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    Spoilers!!!!! If you haven t read packing/ towards temperate/ Don t Walk Away / Mnemosye then go read them!!!! Kate Bolin/Packing You never can really
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31 5:04 AM

      If you haven't read packing/ towards temperate/ Don't
      Walk Away / Mnemosye then go read them!!!!

      Kate Bolin/Packing

      You never can really understand all that Rogue has
      lost, till you read this one.

      " No room for old journals, family photos, stuffed
      No room for books, music, magazines.
      Just enough room for sweatshirts, t-shirts,
      tights, jeans,
      underwear. Thick boots on her feet and a few layers
      of clothing on
      her body. Gloves and scarf protecting the world from
      No backpack filled with homework, no bedspread
      covered in
      stuffed animals and magazines, no dresser scattered
      with makeup,
      nothing to remind her of the life she was giving up,
      the life of a
      normal teenager, in a normal -- human -- world."

      I thought this had summed it up in an nut shell.
      She was giving up the life of a normal teenager in a
      normal human world.

      Since Kate did such a great job with this maybe she
      should write about Rogue's parents and what they lost.

      Molly/ Towards Temperate

      To be alone in a world full of people. I am not
      sure where I heard that phrase before but that is what
      comes to mind durning the first part of this fanfic. I
      like the way that you got that sense of being alone
      and then as the story progresses you realize that
      Rogue is the one woman in the world that is never
      truely alone. Molly ya did a great job!!


      Anita/Don't Walk Away

      First off I love the entire series and I am trying
      to figure out why I haven't been allowed to post any
      of this to my site.

      Now was it just me or did it get warm in here? WOW
      talk about some hot stuff? Who'd thought about using a
      sheet ans a body condum?

      Two thumbs up sweetie!!


      Jaguarita/ Mnemosye

      Well now we know how old Logan is. I loved the last
      line about how Scott reminded Logan of his younger

      Will we be seeing any more of this character? I hope


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