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Fic: The Bet 3/3

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    Title/Part: The Bet 3/3 Author: Shana Nolan E-Mail: dpangel@thegrid.net Genre: humour Rating: PG; no real language, sex nor violence. Archive: myself,
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      Title/Part: The Bet 3/3
      Author: Shana Nolan
      E-Mail: dpangel@...
      Genre: humour
      Rating: PG; no real language, sex nor violence.
      Archive: myself, Melissa's, X-Grrls, Diebin's fic closet, others ask
      Spoilers: the movie (but I'm a comics grrl too). I'm also assuming J/S are
      engaged, not married, at this point.
      Beta: I am a beta, so I looked this over and made suggestions to myself. :)
      other than that, I'm just too erratic and impatient to have someone else
      look things over.
      Summary: Scott and Logan make a bet for the bike.
      Disclaimers: Fox and Marvel Entertainment Group have the X-Men and their
      movie. Stan Lee, I worship at your feet. I don't own anyone, I don't intend
      to sell this and LFL/Fox owns the movies I will soon be mocking into the
      foundation of the Salem Center on Greymalkin Lane. all hail God King Lucas.
      any disparaging Etch-a-Sketch, Kubrick and computer remarks are the fault of
      the POS
      that doesn't recognise my MP3s right now. no money, no sue, no powers. but
      my CB handle was Phoenix (great, date yourself, why don't you).
      Comments: are welcome. Flames, however, are only accepted from a mutant
      named Pyro and even he knows better.


      "I think that would be entirely possible, but we can't implement it right

      "It'd be good for the students. They need something so they can feel a
      little closer to normal, Professor."

      Charles Xavier smiled warmly at the tall woman walking next to him. Ororo
      really seemed to look after the school's students, something he greatly
      appreciated from one of his own former pupils. "Yes, Ororo, I know. Let's
      get through the final exams first, though."

      "Alright. Have you seen Jean today?"

      Pausing, easing up on the motor control of the highly stylised wheelchair,
      Xavier paused and scanned the school with his mind. "As a point of fact,
      no, but she, Scott and Logan are in the lounge."

      "Scott and Logan."

      The dubious tone was obvious. "Nothing seems amiss."

      Pursing a lip, Ororo nodded. "I think I'll go and check on her; we have a
      shopping trip planned with Rogue."

      "I'll accompany you, then, to the lounge."

      Brushing an errant strand of white hair out of her eyes, she nodded.




      Despite the fact that the ruby quartz afforded some protection from the
      sunlight streaking through the open blinds, Scott Summers averted his gaze
      and winced. The lance of pain in his head could be only one thing: a
      hangover. "Yes?"

      Jean sat up and yawned, feeling the kink in her back from sleeping somewhere
      other than their bed. Thank god she had stopped drinking when she did...
      "Still alive?"

      His response was a grunt.

      Tucking unruly hair behind her ears, she stood, stepped over Scott's legs
      and paused, standing in front of the other still form. "Logan?"

      His arms crossed over his chest, he opened his eyes, the hazel gaze feral
      and clear. "Morning, Red."

      The doctor in her felt a pang of envy over Logan's lucidity. The more she
      saw his healing ability in action, the more she wished she could bottle it
      and use it as a cure-all. "Hi."

      Loosing his arms and stretching, scratching a hand absently through the
      beard, Logan stood up and cast a glance to Scott, who was massaging his
      temples. Breaking into a laugh, he stood haughtily. "Guess this means I
      get the bike."

      Backing up, suddenly a little -too- close to the wrong man in the room, Jean
      shook her head. "Not so fast."

      "Excuse me?"

      "Neither of you lasted all the way through."

      Scott groaned and stood, making a careful way to the bathroom to wash his

      "Wait a minute here."

      She crossed her arms at him. "It wasn't who had the hangover, it was who
      lasted out the game. Neither of you did."

      "So being fully alert right after waking up has nothing to do with winning?"

      A "that's right" came floating out of the bathroom.

      Jean shrugged.

      "The bike's mine. I kept up with the movies the whole way through."

      "You were out cold before the Ewoks."

      "I was not," Logan growled.

      "I'm a doctor, Logan, you can't fool me."

      "Then Cyclops here gets to keep it?"

      His eyes closed as he cleaned the glasses with a towel, Scott nodded.
      "Sounds that way."

      Jean shook her head. "Nope."



      "It's mine."

      "Now wait just a second, you weren't--"

      "Jean, you're not serious--?!"

      "You weren't in on this bet!"

      Walking over and taking the towel from Scott's hands as he replaced the
      glasses over his eyes, Jean gave both of them silencing stares. "Neither of
      you will be happy until someone -fairly- takes full ownership of the
      motorcycle, and that's not going to happen today, if ever. So, I'm taking
      it. That way you two have no reason to fight."

      Logan's lip curled into a snarl.

      "Give me the keys, Scott."

      "But nothing's changed, it's--"

      "Keys," she ordered, "or I'll let you suffer through this hangover."


      His last protest cut off by the clicking of the lounge doors as they opened,
      all three of them froze when Ororo and Xavier entered the room.

      Jean coughed and partially blocked the haggard appearance of her fiancé.

      "Ah, good morning. Now I see where the three of you have been all night."

      Not entirely embarrassed over being seen like this, Logan eased his stance.
      "Just a friendly game."

      Xavier pursed a lip. He knew better. The other two in the room, Scott
      lurking in the background as to not draw attention to himself, Jean
      apparently chagrined over being caught, knew that they couldn't hide the
      truth from him.

      But they were sure trying.

      Letting a patient smile ease the tension in the room, Xavier nodded. "Of
      course. Now if you don't mind I have some duties to attend to. I'll see
      you all later."

      "Yes, professor."

      "Yes, professor."

      Waiting until he was safely out of earshot, not that it really made a
      difference, Scott exhaled and shook his head. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I
      need some aspirin."


      Ororo gave Jean a confused look. "Did I miss something?"

      Jean smiled at the other woman and then set a hand on Scott's neck. "Yes.
      I'll fill you in later. Keys."

      "In my jacket pocket," was the surrendered reply.

      Logan cocked his head. "If I knew it would go this way, I would have bet
      you, Jean."

      She smiled at him. "But you didn't Logan. If you do get a headache,
      there's some analgesics in the unlocked cupboard in the clinic."

      "Sure. Nice bettin' with ya, laserbrain."

      Scott half nodded, ignoring the white streaks in his vision.

      Ororo watched as Logan strode out of the lounge, absently humming the Star
      Wars theme. Glancing to the couple towards the side of the room, she
      pointed at the collection of empty bottles. "This was a bet?"

      "Yes. A lost one at that," Jean responded, looking over Scott with a
      medical eye. "Anything else besides your head hurt?"

      "Won't be eating for half the day, if that's what you're asking."

      "As long as your electrolytes are good, that's not a problem." Leaning in
      and kissing him briefly, she set her lips close to his ear. "I'll give you
      back the keys tonight if you can handle my terms."

      His eyes widened behind the glasses. "Jean?"

      With a smile, she backed away and crossed the room to the other woman. "Now
      go and lay down for a bit. I'm off to shop."

      Still finding the light too much to handle, Scott nodded and sat himself
      back down on the couch, groaning a little as the movement jarred his spine
      up to his skull. This was going to be a long afternoon, and the day had
      just begun.

      And he had still lost the bike.

      But at least this way he stood a chance at getting it back without grievous
      bodily harm.



      END :)


      "You actually go outside in these things?"
      "What would you prefer, yellow spandex?" X-Men (the movie)
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