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FIC: Personal Demons (PG-13 8/8)

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    Title: Personal Demons Author: Jocelyn (jdog985@hotmail.com) Feedback: Please! This is my first serious fic. Summary: Cyclops is imprisoned and tortured
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2000
      Title: Personal Demons

      Author: Jocelyn (jdog985@...)

      Feedback: Please! This is my first serious fic.

      Summary: Cyclops is imprisoned and tortured by an anti-mutant group.

      Characters: All the main characters, Gambit, and a few originals
      (Andy, Allen, Nadine, Charlotte) just to add to the student body.

      Rating: PG-13 for violence

      Disclaimer: The X-men aren't mine; they belong to Brian Singer
      Marvel Comics. I'm not making any money off this story.

      * Denotes unspoken thought by characters

      Part VIII: The mansion, several hours later…

      *Scott?* Charles said in a mental whisper, *Can you hear me?*

      On the infirmary bed, Scott's head moved slightly as he started
      coming to, then he suddenly exploded back to consciousness, jerking
      upright with a gasp of remembered pain and terror. Everyone else
      jumped too. "Scott!" Jean exclaimed, grabbing his arm,
      "It's all
      right! It's over."

      Catching his breath, Scott fumbled instinctively for the back of his
      neck, and found only a small bandage. "The trigger's
      gone," Storm
      said. "So is she."


      "Do you remember what happened when she turned that thing
      on?" Logan
      asked him.

      "No. I don't remember anything but…" Scott broke off
      and rubbed his
      throat, still sore from screaming.

      "You got her with your visor," Logan told him. "She's
      dead. She
      can't hurt you or anyone else again." Scott cracked a small
      smile at
      Logan's uncharacteristic sympathy. Logan looked abashed.

      "We should let you get some rest," Charles said, and the
      started towards the door.

      Scott lay back down and started to close his eyes, but abruptly
      asked, "Professor. Who was Elaine Hull?"

      Charles stopped and slowly turned back, "Elaine Hull was a friend
      mine once." Taking a deep breath, he told them, "She was a

      Scott sat up again, and Storm and Logan gaped, "What?" they
      chorused. Jean was the only one not surprised.

      "Her ability was not exactly spectacular; she could sense the
      bioelectric impulses in a person's body. The talent made her a
      doctor; unfortunately, Elaine had Magneto's opinion of normal
      humans. She was extremely ambitious as a physician, but when a
      colleague realized she was a mutant, she lost her medical license.
      She became bitter and vengeful towards the world, and perverted her
      ability to create biological weapons and instruments of torture.

      "Her first plan was to take her revenge on her old human
      but I was able to warn them, and used my ability to dissuade her
      confederates from helping her. So then she blamed all mutants with
      gifts more powerful than hers. She disappeared for many years, and I
      believed she had isolated herself. I didn't realize she was
      an attack on me and the school until it was too late."
      "Why'd she single him out?" Logan asked, indicating Scott.

      "The last time I saw her was shortly after I first brought Scott
      the school. I wanted to persuade Elaine to join me in creating a
      positive life for young mutants. But she hated me for preventing her
      from attacking her old hospital, and swore she'd never help
      Sadly, Xavier looked at Scott, "I never even imagined her capable
      this. I should have kept a closer watch on her. I'm sorry I
      this to happen."

      "It's not your fault," Scott said instinctively. The
      others nodded

      Charles smiled regretfully, "In any case, Logan's right. She
      hurt you or any of the students again." He relaxed slightly,
      relieved to have finally gotten the story off his chest, "Now, I
      think you'd better get some rest."

      "Yes, sir," Scott smiled back.

      Four days later…

      The mansion was alive with activity again; the entire student body
      had been drafted to repair the damage caused by Elaine Hull's
      attack. Professor Xavier had explained to all the students who she
      was and why she had attacked them, and most important, that he now
      believed them to be safe in the future. He lifted the restrictions
      on movement on the grounds, but warned his pupils, "Still, what
      happened here should be a lesson to us all never to take our safety
      here for granted." The students never would make that assumption

      "Hey, Firefly, c'mere and seal this stuff, will you!"
      Kitty called to
      Nadine to seal a window panel in place.

      "Hold your horses and lemme finish welding this thing!"
      Nadine yelled
      back, concentrating on narrowing the blowtorch-like flame that was
      emanating from her fingertip.

      "Dang it, Bobby, you froze the rubber cement again!" Rogue
      from further down the hall.


      "Logan, this piece of wood's too long!" Jubilee called,
      trying to
      replace part of the doorframe.

      Snikt! "Where? Right here?" Slice! "How's

      "Perfect! Thanks," Jubilee said, grinning as Logan retracted
      claws and went to help some of the other kids.

      John laughed, "Logan's the best saw in the building!"

      "Hold those hinges in place, petite!"

      "Remy, I swear, if you `petite' me one more time…"
      they heard Nadine
      say, and everyone grinned.

      "Sorry, would you prefer `chere?'"

      "As a matter of fact, I would!"

      "Shaddap, both of you!" Charlotte yelled at them, then turned
      back to
      Bobby, "Go make yourself useful and get us some more cement!"

      "I get no respect!"

      "My heart bleeds."

      "I see we're all being very constructive up here," Mr.
      amused voice said as he limped up the stairs.

      "Hey, Mr. Summers!" everyone exclaimed at once.

      There was an awkward pause. "Um, how are you?" Kitty asked.

      Scott forced a smile, hating the fact that the last time they had
      seen him, he'd been in a heap on the floor, screaming his head
      "I'm fine, my leg just has to heal. You know, if you guys
      hate it up
      here so much, there's a manure pile by the stables that needs to
      shoveled back up!"

      "Uh, no thanks!" "We can handle this!" "We're
      cool!" "It's all
      good!" "Pass the glue, please, Bobby!" "We're
      just fine here!"

      Satisfied, Scott headed down the hall to help some of the younger
      students. Behind him, he heard John say, "Nothing wrong with him

      "No sir!" Bobby agreed. "He'll probably test us again
      as soon as
      classes start."

      "I don't think I've ever seen him in jeans before,"
      he heard Jubilee
      comment, and then had to smother a laugh at the next remark.

      "Good God, he's hot in jeans!"

      "You've got a one-track mind, Nadine."

      "You're just wishing you looked that good in jeans, Remy."

      "Seriously, do you think he's okay?" Charlotte lowered
      her voice
      slightly, but the various times Scott had been forced to live with
      his eyes shut had taught him to use his ears.

      "I hope so. An' I hate to say this, but I'm not sorry at
      all that
      that Elaine Hull woman's dead," Remy replied.

      "I know how you feel," Bobby agreed. "I mean, maybe she
      wouldn't have
      gone bad if some bigot on a hospital board hadn't kicked her out,
      I can't feel any pity for her."

      "Me either. I've tried to feel sorry, but I'm not."
      Kitty sounded
      ashamed, "Does that mean that we're all, like, totally

      Scott decided now was a good time to speak up, "Kitty?" he
      The group looked up remorsefully when they realized he'd been
      listening, but all he said was, "It doesn't." The kids
      relieved, and they went back to work. Scott concentrated on the
      window panes he was replacing and tried not to think about anything
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