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FIC: "Forgiven" (PG) (Jean/Scott) [Coda to "One Fine Day"

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    A few of you might actually remember my story One Fine Day Some really smart feebackers said that it needed more, and since I had agreed, I wrote a coda to
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      A few of you might actually remember my story "One Fine Day" Some really smart feebackers said that it needed more, and since I had agreed, I wrote a coda to it. Unfortunately, I've been busy of late, so I didn't really have time to proofread until now. But here it is anyway. If anyone needs to know the background first, check out One Fine Day at the list owners' site or at Egroups. Thanks!

      Title: Forgiven (Coda to "One Fine Day")

      Author: Meridian

      Summary: Just a little scene that someone thought was a good addition and close out for my story, and one that I liked a lot. Nothing too serious, I promise!

      Rating: PG (hinty-hinty about something more than casual kissing, nothing much else)

      Comments and Flames taken 24/7 at TrinityVixen@...

      Archiving: Sure!



      It never ceased to amaze her how a simple thing like a shower could make her feel so much more human. Sighing contentedly, Jean dried herself and walked out of her bathroom to scrounge for clothes. Unconsciously, she glanced at the bed, a habit born of a thousand midnight attacks of insomnia. She half-expected Scott to be there, to be the reason she was creeping around instead of making more noise.

      *Get a grip, Doc.* Scott was, of course, not dozing in their bed; he was still in the medical lab recuperating from the accidental run-in with Rogue. The corners of her mouth tugged upwards in a smile as she thought of the young woman who now wore her lover's glasses as a precaution. *She's a good kid.*

      No, Jean had to admit, she was better than that. After their discussion, Jean had gone back down to the medlab to watch over Scott. Four hours later at three in the morning, Rogue came down. Her hands were on her hips and her jaw was squared. Jean smiled as she remembered her shock. Rogue's actions were so like those of her love. It took her a moment to realize that Rogue probably absorbed those personality traits right along with the reason she had to wear the ruby-quartz glasses.

      The young woman had absolutely refused to take 'no' for an answer. Jean had been forced upstairs to take a nap and rest while Rogue took her place for a few hours. Although she was hesitant to leave Scott, as both doctor and girlfriend, Jean had to concede that her body desperately craved sleep, even if it was only for a few hours.

      Jean pulled on her jeans and a baggy sweatshirt, tied her hair back into what Scott jokingly called her 'battle ponytail,' and looked once more at the empty bed. She fully intended to move Scott from the lab to it when she went down, whether or not he was conscious. He would appreciate the familiar surroundings, and seeing him asleep in their bed was much easier on her heart than watching him on the sterile infirmary cot.


      Rogue yawned and stretched in her chair. Scott had not so much as twitched for the whole four hours she had been watching him. His face had gained some color, or at least she thought it had. If he woke up before Jean came back, she would just have to try and talk to him and ask him all those 'how are you feeling' questions herself.

      *How am Ah even gonna be able tah talk tah him?* Rogue steeled herself; regardless of Jean's reassurances, she still suffered from pangs of guilt. Next to Logan, Scott had been one of the nicest to her. The Professor, Jean, and Ororo had all been polite and very warm, but Scott seemed to make the extra effort. Jean had revealed that the football game was part of his way of including her as much as it had just been for fun. Rogue smiled; Scott's enthusiasm for the game had really impressed her and had made participation that much more attractive.

      "...mmm..." Rogue nearly fell off her seat at the grunting, half-conscious noise Scott made. Immediately, she leaned closer to see if he was, indeed, stirring. Other than his light moan, there were no signs to indicate that he was waking up.

      "Mr. Summers?" Her voice was tiny in the large room. He made no reply to her entreating question. *Of course not! Logan didn' even wake up for half a day that time Ah touched him. The next time it was a lot longer...* Rogue really hoped Scott would not be out that long. Her eyes drifted over the bruises on his neck where that one ray that escaped her eyes had hit him. Behind the red glasses, the bruises looked maroon, but she safely assumed they were purple or blue-black like most bruises.

