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Fic: My Snow Angel

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  • Peachy
    Feel free to archive it...enjoy the short story... Title: My Snow Angel By: Peachy Teaser: the last snowfall so…time to play Rating: PG Genre: comedy This
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 28, 2000
      Feel free to archive it...enjoy the short story...

      Title: My Snow Angel
      By: Peachy
      Teaser: the last snowfall so…time to play
      Rating: PG
      Genre: comedy

      This was probably going to be the last nice, perfect snowfall for the
      winter before spring started up again. So the residence of the
      mansion planned a last minute, all-school snowball fight. Everyone
      was edgy and couldn't wait until the afternoon. No one, not even the
      teachers, were going to miss out on this event. It would be RED
      versus BLUE and start after the last class of the day. There was no
      score keeping or anything else it was just to have some good clean

      Class got out and everyone got bundled up for outside. Ear muffs,
      mittens, sweatshirts, boots and coats. Rogue was half way there
      already but layered up a bit more. Finally she slid the BLUE colored
      band around her arm and Katherine slide a RED one. They stood toe to
      toe growling and grinning at each other as friendly opponents.
      Finally they laughed it off and went out separate doors to their home
      bases in the yard. The match would cover the entire mansion grounds
      outside, excluding the woods, and the teams shaped up accordingly…
      BLUE: Rogue, Jubilee, Gambit, Scott, Storm and Parks (Felix) with a
      few other students and then the RED team: Bobby, St. John, Katherine,
      Logan, Jean and a few others.

      As 4 p.m. hit all bets were off and snowballs started to fly. Felix
      used his powers to stretch his arms for greater throwing distance.
      Logan purposely hunted down Scott and clobbered him with snowballs.
      Scott retaliated in kind. Storm cheated a bit and used her powers to
      throw Logan backwards into a mound of snow almost burying him. Bobby
      got revenge for his teammate with a snowball attack of epic

      Professor Parks got a good reach and smashed St. John in the face to
      get back for all the practical jokes his students had played on the
      him during class time. Felix now felt they were even.

      Rogue and Katherine were having friendly, roommate rivalry, venting
      frustrations for loud music, not turning the lights off and borrowing
      stuff without permission and more, in every snowball hurled at each

      Scott got Jean once or twice but she just used to powers to send snow
      slushies all around to the opponent's team members hitting everyone
      at least once.

      After and hour or so it then became a free for all, no team, just you
      versus the rest of the world. It was fun for all. Rogue got Scott,
      and Jean smacked Logan.

      Finally Rogue got tired and was walking around the edge of the yard
      so not to get hit. That didn't stop Logan. He found her and pounced
      on her driving her into the snow. She didn't see who it was but was
      laughing as she discovered it was Logan. He stared at her, glaring
      down at her face covered in snow. He took his gloved hand and
      removed the snow gently from her face as she glazed up at him. She
      was beautiful and so special. He let out a low growl, which she
      distinctly heard.

      "Get up." She said and he got up off of her. HE thought he had done
      something stupid. She remained lying down and made a snow angel.
      She extended her hand and Logan helped her up to observe her work.
      It was good.
      "Not to bad if I say so myself." She smiled.
      He removed the snow from her hair and looked down at her face. He
      wouldn't admit it aloud but she was his little snow angel as her eyes
      glistened like the white snow in the sun. Finally she broke his gaze
      as snow went down his shirt. She was no angle but a she-devil in
      disguise. He grabbed snow and flung it right back. They fought for
      awhile running here and there.

      Rogue was smiling and laughing so much more then ever before. St.
      John looked up and those were his first thoughts. He nudged Bobby to
      look over at Rogue.
      "So…doesn't it make you kind of warm inside seeing her having fun
      like that for a change. No worries, no cares." St John smiled. His
      friend was doing ok. They all worried about her a lot but now, he
      felt she be alright.
      "Why St. John, I think your right." Katherine had to agree.
      Then Gambit and Jubilee broke their moment with a surprise attack.
      Finally everyone got tired and a few of the students moseyed on in.
      Jubilee came running around the corner as the rest were finally
      heading in.

      "You guys have got to see this!" So everyone followed her out back.
      Bobby, Gambit and St. John took their time and created a snowman
      scene like out of the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. They were
      deformed and melting from the paralyzing sun's evil rays.
      Along with it Bobby sculpted out of ice the X-Men which he now named
      the Ice-Men, with him as their fearless leader. After all he was THE

      Finally they all went in for hot chocolate drying off their wet
      clothes. The last big snowfall ended that night and spring would
      soon be here.
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