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Sharp Relief 4/? FINALLY!!!! DUN DUN DUN!!

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    Title: Sharp Relief (Part 4) Series: Honestly Ok/Sharp Relief Series I guess..lol Archived: www.stas.net/meggymeg Author: Me silly! Nah..its Meghan Email:
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2000
      Title: Sharp Relief (Part 4)
      Series: Honestly Ok/Sharp Relief Series I guess..lol
      Archived: www.stas.net/meggymeg
      Author: Me silly! Nah..its Meghan
      Email: Sugar14672@...
      Feedback: No feedback..not story. Feedback is my lifeline.
      Disclaimer: I dont own em
      Rating: Pg-13 I think...I hate ratings..
      Theres some talk about sex...hmm..and a few swear words my parents might not
      want to hear from me..but oh well.
      Comments: Im dieing and its early morning..so..please send me feedback and
      wake me up! PLEASE! I'll give your nekkid hugh Lollipops if ya do! :)


      "Yep...In the flesh"

      Logan grimaced, sorely rubbing his jaw. He could already feel himself
      beginning to heal...but, man that had hurt like a bitch.
      "Damn....." he muttered. "Nice left hook..darlin'"

      Rogue could feel the shock plastered on her face. How was she supposed to
      react? Was she supposed to just jump in his arms and tell him how much she
      had missed him...and how glad she was that he was back? She let her eyes
      roam over the familiar, fallen form. The form of a man she had once known...
      There had been a time she had been so connected to him that she could feel
      every breath he took..
      Logan hadn't changed one bit. Figured, six years and leave it to him to come
      back even looking younger. Tired and beat down, he was...but no drastic
      changes. The two tuffs of ruffled hair stood at the back of his head, giving
      him that '-I just got out of
      bed-' look. His eyes had the same mischievous glint...his voice held the
      same gruffness...a thick warmth that laced around every word he spoke. This
      was who made her feel safe. No,...used to make her feel that way. Right now
      she felt more along the lines, of being sick. Even the notion that after all
      these years he could show back up, and expect everything to be as he had left
      it...made her ill.

      Yeah, he had changed alright. Although, probably not enough to realize the
      hell she had been going through these past six years. Of course traveling in
      the cold harsh Canadian weather, drinking till a stage of pure stupor, and
      engaging in meaningless sex with the drunken, desperate women at every stop,
      was a better use of his time than staying here with her (note sarcasm).

      That damn connection often leaked images of his exploits deep into her
      dreams. By now she just got by, telling herself that taking anything he did
      personally wasn't a very wise thing to do. Logan was Logan...and some little
      girl from the country he had picked up at a bar couldn't change him. She was
      a fool...and he was the joker who fooled her every time. Yep..Good old
      Logan..who would never change. Stubborn son-of-a-bitch.

      The Wolverine was just as lost as she was, trying to have him the way she
      wanted...the way she needed...had never been a possibility. Sometimes she
      swore the connection was just a way of tormenting her. Vicariously living in
      the memories..she could almost feel the sensation of flesh on flesh...the
      reaction the site of a naked woman arose in Logan...and the animalistic heat
      that shot through him. For a moment she would revel in the feel of skin
      being rubbed coarsely...the taste of salty lips pressing together. But, soon
      after..Rogue painfully tore from the events running her mind...playing her
      emotions. Just fateful reminders that Logan, or anyone for that matter,
      would never touch her like that...and she could never hold the lustful power
      she needed to arise -any- reaction from him.

      He was a beast, but a gawky kid from Meridian, Mississippi wasn't about to
      unleash the animal inside of him. It was a lot tamer then that. She'd have
      to cover herself in prime rib to get any beast to look twice at her.

      On instinct, Rogue leaned down, extending her hand to Logan. Without a
      thought she watched him reach, to accept her help...but immediately pull his
      hand back as he realized the danger this young woman posed, even to him.

      Logan watched pain and a fair amount of shameful embarrassment flash in her
      eyes. She pulled back her hand sharply. The movement was so fast and
      instinctual, that it was as if she had been burned by a flame.

      Logan hung his head in regret. Now he couldn't help but feel guilty.
      Obviously she was hurt. The wounded expression on her face made his, usually
      guarded heart, wretch. God, the last thing he wanted to do was hurt
      With any other he would simply brush such an inconvenience off
      nonchalantly...but he could feel what she felt. He knew how sensitive she
      was. The loneliness she felt was tucked inside of him too. Recollection
      pulsed through her and staying away from her to avoid any more complications
      was just too hard. He had self control...but with her..all rhyme and reason
      was out the door.

      Looking down Rogue realized that the last place she wanted to be right now
      was here. It was hard enough every day, when the other kids here avoided
      her...kept their difference, but when Logan..of all the people in the
      world..gave into fear, it was just a bit more than she could take.

      The minute Logan rose from the ground, Rogue slowly took a step back...an
      attempt to make the physical separation match the emotional one.

      Logan felt his heart sink in his chest as Rogue backed away from him.
      *Shit* his mind echoed.
      The one person in the world who really mattered to him was hurting because of
      his reckless bullshit.
      Logan's usual reaction to situations like this would be..'Screw it'...he
      would walk away. This little girl though held his heart in her firm grasp
      ...and not even the mighty Wolverine had a chance in hell of escaping.
      Reaching out fast enough, as Rogue didn't have a chance to react...or push
      him back, Logan put his hands on her shoulders. With another swift motion
      she was pulled towards him.

      Logan's arms possessively wrapped around her, fitting snug, around her small

      The immediate anger that had coursed through her was replaced the undying
      need...the aching inside of her. She let her hands slide up, till they were
      around his neck, pressed together. What could be seen as a friendly hug was
      softer and more gentle than any lovers touch and Rogue was amazed at all the
      old, familiar feelings flooding through her. After so many years of being
      dormant..she was sure they were lost forever.

      All her mind told her right now was..she should hit him..bruise him, even if
      only for a second..until that healing power kicked in. Rogue wanted to make
      sure he felt something...just anything.
      Moving away though was an impossibility...first of all...
      the bear hug she was placed in was quite firm. His hold on her was
      strong....second of all, she was sure that the moment he let go of her..she
      would fall to the ground. Her whole body was subdued by emotion right
      now...Logan was her support.
      Even if he was the reason she felt so overwhelmed by pain and longing...
      The heat of his body warmed her and she was sure he could feel her heart
      pounding beneath her chest.
      For the first time though, she didn't mind.
      Forget what her mind was telling her...she followed her heart, and let
      herself find temporary solace in his arms.

      (The 'Shipper whore)

      "Hey!..Hey it's me!"
      "Prove it"
      "Your a dick.."

      -The movie-X-men (My FAVE movie ever!)
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