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  • Mo
    I m looking for betas again for my current WIP. Folks on these lists have come through for me before and been wonderful betas, who have greatly improved the
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      I'm looking for betas again for my current WIP. Folks
      on these lists have come through for me before and
      been wonderful betas, who have greatly improved the
      stories. I'm grateful for that help and I thought I'd
      try again now.

      My fiction is X-Men movieverse and I'm currently
      writing an X1-based series. For readers of my previous
      fiction, it follows "What's Past is Prologue" and
      continues the story of what happens to the X-Men after
      Charles Xavier's death. There will be intersecting
      plots with a common theme. In addition to the movie
      characters, there are some comics characters -
      including Northstar and Havok - and some original

      The series is slash, but there are heterosexul couples
      as well. The main pairings are Scott/Logan,
      Jean-Paul/OMC, and Jean/OMC.

      I mostly write story series, with each story being
      from 1500-4000 words. My series have ranged in length
      from 4 stories to 18 and from 12,000 words to 55,000
      words. I've written about 5,000 words so far in this
      one and I expect it will be about 10 stories and
      25,000 words when done.

      I like process betas, who will read stories as they
      are written and answer questions like "What do you
      think happens next?" as well as do the more
      conventional proofreading and copy editing. This
      helps me to see whether my foreshadowing is too
      heavy-handed, too subtle, or just right. I ask
      questions about how the beta is reacting to the story
      and what s/he'd like to see happen or done
      differently. I don't always take that advice but I
      profit from it. I'm looking for the kind of impact
      the stories have on a few readers. It's not required
      that you have read my previous stories.

      I'm including a snippet from the current WIP, to give
      a sense of what you'd be getting into if you beta for
      me. If you are interested in beta'ing, write me
      offlist. Thanks in advance for your attention and

      ::Begin snippet::

      Logan was the first to leave the meeting. He walked
      quickly out the French doors in what he still thought
      of as Xavier’s office, and strode up the hill. He
      realized someone was walking right behind him, knew
      who it was from his scent, but he didn’t acknowledge
      his presence until the other man spoke.

      “How long has that been going on?” Alex asked.

      Logan continued to walk. “What?”

      “This shit about not getting paid for the work.”

      “Six months. Didn’t Cyclops tell you about it when
      you signed up?”

      “Yeah, he told me. I thought it would be over by now,

      “They pay you much at your last place?” Logan had
      stopped and turned to face Alex, ironic smirk on his

      “You wouldn’t sneer about it if you knew what it’s
      like being inside.”

      “Guess what? I do know, and I still sneer.”

      Neither of them said anything for a minute.

      “What’s with this codename shit? I’m supposed to
      choose one?”

      Logan shrugged. “You don’t have to. Most do. Up to

      “The whole thing’s so cheesy. Iceman, Northstar,
      Storm, Shadowcat. Where do they get this shit? How’d
      you ever come up with Wolverine?”

      “I don’t know. I had it a long time. Before the

      “What animal do you think I should be?” Logan didn’t
      answer. He turned and started to walk further up the
      hill, but stopped when Alex spoke again. “Hey, I hear
      you’re my brother’s bitch.”

      It happened so fast Alex didn’t get a chance to defend
      himself. Logan had pushed him up against a tree,
      Alex’s body immobilized by the weight and the force of
      the adamantium in him, unable to move enough to use
      his powers. Claws sprang out of Logan’s hand and
      pierced Alex’s right shoulder, extending into the
      tree. He gasped with the pain.

      “Stop your yowling. It’s just a flesh wound.”
      Logan’s face was right up against his. “I could kill
      you right here, you know. I’m not gonna – not this
      time. Not unless you use your powers on me when I let
      you go.”

      “Let me go now! Or at least take those fucking claws
      out. It hurts like hell.”

      “A little pain is good for you. Focuses the mind.” He
      glared at him. “Focus your mind on this, boy. What
      goes on between your brother and me ain’t none of your
      business. Don’t like it? Don’t think about it.
      Don’t talk about it. But if you do think about it –
      if you do talk about it – it’s gonna be with respect.
      You got that?”

      Alex didn’t answer at first. Logan twisted his left
      hand a little, intensifying the shooting pains in
      Alex’s shoulder. Alex nodded.

      Logan continued. “Cyclops thinks you’ve got
      potential. Me, I’m not impressed. I guess we’ll see
      over time who’s right. But if you’re here to cause
      trouble, pack your bags and leave now. I told Scott
      when he said he wanted to offer you a spot on the team
      that you could wreak havoc with the X-Men. I’m not
      gonna let you do that.”

      Logan stepped back and released his hold on Alex,
      watching to see if he’d try to attack. They looked
      at each other warily, but nothing happened. He pulled
      the claws out of Alex’s shoulder but left them
      extended, blood dripping from them, brandishing them
      in front of the younger man’s face. Alex clutched his
      wounded shoulder, saying nothing. They looked at each
      other for a minute, then Logan turned and strode back
      to the mansion. He could feel Alex watching him the
      whole way.

      ::end snippet::

      Mofic Website: http://mo.fandomnation.com/fic/

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