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Fic: "Girls Talk" (1/1) - (L/R, R/B, K/B)

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  • Victoria P.
    Title: Girls Talk Series: Achin to Be Author: Victoria P. Disclaimer: The characters/universe are owned by Marvel and/or Fox. I own nothing Rating: PG - um,
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      Title: Girls Talk
      Series: Achin' to Be
      Author: Victoria P.
      Disclaimer: The characters/universe are owned by Marvel and/or Fox. I
      own nothing
      Rating: PG - um, no reason really, sexual innuendo, I guess
      Summary: It's Rogue's turn to get advice about her situation. Sequel
      to "Scratching at the Eight Ball"
      Archive: List archive; Kielle's site if she wants it. Anyone else,
      just ask first. If you've got my other stuff, you can have this too.
      Feedback: Please. And thanks to everyone who's said they're enjoying
      this. I will eventually get to a payoff that will make it all
      worthwhile. I hope.
      Notes: Thanks to Dot, Jen, Meg and Pete-especially Meg, for the
      *excellent* advice, both for me and for Rogue, without which there
      would be no story.

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      Girls Talk

      Rogue was in tears when she stumbled into the room she shared with
      Kitty. She locked the door and flung herself on the bed, sobbing in
      frustration and anger. <Why'd he have to do it?> she thought, though
      she wasn't sure which "it" she was thinking of -- the last kiss or --
      the other stuff. She blushed; her body was still taut and aching for
      his touch. She had to be honest, at least with herself, that she had
      hoped for and wanted the -- other stuff.

      She was still crying when the doorknob rattled a little while later.
      "Rogue, are you in there? Why is the door locked?" It was Kitty, of

      "Go away."

      "Let me in, Rogue. I need to change."

      "Go away." She wasn't ready to face anyone, and she certainly didn't
      want to see Kitty. They had circled each other uncomfortably for the
      past three days. Rogue would come in, Kitty would go out and vice
      versa, avoiding any conversation except for, "Have you seen the
      toothpaste?" or "Where's my 'Crime and Punishment'?"

      "Are you crying? Rogue, what's wrong?"

      "I'm studying," she lied, trying to keep her voice steady. "Leave me

      "You sound upset to me. I'm coming in." And she walked through the
      door. Even after two years, Rogue wasn't quite used to seeing it.

      Kitty took one look at her and knew. How could she not? Rogue's hair
      was wild, her white shirt damp in telltale places. And she was crying
      like she'd lost her best friend.

      "Rogue, what happened?" she asked, forgetting the tension between
      them and putting her arms around her friend.

      Rogue hid her face on Kitty's shoulder, sobbing, barely able to talk.
      "Why did he -- Why couldn't he --" was all Kitty could make out.
      Kitty automatically knew who "he" was.

      "Did he hurt you?" she asked sharply.

      Rogue sniffed and lifted her head. "No. No! I'm afraid I hurt him."
      She sniffed again. "I need a tissue." She broke free of Kitty's arms
      and rummaged through the mess of dirty tissues on the night table for
      a clean one. She wiped her eyes and blew her nose before turning back
      to the other girl. "I, we," she was still trying to absorb it all.
      "He kissed me." She put a hand to her lips. "Here. It was wonderful.
      It was the first time anyone's kissed me since David. But it was
      horrible. Why did he do it? He knows I can hurt him."

      "He's crazy, Rogue. You know that." She was interrupted by the sound
      of a motorcycle thundering out of the gates. "Exhibit A," she said
      dryly, pointing out the window.

      "He's leavin'?" Rogue gasped. "It's all my fault." She'd almost
      stopped crying, but that set her off again.

      "He kissed you, Rogue. It's not your fault," Kitty snapped. "And,"
      she glanced meaningfully at Rogue's disheveled hair and still damp
      shirt, "I'm thinking kissing's not all he did." She paused, "He
      force you..." she trailed off. He might be crazy, but she didn't think
      he'd deliberately hurt Rogue. She seemed to be the only person he
      cared for.

      "No!" Rogue said again, shocked. She turned scarlet. "Uh, we, uh..."
      she stuttered. "I love him, and I think he loves me," she said
      defiantly. She paused as doubt flashed across her face. "He wants me,
      anyway." She seemed to deflate a little.

      Kitty was dubious. "I'm not denying that he's attracted to you.
      Anyone could see it from the way he stares at you. But love? I don't
      know. I don't think love makes promises and then disappears without a
      trace. Or comes back two years later thinking you'll have been
      for all that time, without moving on."

      "But I haven't moved on," Rogue said miserably. "I thought I had. But
      seein' him again just brings back all the old feelings. And knowin'
      he feels the same toward me, how can I not try to make somethin' of it
      -- somethin' more than just him protectin' me from bad guys?" She
      a deep breath.

      "You were right, Kitty. I shouldn't be stringing Bobby along like
      this. Even if, even if Logan doesn't come back this time, I love him
      and it's not fair to Bobby. Or to you. I'm so sorry." She was crying
      full-force again. Kitty held her, looking slightly stunned.

      They were still in that position a few minutes later when Jean
      knocked on the door. Kitty let her in. "Rogue, what happened?"

      "I," she looked up from Kitty's shoulder, "I don't think I can tell
      you," she muttered, embarrassed, burying her burning face in her

      Jean nodded slightly at Kitty, who scooted to the head of the bed so
      Jean could sit down next to Rogue. Jean put her hand on the girl's
      arm. "Will you show me?" she asked gently. Sometimes it was easier if
      a person didn't have to talk. Rogue nodded and Jean reached out with
      her mind. She was barraged with images of Logan kissing and caressing
      the young woman, including the tumultuous feelings she had
      experienced. She broke the contact quickly -- it really was a private
      moment -- her own breathing a little unsteady. If he hadn't taken off
      like all the demons in hell were after him, she'd have cornered him
      and bawled him out for pushing things so fast.

