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Fic: Love Letters 01 - Northern Lights [R/L PG-13]

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  • D. Die
    Title: Northern Lights Author: Diebin Email: diebin@hotmail.com Series: Love Letters - http://www.diebin.com/xmen/loveletters.html Pairing: Logan/Rogue Rated:
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2000
      Title: Northern Lights
      Author: Diebin
      Email: diebin@...
      Series: Love Letters - http://www.diebin.com/xmen/loveletters.html
      Pairing: Logan/Rogue
      Rated: PG-13
      Summery: Logan writes from . . . Anchorage, Alaska.
      Archive: If I've said yes before, I'll say yes again. If I haven't--ask me.
      I'm easy.
      Disclaimer: Marvel and Fox. Bah Humbug.
      Author's Note: This is dedicated to everyone who wanted a sequel and spoke
      so persuadingly about it. :)


      November 25th
      Anchorage, Alaska, USA

      Hey Marie,

      Remember how cold it was in Canada? Pretty damn cold, I know. Well it's even
      worse in Anchorage. I remember you telling me once you wanted to come here.
      Sorry, kid, but I don't know why. It's white and empty and cold as hell, and
      it's really not all that exciting.

      Don't worry, I told you before and I'll say it again--I haven't been cage
      fighting. Not that there's much to worry about if I /had/ . . . but you told
      me you didn't like it. So I won't do it.

      I found a baby in the street yesterday. She had pale green skin and red
      eyes, and I'm pretty sure she's something other than purely human. She was
      crying and half dead, and I took her back to my hotel and had to try to take
      care of her.

      Wish you'd been here, kiddo. I'm not much good with babies. Little kids are
      alright, they just want to jump and climb all over me, and I'm good at being
      climbed on. But babies are so damn small . . . I was afraid I was going to
      hurt her.

      Your Professor told me something before I left. I probably shouldn't tell
      you, since it's a secret--but you're more trustworthy than old Cyclops any
      day, so I figure you can know. Did you know that the Prof had set up some
      kind of weird underground railroad for mutants?

      Yeah, I can see you looking at the paper with that funny little expression
      on your face. That's what I thought too. But I'm damn glad he told
      me--because this little baby woulda died for sure. No one in town was going
      to take her in--and thanks to the Prof I found the contact up here and
      handed her off.

      She'll probably show up not too long after this letter. Take care of her for
      me, will ya? She's a cute lookin' little thing, funny skin and eyes aside,
      and even if she doesn't turn up to be like us (though I doubt it with looks
      like that) she'll still be happier with the geeks than wandering the street

      They've got some nice little shops around here. I found some stuff I figured
      you just had to have, so I went ahead and bought 'em. I�m sure I'll be able
      to find a post office somewhere around here . . . or maybe not. Like I said,
      honey--I don't know what you were thinking wanting to come here. There ain't
      much around.

      Anyway--those gloves are my favorite. Some little old lady so bent over she
      came up to about my knees made them. I never saw a leather crafter who
      looked like her before--I can tell you that for certain. But those were the
      most supple leather gloves I've ever seen, and I figured you might like

      I bought you some other stuff too. You'd better appreciate this, Marie. I
      went into one of those little tourist shops for you. It was cheerful and
      chipper and the cashier was so damn perky I wanted to nail him to the damn

      So it's probably junk, but you did say you wanted to see this god forsaken
      town. So I grabbed you some postcards and pictures, and even a cute little
      snow globe with a polar bear in it.

      Don't you ever tell anyone I actually wrote the word 'cute'. I'll deny it,
      y'know. Deny it with my dying breath Marie, and you know they'll believe me.
      After all, who'd think I even knew the word?

      I saw the northern lights last night. They were amazing--and I thought I'd
      gotten to the point where beauty couldn't amaze me anymore. That was thanks
      to you, baby. I thought you'd ruined me for pretty stuff.

      Stop scowling, Marie. I don't care what you think or how much you hate me,
      I'm gonna make you see that someday. You can't hide from me forever--and you
      should know better than to try'n run from someone who's as good at it as I

      So . . . the northern lights. They were pretty alright. I wish you'd been
      here to watch them with me. When I get back I'll have to take you out some
      night, and we'll run until we find a place to watch them from. It's the kind
      of thing you should watch with someone else.

      The cold's gettin' too me now, so I think I'll be headin' south soon. I'll
      send you another letter as soon as I find something interesting.

      Love you, Marie. No, don't start scowling again. I do. You may not believe
      it . . . but I'll make you believe it someday.

      Miss you, darling.



      "Rogue--please tell me you're not going to knead the bread with those gloves

      Rogue looked down at her gloves. "Is that a problem?"

      Kitty rolled her eyes. "For a smart girl, honey--you're not too bright
      sometimes. Why don't you just take the gloves off and wash your hands? I
      think we'd be a lot more comfortable eating the food if you didn't lay your
      love-gloves all over it first."

      Rogue tried to look annoyed as she pulled the leather gloves off her hands,
      tucking them gently into her pockets. She tried to look annoyed--but it
      failed and she cracked a giggle as Kitty smiled and shook her head.

      Kitty and Jubilee knew all about Logan's ongoing courtship via postal
      service. She was pretty sure some of the others did too--Storm and Jean
      certainly. And Scott, who handed out the mail and saw the letters and

      Jubilee had started the teasing, but thankfully kept it just between the
      three of them. "Lucky girl," she'd said one night as Rogue sat at her desk,
      going over the contents of Logan's package for the fifth or six time. "Most
      of us spend all our lives wishing we got love letters. You get love

      Of course, Kitty picked it up pretty quickly. "Logan sent you love-gloves. I
      wonder what he has in mind for those when he gets home . . ."

      Rogue blushed and shoved the gloves into the desk, but it didn't stop the
      rather vivid images from dancing through her mind.

      Love-gloves indeed.


      Darth Diebin
      Loyal Bodyguard to the President of PETS
      -=People for the Ethical Treatment of Scott=-
      Keeper of all of Her Own Fic

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