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Fic:-Un-named thus far (L/R)

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  • Caroline
    Hello This is a response to Errie s fan-fic challenge. She provides the lyrics, and I make up a story. Please tell me what you think, and Errie as well. Just
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2000

      This is a response to Errie's fan-fic challenge. She provides the
      lyrics, and I make up a story.

      Please tell me what you think, and Errie as well.

      Just insert the usual "I own nothing" disclaimer here and that should
      keep the lawyers off my back.

      If by some wonderous miracle anyone should want to archive this, then
      just tell Errie and I, 'cos we'd be thrilled, and we'd want to check
      on where it's living.

      Well, enough of my rambling, and on with the fic.

      Caroline (aka HazelWicca)Prologue

      "It was a beautiful service." The cultured voice spoke
      softly and
      the group nodded, unable to think of a response.

      "There shouldn't have been one at all. At least, not so
      Jean spoke softly, so that the silent member of the group

      She stood over his grave, clothed in black and tears streaming down
      her pale face, while the dry wind swept over the graveyard. A red
      rose was in her hand, and the young woman recalled the lyrics to her
      favorite song,

      Yes, I convey you to a kiss from a rose on the grave,
      ooh, the more I get of you, the stranger it feels,
      yeah Now that your rose is in bloom,
      a light hits the gloom on a grave.

      Yes, this truly was a kiss from a rose. She pressed the flower to
      her lips, then she set it on the headstone. Then she walked away.
      Tears forming in her eyes, but never falling.

      "Will she be okay?" Storm asked the Professor.

      "I do not know. I feel great pain from her, and an unwillingness
      accept the situation." After shaking his head slightly, the
      Professor started to leave, but Cyclops' voice held him back.

      "Maybe she shouldn't accept it. There is no body, how can
      you be so
      sure that he's dead?" Jean reached for his hand, but he
      pulled away

      "Scott, you shouldn't blame yourself. It wasn't your

      "I should have made sure everyone was out. I was leading the
      mission, I was responsible." Jean shook her head forcefully.

      "No. Logan should have followed orders, he wasn't supposed
      to go
      after Magneto, it wasn't an attack."

      Storm nodded her head. "Jean is correct, Logan should not have
      his judgment become clouded. You couldn't have known, we do not
      blame you."

      "Maybe you should. Maybe she should." He said, looking over
      at the
      woman walking away from them, her head hanging down and hair covering
      her face.


      "`Ah know they're talkin' `bout me. Tryin' ta
      figure out the best
      way ta' help, but they can't. `Ah don't know what
      ah'm gonna do.
      And `ah can't believe ah'm talkin' ta ma-self."
      Rogue shook her head
      sadly, then blew her white locks out of her reddened eyes.

      "'Ah love ya. `Ah didn't know it, but `ah do."
      Rogue sighed. "Oh
      Sugah, what'm `ah gonna do?"
      Chapter One

      //Marie? Marie? Can you hear me Marie? God damn, listen ………
      I need
      you to hear me, Marie?// Rogue looked up.

      (`Ah could `a sworn ……… you're desperate ain't
      yah.) Rogue shook her
      head, and went back to writing in her diary.

      //Damn it all to hell.// Logan growled to himself, then he flopped
      onto the bed and flung his arm over his eye's.

      When Rogue suddenly stood up Logan jumped slightly, the swore in
      embarrassment. (What `ta listen to?)

      "Hmmmmmm, nope, that's no good, uck……… whatever
      possessed me?" Rogue
      murmured to herself as she idly flipped through her CD
      collection. "Ah-ha!" She triumphantly pulled out a CD then
      on her player.

      You're my sunshine after the rain
      You're the cure against my fear and my pain
      'Cause I'm losing my mind, when you're not around
      It's all (it's all) It's all because of you

      Rogue stopped in her tracks as the words sunk in.

      Baby I really know by now
      Since we met that day
      You showed me the way

      Dragging in a deep calming breath, she sank onto the edge of her bed,
      then slowly slipped to the floor, her eye's closed.

