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FF "Call Me 1.1" PG [Logan/Jean]

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  • Elizabeth Wilde
    Okay, the first 1 means it comes after the first ending. The second one means it s the first story after the first ending. Got that? *G* Author: Elizabeth
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 28, 2000
      Okay, the first 1 means it comes after the first
      ending. The second one means it's the first story
      after the first ending. Got that? *G*

      Author: Elizabeth Wilde
      Title: Call Me 1.1
      Series: Driving Force
      Distribution: Anyone who has my fic, anyone who asks
      me nicely for it,
      Disclaimer: I don't own X-Men or the song "Call Me" by
      The Rembrandts. Don't sue, please! I don't have
      anything worth taking!
      'Ship: Logan/Jean
      Classification: angst
      Summary: Scott returns to the school after three
      Rating: PG
      Spoilers: none
      Feedback: to wilde_moon@... if you really love

      We both know you and I have been through harder times,
      But now your silence seems a very different kind
      It feels like I've been dyin' just to hear your voice

      After Jean's return from the conference in California,
      Logan noted a strange melancholy in his wife. She
      smiled less and seemed distracted most of the time.
      When he finally broke down and pulled the story out of
      her, it was all Logan could do not to go charging off
      to Texas to drag Scott back to the mansion. Anything
      that hurt Jean hurt him, and Scott's departure had
      done that and then some.

      "Do you think he'll ever call?" she asked softly that
      night, voice asking for hope she couldn't feel.

      As much as he wanted to comfort Jean, Logan knew
      better than to even attempt a lie. "I dunno, darlin'.
      We'll just have to wait and see."

      "Wait," Jean echoed hollowly.

      In his heart, Logan knew Jean loved him. Still, they
      never shared the sort of bond she'd had with Scott,
      and losing him and their connection weighed on her.
      "It's gonna work out. I promise."

      Her mood lifted a bit then and she turned to lay her
      head on Logan's chest. "I know it will." He could
      feel her smile even through he couldn't see it.

      "Anytime, Jeannie" But Logan knew it wasn't his
      assurance she wanted.

      Call me, call me; can't you hear me cryin'?
      Call me, call me; please don't leave me hanging on.

      "Starin' at it ain't gonna make it ring, darlin'."
      Logan's put his arms around Jean's waist and pulled
      her tight against him.

      Jean sighed and made a vague attempt at humor, "You
      sure I don't have the willpower?"

      "To make it ring, maybe," he allowed. "But you don't
      just want a dialtone."

      Her entire form seemed to sag as she leaned back
      against her husband. "No, I don't."

      "He'll call when he's ready."

      "What if he never is?" Logan's silence seemed an
      oddly fitting response and Jean sighed again.

      So maybe you were right, and maybe I've been wrong
      Why did I have to go, and wait it out so long?
      But I didn't mean to hurt you-if only you could feel
      my pain...

      "Jean, I know you want to speak with Scott, but it
      isn't something you can force or predict," Professor
      Xavier advised his former student gently as they sat
      together in his office.

      "You sound like Logan."

      "Then Logan is far more insightful than we give him
      credit for," Xavier returned with a smile. "You
      should listen to him."

      "I have. I do. Hell, I know the same thing if I'm
      honest with myself. I just don't want to know it. I
      want to think he'll call. It's just been so long..."

      "You miss him."

      Jean nodded and her voice was thick with unshed tears
      when she said, "Yes."

      The professor sighed. "Do you really think he can go
      the rest of his life without ever talking to you
      again? Honestly?"

      There was a moment of silence. "Honestly? No. But
      my imagination doesn't care all that much for reality

      "Nor does anyone's. Just try to hold on to a little

      "I don't think I'd still be sane if I hadn't,
      Professor." Jean smiled sadly and walked out of the

      Now I can't speak for you, but I wish you'd talk to me
      How difficult can this one conversation be?

      THE END

      Feedback is absolutely lovely!

      Peace & Love,

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