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FIC: Frozen [1/1] {PG, Bobby/Rogue}

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  • Samantha McCullah
    TITLE: Frozen [1/1] AUTHOR: Samantha McCullah EMAIL: kali_neba@hotmail.com DISTRIBUTION: My site, Kielle s archive, List archive. Anyone else, ask and you ll
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 29, 2000
      TITLE: Frozen [1/1]
      AUTHOR: Samantha McCullah
      EMAIL: kali_neba@...
      DISTRIBUTION: My site, Kielle's archive, List archive. Anyone else, ask and
      you'll get it.
      RATING/CONTENT: PG, Bobby/Rogue, a tiny bit of Logan/Rogue (just a little),
      the lyrics are from 'Frozen' by Madonna
      SUMMARY: Two friends have a heart-to-heart
      DISCLAIMER: Not mine. Marvel owns the lot of 'em.

      You only see what your eyes want to see
      How can life be what you want it to be
      You're frozen when your heart's not open

      She used to come up here to wait for him. One of the many rolling hills
      surrounding the mansion, this specific one had a perfect view of Greymalkin
      Lane and the gate to Xavier's School.

      She used to sit up there and wait, listening for the roar of Mr. Summers'
      bike signaling his return. Long after he had faded from her mind and her
      senses had returned to normal, she still waited. Kept hoping that someday
      she'd be sitting up there and he'd come back.

      Eventually, she gave up waiting, but she kept returning to the hill. It had
      become her quiet place, her sanctuary. She brought her homework up here so
      Jubilee wouldn't try to copy her answers, and she brought the occasional
      fiction book she had time to read, so she wouldn't be disturbed by Kitty and
      Piotr's constant debates.

      More importantly, she went to the top of that hill to get away, to forget
      about the X-Men, to pretend to be normal for once.

      Rogue sighed, dropping her arm, causing her book to slap against her leg.
      Sighing again, she ran a gloved hand across her features and let her body
      fall back against the ground. She rolled over on her side to press her face
      into the coolness of the soft grass.

      Except the grass was colder than it should have been. In fact it was
      freezing. It was also no longer soft. It was quite hard and rather sharp.

      Rogue cracked an eye open to stare at the now white and glistening tufts of
      grass surrounding her. She opened both eyes fully and rose slightly to glare
      at a small clump of trees.

      "Robert Drake," she growled. "You better get out here before Ah go in there
      after ya!" The branches on one of the closest trees rustled slightly as a
      lithe form dropped to the ground. The blond haired teenager grinned
      sheepishly at her.

      "Sorry," he offered, walking up the hill. "Couldn't resist," he shrugged.

      Rogue rolled her eyes as she rose to a full sitting position. "You," she
      jabbed a finger in his direction, "Have an impulse control problem."

      "Yeah," Bobby replied, plopping down on the ground next to her. "That's what
      the Prof. called it." Rogue watched in amazement as the ice around them
      melted quickly, seemingly receding back into the boy's frame.

      "Ya gettin' better at that," Rogue stated.

      "Yep. The Professor says that if I'm gonna join the team next year, I need
      to get better control." He held up his hand and stared at it with narrowed
      eyes. Slowly, a thing layer of ice began to cover it. Bobby grunted softly
      then dropped his hand. "That's all I can do right now, but if I practice, I
      think I cover myself completely."

      "Won't that be a little chilly?" Rogue asked, a small grin playing on her

      "Maybe, maybe not," he shrugged. "Guess I'll find out when I do it." Bobby
      glanced over at her. "What about you?"

      "What about me?" Rogue asked, staring down at her gloved hands.

      "You gonna join or not when we graduate? We'd love to have you," he grinned,
      raising his eyebrows at his innuendo.

      "You'd love to have anythin', Robert Drake," she smirked in response.

      "That's not true!" he protested, making a face, "I wouldn't love to have
      Piotr." Rogue chuckled softly at that.

      "Kitty'd have ya hide if ya tried," she grinned.

      "Very true. She'd probably phase something sharp into my chest." He glanced
      over at her, his face growing serious. Reaching out a hand, he nudged her
      shoulder. "You gonna answer me?"

      "Ah don't know," she shrugged. "You gonna leave me alone?" Bobby shook his
      head. "Didn't figure." She sighed, heavily. "Ah don't really have a choice.
      Can't really go off to school." She glanced up at the school's gate. "Can't
      really do anythin' else," she whispered. Bobby scooted closer to her and
      placed an arm around her shoulders, pulling her into a hug. They sat there
      in silence until Rogue's body began shuddering.

      "You crying?" Bobby whispered.

      "Yeah," Rogue stated her voice shaky. Bobby only nodded in response, one arm
      tightening around her as he removed the other. He glanced down at his hand,
      activating his power. He thickened the layer of ice on his hand until he
      felt it was at a safe level. He slowly pulled Rogue away from him and lifted
      his frozen hand and brushed the tears off her face. She glanced up at him,
      her eyes wide.

      "Knew that would work," he grinned slightly. He lifted his hand again and
      touched her lips. She pulled back slightly, more out of instinct than
      anything else. Her eyes widened again as she felt her lips grow numb as a
      layer of ice began to form on them. She tried to ask him what he was doing,
      but just as she opened her mouth, she found Bobby's lips pressed against her
      frozen ones. Her body went rigid at the first contact, preparing to push him
      away, but when nothing happened, she relaxed, wrapping an arm around his

      Barely a second into the kiss, a familiar tingling began at the back of her
      mind. She hurriedly pushed Bobby away, but not before her power activated
      and a tiny bit of his psyche invaded her mind. She leaned away from him, her
      breath coming in ragged gasps, both from the kiss and the adrenaline from
      the near-absorption. She stared at Bobby, trying to sort out his added
      memories in her head. Her eyes widened as the feelings connected.

      Bobby Drake was in love. With her.

      Well, not love, she corrected, a deep affection that could grow into
      something more given time.

      "What do you think you were doing?" she demanded, shaking her head, ignoring
      the questions in her mind that formed at that realization.

      "Kissing you," Bobby replied with a grin.

      "Why?" she whispered. He shrugged, rising to his feet.

      "Impulse control problem," he stated, holding out a hand to help her to her
      feet. "C'mon, Kitty and Jubilee want to play Frisbee, and I was under strict
      orders to bring you."

      "How am Ah supposed to study when you people don't leave me alone?" she
      asked, putting her hands on her hips and attempting to glare at him. He
      stuck his tongue out at her.

      "Studying?" he asked, bending over and retrieving her dropped book.
      "_Interview with the Vampire_? I wasn't aware that was on Mr. Summers'
      approved reading list." A blush was creeping up her cheeks as she grabbed
      the book out of his hand.

      "Yeah, well, Ah never said it was," she stated. She turned and began heading
      down the hill.

      "Rogue," Bobby stated, grabbing her arm. She turned to face him. "We need to
      talk about...." He trailed off, hoping she wouldn't make him finish.

      "Ah know," she replied, staring down at the grass. She glanced up at him
      through the white-streaked hair that had fallen into her eyes, suddenly
      grinning. "But not now. We got a Frisbee game to win!" She grabbed his hand
      and proceeded to pull him down the hill.

      Between Bobby's teasing about her reading material and Rogue's teasing about
      his taste in music, neither one of them heard the roar of a motorcycle as it
      turned off Greymalkin Lane and through the gates to Xavier's School.


      Sequel anyone?

      Feedback is deeply appreciated!


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