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[xmmff] Days of Becoming Chapter 33 (Pyro/Iceman fic) Mature

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  • Talktooloose
    My goodness, I don t know what happened to my brain! The last time I remembered to post here was back in October when Chapter 25 of my fic went live! Since
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 10, 2009
      My goodness, I don't know what happened to my brain! The last time I
      remembered to post here was back in October when Chapter 25 of my fic
      went live! Since then, I've posted up to Chapter 33. Below, find the
      link for the latest chapter as well as links to the homepage for
      earlier chapters. Sorry, mailing list!

      TITLE: Days of Becoming, Chapter 33: "Buggered by the Biggest
      Stevedore in the Port"
      AUTHOR: Talktooloose
      PAIRING: Pyro/Iceman
      WARNINGS: explicit sexuality, drug use, self-delusion
      BETAS: mofic, Kuriadalmatia and Lux_apollo. You each challenged me
      uniquely and made the chapter infinitely better
      DISCLAIMERS: Marvel and 20th Century own the X-Men, I own my original
      characters. Ownership is illusion.

      SERIES SUMMARY: This novel focuses mainly on the paths Iceman and
      Pyro take on their way to adulthood and how they discover and deal
      with their love for each other. It is a novel about what Joni
      Mitchell calls "the dream's malfunction" and how we can learn to make
      our own dreams when our heroes fail us. Other X characters (including
      ones from comicverse and elsewhere) and OC's play prominent roles and
      the action begins before X1, continues through the events of X2 and
      X3 and concludes in the aftermath of that movie. This novel does not
      take X-Men Origins: Wolverine as canon.

      PREVIOUSLY IN DAYS OF BECOMING: John has joined Magneto's
      Brotherhood. After catching him performing oral sex on a "brother,"
      Mystique and Magneto have sent John undercover. He is to get into the
      bed of a Taylor Kincaid, a closeted Washington consultant working for
      Congressman Kemper of Idaho, and extract information on government
      anti-mutant initiatives. Back at the School for Gifted Youngsters,
      Bobby finds himself full of doubts. Although he and Rogue are
      supposedly the number one couple of the school, he finds himself
      thinking constantly about John and their time together. Doug Ramsey
      and Jones have formed a somewhat shady underground business called
      Janus Dog Node, helping various organizations and individuals hide
      money and information on a private, secure Internet simulacrum.

      I LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU. Please use the comments link at the end of
      the chapter to bring you back here or drop me email to talktooloose
      CAT toothdemon FRAUGHT net. That oughta fool the spambots for now.

      <http://toothdemon.net/ttl/fanfic/dob/chapter33.html>Here's the chapter!

      <http://toothdemon.net/ttl/fanfic/dob/>Here's the DOB homepage for
      earlier chapters!

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