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FIC: "Brotherly Love: Introductions" PG-13 (1/4)

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    Title: Brotherly Love: Introductions Author: Meridian Rating: PG-13 (some language tossed around, a lightly intimate, though not graphic scene) Summary: A
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2000
      Title: "Brotherly Love: Introductions"

      Author: Meridian

      Rating: PG-13 (some language tossed around, a lightly intimate, though not
      graphic scene)

      Summary: A new student arrives, but he is no stranger to one member of the
      team...and that member wants him gone. How will it affect the delicate balance
      at the school and between the X-Men?

      Characters: Jean and Scott (main), Logan, Ororo, Xavier (supporting)

      Comments/Derisions are welcome as you will

      Archiving: If you want it, just make sure my name is on it! Thanks!

      Disclaimer: Everyone you recognize here once belonged to a God...er, guy
      named Stan Lee. Marvel owns 'em now, thought technically I'm borrowing them
      from the movie, so that means that 20th Century Fox has a hand in there...
      Okay, my head hurts. Basically, anyone you recognize or may possibly
      have heard of doesn't belong to me, nor can or will I be paid for using them without permission of aforementioned parties.

      [[BOLD]] Indicates telepathy
      *Italics* Indicates thought
      //BOLD// Indicates memory


      Jean Grey, super-hero, medical doctor, and teacher, was one tired woman. Most of her exhaustion came from fending off the emotions that boiled out of everyone else at the mansion. Her psi-shields were not as strong as the Professor's, nor was her telepathy, but her headache was very real. Right now, the four people she allowed to pass her shields were all stewing. The Professor was protecting her as best he could from his thoughts, but the emotions behind them were all too clear. Storm's brooding was best understood by looking outside; gray-black clouds had been raining down on them since the early evening. Logan's growling was as real in her mind as if he were right next to her, and Jean was fairly certain he was patrolling the edge of the school grounds.

      And Scott...well, he was stewing, all right, but he was the only one actively shutting her out. Not like the Professor who was filtering his thoughts away, Scott had up the psychic equivalent of a brick wall between them. If not for their unusually strong connection, Jean would have been completely mind-blind to him. Her lover was now being a total recluse, even from her.

      Only down the hall, setting up in the room they had provided him, was the reason for Scott's distress and for the generally melancholy air about the estate. Jean's eyes narrowed as she wondered if their 'guest' had any idea of how much trouble was caused by his very presence. Despite all her arguments in favor of allowing their guest stay, most made on principle alone and none voiced too loudly, Jean found herself wishing him far, far away.

      *Go away, Alex Summers.*


      That morning...

      "Scott?" Jean's call from the doorway drove his frustration to its peak. Shoving away the wrench, hopelessly defeated, Scott Summers collapsed backwards, supporting himself with his tired arms. Jean chuckled as she walked around the mess of scattered parts to lean against the workbench and look down at his project. "No luck?"

      "If I find that it's his cigar butt, Logan is going to be in your medical lab for the rest of my natural life." Scott groused, sighing and rubbing his greasy hands on a nearby towel. Jean hid her smile from her lover. *Men,* she thought with a laugh. Scott's head jerked up with a grim frown. "Funny, very funny." He had not caught the exact thoughts that followed her one-word sarcastic reflex, but the basic idea was pretty obvious.

      "You should be glad he brought it back at all." Chiding was a habit of Jean's when Scott acted more like a little boy than a grown man. At his sheepish grin, she passed him a quizzical look. "What?" He mumbled something and looked away. "What was that, _Mr. Summers_?"

      "I...sorta leant it to him. I left it outside for him with the keys in the ignition." If she had expected that reply then she would not have regarded him with nothing short of absolute amazement. Scott had _let_ Logan take the bike on his trip? *Will wonders never cease?* Such generosity was not uncommon with her love; his very giving nature was part of her attraction to him. *But towards Logan? You can't get the two of them in one room together without choking to death on testosterone.*

      "That's not true, and you know it, Red." Jean flushed, her cheeks tinting as her love once again read her thoughts clearly. Maybe Scott had no telepathy, but he had never needed it to be able to read her. He simply knew her too well; their connection to one another helped. Every time she projected her thoughts even slightly, he would pick it up.

      "Well, I'm proud of you, Slim," she retaliated with his own nickname. That had been Logan's idea, as had Red for her. The names just seemed so right, and using them was just one more way to make Logan as much a part of their group as they were. So, 'Slim' and 'Red' stuck, even between them. [[ I wonder if Logan knows that his presence actually improved our relationship. ]] Scott's thoughts, projected lightly in her direction were the answer.

      [[ It'd kill him. Go easy on him, Jean. ]] Smiling as she only did for him, Jean crouched and walked over to him on her knees. In his reclined position, he had quite a view...and she knew it.

      "All right, I'll be nice. I'll go easy...on _Logan_. I don't promise the same for you, love." Scott chuckled as her arms came around him and their lips met. For a blissful moment, he almost forgot his aggravation at not being able to have his bike up and running. *Almost...* Jean caught his stray thought and pinked with modesty.

      [[ That's quite an imagination you have. ]] His smile against her lips was an invitation for her to make that fantasy come true.

      "Ahem? There are plenty of rooms for you to take that, does it have to be the garage?" Jean repressed her insatiable urge to giggle at the stream of invectives that Scott did not voice. Clearly, he did not care for Logan's interruption one bit. Sighing in defeat, the oh-so-fearless leader of the X-Men laid his head back against the pavement and looked up at Logan through his mirrored lenses. Jean sat at his legs, hiding her smile.

      "And it's nice to see you, too, Logan." They would never admit to it, she decided, they would never admit that they did not actually hold one another in the contempt that everyone thought they did. Impulsively, and surely as a result of 'hearing' Jean's exasperated thought, Scott's hand shot out and seized her wrist. Jean landed on top of him with an 'ooph' as his arms held her fast against him. Scott's smile was brilliant as he looked up at Logan. "Now, do you mind getting lost?"

      Logan shook his head. *Summers? Being anything but an uptight bastard? Will wonders never cease?* Jean glared at him. [[ Be nice, Logan. I know better than that...and so do you, if I'm not mistaken. ]] Jean's mental reprimand floated over his thoughts.

      "I'm sort of here on business. The Professor sent me to find the blind man." Scott sat up slowly, some of his good humor souring as he fell into serious mode. Jean frowned, disappointed to have the amorous sensations end so instantly, vaguely wondering why the Professor had not sent her a telepathic summons instead. Scott's own confusion told her he was thinking along the same lines.

      "Why'd he send you?" Logan's smoke-stained laughter rang out in the garage.

      "Seems Chuckles didn't think it was a good idea to bother you two while you were...well, anyway, I was in the area, so he asked if I would. I apparently don't have any decency," Logan's mutterings were semi-serious.

      "He's right." Logan sneered at the accusatory statement. "This had better be important." Scott growled. Logan was almost impressed; the usually orderly and stoic X-Man always jumped when the Professor said 'frog,' except this time. *I guess Red has that effect on people.* Jean blushed and turned away from Logan's projected thought. Parting from her with a kiss, Scott stalked off, wiping his hands on a spare rag.

      "I'd better go, too." Logan caught her arm to stop her before she had taken a single step.

      "He didn't say you should go, Jean. In fact, he asked that One-Eye go alone." Jean blinked without comprehension until Logan opened his short-term memory for her. Jean heard the entire conversation and listened again to what the Professor had said. Sure enough, Charles had wanted to talk to Scott... _alone_.


      "If I knew, so would you, Red."

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