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[Fic] Individuality 10/?

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  • Dark Knight
    Double digits already. Very strange. ********** INDIVIDUALITY Part 10 by D^Knight All things Marvel are property of Marvel. The X-Men Movie is property of
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      Double digits already. Very strange.


      Part 10

      by D^Knight

      All things Marvel are property of Marvel. The X-Men
      Movie is property of Bryan Singer and Fox (or
      something). Dual is property of Kajishima Masaki and
      Pioneer LDC. All other things are property of their
      respective owners. Any resemblance to anything else is
      totally coincidental.

      Anyone can archive this, provided they credit the

      Rating: PG (Mild swearing.)

      What hath passed: D and Darren are lost in the woods,
      while Kitty, Jubilee and Bobby search for them.
      Meanwhile, D's popularity is yet again proved when she
      gets accosted by several FBI agents.

      _This is italicized. Either emphasis, or thought._
      *This is a telepathic message. In some cases, it's
      also thought.*
      ++This is usually a written message or sign.++
      -This is a sound.-
      -=This is a very loud sound.=-


      D sidled up next to Darren. "What do you suggest we do
      now?" she said in a low voice.

      Darren had a sort of waxen grin. "I have no idea."

      The possibly leader of the FBI agents nodded
      encouragingly to them. "Just come along with us, and
      nobody's going to get hurt..."

      "Um, sir?"

      The leader didn't take his eyes off his quarry. "Not
      now, Wilson."

      "Sir, there's something you really need to know..."


      "Like, you _really_ need to know about this _right
      now_," Wilson said desperately.

      The leader turned.

      There were seven FBI agents at the scene. All of them
      were armed with fairly powerful handguns, capable of
      leaving nothing but a mess and some tedious forms to
      fill in, with a possible bonus of a hefty legal bill.

      As such, seven against two was not really an even
      fight. This was even more so when you consider that
      the most powerful handgun in the world is, when all is
      said and done, just a handgun.

      "Put the guns down slowly," Cyclops commanded. His
      tone made it clear that failure to comply would mean
      an immediate loss of priviliges, starting with the
      privilige to exist.

      The agents shuffled their feet nervously, but made no
      move to surrender their weapons. One of them began
      fiddling with his suit.

      Storm, meanwhile, was heading quickly towards the two
      misplaced students. "Are you all right? Are you hurt?"

      "We're fine," D said calmly.

      "Yeah," Darren said belatedly, after Storm looked
      questioningly at him. "What she said."

      "You two are a long way from home," Storm said
      sternly. Then her expression softened. "Never mind,
      we'll wait until we're back at the sch-"

      There was a sound like a pillow gently hitting a
      table, and everything went white.


      The three students stared in horror.

      At least, Jubilee stared in horror. Kitty and Bobby
      were both trying to blink away the glare from the
      sudden flash of light.

      "That was a bomb!" she shouted.

      "Whassat?" Bobby shook his head blearily. "I can't
      hear you, there's a ringing in my ears..."

      "We'd better get there fast," Jubilee continued,
      ignoring him. "D might be hurt!"

      "We just saw a bomb explode," Kitty said carefully,
      "and now we're going to the blast site, where there
      may be more."


      "Just making sure."


      "What was _that_?" Darren shouted over the din.

      "Bomb," Storm said, creating a strong wind to blow
      away the residual smoke. "Someone's trying to be

      "They're trying to kill us?"

      "Seems like either they get you two, or nobody does."
      Storm's eyes flared a brilliant white. "Get out of
      here, two of you!"



      D, possessing rather more presence of mind than her
      companion, grabbed Darren's collar, and ran in the
      general direction of the school.

      Cyclops was busy trying to fend off the FBI agents.
      This was easily achieved by blasting large holes
      beside the agents' feet, which rather spoiled their

      Even so, it was clear that he wouldn't last for much
      longer. The rules forbade him to actively hit a
      non-mutant with his optic blasts, which made things
      very difficult.

      "Storm!" he called out. "I need some help here!"

      Storm nodded, and her eyes flared, just as someone
      shot her.


      "What the hell is going on here?!"

      On reflection, perhaps the appearance of the three
      students at this point in time was less than

      The FBI agents turned their attention to their new
      targets almost immediately.


      D would have screeched to a halt if this were a
      slapstick cartoon. But since it wasn't, she didn't,
      but even so, she looked as though she had done it.

      She looked in horror at the scene behind her.

      Cyclops was obviously trying very hard not to break
      the cardinal rule of the X-Men. This endeavour was
      hampered by the fact that the agents had no qualms
      whatsoever about killing him.

      Storm, meanwhile, was lying prone on the ground, but
      still alive. She was guarded by Jubilee and Kitty.
      Jubilee was particularly effective at blinding any
      agents who came close.

      Bobby, meanwhile, had accounted for three agents, or
      at least their weapons. That left four more. To be
      precise, that left four armed agents, and three
      unarmed, yet extremely pissed off agents.

      FBI agents differed from Evil Henchmen(tm) in several
      ways. One is the way in which they are trained; Evil
      Henchmen(tm) are trained in _almost_ everything, with
      one fatal flaw. FBI agents, however, are trained in
      everything, period.

      At least, these FBI agents were.

      It might have been a help to the mutants on the scene
      to know that these agents were not the usual
      get-sent-to-investigate-alien-invasions type of FBI
      agents. These were an elite force (though by no means
      _the_ elite force), which were usually more
      comfortably decked out in full riot gear.

      As it were, they were making do with the suits. And
      making do very well.


      These are the woods, inasmuch as Salem Center has
      woods, around the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters.

      This is the skirmish in the woods.

      These are the participants of the skirmish.

      This is Storm, one such participant. Storm is on the
      ground, fighting blood loss and a bullet wound in the

      This is Cyclops, another participant. Cyclops is some
      distance away, blasting big holes in the ground.

      These are the students, Bobby, Kitty and Jubilee. They
      are also participants of the fight, albeit

      These are the FBI agents sent to capture D. They are
      also participants of the fight, and make up one side
      of it.

      This is D, who is not quite a participant of the
      skirmish, but she is at the scene, at least.

      D likes her friends. A lot.

      D does not like these nasty men who want to capture

      She really, _really_ does not like them.

      This is Darren, not a participant of the fight either,
      but close enough to D such that he can be counted as
      D's temporary companion.

      Darren is very confused and frightened.

      Watch carefully. Things are about to get very


      Much later, the events of the next few seconds were
      very carefully pieced together from the accounts of
      almost everyone involved.

      The plucky agent about to fire a shot at Jubilee, and
      damn his eyesight, was suddenly confronted by a huge
      monstrousity which looked very much like a purple
      tentacled blob with a single large eye.

      He screamed, and fired wildly.

      The bullet flew straight through the apparition, and
      was on course to embed itself somewhere in Kitty's
      grey matter.

      Storm, upon seeing this, managed to create a very
      temporary air shield in front of the terrified girl,
      who dodged the reduced-velocity bullet.

      All that had the effect of making the rest of the
      fighters glance in that direction for a brief moment.

      Taking advantage of the brief lull, another agent had
      plucked up the courage (or desperation) to shoot in
      D's direction.

      There was a long drawn-out millisecond. Time and space
      seemed to... _stretch_...

      Time and space snapped back into shape.

      The bullet embedded itself in a tree.

      After that, the noisy woods were suddenly very, very


      Before any Dual canonists nuke me, I'd just like to
      point out that compared to the things which happened
      in the anime, what D managed to do is very small fry

      Feedback is good. Feed me.



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