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  • Melissa Flores
    Hey there- Here s a quick repost of the FAQ of this list for the newbies. Just for everyone s information, this list is co-run by Kate Andrews and myself. The
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2000
      Hey there-

      Here's a quick repost of the FAQ of this list for the newbies. Just for
      everyone's information, this list is co-run by Kate Andrews and myself.
      The FAQ is available at any time at the list archive:


      X-Men Movie Fanfic List FAQ Version 1.1
      Originally written 7/18/00 by Kate Andrews
      Revised 7/26/00

      1. So, what is this thing, anyway?
      2. What's allowed?
      3. What's not allowed?
      4. No comic universe fic?
      5. How do I label my stories?
      6. Where do I find the stories?
      7. Can I put these stories up on my website?
      8. Feedback? What's that?

      1. So, what is this thing, anyway?

      We're a mailing list for people who want to write, read, and discuss
      fan fiction that takes place firmly in the universe of Bryan Singer's
      2000 film, X-Men.

      2. What's allowed?

      Discussion of the movie, movie characters, story ideas, stories
      themselves, and feedback on the stories. Unfinished, beta, humorous,
      crossover, NC-17 and any other sort of story is allowed, however, it
      has to be related to the FILM version of the X-Men. There are plenty
      of other great lists for comic based X-Men fan fiction. Discussion of
      media related to the film (e.g., the cover of Entertainment Weekly this
      week has Hugh and Rebecca on the cover, check out this article on that
      site, etc,) is fine.

      3. What's not allowed?

      Flames, obviously. Virus warnings, get rich quick schemes, cookie
      recipes and anything about a sick boy who wants 5,000 greeting cards
      before he dies is not a message for this list. Also, one line "me
      too"s and off topic discussions that go on and on are frowned upon.
      Basically, if your message is only for one or two people, please mail
      it to those people. Also, if you think the movie sucked, don't get on
      here and flame us. Go make your own list.

      4. No comic universe fic?

      Nope. I have no problem at all with stories about Phoenix, Hank,
      Gambit, etc, but this list is for the movie universe. Now, if you want
      to write about how Gambit gets introduced to this version of Rogue, or
      about how Beast used to be a teacher at Xavier's but left for such and
      such a reason....have at it. But for the purposes of this list, the
      Movie is canon. Humor, crossover and SC stuff is also fine, but again,
      all stories must have _something_ to do with the movie continuity.

      5. How do I label my stories?

      You don't need to add [xmenmoviefanfic], the list does it for you. Any
      story should be labled in the subject line something like this...

      FIC: Every Time (1/3) [Rogue] NC/17

      Letting us know the title, what part you're posting, the main
      character/s (optional) and the rating (necessary for R and NC-17 fics.)
      You must lable anything with explicit sex, graphic violence/torture,
      or non consentual sex, even if the rape isn't graphic. Strongly
      recommended labels include slash, extreme angst and character death. In
      the case of the last, if you don't want to make your intro a spoiler,
      at least label it for extreme angst or dark themes. I'm sure there will
      be underagers subscribed, as well as people who have no interest in
      reading erotica etc., and it's only courtesy to let them avoid reading
      stories they have no desire to read.. Unfinished stories are welcome,
      but should be labeled as such. (1/?) is the standard. Beta stories
      (stories that are still in rough draft form) should be labeled BETAFIC.

      In the beginning of the story, please include the followingTitle,
      Author, Rating, Short Summary, and a standard
      "I-dont-own-them-nor-am-I-making-profit" disclaimer. Also, you should
      add a statement regarding the archivability of your fic, (archive
      wherever but e-mail me first, don't archive, only archive on XMMFF,
      etc.) Unless you state otherwise, all non beta version fic will be
      archived on the list's site.

      6. Where do I find the stories?

      On the list archive. It's located at

      7. Can I put these stories up on my website?

      If the author states in their intro that the story is free for
      archiving, go to it, but it's courtesy to let them know you're putting
      their story up. If they don't state that in their intro, e-mail them
      to ask.

      8. Feedback? What's that?

      It's the lifeblood of fan fiction. If you liked, loved, or even were
      mildly amused by a story, drop the author a line. We writers put hours
      and hours into writing these stories that everyone gets free of charge.
      It's depressing as hell to send it out and not know if anyone read it,
      let alone liked it. Even better are the e-mails that tell us what you
      like, specifically, what lines made you laugh, what sections were
      unclear, what dialogue made you choke on your soda etc.

      If there's anything I've left out of the FAQ, or questions you think
      might be "Frequently Asked", e-mail me at xmenmoviefanfic@...

      Melissa Flores aka Misty
      Reality is Nothing But a Collective Hunch -

      Founding member of PETS:
      People for the Ethical Treatment of Scott

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