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FIC: Personal Demons (PG-13 6b/8)

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    See Part 6A for disclaimer and story info. Part 6B Scott struggled to silence the incredible thudding of his heart, fought to control the tightness in his
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      See Part 6A for disclaimer and story info.

      Part 6B

      Scott struggled to silence the incredible thudding of his heart,
      fought to control the tightness in his throat. He forced himself to
      focus and measured the distance between his hand and his visor
      trigger, and eyed her grip on the gun. Not a prayer. Shit. He
      heard running steps behind him but knew it wasn't Jean or
      neither of them wore army boots. "We're in, Doc. The others
      still pinned down on the south side."

      Hull motioned to Scott's visor, "Grab that thing off him, and
      remember, young man, I can kill you first or do to your kids what I
      did to you while you watch."

      Scott shut his eyes. "Let's go," he heard Hull say from
      somewhere in
      the darkness, like a monster from his nightmares. Someone yanked his
      hands behind his back and pulled him up the stairs. Towards the
      students' rooms.

      He was hauled onto the first floor where the older students' dorm
      rooms were, blind and unable to put his weight on his injured leg.
      "Which door?" he heard someone say.

      "Doesn't matter. This one." They stopped and Scott
      tensed as someone
      pushed the gun against the back of his neck, "Tell them to open
      door, and I might not hurt them," Hull said in a low voice.

      He swallowed hard, "Which door is this?"

      "It's the first one. On the left side of the hall."

      They were outside Kitty and Jubilee's door. Scott could feel
      trickling down his forehead, "Kitty? Jubilee? Do you hear

      "Mr. Summers?" he heard Jubilee exclaim from inside. In his
      eye, he could see her reaching for the knob.

      "DON'T OPEN THE DOOR!!!" Scott screamed at the top of his
      lungs so he
      could be heard in every room on the floor, "No matter what
      DON'T—" the butt of a gun slammed onto the back of his head,
      him to the ground.

      "You really do want to see those kids suffer, don't you,
      Scott?" he
      heard Hull say through the roaring in his ears.

      Inside the room, Kitty, Jubilee, and Nadine stared at each other,

      "Hello in there, girls!" said a terrifyingly casual
      woman's voice
      outside the door. The three of them froze, staring at each other in
      panic. "I'm afraid Mr. Summers doesn't know what's
      good for him or
      you. He's insisted on making thing's difficult, but maybe I
      hurt him too badly if you open your door."

      "Don't!" they heard Cyclops shout before the thud of a
      blow silenced

      Kitty had both hands clapped over her mouth, and Jubilee was
      whispering, "Oh God, oh my God, somebody help!"

      "They're holding him hostage," Kitty whispered, stating
      the obvious
      in her shock.

      "There has to be something we can do!" Nadine whispered back,
      they torture him again, they could kill him."

      "Come on, girls, don't be scared now. I just need you to
      ensure his
      obedience this time. We all know that he'd never let anything
      to his beloved students. You'll be just fine, I'll get the
      cooperation I need, and he won't get hurt. It's not so
      There was a long pause, "Or maybe I still need to convince you
      I'm serious. Shall I demonstrate what I did to Mr. Summers last
      he didn't answer me?" They heard the thud of another blow,
      and a
      stifled gasp.

      Outside, Elaine Hull shook her head in irritation as Scott Summers
      bit his lip so hard that it bled, but didn't cry out. She was
      certain that her associates outside were keeping the other X-men
      preoccupied, but she didn't like Summers' unexpected
      She'd had him as her prisoner long enough to make him deeply
      of her, that much was certain. He'd cave in once she stuck him
      those nerve triggers she'd brought. She nodded to the nearest
      and this time they slammed him in the stomach with the butt of a
      rifle. Summers slumped against the door, struggling for breath, but
      still barely made a sound. "I may just have to have you shoot
      she told her guard loudly so the girls could hear. "Then you can
      smash the door down and let all the girls' neighbors know what
      happened to them." The guard took the hint and cocked his gun
      by the door so the occupants could hear the sound.

      Kitty, Nadine, and Jubilee were sobbing softly on the other side of
      the door, hugging each other in terror, but obeying Scott. "Let
      go!" Kitty pleaded. "Then we won't have to open the door,
      and maybe I
      can stop them from killing him!"

      "No!" Jubilee hissed, furiously wiping her tears away.
      "The bitch
      said it herself; Mr. Summers'll do anything she wants once
      she's got
      you hostage. Do what he said and stay inside! Jean, Wolverine, and
      Storm have to know what's happening by now—" thumping on the
      cut her off.

