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FF "The End v1.0" (1/1) [PG; Scott, Logan/Jean]

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  • Elizabeth Wilde
    Author: Elizabeth Wilde Title: The End v1.0 Series: Driving Force Distribution: Anyone who has my fic, anyone who asks me nicely for it,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 28, 2000
      Author: Elizabeth Wilde
      Title: The End v1.0
      Series: Driving Force
      Distribution: Anyone who has my fic, anyone who asks
      me nicely for it,
      Disclaimer: I don't own X-Men or the song "I Didn't
      Ask and She Didn't Say" by Tim McGraw. Don't sue,
      please! I don't have anything worth taking!
      'Ship: Logan/Jean
      Classification: angst
      Summary: Scott and Jean meet in a New York City
      airport after almost ten years apart.
      Rating: PG
      Spoilers: none
      Feedback: to wilde_moon@... if you really love

      ~Staring up at the screen, all flights were delayed
      When a voice from behind me asked,
      "Stranger, how have you been?"
      I was caught off guard when I saw her face
      Stumbled my way through an awkward embrace
      Yet somehow I managed to say, "Good to see you again."
      We caught up on old friends
      Caught up on old times
      But all through the small talk, it kept burning
      through my mind

      Does she think about the nights we spent on Crystal
      Wrapped up in a blanket 'til the break of day
      So many times I've wondered does she think of me that
      I didn't ask and she didn't say~

      "Hey, stranger."

      Scott started and turned as the voice came from behind
      him, a voice he hadn't heard for years anywhere but in
      dreams. Seeing Jean again in the flesh made his
      breath catch in his throat. He could feel the sting
      of tears in his eyes at the sight of her tentative
      smile. Her arms were held out hesitantly, and Scott
      stepped forward, clasping her against him for the
      briefest of moments. It hurt too much, and he let go
      almost at once. Holding her felt too perfect. "Good
      to see you."

      She nodded and half-smiled. "We missed you."

      Finding his voice with an effort, Scott asked, "What
      are you doing here?" An airport in New York City
      certainly wasn't the place he had imagined running
      into his lost love again.

      "There's a medical conference the professor wants me
      to attend in California," she explained. "Where are
      you headed?" There was a reluctance in the question,
      as if she didn't really expect any response and thus
      saw no point in the charade of asking at all.


      Jean's eyebrows went up. "Texas?"

      He nodded. "It seemed as good a place as any."
      Making small talk with someone he had once planned to
      spend his life with seemed ludicrous.

      She nodded as well. "I guess so."

      "So, how is everyone?" Scott wanted to talk about
      anyone, about anything, but himself.

      "Professor Xavier had a heart attack last year, but it
      was mild. He's completely recovered," she added
      quickly at the sudden expression of worry and fear on
      Scott's face. "We're taking good care of him. Rogue
      and Bobby have both joined the team. Rogue got some
      new powers awhile back. It's a long story, but she's
      dealing with it beautifully. And she's found herself
      a boyfriend: Remy-Gambit-another student. He came
      after..." the words trailed away and Jean cleared her

      "Storm's been leading us. She's wonderful. I always
      knew she was smart enough, strong enough, but I never
      knew she had so much drive. It's amazing. You should
      see her." Jean stopped, avoiding mention of perhaps
      the most obvious person to discuss.

      Scott caught the dodge. "How's Logan?"

      There was a trace of bitterness behind the words, but
      Jean tried to ignore it. "He's good." Her right hand
      unconsciously moved to the ring on her left hand, a
      plain silver band that caught the yellow light in the
      airport and reflected it.

      Scott blinked, then stared. It was unmistakably a
      wedding band. He could feel his chest tighten and had
      to swallow several times before choking out,
      "Congratulations, Jean, to both of you."

      Her cheeks burned red, from embarrassment or shame,
      Scott couldn't be sure. "Thank you. I'll tell

      An uncomfortable silence stretched between them,
      echoing in the years spent apart and the emotional
      miles they'd racked up.

      ~We said our good-byes, swore we'd stay in touch
      Then we went our separate ways, knowing no one does

      But I couldn't help but wonder as I walked away
      If things had turned out different where would we be
      So many times I've wondered does she think of me that
      I didn't ask and she didn't say~

      "I have to go. My flight," Scott explained, knowing
      as well as she did that his flight wouldn't leave for
      at least another hour with the delays.

      "Me too." Jean watched the floor for a moment, then
      looked back up. "Could you write when you get there?
      Or call? I don't want to... I'd like to stay in

      "Sure. I'll write." The words were hollow, and they
      both knew it was likely the last time they'd ever be
      face to face. "Good-bye, Jean." Again, Scott found
      himself wrestling tears.

      "Good-bye, Scott." There were tears in her eyes as
      well, and a strange catch in her quiet voice. "Take
      care of yourself."

      "You too." He turned and started walking. If he
      stayed another moment, he knew he would be on his
      knees begging her to give him a second chance.
      Despite the pride and self-respect he had lost in his
      years away from the mansion, Scott had no intention of
      doing to Logan what Logan had to done to him.

      As soon as he was far enough away that there was no
      chance of Jean following, Scott slumped into one of
      the padded seats and let the tears fall, mourning a
      love he'd lost almost a decade before.

      THE END

      That's the first of four total (I only have three

      Peace & Love,

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      Jean: "The gutter, perhaps?" ~X-Men #8

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