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fic: Black Leather

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  • Peachy
    Here s another short fic like the snow angel (both go with my series by the way. Read them, you ll love them :o)) Feel free to archive this as well. enjoy...
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 28, 2000
      Here's another short fic like the snow angel (both go with my series
      by the way. Read them, you'll love them :o)) Feel free to archive
      this as well. enjoy...

      Title: Black Leather
      By: Peachy
      Teaser: Logan's first view of Marie in the black leather suits
      Rating: PG-13
      Genre: drama

      (Point of info: ok, so i am sure they weren't leather uniforms but a
      shiny, tight vylne type material, it is just more fun to say black

      Black leather. Why black leather? Whose idea was it? It's smooth,
      tight, sexy… Why where they uniforms? Logan started the
      students on
      training in their uniforms now and it was a big distraction, not for
      them but for him. They protected the X-Men and made it easy to
      maneuver and fight, without the clothes being loose and catchy. They
      were also very tight and defined everything. Nothing was hidden to
      him. Logan was not use to seeing so much of Marie.

      When he first saw the students come out everyone was fine except when
      Rogue came out. His little Marie in that uniform made her anything
      but a kid. It showed she was all woman. Working out had defined her
      muscles and slimed her figure nicely. It hugged her hips, butt and
      chest defining her body; so sleek and seductive. Logan forgot to
      breathe until Katherine told him quietly, "Your face is gonna turn
      purple from lack of oxygen if you don't breathe and exhale." Then he
      turned shades of red and Katherine just giggled to herself. Rogue
      saw this interaction and after Logan glanced at her, she knew that
      the conversation was about her.

      Training was going well and today they were to fight Logan himself.
      Each taking turns learning strengths and weaknesses. Logan admitted
      he was an unfair target but no one said that all fights were fair.
      Everything went well until it was Rogue's turn. He'd let her strike
      first, he couldn't strike her. So he paced; waiting, waiting and
      waiting. The rest of group wondered what was going on. Finally
      Logan spoke up.

      "When are you going to attack me?"
      Rogue stood defiant and nonchalant.
      "You haven't done anything to provoke me. I don't attack
      indiscriminately," she added a hint of sarcasm on the last sentence
      and a grin.

      Now she was being a smartalic. He went after her. He lunged and she
      kicked, hitting him to the ground. He recovered and again fists and
      feet flew. None contacting as both were excellent blockers.
      For most of the other students it was all defense. Logan never had
      to be on the offense but now he would pay for it if he didn't. He
      gave he a swift hook to Marie's side and she fell. He felt like his
      heart had been ripped out as he watched her collapse with a grimace
      of pain. He thought he seriously hurt her. He couldn't live with
      himself if that happened.

      Rogue didn't care; she deserved it. She was to good on offense and
      knew he would change the tide of the fight at any moment. She
      blocked several but then spun leaving her side exposed. As a trained
      fighter he took advantage, nothing else.
      Logan helped her up and whispered, "You ok?"
      "Yeah," she smiled and winced a bit.

      They went back at it again. Finally he got her in a holding position
      so she couldn't move. To everyone he had her pinned and then
      released; a few seconds. To Logan it was an eternity. He felt her
      every curve, muscle against his own body. Moving together as one as
      the black leather rubbed together. It clouded his thoughts and tried
      hard to concentrate. He could smell her hair and scent as it filled
      his mind. It was overpowering his other senses. He wondered if
      Rogue felt it too.

      She did. She felt all of him; his body, muscles, scruffy facial
      hair, warmth, breath against her neck. She didn't want him to let go
      of her, prayed he wouldn't. This touch, his muscles and body against
      her own, so close, felt so real. She felt her heart rate increase,
      not just because of exercise. She wondered if he could hear it.
      He did and she was feeling what he was but then realization set in.
      This was not the time, nor the place, for these feelings and

      Finally he let go and they went at it again. He figured three times
      a charm for practice today with everyone. Finally it ended again
      with Rogue hitting the floor but not without her getting in a few
      choice kicks for Logan to the face, and groin. He felt that one.

      "So what did you see in that fight?" Logan questioned the students as
      Rogue returned to sit down. His own thoughts about the match were
      jumbled. He couldn't remember much of what happened. His senses
      were on overload.
      St. John was being his usual self, "She can whoop your…"
      Jubilee grabbed her hand and placed over his mouth. Logan glared and
      it was not too friendly. Jubilee whispered, "You want to die?" and
      let go.
      "Always concentrate and be careful not expose yourself in an attack.
      It only takes a second to be vulnerable." Bobby said.
      "Right. Remember to keep your head in the fight at all times. It's
      ok to let you emotions out but don't let them control you. Now you
      guys practice amongst yourselves for a bit."

      He went around and watched but mostly avoided looking at Marie. She
      was too sexy for an 18-year-old in her outfit. No matter how much
      his eyes avoided her, they found her again and again. He loved to
      watch her in that suit but felt it wasn't appropriate especially
      during class. She moved like a cat and it fit her so well. Logan
      tried to drive those thoughts out of his head, but let's say he
      dreamt that night of Marie and black leather.
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