      "...ungh..." That time she knew she saw him shift on the cot. Silently, she watched his shoulders twitch and the sheet draped over him shifted as he moved. Instead of trying to speak again, Rogue just waited. She cursed those glasses he wore; like the emergency pair Jean had given her, Scott's glasses mirrored the world around him and hid his eyes completely. *How am Ah supposed to know if he's awake or not?*

      "Mr. Summers? Are yah awake?" Nothing for a moment and then his head rolled toward her. If he was surprised or angry to see her, he was too tired or distracted to show it.

      "...Rogue?" His vision was fuzzy, but the accent had been real enough. If it was not the precocious Southerner, then the imposter was doing an accurate impression. Scott blinked a few times and her image came into focus.

      "How are yah feelin'?" Before he could answer, Scott nearly jumped at a spark in his mind; or rather, he would have had he had the energy. The electricity that tickled and shocked the back corner of his mind was familiar and welcome. [[ Jean? ]] He could feel his words bouncing over her suddenly excited mind.

      [[ Scott!?! Oh God! I'll be right there! Thank God, you're awake! Finally!
      God...God! ]] Whatever other communication she tried was obviously too complex for her relieved mind, so Scott stopped confusing her and turned back to Rogue, who was waiting expectantly for the end of what she deduced was yet another psychic conversation to which she was not privy.

      "Sorry, Jean was a little excited. I'm fine. Tired, but okay." Her smile made his heart ache. The relief seemed to seep through her entire frame. "How are _you_ doing?" Rogue started. The question was so honest, without trace of anger or even fear. Scott was not upset with her nor was he afraid that she would hurt him. She could tell he trusted her that much, and it made her crazy heart relax and stop squeezing with guilt.

      "Ah'm okay. Ah hope yah don' mind that Ah borrowed these," Rogue tapped the frames of his glasses. Chuckling, Scott shook his head.

      "Not at all. In fact, you could probably have this pair if you prefer. Those are my old ones. I didn't even think I still had those things." He shot the older, out-of-style pair a dirty look, making Rogue giggle. Suddenly it occurred to him that she looked different. Not different physically, but her color was all wrong. Instead of the intense red, the color was a little more...maybe there was no color difference, but _something_ was very different.

      "What are yah doin?" Rogue watched as one of Scott's hands came tentatively up to his glasses. Slowly, he pulled them from his face. He took a deep breath and then opened his eyes.

      The first thing he saw was Rogue's open-mouthed stare...in bright vivid color. Her hair was brown, not reddish-tan, not reddish anything. Her eyes were green...they were green!

      "I thought so..."

      "What? Ah don' understand..."

      "You still have my powers." Rogue nodded. There was a tingling right around her nose. She had felt it coalesce there when she touched him and absorbed the ability hours and hours ago. It was a steady stream of power just pouring into that spot, right behind her eyes and right over them.

      "But why don' yah have them, too? How did yah know?" Scott shrugged lightly and sat up. This moment was too good to waste on wondering why, but Rogue looked worried, so he thought it over.

      "I didn't know, but I could feel it. It's like that tickling sensation was gone," he tapped the spot of skin right between his nose and one of his eyes. She nodded, fully aware of what that sensation felt like. "I can't remember the last time it wasn't there." Rogue smiled, happy for him. Seeing the world literally through his eyes was not much fun, probably about as much fun as she had going through life without being able to touch. The lack of color bothered her, but she had always been able to know that it was only temporary. *But Scott has it foh life.* The thought made her ashamed to be so happy about the fleeting time she would be stuck with the glasses.

      "Cahn't yah ever turn it off?" Scott shook his head, a deep frown forming over the wondrous grin that he had had. Rogue felt a brush of bitterness from the Scott she had tucked away in her mind. Whatever it was that kept him from absolute control was ugly; the memory was hidden in her mind as the mind-Scott refused to tell her any more than the real thing. Abashed, she dropped her head.

      "Ah'm sorry. Ah didn' think befoh Ah said it..."