      I felt it then you gave me love I can't describe
      How much I feel for you
      I said baby I really know by now
      Should have been right there whenever you gave me love
      And if only you were here
      I'd tell you, yes, I'd tell you (oh yeah)

      //Shhhh. It's gonna be ok Marie. I promise.// Logan crouched
      beside the sobbing girl, and gently stroked her hair. Murmuring
      soothing words he knew she couldn't hear.

      You're my sunshine after the rain
      You're the cure against my fear and my pain
      'Cause I'm losing my mind, when you're not around
      It's all (it's all) It's all because of you.

      "'Ah miss you Logan." Rogue sighed as the song ended.

      //Don't worry Marie, I ain't going no-where.//

      "Hey Rogue, can I come in?" A male voice called into the
      room, and
      Rogue jumped up, straightening her hair and clothes, before answering.

      "Sure Bobby." The door slowly opened, and a head peeked
      round the

      "We're going for ice-cream, you wanna come?" He smiled
      and Rogue blushed slightly.

      //Damn kid.// Logan frowned at the boy as he felt his knuckles
      starting to itch.

      "'Ah don't think so." Rogue said quietly, a sad look
      coming into her

      "C'mon, it'll be fun." //She said no, and she meant
      no, so beat
      it.// Logan stalked over to the boy, and his claws slid slowly out.

      "Well, okay………but only for a while. `Ah gotta get back
      to finish my
      work." Bobby smiled, and grabbed her arm. He pulled Rogue out
      the room, and down the corridor.

      An irate Logan stalked after them. //Damn, how'm I supposed to
      out for her if she's gallivantin' round the place?//

      He started to jog to keep them both in sight. //Outta' my way
      honey.// He said as he ran through her.

      "What the………why is it so cold in here?" Jean frowned,
      then shrugged
      as it suddenly got warmer.
      //Great, just bloody great.// Logan watched the back of the truck as
      it roared out of site, then he started his three mile hike to
      town. //The things I do for love.//


      //Is everything complete?//

      "Yes. Everyone is where they should be, and we're nearly
      ready to

      //Excellent work. You are to be commended on your loyalty,
      Mystique. Whatever would I do without you?// The man stepped out of
      her body, then turned to face her.

      //You always did look good as a blonde.// He smiled, then stalked

      Chapter Two

      All my troubles seemed so far away
      Now it seems as though they're here to stay
      Oh, I believe in yesterday

      //What is that god-awful noise?// Logan followed the sound, and
      walked through two doors before coming to a complete stop with a look
      of total horror on his face. //Cyke………who'd a thought it,
      a Boyz 2
      Men fan. // He shook his head, then laughed before leaving the

      I'm not half the man I used to be
      There's a shadow hanging over me
      Oh yesterday came suddenly

      Why she had to go I don't know
      She wouldn't say,
      She wouldn't say,
      I said something wrong now I long for yesterday

      //Is this the only damn station anyone listens to?// Logan asked
      himself as he stalked into Rogue's room.

      Love was such an easy game to play
      Now I need a place to hide away
      Oh I believe in yesterday

      "K, if X equals Y, then the square of the root of L is in fact L
      what the hell am I doin'?" Rogue threw the book at the wall,
      flopped onto her bed.

      Oh I.... had to go I don't know
      She would not say
      I said something wrong
      How I long for yesterday

      //I'd help `ya if I could honey, but math was never my
      subject, and there's the fact that you can't hear me.//
      Logan began
      to pace the room. //Don't worry Marie, I promised you I'd
      after `ya, and I never break a promise.//

      "Come on, it's lunch time!" The shout was followed by a
      banging on
      the door.

      "Ah'm comin' Jubilee." Rogue rolled off the bed, and
      headed over to
      the far wall.

      Love was such an easy game to play
      Now I need a place to hide away
      Oh, I believe in yesterday
      I believe in yester...day

      She threw the abused math book onto the bottom of her bed, then
      headed out the door, slamming it shut just as Logan walked through it.

