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Days of Becoming, Chapter 18 (Pyro/Iceman fic). Rating: mature

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  • Talktooloose
    Title: Days of Becoming, Chapter 18 - Let the Statue of Liberty Turn Her Gave Inland Author: Talktooloose Verse: X-Men movieverse Warnings: Explicit sex,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 15, 2008
      Title: Days of Becoming, Chapter 18 - "Let the Statue of Liberty Turn
      Her Gave Inland"
      Author: Talktooloose
      'Verse: X-Men movieverse
      Warnings: Explicit sex, swearing, bad rap, flame wars and, uh, explicit sex

      Series Summary: This novel focuses mainly on the paths Iceman and
      Pyro take on their way to adulthood and how they discover and deal
      with their love for each other. It is a novel about what Joni
      Mitchell calls "the dream's malfunction" and how we can learn to make
      our own dreams when our heroes fail us. Other X characters (including
      ones from comicverse and elsewhere) and OC's play prominent roles and
      the action begins before X1, continues through the events of X2 and
      X3 and concludes in the aftermath of that movie.

      Chapter Summary: The mutant protest goes ahead in New York but Bobby
      and John have their reasons for missing out. John shares secrets with
      Jean and Kitty and questions Bobby's feelings. Featuring Forge and
      his amazing gadgets! Also, the return of a missing OC!

      Betas: kuria_dalmatia, mofic and lux_apollo: Passionate, precise and

      Disclaimers: Marvel and 20th Century own this stuff but they do
      stupid stunts like killing off Cyclops and cancelling New X-Men. No
      actors were harmed in the making of this fic including Susan
      Sarandon, Tim Robbins and Chad Michael Murray who appear without

      Notes: Sorry for the delay but I took on a stupid freelance job that
      is eating my brain. Also, the chapter is the longest yet and took a
      long time to get right.

      RETCON ALERT: I came to my senses and restructured so that Book 3 now
      begins with Chapter 17, not Chapter 16. I don't know what I was
      thinking before.

      I LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU. Please use the comments link at the end of
      the chapter to bring you back here or drop me email to the address in
      the header.

      The chapter can be found at:

      Earlier chapters can be found at:

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