      The girls were about to hide when they saw that it was Rogue, hanging
      precariously from the windowsill, "Open up!" she mouthed

      Kitty opened the window and pulled her in, then helped Charlotte up
      behind her, "How'd you get up here?"

      "Never mind; they've got Mr. Summers," Charlotte said.

      "We know!" Kitty jerked her head to indicate the noise
      outside the
      door. "They say they'll torture him and kill him if we
      don't open
      the door!" Desperately, she suggested again, "I could go

      "No!" Rogue whispered back. "Nobody's goin' out
      there! Those people
      are animals; they tortured him before just for fun! Trust me,"
      took a deep breath, "he'd be better off dead than having to
      them do it to you."

      Nadine stifled a sob and Charlotte hissed, "Where exactly is

      "Right outside," Kitty started to say.

      "Last chance, girls, or I'll really make him scream,"
      they heard the
      woman's voice outside.

      "Stall `em!" Rogue whispered frantically.

      "Wait!" Jubilee exclaimed, running to the door, "Wh-what
      do you want
      us for?"

      "I told you, honey, just to ensure his obedience. I'm
      certain he'd
      do whatever is necessary to keep you safe, so hurting him
      wouldn't be
      necessary either." The voice was remarkably reasonable, almost
      sounding trustworthy. That made it even scarier.

      "Is he okay now?" Jubilee called.

      "Tell the girls you're okay, Scott," they heard her say.

      No answer. "Make him say something!" Charlotte mouthed

      Nadine motioned to Charlotte to speak. Moving close to her
      ear, she whispered, "Say you're Kitty. I doubt they can tell
      voices apart, but he'll know it's you."

      The girls exchanged glances, and Rogue nodded at them, so Charlotte
      went to the door, "Mr. Summers, it's…Kitty. Please say
      Then she crossed her fingers at the other girls, all of them praying
      that Scott would recognize her voice.

      There was silence. *Shit!* Rogue thought, but suddenly they heard,
      "I'm here…Kitty. I'm okay."

      Charlotte's powerful ears let her figure out exactly where Scott
      "He's on the floor against the door," she whispered,
      pointing down.

      "How does that help us?" Nadine asked.

      Rogue handed Kitty the handgun, making sure it was loaded.
      your hand through and get off as many shots as you can; aim high.
      Just get ready to jump back when they return fire."

      "Couldn't you touch Kitty, then do it yourself?" Jubilee
      "You're probably a better shot."

      Kitty looked apprehensive at that idea, but Rogue said, "I
      thought of
      that; it's too risky. I can't control other people's
      powers when I
      first get `em. I'd fall right through the floor. Also
      Kitty'd be
      weak, and if this doesn't work, she can't protect

      "Well, girls? What's it going to be?" came their
      attacker's voice.

      Kitty had had enough. "I can do it," she whispered. She had
      intention of letting this bitch push them and Mr. Summers around
      anymore. Motioning to Rogue and the others to get back in case shots
      came through the door, she called, "Okay…listen, don't
      hurt him. I'm
      gonna come out, okay? Just please don't hurt him!"

      "Don't worry, sweetie, we won't."

      "Kitty, no!" there was a crack as someone clubbed Scott, and
      a thump
      as he collapsed on the floor. Charlotte motioned to Kitty that
      fallen across the doorway.

      "Okay, I'm coming out first," Kitty said nervously.

      On the other side of the door, Elaine Hull smiled, anticipating the
      sound of the door unlocking, but she was entirely unprepared when a
      teenaged girl stuck her head right through the wood. She was rather
      disappointed that they'd relented before she could use the nerve
      trigger she'd stuck to Scott's neck, but this way was more
      likely to
      succeed. The girl looked down at the unconscious Summers in horror,
      "I thought you said you wouldn't hurt him!"

      "He'll be fine, he just wouldn't stop giving you girls
      bad advice,"
      Elaine said soothingly, trying to coax the kid far enough out to grab
      her. She would greatly enjoy seeing Summers go mad when she got her
      hands on the girl. "Come on out now. We won't hurt
      you." *Come on,
      honey, just a little further out, and you're mine! Now I'll
      get to hear him scream when he watches what I do to you.*

      The girl looked at Elaine and her guards nervously, then started to
      lean further through the door, and abruptly her arm swept through the
      door panels with a gun in her hand, and she started shooting. Elaine
      and her guards had expected a scared, tentative kid, but not an armed
      one, and they all had to dive for cover. At the same time, all hell
      broke loose.

      ***Coming Soon: Part VII***
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