      Was so far away
      Oh yesterday was far away
      And I know I can't turn back
      Cause yesterday is gone

      //And I thought I was supposed to be the one with the bad manners.//
      He trudged after her. //I hate meal time.// Logan scowled as he
      followed her into the dining hall.

      "Hey Rogue, over here!" Bobby stood up and shouted over the
      of chattering people. Rogue smiled at him, then headed over to grab
      some lunch.

      "Hey Bobby." She said as she sat down. Logan scowled at the
      who smiled flirtingly at her, and moved closer.

      //You just keep your distance.// Out of the corner of his eye he saw
      Storm waving at someone, who came to a stop right beside him.

      "Hiya Miss Grey." Teenage voices chorused out, and a few of
      started asking her about the afternoons lesson plan.

      All of a sudden an eight year old came tearing round the table and
      Logan automatically stepped back, right into Jean.

      //What the….//

      At that precise moment Bobby made a move and put his arm around
      Rogue's shoulders.

      //Why you little hormone.// Splat. A milk carton exploded, and
      Bobby fell backwards in surprise.

      Thwack. Everyone stared at him as he lay on the floor. Logan moved
      forwards to get a better look and Jean stumbled forward slightly.

      "What just happened?" She whispered, and Logan turned to
      look at
      her. Everyone else was staring at Bobby, who was on the floor
      covered in milk. Rogue was, of course, completely dry.

      Jean shook her head. "Are you alright Bobby?" She asked
      him, then
      bent down to help him up.

      He nodded slowly. "Yeah. Just a little wet is all."

      "Perhaps you should go change your clothes." Jean suggested
      as she
      began to head towards the table where the teachers sat.

      "Good idea." Bobby replied.

      //Great idea.// Logan said at the same time. //Now, what the hell
      just happened?// Logan asked himself whimsically, as he gave a last
      look at the departing Bobby, then followed Jean back to her table.

      "Is everything alright?" Storm asked as Jean sat down. Jean

      "Yes. However, there is something we should discuss after lunch,
      have to see the Professor." Storm frowned at her friends cryptic
      attitude, but nodded her head slowly, and went back to eating her

      //Good plan. Stick with Jean and see what the Prof's idea's
      on this
      are.// Logan hovered at the table until Jean and Storm had finished,
      then followed them as they headed to the Professor's study.

      ~~~Come in, ~~~welcome, ~~~the door is unlocked.~~~ The thoughts
      seemed to echo around each other as Jean and Storm got near to the

      "Professor, something strange happened at lunch." Xavier
      then he wheeled out from behind his desk.

      "I felt your disquiet. Explain it to me." He said as he
      with Jean mentally. "Ahhhh. I see. It is a strange feeling.
      you remember why you felt this hostility towards Bobby?" Jean
      her head, and Logan decided that he had to do something, and quick.

      He moved back into Jeans body, and then connected with
      her. //Xavier.// He thought using Jeans mind. Xavier jerked

      "Logan?" He projected mentally, and said out loud at the
      same time.

      //Yeah. `Ya real quick today Prof.//

      "How is this possible?" Xavier asked him, bewilderment in
      his voice.

      //Hey, don't ask me.//

      "What is happening Professor?" Storms voice broke into their

      "It seems that Logan's death has been greatly
      exaggerated." The
      Professor replied after a moments hesitation.

      "That and it's a load a bull-shit." Jean/Logan said.

      "Logan!" Storm exclaimed. "Wait, where is Jean?"
      She asked

      Logan stepped out of Jeans body. "Don't worry, I'm still
      Jean said attempting to soothe her friend.

      "Something very………strange is happening." The Professor
      said after a

      //You're not wrong.// Logan drawled.

      "Call the X-Men together." Jean looked over at him.
      "Yes, invite
      Rogue as well. It concerns her." The Professor then headed out
      the room, with Jean and Storm following.

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