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FF "Touch Me Fall" PG [Rogue angst]

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  • Elizabeth Wilde
    Author: Elizabeth Wilde Title: Touch Me Fall Distribution: Anyone can have it, just let me know where it s going. Disclaimer: Uh... Marvel, Bryan Singer, I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2000
      Author: Elizabeth Wilde
      Title: Touch Me Fall
      Distribution: Anyone can have it, just let me know
      where it's going.
      Disclaimer: Uh... Marvel, Bryan Singer, I dunno who
      all. Not me. No money made here, so don't sure.
      Indigo Girls and Epic Records own "Touch Me Fall" from
      the album Swamp Ophelia.
      �Ship: None
      Rating: PG (really, more G--nothing bad)
      Spoilers: the whole movie
      Feedback: Gods, yes! I need it! I�m at
      AUTHOR'S NOTES: If you haven't heard the song "Touch
      Me Fall" by Indigo Girls, do everything you can to get
      ahold of it. It's beautiful, haunting, and reminds me
      of Rogue.

      Touch me
      I'm so beautiful.
      Rub your hands
      Across my head
      Just like this.
      Come with me
      Now it's not worth it
      If you don't.
      Are you hiding?
      I am hiding.

      Rogue pulled her knees in close to her chest and
      rested her chin on them, eyes half closed in the
      darkness of her room. For a moment, she let her mind
      drift, found herself wishing to hear Logan thrashing
      and moaning in the other room so she could have an
      excuse to go inside. It would be worth getting
      skewered again to have someone who understood her.
      More than that, someone who had touched her.

      She rocked gently back and forth on the bed,
      remembering when her mother had held her and rocked
      her the same way, fingers twining in her soft little
      girl hair, whispering words of comfort or humming
      soothing songs. Eventually that stopped, and no one
      touched her. No one even touched her hair, her
      glove-covered hands for fear of grazing the toxic
      skin. When she was sick, she had to hold her own hair
      and bathe her own face with cool water.

      Tears of self-pity made slick trails on the sides of
      Marie's face, but she ignored them. Instead she let
      her mind drift back to the day on the train when Logan
      had held her. Even though he knew what could happen
      if his skin accidentally came into contact with hers,
      he had sat with his arms around her, had touched her
      hair and spoke softly to her. Later, after Magneto
      tried to use her to mutate the world leaders, he
      brought her back to life with a touch. She had woken
      up with his lips and chin pressed to her forehead.
      Rogue remembered the moment with a smile. Thanks to
      Logan, she knew again what it was like to feel the
      kind of closeness that most people took for granted.
      He would have given his life to save hers that night,
      and almost had.

      Her fingers wound through the chain of his dog tags
      and her eyes gazed beyond the room's deepening

      Touch me
      I'm so beautiful.
      Rub your hands
      Across my head
      Just like this.
      Come with me
      Now it's not worth it
      If you don't.
      Are you crying?
      I am crying.

      She had friends at the school; there was no question
      about that. Bobby especially seemed to enjoy her
      company, and she enjoyed his every bit as much. That
      made it all harder somehow. Not only did she have to
      keep her distance from people she didn't know but from
      her friends as well. Rogue fell back onto the bed,
      hugging her pillow to her chest and burying her face
      in it.

      Jean sometimes gently teased her about having a crush
      on Logan. What Marie never bothered to explain was
      that her connection to Logan went beyond a mere crush.
      She shared his pain. Twice his mind had merged with
      hers, twice she had touched his soul. Now Rogue awoke
      nights bathed in sweat, fleeting images of foreign
      places and unknown pain filling her young mind. She
      knew things and remembered sensations she could never
      have experienced herself. The only person who
      understood all of that had left.

      Thrusting the pillow behind her head once again, Rogue
      wished Logan would return. He couldn't find anything
      in Canada that was more important than what he'd left
      behind at the school, that much she knew. She needed
      to ask him about things she had felt through his mind.
      First and foremost, she wondered why he left without
      telling Dr. Grey how he felt. When he was still
      unconscious in the infirmary, she'd found herself
      gazing at Jean for minutes on end without knowing why,
      memorizing the scent of her hair. It took Marie a
      little time to realize that the protective, longing
      feelings were Logan's love for the beautiful doctor,
      not hers.

      Mostly, though, Marie wanted Logan to come back for
      herself. She needed someone who wasn't scared of her
      in the slightest but who understood why they should
      be. In the darkness, she felt small and alone and
      young, too young to be worried about her place in the
      world and why it was such a solitary one.

      Taking a deep breath, she lay back to sleep, part of
      her welcoming the nightmares which would almost surely
      come with their assurance of Logan's presence within
      her, ignoring once again the tears falling onto her


      This is my first X-Men fic, so feedback is greatly

      Peace & Love,


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