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Loving you: Rogue and Logan Part 2.1

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  • Dani Kerins
    Ok I m the first to say this. This part is not as good as it could be. It s cos I m tired. Too many late nights. I was ordered to stay away from my puter
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 29, 2000

      Ok I'm the first to say this. This part is not as good as it could be. It's 'cos I'm tired. Too many late nights. I was ordered to stay away from my 'puter after I fell asleep in English Class. I know I know. I didn't think that actually happened. I thought it was just one of those stories you hear about like the "Miss? My dog ate my homework!!" Obviously not. So to make up for it I am making this part one of Part two if you get my drift, The next part will be better I promise!!!

      Oh BTW I know there is a lot about Leo in this, don't ask me why I don't even like the guy, maybe i'm channeling that through Logan. yeah I know I'm not making sense, I'm tired remember? Okay going now :)


      Title: Loving you: Logan and Rogue's POV. Part 2.1

      Author: Danielle Kerins.

      Email: kaniele@...

      Category: X-men.

      Series: The Loving you series.

      'Ship: Rogue and Logan.

      Summary: This is the next installment of the Loving you series by moi. It's set after Loving you: Scott and Jean's POV. About one year after, this is where Logan has gone and come back. Why is it that in my fics, the men run away when they have a problem? Hmmm must think about that. Anyway getting on, it's not required to read S/J POV. By my estimates Rogue is about 26 or 27.

      Archive: My site, Kielle's site if she wants it and whoever else. Just mail me.

      Feedback: Oh Yes please. Love that stuff. OKay :)



      Logan heard the sound of clinking cutlery and plates being set down on the table as he walked towards the kitchen. He sniffed the air.

      'Mmm Beef' He thought as he entered the kitchen.

      Scott and Bobby were just finishing setting the table. Kitty was pouring milk and soda into the glasses set out. Jean was stirring a pot and Ororo was cutting slices of bread.

      Jubilee was obviously upstairs but Rogue and John were no where to be seen.

      'I thought she said she'd be here,'He thought.

      "Logan" Logan looked up to see everyone's eyes on him. Most of them smiled and said welcome back. Scott deliberately walked over to Jean and turned his back on him, completely ignoring him. 'Ass'

      "Hey, Thanks" He replied to the group.

      "Logan? Could you help me with this?" Storm handed him a platter of meat and then picked up a plate of bread.

      "Just put it there." She said pointing to the center of the table.

      Logan laid the platter down and looked around. Everyone was going about his or her business. No one making a fuss, which Logan liked. He wasn't a fussy type of guy but for some reason he wished they had given some kind of reaction like when Scott came back.

      'Oh god, I'm jealous of One Eye. Kill me now.'

      Suddenly Jean let a little laugh escape, she quickly turned it into a cough but Logan knew she had been listening in. Scott looked in confusion at Jean and then Logan.

      'Let's bait him a little.' He raised an eyebrow suggestively and looked pointedly at Jean.

      The light behind Scott's visor turned a bright red.

      'Don't know why he's getting riled up. It's not like he and Jean are engaged or nothing.'

      'Logan, please don't make him mad, it's tense already.' Logan almost dropped the piece of bread he had been buttering in surprise when he heard the professor's voice in his head.

      'Huh, so the old guy is listening in.

      'Yes' the professor replied. 'There are only so many times I can hear how Leo should leave the model for Jubilee.'

      Logan stifled a laugh and saw Jean try to do the same.

      When Jubilee started on a rant there was no stopping her. Especially when it came to Leo.

      'Don't know why he couldn't have gone down with the boat.'

      Logan had had his fair share of Leo talk when he had been injured a couple of years ago on a mission. Even though he had amazing healing abilities, Jean had ordered him to stay off his feet for a few days.

      Jubilee had taken it upon herself to make sure Logan wasn't bored as he got well. She made him sit through all of Di Caprio's films for the three days. It was the baby face that reminded him too much of Scott that got him.

      The worst part was that the gruff attitude that usually made people leave him alone was seemingly lost on Jubilee.

      Eventually he begged Jean to let him go back to work.

      She agreed, Jubilee had been heartbroken. She thought she had finally found a fellow Leo lover in


      Obviously not.

      The banter around the table was light-hearted. It was clear that all present were trying to take their minds off the man upstairs dying. Logan felt sorry for Jean, Ororo and even Scott the most.

      They had been with the Professor since the beginning. They of all people thought of him as a parent. Gloominess settled on Logan as he thought this over.

      Ororo noticed and tried to strike up a conversation with him. Logan wasn't interested but Storm wasn't upset. Logan being anti-social was part of him.

      Logan's thoughts turned from the Professor to Rogue.

      'Where is she?'

      As if she knew Rogue entered at that moment. She was with John. Both practically stumbled into the kitchen. They were flushed and laughing. It was as if they only realized that there were other people in the room when they looked up.

      "Umm hey!"

      "Rogue, John" Scott said in a "Dad" type voice.

      Both blushed.

      "We were..Umm..So what's for dinner?"

      "Beef" Kitty piped up.

      "Ohh good my favourite!"

      John sat down beside Kitty. Rogue looked around the table and spotting Logan rounded the table and sitting next to him.


      "Hey" Logan said gruffly.

      'What's with him?' She looked at him and then Jean questioningly.

      'I don't know, Rogue. He was fine a minute ago. Maybe it's the professor?'

      'Hmm, maybe' Rogue said to herself.

      She looked at him again. He was deliberately avoiding her gaze; instead he seemed to be shooting poisonous glances at John.

      If looks could kill...

      'Why?' Rogue puzzled decided to go on with her dinner. She'd have a talk with Logan later.

      'I hate him. Why?'

      Logan had been looking at John as if he wanted to kill him since he sat down. Luckily John was talking to Scott and hadn't noticed.

      'I've never had any time for John before this. I have hardly talked to him except to tell him to get the hell down during a mission. Now I hate the guy. Why?'

      Realization set in as he looked to the young woman beside him.


      'It's her. Why? It's Rogue. She's the kid. I like her always have but she's just a kid. Right?

      'Wrong.' He answered his own question.

      Rogue was not a kid anymore and he couldn't blame a guy for noticing. He glanced at Rogue. She was deliberately looking away from him.

      'What did I do?'

      'Damn, What am I on? Jumping to conclusions. It could all be perfectly innocent. Shit Logan just shut up and eat. Deal with it later.'

      Dinner continued and after washing up, all present dispersed one by one. Rogue still hadn't made a move to come over and talk to him.

      'Guess I'll have to make the first move.'

      Logan dropped the dishtowel on the counter.

      'I can't believe I got stuck drying dishes.'

      He made his way over to her when Jubilee walked in carrying the professor's tray. She made a beeline for Rogue and cut off Logan's access to her.

      "Rogue, you gotta help me with something."

      "What's up?"

      "Well you see.."

      She looked at John who was standing beside Rogue and Logan who was a few feet away.

      "In private"

      She said pointedly and pulled Rogue out of the room holding her glove-clad hand. John shook his head laughing silently. He looked up with a friendly grin and made his way over to Logan.

      "Hey Logan, Glad to see you back. I wanted to talk to you at dinner but Scott was keeping me busy."

      "Yeah right, Bull.." Logan muttered.


      "Nothing. You were saying?"

      "Yeah um just that I wanted to talk to you."


      "Well nothing. Just you know to say hello."

      "Well Hi. Bye."

      Logan walked out of the room leaving John standing bewildered.



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