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FIC: Personal Demons (PG-13 7/8)

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    Title: Personal Demons Author: Jocelyn (jdog985@hotmail.com) Feedback: Please! This is my first serious fic. Summary: Cyclops is imprisoned and tortured by
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2000
      Title: Personal Demons

      Author: Jocelyn (jdog985@...)

      Feedback: Please! This is my first serious fic.

      Summary: Cyclops is imprisoned and tortured by an anti-mutant group.

      Characters: All the main characters, Gambit, and a few originals
      (Nadine, Charlotte, Andy, Allen) just to add to the student body

      Rating: PG-13 for violence

      Disclaimer: The X-men don't belong to me; they belong to Brian
      Singer and Marvel Comics. I'm not making any money off this fic,
      kindly don't sue me!

      * Denotes unspoken thought by characters

      Part VII

      Jean Grey had been concentrating hard below the stairs on
      telepathically listening in on the conversation going on between the
      girls and the intruders. When Kitty decided to turn the first floor
      into the O.K. Corral, she figured that was a good time to get in the
      game. "Now!" she yelled at the other X-men just before Kitty

      They charged up the stairs, battered, bruised, strained, and above
      all, furious. Jean's telepathic snooping had finally let her
      discover just who Elaine Hull was. Hull and her henchmen were being
      kept busy by Kitty's attack from the front, and they couldn't
      fast enough to another assault from behind. Logan clawed two guards
      before they even realized there was someone behind them. Struck from
      too many directions, Hull's accomplices fled.

      Storm, sizzling with lightning and rage, blasted out the windows on
      either end of the hallway and turned it into a wind tunnel, throwing
      everyone off balance. Unfortunately, Hull reacted fast. Kitty had
      hesitated in surprise when the X-men came tearing into view, and that
      was all the good doctor needed. Grabbing the girl by the hair, she
      yanked her through the door and held her own gun under Kitty's

      Everyone froze. Kitty's gun clattered to the floor, out of
      Logan instinctively started forward, but Elaine pushed the gun harder
      against Kitty's neck, "I'll kill her!" Cursing
      furiously, Logan
      retreated and Storm's wind died. Kitty squeezed her eyes shut.
      "Open every door! Tell your kids to open up," Hull ordered.

      *Everyone, open your doors,* Jean ordered helplessly. Slowly, doors
      opened and gasps rang out up and down the hall when the students saw
      the attacker and her hostage.

      Elaine moved to the center of the hallway, never taking her eyes off
      Jean, "Now, let's just wait for my reinforcements to arrive.
      I'll take the gun away, and she'll be fine."

      "Bitch!" Remy snarled.

      Elaine turned condescendingly toward him, "Really, young man!
      language!" In her ego trip, she didn't realize that Gambit
      had only
      been creating masking noise so Cyclops could pull himself up.

      "You're really sick if you get your kicks by kidnapping
      kids!" Bobby
      added, covering the sound of Scott fumbling blindly on the floor for
      his visor. Jean, seeing it lying where one of the guards had dropped
      it, carefully slid it toward his hand. He found it and pulled
      himself up, maneuvering for a shot. He motioned frantically for the
      boys to keep Hull talking.

      He got a better distraction than he had expected, "It's been
      a long
      time, Elaine," said someone's voice from down the hall. Out
      of the
      end room came Professor Xavier.

      "Oh dear, it looks like I missed," Elaine said. "So
      sorry, Charles,
      but your special talent would have made my plan impossible."

      Charles looked at her sadly, "I knew you wanted revenge, but I
      imagined you'd lower yourself to tormenting innocent children
      just to
      hurt me."

      "What better way to destroy you than force you to live through
      slow death of each one of your proteges?" Elaine sneered, her
      affected cordiality gone. "That is your weakness. Your telepathy
      lets you know what's happening, but all you can do is watch and
      it all!" She jerked Kitty to one side so she could shout directly
      Charles, and that was the shot Cyclops had been waiting for.

      An amazingly thin beam of red energy shot from his visor and blew the
      gun out of Elaine's hand before she had a chance to pull the
      trigger. Kitty had been forewarned by Professor Xavier and threw
      herself into the nearest door as soon as the gun's pressure left
      chin. Bobby and John grabbed her, yanked her inside, and slammed the
      door shut. All the other doors slammed shut at the same time, on
      Xavier's orders. Elaine spun around and found herself facing the
      once-again-visored Scott Summers. She backed up a few steps,
      to take your revenge and kill me now?"

      Standing there, favoring his injured leg, his face under the visor
      was expressionless, "Don't tempt me. If you'd hurt any
      of those
      kids, I wouldn't have thought twice about blowing your head off.
      I won't sink to your level."

      "This one's practically a clone of you, Charles!" she
      called over her
      shoulder with a smile.

      "Scott!" Xavier shouted a warning but it was too late.
      Elaine struck
      the trigger control in her pocket, and every pain receptor in
      body went off at once. Screaming, he fell to the floor, writhing in

      Logan lunged forward to grab the control from Hull's hand, but
      arm caught him, "She can kill him with one switch!"

      Elaine knew the X-men would kill her to stop what she was doing to
      Summers, but she intended to take Charles' surrogate son with
      Crazed with pain, he couldn't use his visor or rip away the
      remote-activated contact point stuck to the back of his neck. She
      laughed as she heard the kids inside the dorm rooms screaming too;
      this little nightmare would tear Charles' school apart.

      Then, without warning, Scott's hand reached the visor control,
      and he
      fired a shot that blasted Elaine straight into the wall, knocking the
      trigger from her hand. Her last thought as she was thrown backwards
      by tons of force was, *There's no way he should have been able to

      Xavier doubled over in his chair, trembling slightly. To control
      Scott's actions, he had had to fight his way through the cyclone
      agony in Scott's mind to move his arm. He felt Ororo touching
      shoulders, "Are you all right?" She examined the bloody mark
      on his
      left shoulder where Elaine's bullet had grazed him.

      "I'll be fine. Jean?" Charles prayed that Elaine's
      revenge hadn't
      cost them Scott's life.

      Jean was kneeling beside her fiancé's limp body, checking his
      "He's alive," she said tightly, and glanced over to where
      Logan was
      bent over Elaine.

      Logan straightened. "She's dead. Her neck snapped," he
      told them

      Storm, cradling her fractured shoulder, replied coldly,

      "What about her cohorts?" Logan asked, "I know you chased
      `em off for
      now, but they might come back."

      Charles shook his head grimly, "I made sure they won't
      Elaine or anything else involved with us. By the time they wonder
      what they're doing driving around in Canada, they'll have no
      where they're going or where they came from."

      "Poetic," Logan murmured, then motioned to Elaine Hull's
      body. "Do
      you want me to take care of this?"

      "It would be best before the children are allowed to come
      Xavier agreed.

      ***Coming Soon: Part VIII***
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