      "That's okay, Rogue," he reached over to pat her gloved hand and give it a squeeze. "Really." She looked up, searching for a reason to believe that forgiveness could come so easy. She had so much for which she had to apologize.

      "Ah'm sorry about what happened yesterday, too..." Scott waved it off.

      "I'm glad you're okay. I just wish you didn't have to get stuck with those, too." He pointed at her glasses. "Here, swap." A second later, she had his regular pair on and was calling on the personality she had absorbed to do a wicked imitation.

      "There, how's that?" Scott chuckled, his humor encouraging her. "Well then, Mr. Summers, Ah think that y'all will have tah make up the paper Ah assigned, won' yah? Ah don' wanna hear 'bout comas, no excuses mister! Blah blah blah...history...blah blah blah...physics..." Scott roared, his laughter dwindling into coughs. Instantly alarmed, Rogue reached out to thump him on the back. "Yah all right?"

      "Fine, fine, I...Jean!" Rogue's head turned to follow his gaze to the door. Dr. Jean Grey stood in the doorway, mouth open in shock, hair wild but settling after her sprint to the lab. She took in the scene, her eyes lingering on Scott's. *They're beautiful.* They were simply brown, a color that maybe half the population had, if not more. To Jean, they were the most gorgeous, most unique, most special eyes she had never seen before. She managed to take one calm step, and then she was rushing to be at his side and wrapping him in a hug a millisecond later. If the doctor side had not warned her against it, she might have just ripped him from the bed with her telekinesis.

      "Glad to see you, too, gorgeous." Scott smiled over Jean's hair at Rogue. Some little voice from Scott's corner of her mind warned her that she would probably want to leave very shortly. Jean did not appear to recognize that she was there, and things would very easily grow _very_ personal in a second.

      As it turned out, she did not even get a chance to hop off her chair before Jean planted the most furiously desperate and elated kiss right on her lover's lips. Scott chuckled in his mind, letting the embarrassment carry over their bond to Jean. She was too distracted to notice for a full minute, but eventually she got the idea. Flushing slightly as she pulled away, she nodded to Rogue.

      "Rogue." The young woman smiled at Scott. For the first time, and, she realized, probably the last, she saw the smile in his eyes as well as his mouth when he grinned right back.

      "Morning, Ms. Grey. Ah think Ah can leave the patient in your capable hands, right, Doctor?" Jean blushed redder than her hair, Scott laughed, and Rogue stood up. "Well, mah momma always said 'two's a crowd and three's an eavesdropper,' or worse in this case. So Ah'll just be on mah way." Rogue strolled over to the door.

      "Rogue?" She looked back at the still-embracing pair.

      "Yah boss-man?"

      "Thanks." Her smile was all the 'you're welcome' any of them needed. The part that was Scott in her brain told her how much it meant to both of them to be free of his restrictive powers, even for a short while. He would get them back, but they had a little while in which they could express everything to one another without the barrier that she now wore on her face.

      The sighs and light moans that echoed her footsteps towards the elevator made Rogue smile. *They certainly are enjoyin' it, all right. Ah wonder if tha's such a great thing foh them tah be doin' jus' now.* She pinked as Scott's voice in her mind shouted indignantly that he was an adult and could do whatever he wanted, thank you very much. Rogue giggled. She doubted that any of the other students would believe her if she told them that she had seen behind the mask of the unflappable Scott Summers.

      Halfway to the main floor, Jean called out to her telepathically.

      [[ Thank you, Rogue. ]]

      The words were clipped, almost as if Jean were as mentally breathless as Rogue assumed, not without some embarrassment, she was currently in real life.

      [[ Yah're welcome. Ah guess it's tha least Ah could do. ]]

      Rogue smiled, humming slightly, no trace of exhaustion in her lively gait even after being awake for the whole night. It would be all right. In return for a few hours of putting up with his red glasses, Rogue had given Scott a gift he had never thought he would ever be able to receive. Somehow that made the accident seem insignificant.

      They were even. They could still be friends.

      She was forgiven.

      The End
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