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X-Survivor (5/?) [SillyFic]

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  • James' Angel
    Hey everyone! Here s the next installment of my Survivor parody! =) Lemme know what you all think! Who do you think will win? Who will be voted off next?
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2000
      Hey everyone! Here's the next installment of my
      Survivor parody! =) Lemme know what you all think! Who
      do you think will win? Who will be voted off next?

      X-Men Survivor
      Chapter 5

      Day 9 has arrived and everyone is getting more and
      more tired as the days progress on by. At the last
      tribal council, Professor Charles Xavier had been
      voted off. Which, in the Pryde Tribe's logic, had been
      a wise decision because Xavier was having a difficult
      time coping with the survival games while confined to
      a wheelchair. Let's see how they managed without their
      professor yesterday.

      ~*showing clips from Day 8*~

      BOBBY: So..... now what?

      KITTY: the Professor's not here anymore... we're going
      to need a 'leader' for our tribe.

      LOGAN: I don't think we really need a leader... it's
      everyone for themselves in this survival game...

      TOAD: Yeah, too much politics to go into deciding a
      leader. We're fine the way we are now.

      JEAN: I don't think we really need a leader either.

      STORM: (looking at KITTY) Is that okay?

      KITTY: Yeah, no problem! I understand!


      PSYLOCKE: Good job Mystique yesterday!

      ROGUE: Yeah, that was awesome! We finally broke our
      losing streak!

      MYSTIQUE: Uh-huh... I know.

      GAMBIT: (mumbling to himself) Not too modest, 'eh?

      SCOTT: (heard GAMBIT) I know what you mean...

      And now, bringing us back to the present day where the
      tribes are looking over their clue.

      PSYLOCKE: Here's what it says for today...
      "Work together with your tribe
      and prepare a grand meal.
      With limited supplies and resources
      make sure it's got appeal."

      MYSTIQUE: So we've gotta COOK? Don't we do that every
      day anyway?

      GAMBIT: WE don't cook everyday, a FEW of us do.

      MYSTIQUE: Whatever. So how are they going to determine
      the winner?


      STORM: They're probably going to see who can whip up a
      whole feast the quickest. That's my guess anyway.

      KITTY: Makes sense. We'll just have to wait and see
      what the 'limited supplies and resources' are then.

      JEAN: Well, if we've got to catch the food as well,
      I'd say Logan and Toad can handle that part.

      ~*time lapse*~

      Welcome Pryde and Mutie tribe to the Survivor Diner.
      Your job is to work together with your tribe members
      to cook up a delicious feast for yourselves. You've
      got to catch and handle everything yourselves and the
      first tribe finished their meal will be the winners of
      getting to shower and clean up on the boat that's out
      there on the ocean. Good luck everyone!

      SCOTT: Okay, Sabretooth and Gambit... go catch us some
      food. Psylocke and Mystique, get some coconuts and
      greens. Rogue, you help me start the fire and get it

      STORM: Alright, like Jean said earlier, Logan and
      Toad, go ahead. Bobby, take care of cleaning
      everything we have.

      KITTY: I'll go into the forest to see if there's
      anything there.

      JEAN: I'll come with you.

      STORM: Great. I'll start the fire.

      ~*a while later*~

      SABRETOOTH: (returning from the water) We got some
      fish and a crab or two!

      PSYLOCKE: (returning from the forest) We have a whole
      lot of coconuts and berries and such.

      BOBBY: (gesturing to TOAD to hurry up) C'mon you guys!
      I gotta clean these things!

      ~*an hour and a half later*~

      STORM: Almost done.... almost done..... (flipping over
      the fish on the make-shift grill over the fire) It's

      KITTY: We won!!

      Congratulations Pryde tribe! You can go back to your
      camp and get anything you'll need to bring onto the
      boat for you to freshen up. Mutie tribe, I guess I'll
      see you back at the tribal council tonight.

      ROGUE: (sighing) and our streak comes right back at

      ~*later that night*~

      Okay, here's the raft where you all will head out to
      the boat to get freshened up. Have fun!

      JEAN: I can't wait to get under some hot water!

      KITTY: I know, I feel all gross!

      ~*at tribal council*~

      Well, it seems we meet again here. What do you think
      went wrong today during the challenge?

      SCOTT: We were doing a great job... I guess the other
      tribe was just quicker at it than we were.

      Well, it's time to decide who that one member is going
      to be that will be voted off. Rogue? Do you want to go
      ahead first?

      ~*camera angle at voting table*~

      ROGUE: I'm going to have to say Mystique. She was very
      cocky since we won the last challenge and it really
      bothered me. So... yeah, I'm voting her off.

      ~*Five other votes later*~

      I'll go tally up the votes now. (returning with votes)
      One for Psylocke. One for Mystique. One for Gambit.
      Two for Mystique. One for Scott and three for
      Mystique. I'm sorry, but the tribe has spoken.

      MYSTIQUE: You guys just couldn't stand the

      ROGUE: (mumbling to herself) What competition? We're
      on the same team.

      Well, we'll see you all tomorrow.. bright and early!

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