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[Fic] Individuality 9/?

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  • Dark Knight
    Right then. I think this was where I left off. ********** INDIVIDUALITY Part 9 by D^Knight All things Marvel are property of Marvel. The X-Men Movie is
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      Right then. I think this was where I left off.


      Part 9

      by D^Knight

      All things Marvel are property of Marvel. The X-Men
      Movie is property of Bryan Singer and Fox (or
      something). Dual is property of Kajishima Masaki and
      Pioneer LDC. All other things are property of their
      respective owners. Any resemblance to anything else is
      totally coincidental.

      Anyone can archive this, provided they credit the

      Rating: PG (Mild swearing.)

      What hath passed: After summoning Big Blue Mecha, D
      gets dragged through most of the forest by Darren in
      an effort to escape some JDF agents. Kevin and Sammie
      having turned tail and ran, the two of them were alone
      in the woods, with no idea where they were.

      _This is italicized. Either emphasis, or thought._
      *This is a telepathic message. In some cases, it's
      also thought.*
      ++This is usually a written message or sign.++
      -This is a sound.-
      -=This is a very loud sound.=-


      To sleep, perchance to dream.




      Or maybe not.

      Kitty helped Bobby up from the floor. The boy was
      rubbing his derriere, while glaring reproachfully at
      Kitty. "Do you mind?" he said irritably.

      "D's not back yet," Kitty said, ignoring his tone of
      voice. "The adults are all out looking." She corrected
      herself. "Well, almost all. The professor is still

      "Yeah? So?"

      "Doesn't that _worry_ you?"

      "Eh, D can take care of herself," Bobby said
      nonchalantly. "Me, I'm going back to sleep. Wake me if
      something _really_ important happens."

      Kitty frowned. "What about that sound just now? That
      big roar?"

      "What about it?"

      "D could be facing something really _dangerous_ right

      "And that concerns me how? Let the big guys handle it.
      If we go out there, we may get hurt."

      "You mean you may get hurt." Kitty rapped him on the
      head. "Jubilee's already dressed and ready to go. If
      you don't want to come along, that's fine by us."

      Bobby sat up in his bed. "You mean you're _serious_
      about looking for her?"

      "Well, duh."

      "Count me in."


      Kevin very carefully handed the cellphone back to

      Neither of them spoke for a while. Both of them still
      had a ringing in their ears, courtesy of the
      Director's ranting.

      Finally, Kevin sighed. "I guess it's back to work

      "Uh-huh. And how do you propose we track a girl who
      could be anywhere by now?"

      Kevin opened the car door, and walked behind a tree.
      "Turn around," he instructed, "and shut your eyes."



      "Oh, all right." Sammie waited until a soft bark
      signaled that it was safe to look again. She took the
      bundle of clothes from the wolf's mouth, and dumped
      them onto the back seat. "Well?"

      The wolf gave her a reproachful look, and then loped
      off through the night. Sammie extracted the tiny GPS
      monitor from the glove compartment, and settled down
      to wait.


      Darren and D had been walking for quite some time now.
      It was very definitely past their bed-time.



      "How did you come here?"


      "I mean, how come you came to the Xavier institute all
      alone? Usually kids come with their parents, or a
      guardian, or at least somebody. You traveled from,
      where, Tokyo, all the way here alone?"


      Darren had the nagging feeling that it was all he was
      going to get.

      They walked on in silence. Long silences, however, had
      a tendency to make the people hearing it want to fill
      it up.

      "I came from Denver," Darren said, half to himself.
      "Nice home in the suburbs. Me, my sis, my parents.
      Normal life, until I reached fourteen."

      D was silent.

      "It was AP English class," Darren continued. "The
      teacher wanted us to visualize a character from a
      book, and describe him or her. I visualized Macduff,
      from Macbeth, and sorta imagined him to be standing
      next to me. Just for fun, you know." He took a deep
      breath. "Next thing I knew, everyone was screaming.
      That's when I first heard the word." He paused.
      "'Mutant'. Makes you sound like some sort of deformed
      reject. I've seen some of the old B-movie 'mutants',
      and all of them look like some sort of space alien.
      Not even human."

      "I had a good home in Tokyo," D said quietly.

      There was a pause.

      "She speaks," Darren said, in an effort to lighten the
      mood. "Praise be."

      There was a further pause.

      "And I don't think aliens are that bad," D continued,
      still not facing Darren.

      Darren gaped at her, then decided to forgo any further
      humour. "It wasn't anything, you see," he said. "It
      was just... um... aw, heck. I'm sorry."

      They walked on.




      "Answer me something..."


      "Assuming we get caught, how're we gonna explain

      "We're not going to get caught, Bobby."

      "We are out in the forest, in the middle of the night,
      definitely past curfew, and you say we are not going
      to get caught."

      "That's right."

      "What Jubilee means," Kitty said, "is that this is an
      official search. Authorized by the professor."

      "The prof told you to do this?"

      "That's right."

      "Why the hell would he want to do that?"

      "The X-Men are busy taking care of the JDF agents,"
      Jubilee said. "Besides, I think D would to feel much
      better with her fellow students than with her

      Bobby was silent for a while. Then he said, "I'm glad
      that I've only gotta worry about the simple things,
      like physics and stuff."

      "Shut up, Bobby."


      Darren stopped.

      D turned to face him. "What is it?"

      "I think I hear something."

      D cocked her head to one side. There _was_ something,
      a sound like voices on the edge of hearing. "Who are

      "Friends, with any luck. Come on."

      D reflected briefly on the fact that although Darren
      couldn't find his way out of a dark closet, he was
      still very good at homing in on things like sound and
      sight. Maybe his lack of directional skill was due to
      his tendency to daydream while walking.

      The voices grew closer. It was just possible to make
      out words.

      "... so I sez, it didn't do that last night!"

      There was the sound of laughter. It didn't sound like
      any of the Xavier School students or faculty, not by
      any stretch.

      The two travellers froze. Nasty certainty

      The voices stopped, which was much worse than if they
      had continued. Shapes began moving in the darkness,
      until they coalesced into beings just barely
      recognizable as generic Men In Black.

      One of them nudged his companion. "Is that her?"

      "Green hair. It's her."

      All of them drew weapons. While none of the weapons
      looked like they came from outer space, all of them
      looked as though they came from Earth, or more
      specifically factories on Earth which specialized in
      making guns that hurt people.

      D took a step back. So did Darren.

      The most senior-looking of the Men In Black nodded in
      a vaguely friendly manner to the two teens. "FBI. If
      the two of you would be so kind as to come along with

      "Um," Darren said. "Do we have a choice?"

      The FBI agent fingered his weapon. "Let's just say you
      have a _kind_ of choice."

      "Oh, right."


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