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FIC: Lives and Fortunes, Chapter 1 of 10

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      Logan pushed hard into Scott, talking softly right in his ear. He wasn’t making much sense, but Scott didn’t care. Random words of lust and joy,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 22, 2010
      Logan pushed hard into Scott, talking softly right in his ear. He wasn’t making
      much sense, but Scott didn’t care. Random words of lust and joy, Logan’s body on
      his back, Logan’s cock sliding in and out of him, Logan’s fingers interlaced
      with his own, the warmth of the fire in the hearth so close to them – this was
      all he needed. He pushed back to meet him, getting up on all fours. Logan reared
      back, holding Scott by the hips now as he fucked him hard, and then pressed down
      on him again. Scott braced himself to hold the whole weight of Logan’s
      adamantium-laced body.

      “Almost there,” Scott said to him. “I want to feel you coming. Give it to me.”
      Logan put his arms round Scott’s chest, his breath loud in his ear as he fucked
      him harder and faster. Then with one thrust he jerked his head against Scott’s,
      knocking the glasses onto the rug.

      “Shit!” he said, and pulled out.

      “No, no. Don’t stop. It’s okay. I closed them in time. Just leave the glasses.
      Fuck me some more.”

      Logan slid back in gently. Soon he was lying on Scott’s back again, his cock
      pumping in and out of Scott’s tight hole, hand reaching around to squeeze and
      tug until Scott came, then fucking him fast and hard, both arms around his

      The claws slid out of Logan’s hands as his orgasm overtook him, arms spread wide
      now, metal shining bright in the firelight.

      Logan pulled out of Scott, claws retracting slowly as he caught his breath. He
      sat down on the rug, back against the couch, looking into the fireplace. Scott
      felt around for his glasses, put them on, and opened his eyes. Then he stretched
      out on the rug, face turned towards the fire. “Thanks,” Logan said, sitting
      cross-legged behind Scott, patting him on the ass. “That was great.” He tousled
      Scott’s hair.

      “Yeah.” Scott sighed happily.

      “Sorry about the glasses.”

      “No harm, no foul. I think my eyes were just about rolling back in my head by
      that point anyway.” He smiled at his lover. “It’s good doing it here, isn’t it?
      Although when these were Charles’s rooms, I don’t suppose he had to clean cum
      stains out of the hearth rug so often.”

      Logan chuckled. “I’m glad you decided to move in here.”

      Scott laughed. “Because you like fucking in front of the fireplace?”

      “We do it like that in your office, too.”

      “That rug is getting cleaned more often, too.” Scott sat up, leaning against his
      lover. “But it’s a little more private here. Not what you meant, though? You’re
      not glad because of the fireplace?”

      “I do like a fire. Particularly at night. I can’t stand being cold at night.”

      Scott reached over and touched Logan’s leg. “I know. I could kill them for what
      they did to you.”

      Logan shrugged. “You and me both, bub. Unfortunately, time did it before either
      of us had a crack at them.”

      Neither said anything for a minute; they just looked into the fire. “So why are
      you glad I left my old bedroom and took over Charles’s rooms?”

      “It makes the mansion more your place, you know? It’s the master bedroom suite.
      You own the house, the school, too. You’re the headmaster, the team leader.
      These rooms should be yours. For a while there, it seemed like you were kind of
      taking care of stuff for him – the house, the school, the X-Men – not really in


      “Oh, not that it showed with the team. Or the kids. As far as they were all
      concerned you’re the leader. They all do what you say. But I could tell the

      “You see a side of me nobody else does.”

      “I hope so,” Logan replied grinning. “It was sort of like you weren’t really
      sure he was gone. It got a little creepy, like you were looking around for his
      ghost or something. Like you didn’t want to make any of your own decisions, just
      wanted to figure out what he would have done. I thought of getting you a WWXD
      bracelet for a while there.”

      Scott smiled. “I do feel guided by him, by all he taught me over the years.
      That’s always been true. It still is. I want to fulfill Charles’s vision. That’s
      been my touchstone since I was a kid, why I stayed here all along and worked for
      him. I thought of leaving a few times over the years, but I always ended up
      deciding that this is what I want to do with my life. That’s why I promised him
      that I’d take over, continue the school and the X-Men and the Foundation, take
      care of them all after he was gone.” He thought a little more, then added, “I
      want to keep his memory alive, but I do want to make it my own operation, too.”

      Logan nodded in approval. “You need to put your own stamp on it. No, not that –
      keep your own stamp on it. The X-Men, the school – they always were yours, you
      know, even when he was alive. Yours as much as his. You built this place every
      bit as much as the Professor did. He couldn’t have done it without you.”

      “Yeah, I know. That’s why he didn’t start building a school or a combat team
      until he’d suckered me into doing it with him.” Wry half-smile. Logan touched
      Scott’s shoulder. “Don’t worry. I’m okay now. It was worth doing.” Scott sighed.
      “And he really did love me.”

      “You believe it now?”