      Jean tried to think of something helpful and non-judgmental to say.
      Somehow, all her advice seemed as glib as what Scott had offered
      Bobby. She took Rogue's hand. "I think you need to talk to him," she
      began, choosing her words carefully. "The fact that he came back
      shows he cares about you, that it's not just" she gestured vaguely
      with her free hand, "sex. He could get uncomplicated sex anywhere. I
      think this is new territory for him, as well."

      "The blind leading the blind," Rogue murmured with a watery chuckle.

      Jean smiled briefly. "It's all right to be scared. Love can be scary.
      Even under the best of circumstances relationships are hard, and
      there are extra, added complications. It's easy to let your hormones
      take over, to just go with the flow because it feels good, but you
      have to be smart and in control. He's a lot older and more
      than you are, and you may feel intimidated into doing things you're
      not ready for. Don't be. If he really cares for you, the last thing
      wants to do is push you into doing something you don't want to.

      "And, of course, you have to be careful, and he's got to remember to
      be careful touching you. He could easily get hurt and--" she stopped,
      obviously remembering what had happened the first night Rogue and
      Logan had spent at the school, "hurt you instinctively, in

      "I'm not going to tell you that love is easy or that it conquers all.
      That's fairy tale stuff, for kids. If you're going to take on adult
      responsibilities -- and make no mistake, that's what we're talking
      about -- you have to be prepared to have adult problems. There are a
      lot of adults who aren't prepared to handle this kind of thing."

      Rogue knew what she was saying made sense. But Jean had brought up
      another point that made her insecure. "I know," she began slowly,
      "that he's been with a lot of women." She knew intimately what he
      liked -- she carried it around in her head, didn't she? "And there
      are always gonna be things I can't do -- " she hesitated, too
      mortified to go into detail.

      Jean smiled wryly, remembering her conversation with him in the
      kitchen. "I think he needs to tell you what he does and doesn't want.
      If you just talk to him, frankly and openly, I'm sure he'll tell you."

      Rogue blushed again. She hated being so fair-skinned, and so easily
      embarrassed. "Oh, I couldn't-- How could I talk to him about..." she
      trailed off.

      "If you can't say it, you shouldn't be doing it," Jean said sternly,
      but there was a twinkle in her eye.

      "What would I say? Hey, Logan, you know we practically had sex on the
      pool table," Kitty, all but forgotten, gasped, as Rogue continued,
      "so are your intentions honorable or what?"

      Jean couldn't help but laugh. "If it were anyone else, I'd say work
      on it, but with Logan, that speech might actually do the trick."

      Kitty was still trying to wrap her mind around what Rogue had just
      said. "Sex? On the pool table?" she asked, slightly shocked. "In the
      *game room*?"

      "Uh, sort of."

      "Rogue, you're finally living up to that name you chose. You know
      that door doesn't lock, right?" Kitty looked at the other girl in
      amazement. "Vixen," she teased, as Rogue blushed again.

      "It just sort of happened. One minute he was teachin' me to shoot

      "I'll bet he was," Kitty snickered.

      "And the next he was kissin' my neck. Not that I put up a fight. And
      then things got out of hand."

      "They sure did."

      Jean got up. Another crisis defused, she thought. But she was going
      to tear Logan a new one for this little stunt, if Scott didn't do it
      first. <What am I going to tell Scott?> she wondered.

      "What about Bobby?" Kitty asked.

      Jean looked expectantly at Rogue and thought how young she looked to
      have to deal with such an emotional tangle. Rogue drew a deep breath.
      "I have to talk to him. I have to tell him the truth. I should do it
      now, before I lose my nerve. Do you know where he is?"

      Kitty opened her mouth to respond, but Jean was quicker. "First I
      think you should wash your face, so your eyes don't get swollen. I'm
      amazed you don't have a headache from all that crying. And change
      your shirt," she added.

      "I just want to get this over with. I hate the idea that Bobby's
      gonna be hurt. I mean, he was my first friend here." She looked at
      Kitty. "But I suppose you can comfort him." Kitty flushed.

      "I don't want to be his rebound girl," she said quietly. "I've liked
      him too long for that. I've spent this much time waiting for him, I
      guess I can wait a little longer." Jean looked struck by this
      revelation, but said nothing.

      Kitty was a known flirt -- she'd dated almost every boy in her age
      range who'd walked through the doors at some point or another, but
      she sounded serious about Bobby. Another situation that would bear
      watching, Jean thought. Teenagers. Everything was always life or
      death with them. She was amazed anyone managed to turn out all right,
      and it was doubly hard for mutants, who really *were* the outcasts
      that all teens felt themselves to be. She just hoped Bobby didn't
      confront Logan, or things could get ugly.

      Rogue hugged Kitty and went to the bathroom to wash her face. Jean
      touched her shoulder briefly. "You're a very good friend, Kitty
      Pryde. Rogue's lucky to have you." And she left the girls alone.

      "She's right," Rogue said from the bathroom. "And I'm sorry I've been
      so much trouble."

      Kitty looked down at her feet, abashed by the praise, but she
      recovered quickly. "You just have to give me all the gory details the
      next time you and Logan, er, shoot stick," she said.

      "If there is a next time," Rogue said mournfully.

      "Oh, there will be," Kitty assured her cheerfully. "That man won't be
      able to resist you, if you put your mind to it. I mean, on the pool
      table - in the game room. Anyone could have walked in!"

      With Kitty keeping up a steady stream of chatter, Rogue washed her
      face and thought, <Maybe this will all work out after all.>
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