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Title: You And Me (pure Jott smut) Disclaimer: X-men are NOT mine *sniff

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  • jottlover
    Jean She couldn t believe it. One moment she was complaining to Scott about not having enough time for her, the next thing she was aware of was the passinate
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 11, 2006

      She couldn't believe it. One moment she was complaining to Scott about
      not having enough time for her, the next thing she was aware of was the
      passinate feeling of his lips upon hers. If Scott had wanted to prove a
      point, he certaintly had proved it to her. She and about half the


      He grinned at her. The grin which always made butterflies flutter in her
      stomach. Over the cheering and whistling of the crowd of kids behind
      them, she barely caught his telepatic thought.

      //Wait... There's more. 6 o'clock? You Free?//

      Even in his thoughts, he still managed to say it in a husky tone which
      made her insides wet


      He pressed a kiss to her forehead and sauntered off, shooing the kids
      back to their respective classrooms, leaving her feeling slightly dazed
      and eagerly anticipating 6 o'clock.



      Scott Summers, the leader of a mutant group called the X-men, cast a
      watchful look over a neat pile of items on the bed which he and Jean
      shared. He shook his head ruefully. Both he and Jean had been denied
      oppoturnities like this for too long. Being a field leader and a
      schoolteacher hardly left any time for romance.

      It hadn't been a good week. First, the seemingly endless missions they
      had been going on ever since the anti-mutant riots had gone up a notch.
      Second, it was spring and his students either spent their time gazing
      longingly out of the windows or sneaking glances at the opposite gender.
      Also, the return of Logan, needless to say, hadn't thrilled him much.





      "Jean Grey? Check."

      The last sentence had come from Jean who was leaning against the
      doorway, her arms folded across her chest. She shortened the distance
      between them and gently brushed her lips over his. She trailed her
      slender fingers over Scott's black sleeveless shirt and his faded blue
      jeans which he used to wear to college.

      "Hmm... Haven't seen this in a long time."

      Scott in responce, jerked a thumb in the direction of their bed where a
      tank top and a skirt was laid out neatly. Jean's eyes widened at the
      sight of her long forgotten clothing. She slipped out of her 'Dr. Grey'
      clothing and into her just Jean Grey ones.

      Scott wrapped his strong arms around her and for a moment, they just
      stood like that. Each enjoying the others company. But when Scott
      started mouthing her neck, Jean had to reluctantly pull away before
      things got too heated up and she couldn't resist Scott anymore.

      //Let's go or it'lll be too late.//

      Which she recieved a nod in reply.


      Scott and Jean

      They descended down the stairway hand in hand. The corridor was devoid
      of its usual crowd; sounds from the dining area could be heard. When
      they entered the dining area, all conversation in the room stopped. Mr
      Stick-Up-His-Ass was decked casually in a black shirt which showed off
      his well-defined muscles. His guitar case slung over his shoulder did
      little to ease the surprise in the room. Jean could already sense some
      jealous thoughts sent her way. But she,too, had her share of admirers.
      Logan and the boys were gaping opened mouthed at her.

      Scott nodded meaningfully at the pinic basket perched on top of the
      counter and Jean beckoned it over to her. Leaving a graveyard like
      silence in their wake, they both strolled out of the dining area.

      //Can't resist showing off to Logan can you?//

      Scott merely pouted and gave her his most innocent look. Even though
      Jean had made it clear to Logan that it was Scott that she was in love
      with, Scott never wasted the opportunity to flaunt it in his face.

      Cupping his face in her hands, she pulled Scott into a deep kiss while
      sending thoughts of love and passion through their link, oblivious to
      the wide-eyed crowd of kids peeping put of the doorway.


      Jubilee, Bobby, Rogue and a few others stared at their usually strict
      teachers' retreating backs. They were acting like a couple of teenagers
      on their date.

      "Well, whos up for following?"


      Following Mr. Summers and Dr. Grey wasn't hard. Usually Dr. Grey would
      have detected their presense but today she seemed more engrossed in Mr.
      Summers that they were sure that even if a herd of mad elephants came
      trampling thorugh, they wouldn't have noticed. Their little uneventful
      journey was puntured by uncountable kisses and gentle telekinetic whacks
      over the head which Scott easily fended off.

      They were headed for the lake. But this was one part which hardly any of
      them ventured because of the numerous rocks. Jean easily levitated Scott
      and her over the rocks while the kids had a harder time trying to beat

      "Ughh... This place is so damn hard to go..." Rogue grumbled as Kitty
      phrased them through. Her complaints were echoed by the others. Where
      was this so secret place Mr. Summers and Dr. Grey were going?


      After half an hour of trekking along the lake, Scott and Jean finally
      came to a rest beneath a large oak tree. They had discovered this place
      when they were students; now they used it as a place where they could
      both enjoy each others company without anyone bothering them. They
      hadn't come here for a long while and they were going to treasure every
      minute of it.

      Jean ran her palms over the intials S.S AND J.G FOREVER crarved into the
      trunk of the tree. When Scott first admitted his feelings for her, it
      had been at this place and he had crarved it to remember that day.

      Jean settled herself down against the oak tree and admired the sunset.
      The sky was pale pink; the setting sun cast a waterly reflection over
      the still lake.

      //What song would you like?//

      //Mmm... What about "You and Me"?//


      Scott's clear voice soon filled the evening air, mixing with the sound
      of the gulls.

      "WOW! I didn't know that Mr. Summers could play the guitar."

      It had been a long tiring trek for them despite their powers as one of
      the reasons why the spot had not been discovered was due to it
      partically inaccessible location. It had been worth it though, they got
      a chance to see their teachers act like playful teenagers on their first
      date. It certaintly made them look at Mr. Summers and Dr. Grey in a
      whole new light.

      " They're sooo romantic..."

      Kitty looked wistfully at the couple. Scott had finished his song and
      now Jean was showering him with kisses.


      "Do you think we should go back? I mean, this is their private moment

      Bobby's face was doubtful.

      "Oh please! We didn't come ALL this way for nothing."

      Jubilee threw up her hands in frustration.

      The others hushed her.

      "Don't worry. They won't hear her." Rogue declared.

      Scott and Jean were so tangled up together that it was hard to see who
      was who. As they watched, Scott gently lowered Jean to the blanket and
      she wrapped her legs around his waist.

      "Think its our cue to leave..."


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