      “Yeah, however badly it began – and I’ll tell you sometimes I’m still bitter
      from finding out just how callous he was in the beginning – the love Charles
      Xavier professed was very real for most of the time I knew him. He was a good
      father to me, and I did my best to be a good son to him.”

      “You were a great son to him. Better than he deserved a lot of the time.” Logan
      ran his fingers through Scott’s hair again. “But, you know, it’s still weird how
      you seemed ready to just obey his every fucking whim after he died. For a while
      there, anyway.”

      “Finding those diaries made a difference. Seeing a side to him I didn’t know was
      there. Feet of clay and all that.”

      “Then I’m glad you found them, if it helped shake you out of just doing what he
      wanted. But you sure weren’t like that when he was alive. You never felt like
      you had to just go along with what he said. You disagreed with him lots of
      times, fought with him, even.”

      “Yeah. About you, some of the time.”

      “I know.”

      “Not just that, though; you’re right. We’d argue about how to run the X-Men,
      which missions we should go on, how best to spend the Foundation’s money, how to
      handle the students. We had a shared purpose, Charles and I, a shared vision,
      but we didn’t always see eye-to-eye on how to enact it.” Scott thought a moment.
      “I think when he was alive, I felt like voicing disagreement with him was a good
      thing, that bumping heads with Charles had a positive outcome. Often he was
      right, and arguing it out made me see that. And sometimes he wasn’t, and arguing
      about it made that clear, too.”

      “Like about you and me.”

      “That one I was always clear on.”

      “After you got over the idea that you could stop liking dick if you tried hard

      “I think I might never have come out if it weren’t for you, Logan. I was really
      settled in that life. I wanted what felt like a normal life; I wanted a place in
      the world. I didn't even think about sex with men. I’d almost forgotten about
      that part of me. But then you showed up and all that fell apart."

      "That's me – destruction wherever I go."

      "Well, you certainly rocked my world. I knew I needed you. I wished I didn’t, at
      first. I thought my life would get back to normal when you left – that's what I
      was hoping for. Instead I found I couldn't get you out of my head. I wanted to
      find you, wanted to work for a new normal. You made me really think about my
      life and the decisions I’d made. You gave me an opportunity for growth. Not that
      I knew that at the time, or would have thanked you then if I had.”

      “All that by knocking you down in the Danger Room and telling you to suck me
      off. And here I thought I was just horny.”

      Scott laughed and punched him in the arm. It was a light, mock punch but still
      hard enough to feel the metal underneath. “And I knew the team needed you, and
      that you needed us – long before you knew. Charles came round before he died,

      “Yeah you told me that he was okay with you and me. But that’s all you told me.
      What did he say?”

      “He said that I’d been right about you and he’d been wrong. That you’d proven to
      be a huge asset to the team, and to the school. That I’d seen your potential
      when he’d only seen your limitations. And that he knew we really love each

      “Telepathy comes in handy.”

      “Yeah, particularly when you’re in love with a guy who doesn’t like to say it,”
      Scott said, with a smile. “But I knew it anyway. I know what silent love hath
      writ.” He stared at the dancing flames for a minute and then went on. “You’re
      right, though. I did lose some sense of proportion after he died. Those first
      few months I felt the loss of him so keenly. Not just personally, not just
      missing him. I was at sea without him telling me what to do. I was trying to
      take over for him and at the same time do all the stuff I've always done. I
      didn't even realize how much Charles did until I tried to do it all, too. And
      with all the shit that went on those first few months – with that reporter from
      the Washington Times, with finding Alex, the financial constraints we were
      under, Jean going hors de combat – I did feel overwhelmed a lot of the time. So
      I probably did fall back too much on ‘What Would Xavier Do?’ I probably relied
      on you too much, too.”

      “Nah, I want to help you – any way I can.”

      “Well, good. I needed your help. Still do. And you’re right about this suite,
      too – keeping his rooms set up like they had been when he was alive, with all of
      his things still in them, it was a kind of denial. Sort of Miss
      Haversham-esque.” He looked around him. “But it wasn’t easy to make changes.
      These rooms had been Charles's all the time I knew him. This is where I sat with
      him when we were first planning the X-Men; it’s where I first met Jean. And this
      is where he died. I didn't even take out that hospital bed for weeks after his
      death. Jean finally convinced me to have it moved back to the infirmary." Logan
      saw the red glow behind Scott's glasses fade as he closed his eyes. "I’d come in
      here sometimes and just sit on the couch and look at his empty chair and try to
      imagine him sitting in it, imagine him rolling over here and telling me what I
      should do.” He opened his eyes, looked at Logan, and smiled.

      “Yeah, you’re right. It is kind of creepy.”

      “Was. You’re past that. The wheelchair’s not here anymore; you are. You’ve moved
      into the master bedroom suite, you’ve got your own stuff here, your pictures on
      the wall. You’ve worked out a new command structure; you’ve got new trustees for
      the Foundation. You’re back in charge.”

      “I do feel like I’m moving on, hard as it is. Thanks for helping me.”

