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FIC: "Brotherly Love: Introductions PG-13 (2/4)

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    See part one for disclaimers, etc.... ************ Present... Hey, she whispered, more quietly than necessary. In her mind s eye, she could see the walls
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      See part one for disclaimers, etc....



      "Hey," she whispered, more quietly than necessary. In her mind's eye, she could see the walls snap up around Scott's thoughts. Ignoring the hurt and silence in her head, Jean walked over to where he leaned against the balcony railing. Her arms snaked around his rigid form, none of her charms working in the slightest.

      "I miss you. Why won't you talk to me?" If it were possible, Jean would have said that he stiffened even more. Her hurt faded into a brief second of anger, and she pushed at the walls in his mind. They bent somewhat, but Scott held on to them. She was not powerful or experienced enough to get through. As he defended his mind, Scott turned to face her.

      "Please, Jean, don't do this."

      "Do what?"

      "You and the Professor want him to stay."

      "He's your _brother_, Scott." His scowl frightened her.

      "Only when it's convenient for him." With that, Scott broke from her embrace and strolled out of their bedroom. His words had struck her as being unusually spiteful. *Why won't he talk to me?* Desperation was beginning to devour her patience. *If one Summers won't talk to me, then I will just have to go see what the other has to say.*


      That Morning...

      "Good morning, Professor. Logan said that you wanted to see me?" Scott's head poked through the door shortly before he addressed his mentor. Charles Xavier, the premier telepath on the planet, regarded his first pupil with a hesitant, forced smile. *Definitely not good news.* Bad news meant he had to be doubly alert and pay extra attention to whatever the Professor was to tell him.

      "Yes, I did, please come in." Scott slipped in, closing the door behind him. Scott paused when he saw the two red leather chairs pulled up facing the Professor's desk. One was strategically placed so as to allow him no opportunity to see who was sitting there, if anyone was at all. The chair back was high and wide; it would have hidden even someone of Scott's height.

      "Scott, I wanted you to be the first one to greet our new student. It is...fitting." Summers nodded; as team leader, he had the responsibility of greeting all students and later assessing their potential, should they choose to continue on as teachers or as X-Men. "If you would," the Professor nodded to the person sitting in the red chair. Scott watched the back of his head come into view. This new student was blonde and nearly his match in height. The other man did not turn around at once; to Scott, this new student seemed hesitant to face him. The indecision lasted all of a few seconds, and then the other man seemed to shrug and finally turn.

      "Alex..." Scott knew his mouth was hanging open in a most unattractive and stupid manner. If Jean were there, she would have told him so. As it was, he could barely hear her on the other end of their bond; she was confused by the sudden torrent of emotion coming from her lover.

      "Hey big brother. How've you been?" Alex's smile was sad, apologetic, as if he were asking for forgiveness for simply being there. *And why shouldn't he?* Scott's mouth closed in a hard frown; his eyebrows settled menacingly behind his glasses. *How dare he...*

      [[ That's enough of that. ]] The Professor warned. Such behavior was not to taint this meeting. The school, the _dream_ mattered above all personal concerns, or so Xavier had always asserted. Aloud, Charles used a more neutral tone to try and dispel the negative feelings surrounding the two brothers.

      "Scott, I thought it would be best if you two could talk before Alex meets the others. Should I leave so that you may do so?" Alex's eyes flipped between the quiet, yet authoritative man and his brother.

      "No, Professor, that is not necessary. I was just _leaving_," Scott muttered and turned on his heel, his hand already reaching for the doorknob. Alex's surprise and anger wafted across the space to Xavier's mind just as Scott's feelings did. For a brief moment, Charles was at a loss to identify the emotion seeping from his former student. A second later, he had it: rage. It was rage.

      [[ Stop! ]] The mental command froze Scott in his tracks.

      "Let me go, Professor." The words were cold, devoid of all feeling, even more than usual for his reserved team leader. Alex stared at his brother's back, completely confused and feeling just a little bit foolish.

      "No, Scott, you will turn around and sit down and work with me to welcome our new student." Immediately, Scott did so; he frowned deeply the whole time, shaking his head as his own body betrayed him in order to obey Xavier's demands. Alex sat uneasily next to him; clearly, he believed that Scott had returned out of obligation not as a result of pressure. "There, now, can you at least attempt to act in a civil manner? I should have expected more from you, Scott."

      "Not with him," Scott mumbled. Alex looked away as Xavier turned an inquisitive stare upon him. Charles sighed inwardly and began again.

      "As I said earlier, it is customary for the most senior graduate to greet our prospective students, Alex. I believe you two have met already, so greetings seem to have been made regardless." It was almost humor, but Scott was fuming at the humiliating and debasing undertone. This belittled everything that had gone down in the past, and he did not have to put up with it. "Scott, I was counting on your help with Alex's transition to the school. He is considerably older than most of our students."

      "I see, so I should help a _mutant_ in distress." Charles could not overlook the venom in Scott's voice. His brother was here, for help, and Scott wanted nothing more than to send him away. And he was taking considerable pleasure in calling his brother a mutant, using the word as a barb. Talking with Alex before had illuminated some of the problem, but nothing they discussed could have prepared him for Scott's frigid reception. Years of dealing with negativity and prejudice should have toned down that anger, regardless from whom it was radiated. *Obviously not the case,* he thought grimly.

      "Exactly," Xavier ordered. "Scott, Alex and I have talked about what happened at home. I am asking you, as your professor, as a friend, to put past grievances behind you. Alex needs your help. You of all people should know just how much such compassion matters." Scott shook his head.

      "So, I should be there for him like he wasn't for me?" Scott's lips twisted in an ugly snarl as he shot a sideways glance at Alex. Alex puffed out his chest a bit defensively, but his pride withered when his mind strayed to a darker, hidden part of his mind. Charles' curiosity was piqued, but he dared not to intrude into Alex's mind. Part of his conscience already hated him for keeping Scott against his will.

      "Scott, will it help either of you to turn him away? Alex is here, Scott, and he needs help. His powers have become too dangerous and are in sorry need of control. Can you turn him away because of personal differences?" The older Summers broke eye contact with his mentor. *If only he knew. Differences, indeed.* He suspected that the Professor only knew the first half of a long, dark story.

      "No, Professor, I can't turn him away because of personal differences." For one split-second, Xavier thought that his words had sunk into Scott's mind. When Scott stood abruptly, Charles knew he had not succeeded in convincing him at all.

      "I _can_ turn him away because he's a mutant-hating son of a bitch and hasn't got one compassionate bone in his body. So, no thanks, Professor. If you want someone to show him the door, then you come find me." Scott strode towards the door, shoulders rolled forward in a definitely hostile stance. He slammed it behind him, putting the width of the study door between him and his younger brother.

      *If only it were so easy to get further away from him.*

      TBC in part 3
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