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Challenge thee.

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  • Charon
    Hotmail s not working. I m bored. Hence, i challenge thee.. ... couplings can be anything you like.. {Firstly I d like to congratulate everyone who knows that
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7, 2000
      Hotmail's not working. I'm bored.
      Hence, i challenge thee..
      :) Well.. I'm a Logan/Roguette and proud of the addiction but the
      couplings can be anything you like..
      {Firstly I'd like to congratulate everyone who knows that Rogue is
      not spelt 'Rouge'.. that's a big achievement around here.}

      Story entitled "Quest of the Spork" and including as many cutlery
      items as possible

      Story involving the following:
      Lyrics from any children's nursery rhyme in a macabre way
      A tilted wall
      A mirror through which something can take place (vague it up for yeh?)
      and at least one of the following quotes...
      "I've never seen a spork like that before."
      "It can't be! You.. you're dead! The toaster..."
      "Every fibre of my being longs to be salivated over. Take me Toad-
      "I was contemplating whether to plunge my claw through your eye
      socket, twist it through your brain matter and slowly draw out the
      resulting paste through the bloodied hole. But then I wondered.. left
      eye or right eye? Decisions, decisions..."

      Story centering on one room, inclusive of the phrase 'Adamantium
      Bars'. Preferable L/R, but any coupling. Two characters (at least one
      movie main) trapped in aforementioned room for someone else's
      hideous/weird/psychopathic/sociopathic/reproductive experiment..
      Deprived senses.. some conversation at least
      (btw that's deprived that deprAved)

      Alright, those are all suitably vague and bizarre. Hope you have fun
      if you attempt any and if you don't, hope you get some mild
      inspiration to write more!

      Charon :)
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