar and smoothed his shirt for him.

      "It’s okay Kids nothing to see here."

      "Okay, I swear I'm gonna have grey hairs by the end of this."

      "Y'all ready do." Bobby said wickedly mimicking Rogue.

      "Shut up"


      "Okay so.....They haven't celebrated the thing so this weekend since so many kids want to go to the movies and therefore they need all the teachers and Logan to supervise."

      Bobby nodded. "Okay"

      John continued. "Miss Grey is going to take advantage of this opportunity. You see Scott and Jean's first date was to the movies and Jean thought it would be romantic to re-enact this. She's gonna wear an updated version of what she wore on the first date and have all the stuff that happened on the first date happen again. I think it's kinda lame."

      "Wait, How do you know this?"

      "I overheard Miss Grey and Miss Monroe talk about it after science class yesterday."


      "Right so Scott is obviously gonna be distracted and Miss Monroe and Logan are well you know.."


      "Jeez you're blind!! They are into each other."

      "No way"

      "Yes, watch em sometime!"

      "Okay so while all the teachers are occupied.."

      "We are free to do what we want." John smiled.


      "Yeah" They sat back in the bench.

      Bobby looked at his watch.

      "Hey you know this conversation only took us a half hour. Personal best eh?" He poked John in the ribs.

      John glanced sideways and shot him a murderous look. "Shut up"


      That Night.

      "Watch it Kid."

      "Sorry Mr. Logan." Bobby laughed as he saw the young mutant bump into Logan and proceeded to tremble like a bowl of jelly. He walked over to the group of teenagers hanging by the wall covered in movie posters.


      "Hey sugah" Rogue drawled and sidled up to Bobby.

      "Do me a favour keep that thing away from me."

      "Ah Chere! You know Gambit is very sorry petite."

      "I mean it" She shot a warning glance Remy before turning to Bobby. "Keep him away from me, Do anything Freeze him if you must. Or I'll be forced to remove my gloves"

      Gambit shrunk back. Bobby laughed "Okay."

      Bobby leaned against the wall.

      "Hey shut the f**k up"

      Startled he looked up. Across the street what looked like a brawl had commenced. Scott and Storm rushed over to the group dropping the tickets.

      "Kids get back."

      "Kids I ask you!" Jubilee said indignantly.

      "Be quiet" kitty said her eyes transfixed on the scene before her.

      The gang across the street had separated into two groups. Bobby noticed a young girl in the middle of it.

      Her eyes flashed with anger.

      "Hey , watch who you're telling to shut up."

      A Tall mean looking guy with tattoos of skulls gracing his arms walked up to her.

      "Why baby, what'cha gonna do about it?"

      Bobby glanced sideways at Logan who was clasping his hands together.

      "Don't get involved Wolverine, I mean it" Scott said quietly in a warning tone.

      "I won't if I don't have to, That's all I can promise Cyke"

      Bobby looked back at the young girl. She was about his age; sixteen and she spoke with an accent that sounded British maybe Scottish. He couldn't tell. She wasn't American that's for sure. She was striking to look at. She was short but slim with shoulder length black hair done in a "Rogue style" with the ends and her fringe coloured a dark purple.

      Against her dark hair and pale skin the effect in the street lamps light was amazing. Bobby was mesmerised. Her long dark coat swished against her legs as she walked towards the man.

      "You wanna know what I'm gonna do about it? Okay" She smiled and then quick as lightening turned and as her coat spun with her she stretched out her leg and brought it up in a roundhouse kick. Despite her small stature she lifted her leg high enough so that it connected with her opponents jaw. Crack.

      At that sound all hell broke loose. Both gangs went for each other. Logan launched himself towards them but was held back by Scott with some difficulty.

      "Did you see that?" Kitty whispered in awe. Sirens pierced the night, the wailing loud and clear.

      The girl looked up and throwing aside her attacker with ease she shouted"Let's get the hell out of here!"

      The group of mutants watched as the gang the girl was in crossed the street towards them.

      As the young girl ran past she looked at Bobby and to his surprise her eyes flashed once again this time not in anger but in a blinding light the same purple as her hair.

      The group gasped.

      Logan whistled softly. "Shit"

      As the girl disappeared into the night her long coat flapping behind her Bobby stared after her in shock.

      ‘She’s a mutant’ He thought as he was hustled back into the Movie theatre by Storm. ‘She's a mutant’ he repeated a small smile spreading across his face as he followed the group inside.


      Feedback Please :)

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