      “You’re still doing too much shit yourself, you know.”

      “I gave Storm the X-Men training program and Warren the Foundation chairmanship.
      Jean’s pretty much running the school, even now when she’s supposedly on mat
      leave. I’m not giving up being Field Leader – not unless you’ll take it on.”
      Logan shook his head. “So what could I give up?”

      “Well, you could give up teaching.”

      “No, I really can’t. Maybe I should, for the kids’ sake, since missions are
      pulling me away so often. But I need it. It keeps me sane.”

      “Then give up doing all that shit for Obama.”

      “You know I can’t. That’s how I got Alex out.”

      “Yeah, and some prize he turned out to be.”

      “I think he’s going to work out. He’s making progress.” Logan rolled his eyes.
      “Come on, you've got to admit he's turning into quite a fighter."

      "Yeah, if only he'd stick to fighting during combat missions, instead of
      spending his energy pissing off half the team all the time, he'd be great."

      "I think he's doing better. Not everyone has an easy transition. He doesn't have
      a history of team work – it's all new to him." He shrugged. "Even if he doesn’t
      make it as an X-Man, I’m still glad I got him out of prison.”

      “You did right by him. Don’t know that he appreciates it.”

      “He’s not very demonstrative. Maybe you can relate to that.” Logan snorted.
      “Anyway, I mostly like the connection with the President. It’s important work,
      work worth doing. I think it’s good for the mutant cause, and good for the
      country that we do those missions.”

      “Plus you get to dress up in a monkey suit and go to a state dinner.”

      “Hey, you could have come, too. The invitation said ‘Scott Summers and Guest.’
      And I know you have a tux, since I bought it for you for Jean’s wedding.”

      “I wouldn’t know how to act at something like that.”

      Scott lay down again, stretched, and pulled Logan down next to him. They held
      each other in front of the fire. “Maybe we won’t get any calls from the White
      House during the break. It would be nice to have some time off. I like having
      the house so empty.”

      “Jean and Sasha are staying, right?”

      “Yeah, they don’t want to travel with the baby, yet. And Adam’s still here –
      he’s got something in the City tonight – but he’s joining Jean-Paul and Ezra at
      the Outpost tomorrow."


      “She and Little Hank are visiting her sister for the week. So the place is
      almost empty. It feels weird – in a good way – that there aren’t any students

      “It’s the first time that’s happened since I’ve been here.”

      “I don’t know if it ever happened. I can't remember any times it did. We always
      seemed to have a few during the breaks. They don’t all have homes to go to.
      Charles and I always came up with something for them to do – fun stuff. We
      wanted to make it feel like vacation, but with some structure.”

      “You never took the ones left behind on vacation?”

      “Yeah, actually we did.” Scott closed his eyes, remembering. “The Vermont ski
      house got lots of use on vacations. I didn’t think of that.” He opened his eyes
      and looked around. “The house was this empty before, only I didn’t notice it,
      because I wasn’t here. Jean and I were always the chaperones. We did it in part
      to give Charles a chance to be ‘childless’ for a week or so. Plus ca change,
      plus c’est la meme chose. Now it’s Alex and ‘Ro giving you and me some privacy.”

      Logan snorted. “Privacy? If your brother would stop calling you every five
      minutes complaining about something, it would feel a little more private. Not to
      mention Storm calling to complain about him.”

      “Well, it’s his first time chaperoning. I’m glad he agreed to do it – he seems
      to be settling in to the school side. And you have to admit, there haven’t been
      any major problems with the ski trip.”

      “That’s my point. If the house isn’t burning down and nobody died, he could suck
      it up and just deal.” He paused a minute. “Storm I got more sympathy for. I
      couldn’t spend a week in Vermont with a bunch of kids and your brother and not
      call for help a few times. I don’t blame her if she needs to talk to a sane
      adult from time to time.” He turned on his back and looked up at the ceiling.
      “I’ll take the next call. If it’s him, I’ll tell him to shut up, and if it’s
      her, I’ll tell her to make Havok shut up. Problem solved. ”

      “You don’t know that there will be another call.”

      “There’s always another call.”

      “With the place this empty I want to get some work done on it. I’ve got painters
      coming in – the dorm rooms really need it. And I want to work on a couple of the
      cars and on the Blackbird. You want to help?”

      “Sure. Whatever you want. As long as you allow some time for more fucking by the
      fireplace. Or anywhere else. With almost nobody here, there’s lots of

      The phone rang. Scott started to get up. Logan pushed him back down. “What did I
      tell you? I’ll get it.” He stood up and walked over to the other side of the
      room, picking up the phone. “Xavier’s,” he said into the receiver, and then
      “Yeah, it’s Logan. What’s going on?” Scott turned to look at Logan. The
      expression on his face made clear that the phone call was bad news. “Yeah, he’s
      right here.” And then to Scott, “It’s Kline. You’d better talk to him.”

      Who's Klein and what's the bad news? Stay tuned and find out.
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