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Loving you: Rogue and Logan's POV.

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  • Dani Kerins
    Ok. I got such a good reaction to my last fic, that I thought I would write one with Rogue and Logan. Thanks to all the people who sent me feedback especially
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 25, 2000
      Ok. I got such a good reaction to my last fic, that I thought I would write one with Rogue and Logan. Thanks to all the people who sent me feedback especially Ali :)
      PS: Sorry for cross posting.

      Title: Loving you: Logan and Rogue's POV.

      Author: Danielle Kerins.

      Email: kaniele@...

      Category: X-men.

      Rating: I'm going with PG13 upwards 'cos of language. But hey it's Logan right?

      Series: The Loving you series.

      'Ship: Rogue and Logan.

      Summary: This is the next installment of the Loving you series by moi. It's set after Loving you: Scott and Jean's POV. About one year after, this is where Logan has gone and come back. Why is it that in my fics, the men run away when they have a problem? Hmmm must think about that. Anyway getting on, it's not required to read S/J POV. By my estimates Rogue is about 26 or 27.

      Archive: My site, Kielle's site if she wants it and whoever else. Just mail me.

      Feedback: Oh Yes please. Love that stuff. OKay :)


      On with the story.

      "Hey Marie"

      "Logan, Oh my god what are you doing here?"

      "Aww missed the damn place too much"

      "More like you missed making Scott jealous by flirting with Jean"

      "You got me"

      Logan smiled at Rogue. He had missed her. After Scott came back Logan spent a very enjoyable two months baiting him with little comments until Jean actually turned around and told him to shut up. The look on Scott's face was enough to make Logan want to rip him to pieces.

      He decided to take a little break from the mansion. He left eight months ago and went back to Canada. He just drove around for a while but he guessed that he had finally settled and he came back.

      Rogue was the first person he saw and it made his day.

      "So what'cha doin'?" He pointed to the pile of papers on the desk.

      "Oh just some papers that need grading."

      "Well I'll leave you to it then."

      "No...you don't need to go. Tell me about your trip."

      "Nah there's plenty of time to do that. You do your work. We'll talk at dinner."

      "Ok" Rogue said in a disappointed voice.

      "Hey" She looked up. He winked at her.

      "I'll see you later, okay?"

      "Yeah." She smiled.

      Rogue watched as Logan left the room and turned back. She was glad he was back. Things were tense around here, The Professor's condition continued to worsen and there was nothing Jean or the other doctors could do.

      It was very upsetting but everyone kept hope alive. It helped that Scott was back too. He was a good leader and he kept the morale up and made sure all was running smoothly. Logan helped too.... in his own way.

      'I can't wait for dinner', she thought as she sat back down.

      Logan walked out of the solarium whistling softly as he went. As he looked at the wood walls and classy decor, he felt a tugging he never thought he would.

      It started as he spotted Rogue in the solarium the sun bouncing off her brunette locks and making the white streak gleam like snow on a winter's morning.

      'Guess I missed this place more than I realised.'

      "Well well the wanderer returns."

      'Guess I spoke too soon.' Logan turned to face the person he detested the most.

      "Summers" He acknowledged him with a nod.

      "Back already, damn and I thought we would have at least another couple of years of peace."

      "Sorry, I guess the thought of seeing you again brought me back" "and shooting you while I’m at it too" He muttered under his breath.

      "What was that?"



      "Ass" Scott said as he walked away.

      "Blind idiot."

      "Hairy son of a bitch"

      "Tight-clenched..."He stopped.

      "Ah forget it" They both laughed and shook hands.

      "Don't think that this means that we're.."

      "Like I would!"

      "Welcome back" Scott said grudgingly.

      "Yeah Cyke, I'll meet you later and beat the crap out of ya?"

      "Sure wouldn't miss it."


      "See ya."

      Scott walked away grinning.

      Logan turned to go in the other direction, nodding trying to wipe the grin off his face.

      They'd never get on, he knew that but they might as well inject a little humour into their distaste for each other.

      Speaking of injections.....

      As if on cue Dr. Jean Grey exited from one of the rooms to the right of him. He recognised it as one of the main labs. She was absorbed in some papers she was holding and never looked up. She walked right into him.

      "Jesus" She said startled. The look of shock on her face didn't go away as she realised who exactly she had walked into.


      "Nope," He grinned,

      "Just me."

      She smiled at that. "Logan, How are you? Has Scott seen you yet?"

      "Yes, we had a blast trading insults. It was just like old times. How are you Jean?"

      "Good and you? How was your trip?"

      "It was a trip. It was fine. Coming back was better. Especially now."


      "Sorry, couldn't help myself. "

      "Well, I need to go. I'll see you at dinner?"

      "Yeah, I'm meeting Rogue anyway."

      "Okay, Bye Logan, and welcome back."


      Logan continued on his way. He had one more stop. Taking the stairs two at a time, he walked down the hall and reached the room he wanted to go into. Knocking once gently, he entered. The room was darkened and the bed was occupied.


      "Hey Chuck," Logan answered out loud.

      The professor coughed and pointed to the water on the bedstand. Logan reached for it and handing it to him, he took a good look at him.

      'He's frailer and he's lost a lot of weight. He look's so old. Poor Bastard.'

      "Thank you for your honest opinion" Logan looked up in surprise and despite himself to his annoyance he turned a bright shade of pink. Very becoming.

      "Sorry, Hey stay out of my head."

      "It's good to have you back, Logan. You always say what you think. I like that. At least you acknowledge my condition, the others tip-toe around it and pretend it's not there."

      "I shouldn't have to acknowledge it, Professor." Logan said quietly.

      "I know. How was your trip? Did you find what you were looking for?"

      "Why don't you read my mind and find out?"

      "Humour me. I like the company."

      "Well, it was a trip. The usual, good food, bad locals, fine women." He raised his eyebrows suggestively.

      "Logan, I can read your mind, don't lie."

      "Yeah, yeah. Spoil my fun."

      "What else?"

      For the next hour Logan talked to the Professor. They only stopped when they heard a knock on the door. Jubilee entered with a tray of food.

      "Sorry to interrupt, Hello Logan, Rogue told me you were back. Time to eat."

      "You're not going to stay up here by yourself are you?"

      "I'm fine here, Jubilee likes to stay and give me all the gossip. Did you know Leonardo Di Caprio got married for the second time?"

      "You still into him, Jubilee?"

      "Yes" She said indignantly. "Now go away. They rest of them are waiting downstairs for you. "

      "I'll talk to you later?"

      "Of course"

      Jubilee went over to the professor and helped him to sit up before laying the tray on his lap.

      As she opened up the little package of wrapped bread, Logan once again thought how sad it was that people had to be helped like that.

      It seemed only yesterday when the Professor was running the X-men and nothing could hold him back. He closed the door quietly and headed down to the kitchen.

      End of Part one.

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