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FF "The End v2.0" (1/1) PG [Logan/Jean, Scott, Rogue]

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  • Elizabeth Wilde
    Author: Elizabeth Wilde Title: The End v2.0 Series: Driving Force Distribution: Anyone who has my fic, anyone who asks me nicely for it,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 28, 2000
      Author: Elizabeth Wilde
      Title: The End v2.0
      Series: Driving Force
      Distribution: Anyone who has my fic, anyone who asks
      me nicely for it,
      Disclaimer: I don't own X-Men or the song "In My Car"
      by Gin Blossoms. Don't sue, please! I don't have
      anything worth taking!
      'Ship: Logan/Jean
      Classification: gen/slight angst, maybe
      Summary: Scott returns to the school after three
      Rating: PG
      Spoilers: none
      Feedback: to wilde_moon@... if you really love

      I miss her feel, her touch, her taste
      I feel the distance everyplace
      This distance can't be taken casually

      Scott Summers gripped the wheel of his new/old car, a
      small black model with only a few rust spots. It had
      been cheap enough to be within his budget and still
      had enough parts left to run, which was all he needed.
      He needed a way to get home.

      Almost three years had passed since he sped away from
      the school on his bike, which he'd eventually ended up
      stripping the turbo from and trading in. He looked
      out across the scenery, remembering a time when he
      could have told the exact distance from Xavier's
      School from almost any given point without a second's
      hesitation. //Now I can barely tell where I am.//

      The memory gaps were disturbing and comforting all at
      the same time. Scott wanted to be different when he
      walked in the door. He wanted people to see some sort
      of change in him. Mostly, he wanted to be near Jean
      again. //Logan might've gotten the girl, but I'll be
      damned if I spend another day without being near
      her,// Scott affirmed silently.

      "Just don't be too long," Logan had said when he
      caught Scott sneaking away in the middle of the night.
      //It's been way too long.// Living without Jean's
      love hurt enough. Living without her was even worse.
      //I need her, whether she needs me or not.// And no
      matter where he'd run, all he could feel was the
      lengthening miles between them and the weakening of
      their now-dissolved bond.

      Take my time just drive around
      I'm feeling lost in my hometown
      Every turn I take is comforting

      Scott had lunch at a small caf´┐Ż in Westchester more as
      a reason to delay his arrival at the school than out
      of hunger. He picked half-heartedly at the food then
      left the waitress a five dollar tip for being so
      patient with his nervous terseness. //Not her fault
      my heart is beating so loud I can barely hear myself

      Behind the wheel once again, Scott found the road to
      the school without thinking. //Guess I remember more
      than I figured.// It would have been easy to take the
      wrong turn on purpose and spend a little more time
      thinking, trying to plan what he would say to anyone
      and everyone when he walked in, but Scott knew that no
      amount of planning could help him anticipate what
      seeing Jean again might be like. He expected sadness,
      pain, anger, and exhilaration.

      The gates were open as usual and Scott parked near the
      front door, steeling himself-or trying to-before
      stepping outside the vehicle. His palms were
      sweating, and Scott felt as if his body was going to
      shake itself apart. //Get a grip, Summers!// He
      pulled a worn duffel bag from the back seat and
      ascended the steps.

      The door opened quietly. There was no one in the
      hall, and Scott had to fight a half-forgotten urge to
      send Jean a greeting through a bond that didn't exist.
      "Hello?" he called into the empty hallway.

      A form appeared at the end of the hall, and Scott knew
      instantly that it was Rogue by the long,
      white-streaked auburn hair. She looked entirely
      different otherwise. She wasn't a little girl
      anymore. Her face was slender and so was her form,
      more curvaceous by half than it had been when he left.
      "Mr. Summers?" she asked with a hesitant smile.

      "Hi, Rogue."

      The young woman smiled and held her arms out. "Miss

      He pulled her into a quick hug, fighting back tears.
      There was something immensely comforting in Rogue's
      immediate acceptance. "Yes. More than you'll ever

      She stepped back and studied him. "Ya need to shave.
      Stubble just doesn't look right on ya," Rogue teased.
      Her dark eyes watched him for another breath. "Ya
      wanna see Dr. Grey?"

      Something in him was comforted that Jean's name hadn't
      changed. //At least they aren't married.// "I think
      so," he replied with a sheepish smile.

      Rogue linked her arm through his. "Too damn nervous.
      Ain't like ya at all. We're gonna have hell whippin'
      ya back into shape, aren't we?"

      "We?" Scott inquired cautiously.

      "The X-Men, silly. Ya didn't think ya'd come back and
      we'd let ya slack off, didja?" Rogue explained, voice
      carrying a note of reproach. "And 'we' are Jean,
      Ororo, Logan, Bobby, and me. That sound about right?"

      "That sounds great," Scott affirmed.

      "Here ya go." Rogue pointed into the TV room. Logan
      and Jean were sitting together on the couch, her legs
      swung over his lap as they talked quietly about
      something. "It ain't gonna get easier if ya wait,"
      Rogue reminded Scott as she walked off in the opposite

      Scott stepped into the room and the movement caught
      Logan's eye instantly. A smile spread across the
      other man's face. "About damn time," he complained
      lightly as Jean's head swung to face the same

      "Scott!" She was up and in his arms what seemed like
      seconds later. They held each other for a few
      moments, then she pulled back, smiling. "Where have
      you been?"

      He swallowed, overwhelmed by her reception. "I...
      just... anywhere but here," he finally finished.

      Jean bit her lip. "Oh."

      Logan came to stand beside her, offering Scott his
      hand. "Find anything useful?"

      Scott took Logan's hand and shook it. "Not a damn
      thing," he replied honestly.

      Logan nodded. "Yep." His arm went around Jean's
      waist. "I could've told ya that much if you weren't
      so damn stubborn."

      "I wouldn't have believed you before," Scott reminded

      "Yeah. How 'bout now?"

      Scott surprised himself by smiling. "I believe you."

      Logan nodded again and Jean smiled. "You're staying?"
      she asked hopefully, gaze drifting to the duffel bag.

      "Yep. This is the only place worth being for me."

      "Besides," Logan added with one eyebrow arched, "if
      you try runnin' out again, I'll kill you myself."

      Jean laughed and swatted her lover's chest before
      turning back to Scott. "Welcome home."

      Slowly, a smile spread across his face. Things were
      different, but that didn't mean they couldn't still be
      good. "It's great to be here."

      THE END

      And one more to go tonight--you guys are gonna really
      hate me for all this spam... ;)

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